The month of my finals

I am struggling to keep up with my monthly bills on my paycheck. I have the responsibility of student loans, a car payment, car insurance, health insurance and a mortgage to pay.  After carefully looking over my monthly budget, I realized I needed to trim down expenses. I now ride my bicycle to and from work, clip coupons, and am conscientious about thermostat settings.  I actually spent quite a bit of money on a smart thermostat in order to cut energy costs. My local HVAC contractor recommended the investment into a wifi thermostat, and it has definitely been a cost-effective decision.  Although the smart thermostat set me back over two hundred dollars, it allows me to better manage my furnace and air conditioner. Since installing the thermostat, I’ve reduced my monthly heating and cooling bills by thirty percent. The thermostat automatically makes adjustments to minimize energy usage when I’m at work or asleep.  It also sends me alerts when it’s time to schedule maintenance or change the air filter. Because of these reminders, I’m taking much better care of the furnace and air conditioner. Plus, the thermostat keeps track of my typical patterns, allowing me to see when I’m using the most energy, and offering energy saving tips. My home is far more comfortable, and I’m spending way less on temperature control.  I also enjoy the greater convenience of having access to the furnace and air conditioner from my smartphone. No matter where I happen to be, I stay updated and can make changes to temperature settings. This is extremely helpful if I end up staying late at work.

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AC sizing confusion

When we began to look for a central air conditioning system for our house, I was beyond confused.  They started talking about BTU’s. They were discussing the tonnage, and how to figure out the sizing of the AC unit needed.  I thought we would pick out an AC unit, and it would be installed. I didn’t know everything was going to be so technical. Then they explained that the BTU was the amount of energy needed to heat or cool an area, by one degree fahrenheit.  Okay, so that made sense to me. The HVAC contractor said they needed to know how large the living area was, so they could calculate the size or tonnage of the new AC unit. If we were to go with too small of an AC, the unit would be working overtime and it would lose some of its lifespan, and we would have higher energy bills, with less cooling.  If we were to go too large with the AC, it would not be effective. The unit would cool the house faster, but the heat would penetrate more quickly, and we would once again, be wasting energy, and not using our new AC efficiently. He showed us an equation they used, and he said ours was much simpler, because we didn’t live in an area that was extremely hot or arid.  We ended up buying an AC with 24000 BTU and he said it was a 2-ton unit. We’ve not regretted our AC purchase, and the energy bills are so much lower than when we used our old window AC units.

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Without a smart thermostat, I return to a freezing cold house after vacation –

I recently spent two weeks visiting my mom and dad down south.  It was a wonderful break from the cold and snowy winter weather I am accustomed to.  I went down to help out my parents after my dad’s hip surgery. The entire time I stayed with them, we enjoyed gorgeous weather.  The daytime temperatures were in the mid-eighties, and it stayed quite warm during the nights. My parents had the air conditioning running the whole time, but I preferred to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  I really hated to head back to sub zero temperatures, constant snowfall, and the need to blast the furnace. Before I left, I made sure to turn the thermostat way down to save on my heating bills. I saw no need to maintain the perfect temperature and put wear and tear on the furnace, when the house was empty.  I regretted that decision when it was time for me to head home. The day before I left my parents’ house, my local area got hit with a severe cold snap and temperatures dropped to eighteen degrees below zero. Although my HVAC contractor had recommended that I invest in a smart thermostat, the upgrade was rather expensive and I decided against it.  This meant that I had no way of making remote adjustment. Instead of accessing the settings from my phone, turning up the furnace, and returning home to a warm home, I stepped inside to freezing temperature. Then I endured the chilly conditions until my furnace was able to warm up the house. I have now decided that a smart thermostat is a worthwhile investment, and I’ve called my HVAC contractor for an appointment.  

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Although wifi thermostat was expensive, I have saved money

When I first looked into purchasing a smart thermostat, I was a bit reluctant to invest the money.  They cost over two hundred dollars, but certainly offer some amazing features. I really like the ability to be able to manage the heating and cooling system from my smartphone.  Since I tend to always forget to make adjustments to the temperature setting before I leave for work in the morning, the smart thermostat saves me quite a bit of money. I actually have a learning model which has taken the hassle out of managing my home’s daily temperature.  I now know that I’m not wasting money to heat or cool an empty house to the ideal temperature all day long, and yet I return home to perfect comfort. I also really like all the information my smart thermostat provides. I am constantly checking the thermostat mobile app to keep track of how much money I’m saving, how much energy the system is using, and to figure out ways to save even more.  Since installing the smart thermostat I have cut my energy bill by a third. The wifi thermostat does an excellent job of optimizing the operation of the furnace and air conditioner, and provides me more precise control over the indoor climate. I am reminded when it’s time to change the filter or schedule maintenance, and I can monitor things like moisture levels. The thermostat communicates with sensors and displays an accurate reading of the outdoor temperature and humidity.  I get weather forecasts, energy tracking and all kinds of helpful information about the status of the HVAC system. Although the wifi thermostat was expensive, I am very happy and glad that I purchased it.

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I’m getting very nervous

My family is from the midwest where they have depended upon farming to make a living for three generations. That area had never really held any meaning to me other than that.  After college I decided to relocate to a city up north. There were no accounting jobs as most people and companies are struggling just to make a living. I knew that industry and technical jobs were prevalent in the city and most of those people made a decent wage. They would be more in the market for my skills and I should be able to find work without an issue.  Before the move the I decided to go and scoped out the job market and see what type of housing was available. I found a few homes that were within my price range. The deciding factor came down to not only price but the type of HVAC system that was installed too. I knew that heat was an important factor because I was moving to a place that had long cold winters that I was not accustomed to.  My parents had an issue with the fact that all of the homes I looked at used gas powered appliances. I grew up with all electric and they wanted me to have the same in my new home. I assume that was because they worried about the gas furnace and stove starting a fire. I spoke with many people from the area and they said that they used gas to heat their homes and didn’t have an issue. Anyway, I decided that I wanted an electric furnace anyway and that meant that I would need to purchase a new one and have it installed.  I know the HVAC company thought I was crazy, but, if I was willing to pay for it, they would install whatever I wanted.

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I can’t get my mind right

After my brother got married, he and his wife decided to relocate to a city up North in hopes of finding better employment opportunities.  The Midwest was no place for account executives for a thirst for investments. Most people and businesses in our area were somehow farm related and many didn’t trust big banking anyway.  They knew that they would have much greater careers if they lived closer to the action in big cities. Many of the cities up north are home to the biggest investment banks in the country. As they had never lived where the conditions were so harshly cold, they went and scoped out the job market and housing that may be available to them. They only found a few homes that were within their price range.  The deciding factor came down to not only price, but the HVAC system too. They knew that heat was an important factor because they were already worried about the long cold winters. My sister-in-law’s biggest problem was the fact that all of the homes they looked at used gas powered appliances. She grew up with all electric and wanted to have the same in their new home. I recognize the fact that tornadoes had destroyed so many houses in our hometown made her nervous.  She kept saying that if the new home is destroyed, how do you turn off the gas, and she worried that it may cause a fire. She truly wanted an electric furnace and that meant that they would need to purchase a new one and have it installed. My brother tried to explain to her that tornadoes were not an issue in the area where they were moving to, but she just couldn’t let go of that fear. They talked to an HVAC dealer who thought they were foolish to replace a perfectly good system.  The cost involved was quite high! Not only that, the gas furnaces were much cheaper to operate and more fuel efficient over all. Happily, they found great jobs, a beautiful house, and a trusted HVAC dealer who changed over the appliances without a problem. They are looking forward to building their lives in their new location.

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A/C equipment operators

The two of us recently decided to purchase a dilapidated dwelling, which honestly has the two of us up all day as well as all night. The dilapidated dwelling is a good distance from the two of us, so we honestly spend a great deal of time driving back to the property. Just recently, the two of us have had a lot of problems with the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C equipment. It’s honestly been very difficult, because the two of us have always been used to the colder temperatures from living by the mountains. The two of us honestly didn’t understand what we were coming into, when we honestly decided to take over this dilapidated dwelling in the South. There are constantly problems to worry about, plus this is honestly the first time that the two of us have ever had to deal with heating, ventilation, as well as A/C equipment. The two of us have to perform many checks on the heating, ventilation, as well as A/C equipment. Lucky Ali for the two of us, our dilapidated dwelling is near many different heating, ventilation, as well as A/C equipment operators. 80% of the time, it’s easy to get someone out to fix the problems as long as they occur before noon. The two of us hope to be finished with our upgrades to the dilapidated dwelling soon, so we can decide if we want to sell it or move down to the South as well as stay there for a very, very long time.

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Electric space heater for the garage

Ever since my son moved home, our electric bills have doubled. Our grocery bill has doubled, too. A few months ago, my son took up smoking. Since we don’t allow smoking in the house, my son sits in the garage all day. There is no heat or A/C in the garage.Lately, the temperatures have pretty cold outside. My son went to Walmart and bought a portable space heater for the garage. He set up an extension cord which stretches over half the garage. The electric space heater is hooked up to the power. The electric space heater runs all day, even when noone is in the garage. My husband tried to talk to Darryl about the electric bill and the space heater, but they just ended up arguing. This morning, I went to the garage to get food out of the deep freezer. The garage felt like a sauna. It must have been close to ninety degrees in the garage,. The heater was still running, and Darryl had not been home all day long. I unplugged the heater, and tossed it up on a shelf. When Darryl got home later that afternoon, we sat down and had a frank discussion. I don’t mind having my son back home, but we can’t afford the bills to get any higher. If Darryl wants to help pay the electric bill, then he can get the space heater returned. Until I see some help with these hefty utility bills, I am in charge of how much electricity gets used in the house.

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Day keeps getting worse

When I woke up this morning, the hot water wasn’t working. I didn’t have time to check on the hot water heater, but I called the office for my apartment building and made a maintenance request. I was already running late for an important meeting, and my boss was going to kill me. I strolled in the door about fifteen minutes late for our meeting with clients. After profusely apologizing for my delayed absence, I realized that my projections were sitting on the coffee table at home. I tried to wing it, but everyone could see me bumbling around. My boss finally decided to reschedule the meeting for next Wednesday. After the meeting, my boss sent me home for the rest of the day to get my head together. When I arrived to my apartment, the maintenance staff was inside. They had the hot water heater torn apart, and the HVAC closet was open too. I asked if there was a problem with the HVAC unit, and they tried to explain the problem. I barely understood what they were explaining, but my hot water heater and HVAC unit were not functioning. The supervisor told me it would be at least an hour, before the apartment was empty. At this point, my day was already ruined. I went over to the diner across the street for lunch, while the supervisor finished working in my apartment. I had a BLT sandwich, french fries, and a side salad. While I was there, I had three cups of java. When I finally came back to the apartment, everyone was gone.

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Stink Bugs are an HVAC Technician’s Thorn

I have worked in the heating and cooling industry since my high school internship, and still nothing ever prepares me for the stink bug infestations that can occur in homes. How people can be so negligent is beyond me. They know they live in an area where stink bugs are a huge problem. They are aware of what proper heating and cooling maintenance looks like for the most part. And, yet, every fall it is our biggest emergency call for our HVAC technicians. This week I walked into a house who called about problems with their heating system. We had a cold front come through last week and people were turning on their heaters much earlier than usual. When they did this, they were coming to realize that maintenance check they were supposed to schedule never did happen. This family’s house was fairly big size and heating it was not easy task. I immediately started to ask all the basic questions and receive all the surprising answers. In check, they had done nothing to care for their heating system. I cautiously walked down to the basement where the odor was growing stronger faster. When I opened up the venting and looked in the ductwork, I saw hundreds if not more dead stink bugs. It was hard not to lose my lunch. I went back upstairs to talk to the owners. I told them that we had to bring in a team to strip the entire coating and ductwork in order to replace it. They were visibly upset. I am sure they will never forget that mistake again.