My roommate runs the A/C

The friend that I live with is absolutely unbearable. He just loves the air conditioning more than I do. I barely loved the air conditioning in the summertime. However it is the fall time now. The nights are getting really cold. Some nights are even nearing thirty degrees. I talk myself in very tight at night. I do not want to be cold at night. However one night I woke up freezing. I actually had to hide underneath the covers to use my breath for heat. I finally got up to check the thermostat. It turned out that the air conditioning was running. My roommate had turn the air conditioning on at night. Sometimes I cannot believe how hot my roommate gets at night. He will wake up sweating. Sometimes I wake up with cold sweats. I get so cold when I sleep at night. So we do not get along very well. I have seen advertisements for something called Zone control Heating and Cooling. However I am unable to install this into my apartment building. I could only do so with the approval of the maintenance guy. However he will not approve something like that. So I constantly battle with my roommate about the air conditioning being it on it night. I tell him to just open his window. That would make it a lot cooler in his room. That he would be able to sleep and I would be happy. I would not have to feel the coldness of the air conditioning on in my room. The air-conditioning should not be on this time of year any longer.

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I need to replace my furnace

It is finally that time of the year. All of my favorite shows come back on TV. In fact we had so many shows to watch on the same day. We had to record all the shows we wanted to watch. We ended up watching them the next day. They were all season premieres. So we got a bunch of snacks. We also made sure the house was set to a comfortable temperature. We would not have to want to get up if we didn’t have to. We even had some friends over to watch with us. They don’t watch all the shows that we do. So we watch the first one all watch together. It was a lot of fun to watch with everyone. The house was very comfortable as well. We just had a new furnace put in. The nights have been getting cold. And last winter we needed a new furnace. So this year before the winter we had our furnace replaced. We are so happy with how it has been running so far. We have been running it during the night time to ensure that it is working. We want to make sure that we will be left with a properly working furnace for the winter season. So far so good. Even my friends commented on how much better the air feels at our house. Before we had the furnace replaced the air in our house felt very spotty. Everywhere you went it felt like you were experiencing a different temperature. Now that our furnace has been replaced you don’t feel that feeling at our house.

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I am throwing a princess party

Raising daughters is no laughing matter, especially when a little princess is having a birthday party and expects everything to be fit for a princess. Listen, before you say anything, I normally don’t spoil my children. It is a bad way of building character in kids, so I normally am very strict with them. But when I throw a party for one of them, I want to do it right, and I want them to have a great time. Fair is fair, right? So when my youngest asked for a princess themed party for her eighth birthday, I said okay. How hard could it be, I thought, having no idea that on the day of the party my HVAC system would break down on me. In retrospect, I should have paid for the HVAC service agreement and had a regular inspection of my AC and heating equipment. But I thought everything was cool, right up until the thermostat stopped responding and a room full of princesses started to overheat. I was able to buy a little time by having my wife load all the princesses into our air conditioned SUV and taking them up to the ice cream shop. While they were gone, I called up every HVAC contractor within a five mile radius to see who could get out to me first. By offering a substantial tip, I was able to get an able bodied HVAC technician out to the house within an hour, and by the time the princesses returned the air conditioning system was up and running once more.

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AC on the seaside

I lived a land locked life for way too many years. When I finally visited the coast for the first time, and looked out across the vast awesomeness of the ocean, I knew that is where I wanted to live. I didn’t care where, I didn’t care how, I knew that if I could wake up every day to look at something so magnificent, then I would be living a happy life. I moved to a small seaside town, rented a room overlooking the water, and it turned out I was right, it made me very happy. What was not making me so happy was the air conditioning situation in my apartment. The town itself was usually very cool, with the nice ocean breezes staying steady, so I was surprised that I even needed an AC unit at all. But I really did, only it wasn’t for the needs of heating and cooling, like you would expect. Nope, even when the temperature was perfect, I still needed an HVAC system of some kind to maintain the indoor air quality. All that lovely salty sea spray in the air comes with a price, and without a good air filter in play, you’re going to pay that price with your belongings. Running the AC isn’t about temperature for me, it’s about pulling the extra moisture from the air and keep all my stuff from getting covered with mold or mildew. I guess I’m lucky, my place is small enough that I can live without a central HVAC system and get by just fine with a smaller box style window AC unit.

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I dream of a better home

When my wife and I were looking for houses, we knew right away this one was perfect for us. Standing on the back porch there is a panoramic view of the river, the lake, and in the background a giant waterfall. It is breathtaking to look at, and we both knew it would be a sight we would never tire of. So even though the house wasn’t perfect, we bought it right away, just because of that beautiful waterfall! But there were a few small issues we had to handle once we moved in, including having to purchase a new central HVAC system which was a surprise to us. This area is so temperate we weren’t sure it was necessary to have a central cooling system, but we did need one, and we needed it right away. Without AC running, the windows need to be open to keep the place cool. What we didn’t consider was that the waterfall put so much moisture into the air that the indoor air quality became far too damp. Within a couple days our books and our wallpaper was starting to mildew, so without the dehumidifier and air filters that come with a central HVAC system, we would lose a lot of our possessions to moisture. So now we have a modern HVAC system, and we run it every day just to keep the air circulating, even if we don’t need it for temperature control. But I have to say that it was worth it, and buying the new AC system was a small price to pay to live next to that waterfall.

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A cabin in the woods

Let’s rent a cabin in the woods, my wife said. It will be fun, she said. We can live off the land for a week, just like our ancestors did, she said. She was mostly right, about everything except for the “it will be fun” part. It was not fun for me, but I think my wife had a much better time. Of course she did, she wasn’t the one out in the snow chopping wood for two hours a day! Next time, I’m definitely picking the vacation spot, because her idea of a week away translated to a week of hard work just so I could feed the darned furnace for the cabin. In the ads for the place, it clearly stated that the cabin came with a central heating system, and silly me I assumed that meant the place had an HVAC system, or at the very least a gas furnace. But it turns out the central heating system that they were talking about was a wood burning furnace older than my wife and I put together. This old timey heating source looked nice, and was very sturdy, but it did require wood to be able to heat the place. To keep it heating the place nicely day and night for an entire week, it needed a steady diet of chopped wood. So while my wife stayed inside out of the snow and made coffee and read a book, I was out in the freezing cold with no gloves chopping wood just to keep the heating system alive.

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The temperature of my room

I have three small children so getting away for a romantic trip with my husband is almost impossible. However, we decided that the kids were old enough to stay with their babysitter for a three day weekend so my husband and I could finally get away. I have been wanting to take a trip to a tropical destination for a really long time but we haven’t been able to get away in about five years, since before our youngest daughter was born. Our babysitter is great, she is in highschool and has been looking after our kids since the first one was born about ten years ago. We really trust her because her parents have been our friends for ages. However, we did have a little mishap while we were gone on our trip. It wasn’t anything serious, it actually made my husband and I laugh. We recently had a new HVAC system installed with a smart thermostat so we could have temperature zone control in all the rooms. We had our HVAC technician explain to us how to use the smart thermostat when he was installing the new HVAC system. Our HVAC technician gave us very thorough instructions on how to use the smart thermostat so we would not get confused when he was not there. I did not think to explain to our babysitter how to work the new HVAC system before we left, so she called in a panic because she could not figure it out. I immediately started to laugh at the situation, but we were finally able to explain to her how to set the temperature in each room!

Dehumidifiers and how that works

You know how weird it is to enter someone else’s house for the first time? When you first arrive and you’re trying to figure out the layout of their home, and everything looks so foreign and overwhelming? Not to mention how every house has it’s own distinct odor, which only fades if you spend enough time there. You eventually stop noticing the smell, but it lingers on your clothes and belongings. I recently experienced this very scenario at my very own house, after being gone for a few days. I walked in and immediately noticed how musty it was, and so began my search for mold. After weeks of searching, calling out a professional cleaning service, and contacting the local HVAC company, I found the musty source. It turns out, there is way too much humidity in my indoor air, and there is also a slight mildew growth throughout my HVAC ductwork. The HVAC technician recommended that I purchase a dehumidifying unit to supplement my current HVAC setup, in order to remove as much extra moisture from the air as possible. He also scheduled an intensive ductwork clean out, so a professional HVAC specialist will remove the mold spores from our ventilation system. Finally, he recommended I purchase a servicing contract so that my AC is regularly being cleaned and the air filters are routinely exchanged. These small changes should reduce the prevalence of mold outbreaks, as well as removing other air contaminants. I sure hope all these measures make a difference in my indoor air quality – I don’t want to have a stinky house!


A very hot night

Every year I blissfully drift through summer time without a care in my head. The warm weather makes it impossible to fret as much as I do during the chilly seasons, because there is just too much to do outdoors in the sun. It’s so easy to go outside for a walk, go swimming in brisk weather, or grab a relaxing patio drink to pass the afternoon. Then, the weather suddenly takes a turn, and the outdoor air conditions suddenly take a turn towards cold temperatures. Fun time is over, and it’s back to real life as the temperature plunges more and more each day. This transition is a depressing time for me, because I know it will culminate in the many tortures of horrendous winter weather. It’s always shocking the first morning that you wake up and feel cold air outside the nice warm bed. This has to be one of the most unpleasant sensations on earth, and requires a lot of personal willpower to get over the urge to stay comfortably in the toasty bed. It’s these days that I personally lust after radiant heated flooring. I can only imagine how it would feel to swing my legs out of bed and feel my toes against a nice warm heated floor, rather than touching my feet to chilled wood. I know that it isn’t practical to even consider such an expensive HVAC upgrade, but I can’t help but fantasize about the luxurious heated flooring option. Someday I’ll have the means to get radiant heated floors and ease the transition into winter.

My favorite place to be

I have a friend who moved out west a couple of years ago and got a job as a warehouse manager for a large online clothing distributor.  It was awesome because he always got tons of free, well made clothing and some really great discounts on other stuff too.  He is very outdoorsy and the website sold everything you could possibly need for camping, fishing, hiking, winter gear, summer gear and everything in between.  I remember during his first few weeks on the job he called me and told me how great his new job was and how much he was liking it.  I was excited for him, and also excited for myself because I knew I was about to get loads of great new stuff for a fraction of the price that I would pay online.  However, that job was very unexpectedly short lived. My friend called me again just a few months later and told me that he couldn’t work in that warehouse anymore because it was too hot.  The air conditioner had broken a couple weeks back and the distribution manager wasn’t getting it fixed.  It was miserable in there for everyone.  Normally, the air conditioner’s thermostat was fixed on about 65 since everyone was mostly hauling heavy boxes and doing manual labor.  For some reason now, the company was refusing to replace that air conditioner, or even call in an HVAC technician to take a look at it!  I was selfishly sad he was leaving that job, but also I didn’t blame. I wouldn’t have wanted to work in a warehouse with no air conditioning either!

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