Exhaust vent turned bathroom into ice box

One of the main selling points for the house I’m currently renting is the number of bathrooms. Apartments only have one or one and a half, so it’s really difficult to find a place the suits the needs of me and my three roommates. This is why we often gravitate towards renting houses–we get a lot more space and can avoid complex fees. The current home we have has three full bathrooms, which enables my brother to have one bathroom, my two roommates to have a second, and I’ve gotten the third. But once fall gave into winter, my brother was complaining that his bathroom was always cold. So one day while he was at work, I set about to solve the issue. My first thought was to check the window, but I didn’t find any drafts. I then put the back of my hand over the baseboard radiator for the oil furnace; there was plenty of warm air coming out. So where was it all going? I didn’t figure it out until one night when I was working on marketing content for an HVAC company. One of their energy saving tips listed was to turn off the exhaust vents in your bathroom or over your stove off after twenty minutes. Sure enough, my brother forgets to turn off his bathroom vent all the time, because he often showers and then runs out the door to work. Now that he knows to shut the vent off, his bathroom is just as warm as the rest of the house. Apparently a vent can remove a house full of heated air in under an hour!

Proper use of a space heater

I just had to give my brother a lecture about the proper use of a space heater, which ended with me threatening to take it away if he couldn’t get it right. My brother and I live with two friends in an older home together. Since his bedroom is above the garage where there is no heat, his room can get much colder at night than everyone else’s. So, my compromise was to give him the space heater I bought last year when I was renting a room that had no central heat access. I love my little space heater–I spent a good deal of money on a model that uses infrared. An infrared electric heater does not dry out the air, is far more economical than traditional electric heaters, and is far safer to use. However, space heaters are only as safe and effective as the responsible owners who use them allow them to be. For example: a space heater has to be plugged into a grounded line. Even economical models still pull enough energy that they should never be plugged into an extension cord. Furthermore, space heaters need room to work. Just like a stand-alone air purifier, the intake and outtake vents of a space heater need at least three feet of clearance from all objects. My brother had the space heater I’d lent him plugged into the powerstrip for his desktop, and had it just six inches from the wall. I explained that he’s not allowed to put the safety of our housemates at risk. If he can’t follow standard operating procedure for a heater, he’s going to get relegated to a heated blanket instead.

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Controlling Heat in Sun Room to Store Food at Family Gathering

My aunt and uncle host most of our family gatherings at their new house. It’s easily the biggest home available, and they love to cook, so it works out really well for everyone. Although the home is beautiful, there are several oddities in terms of design, as well as temperature and air circulation. For example, the house was supposed to have central heating and air conditioning. Although it technically does, the contractors didn’t build in the ductwork to circulate air to the second story where the bedrooms are. At our summer gatherings, it’s always freezing downstairs, because the cool air has to somehow get to the sleeping area. Another challenge in terms of temperature control is that they have a small sunroom. Often, they use that room to store food that needs to stay cold during the winter, or stay warm during the summer. Heat radiates out through the glass like crazy, but the greenhouse effect makes that room a full 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the house during the summer. I guess they like that, though, because they won’t get an A/C unit or space heater for the room, for use when not storing food. The central HVAC issue is something I think my uncle is going to have addressed by a professional heating and cooling service, so that the whole home can be comfortable for everyone. There simply has to be a way to install ducts and vents in the upper rooms; otherwise, no matter what, air quality is going to be a huge issue throughout the house.

HVAC program

Heater tech upgrade

Several years ago, I accepted a new job in a city about an hour from where I live. Since all of my friends and family still lived near me, I was reluctant to move, and decided to commute instead. However, winter weather can make travel somewhat dicey, so when it would get bad, my boss let me use the spare room in his house rather than driving back and forth. Although I appreciated the kindness and hospitality, I did have one consistent complaint: the room was always freezing! The areas of the house that were used more regularly had their own thermostats, and tended to stay quite warm. Although the house was equipped with a central HVAC system, once the guest room door was closed, it would lose heat through the thin panes of glass in the large windows very rapidly; since the rest of the home was warm, the heat just never kicked in to warm that room! When I’m ready to take the plunge and purchase my own home, I will definitely make sure that the heating and air conditioning systems are designed to keep the whole house comfortable. There’s honestly no excuse for a modern home to have temperature control issues. When the wind is whipping and the snow is blowing outside, I want nothing more than to be cozy and get a good night’s sleep! What adds insult to injury is that one of our clients is a manufacturer of tubing used in radiant flooring, so we’ve had to become experts on modern home heating technologies – something I wish my boss had known more about when he was building his home!

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Heated floors are an efficient system

We have recently decided to have our master bathroom redone. It has been something that we have been wanting to do for almost three years now. When it comes to renovating, I want the whole nine yards. If I’m going to be spending money to make our bathroom better, I want it to be absolutely perfect. When we were meeting with our contractors, they asked if we are going to have heated floors. At first I laughed out loud, thinking how silly that would be. I had always thought that was just for the super wealthy. After discussing the costs, the contractor’s explained to us that we would actually be saving a ton of money in the long run! Apparently, by adding heated floors we will be increasing our energy efficiency (which is something we are all for). They explained that with a typical forced air HVAC system, air has to circulate throughout the home. This causes a lot of the heat (that we are paying for) to be lost in the process. I had always thought that heated floors were just for the comfort of your feet. The contractor’s explained to me that since heat rises, it actually helps to heat the room as well! I had absolutely no idea. Another way that heated floors are energy efficient is because our system will be running a whole lot less. With typical forced air HVAC systems, they turn on and off much more frequently which runs your energy bills up. Having heated floors is more than a luxury, it’s a smart decision! I can’t wait to have them installed in our new renovated bathroom.

radiant floor

Heating and air on a program

When I lived with my grandparents I typically complained how frigid my grandpa would have the beach house in the Wintertime; he would have the temperature way too low for my liking. Though in his defense, my grandparents beach house is rather big so I bet it costs a ton to heat… My parents have to run their central heating and air conditioning plan almost all day long… Now that I have my own beach house, I can sympathize a bit more with him. I even have my temperature control lower than he keeps his! I’m a rather thrifty person, so I have done a ton of research trying to figure out ways to save money on heating. Once I learned everything I could, I talked to my grandparents about helping them lower their costs. I first tried to convince them about putting in a smart thermostat. With a smart programmable thermostat, you can use the different features to set a schedule that works for your unique needs. You can even control the smart thermostat you’re not home, so that the HVAC system is working to save you my money. My grandpa wasn’t honestly interested in that method, so I explained the several other energy saving tips to save them money. My grandparents eventually got a propane fireplace installed in their lounge. I was entirely amazed with how much it heated up the whole home! When I asked my grandpa how the electric bill has been since they got the propane fireplace, he joked that the bill has been much lower since I moved out.

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Our flight’s HVAC component

On the day of my mom’s train I was super excited.  I hadn’t seen her in over a year and the two of us were finally going to have a full two weeks to just hang out and catch up.  I booked her train ticket so that she would have minimal down time and only have to change trains once, but she didn’t have to be at the station at some deranged time in the day and she would be arriving at a nice time too.  I waited at the station when it was time for her to arrive but instead of being excited to see me, she seemed genuinely irritated… I was bummed because my excitement suddenly turned to concern. When I asked her what was wrong she snapped at myself and my brother that the on the train were genuinely rude to her.  Now, mom is in her seventies and sometimes feels that people should act more like they did when she was young, so I tried to give the train staff the benefit of the doubt. When I pressed mom further to see exactly why she felt they were rude, I learned that they had turned off her heating and air conditioning vent and asked her to leave it off.  She gets nauseated on the train, so she normally needs to leave the air vent on high to stay comfortable. I couldn’t figure out why she was told to leave it off. I went to the maintenance desk to ask about this situation, and they said that they would follow up on the complaint… However, the next day they called to explain that, yes, mom did have her vent on high and normally, that would not be a problem.  As it turned out, she turned it on and faced it at the person in the next seat because she felt that they smelled funny. I suppose mom was the rude party at fault.

HVAC care plan

Superior HVAC at home

The place where me and my room work is massive and has multiple departments plus the one I am in is quite interesting! My roommate and I make medical components for diabetic supplies– some of these are certainly sensitive to temperature plus moisture levels.  I work in what is called a dry room; this means that all moisture has been removed by powerful dehumidifiers. However, it also means that the room consistently feels cold. There are multiple troubles when you task in a environment like this. The first issue is that I go through gallons of lotion a year because my skin is so dry it cracks. Because numerous of the diabetic supply parts have medical grade silicone, I have to make sure that there is no moisture in the room that would cause them to stick together. It is certainly important that these items remain in the same dry state throughout the entire process, even when they are sealed to be shipped out.  I never knew moisture plus temperature could have such an impact on medical devices. But thanks to my job, I always consider how it can affect things that are important in medical emergencies for people. If the components are not made plus stored in the respected settings, they may not be safe to use in lifesaving procedures. Many of the parts the two of us make are for insulin testing and regulation. Then I would never want to be responsible for having any part of such a critical item be faulty. I will put up with the cold dry air for the greater good. I keep meaning to ask my boss if I can be trained to work in other departments. That way I could be better at my job and maybe get away from the dry room.

HVAC program

The HVAC worker giving us some help

I can’t believe that there is anything better than resting on a porch looking out over the water. When my fiance finally quit his day job to write full time, we decided to purchase a new house on a secluded lake… It entirely is a piece of heaven on Earth most days–I wouldn’t trade it for anything… There have been some complications with living so close to the water, but we have adapted fairly well to them.  I never realized how much moisture was a problem until we moved to our new location. It entirely affects everything in our daily lives, Not long after moving in, we found that there was a problem with the front porch. Apparently, the added moisture from the lake had caused the boards to beginning rotting sooner that normal. My fiance chose to spend the entire first summer season that we were there replacing the porch because he knew how pressing it was to me. It is entirely one of the most unique things about our new home. The other issue that we encountered was the added moisture in the house itself. To deal with this, we ended up contacting our local heating and A/C contractor for a solution. They came out to the house plus did an assessment of everything. When they were finished, they told us that we could simply add a powerful dehumidifier to the existing HVAC unit, which would solve most of our complications. My fiance and I went ahead with their method plus we have never regretted the investment. The house never feels damp anymore and the air conditioning even works more efficiently with the added assistance of the dehumidifier. My fiance and I can actually leave the thermostat set a bit higher because the lowered humidity makes the house feels cooler overall to begin with. Living by the water has consistently been a dream of mine and my fiance’s. Now we can relax all morning long in a perfect environment while he writes his novels.

HVAC weather all over

The central part of our country has a climate that is definitely hard to determine. There are different types of mountain ranges, plus they bring odd microclimates. There are multiple different climates throughout the areas of our country, plus it’s certainly clear these climates provide more than one different type of atmosphere. There happens to be more than one standard no matter what type of multiple climate people happened to live inside. In order to maintain comfort, it’s important to have a single heating, ventilation, as well as A/C plan. Without this type of climate control material, there are many parts throughout our country where people would suffer from cold or hot weather problems. In southern parts of the country, the A/C equipment is necessary to keep folks from having heat stroke or heat exhaustion. It climate control device such as a furnace or heat pump, is required in the Northern parts of our country during winter. This is key to everyone’s survival. Keeping the grand lake house comfortable is important to nearly everyone, whether you happen to live in a subtropical, Oceanic, or humid continental climate. In order to prevent suffering from climate conditions, a proper heating, ventilation, as well as A/C plan is certainly in necessary for your condo. Unfortunately, the people I spend my time with plus myself live in a place where we are affected by all for seasonal climate. We have to be certain that our heating, ventilation, and even A/C equipment will work well for every seasonal piece of weather pattern.

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