Replacing the freon

Picture this: It’s a blazing morning in the southeast. You wake up at the appointed time, eat breakfast, get dressed for the job, and you’re in the motorcar by 7AM. There’s just a bit of a problem.  After starting your car, idling and even driving out to the main road, your car’s air conditioner is blowing only hot air, and for those of us who choose to reside in the South, this is a entirely real, and entirely terrible feeling.  I can dream up various other situations I’d rather be in – including a fixing a flat tire – over having a broken air conditioner during a southern Summer. Such was my lovely morning the other day, within 90 seconds, my three-piece suit was drenched from my sweat, and my perfectly coiffed hair was frizzy and disheveled.  Obviously I didn’t have the time to dabble with the a/c before going to work, however after the workday ended, I made a point to stop to purchase some refrigerant for my car. Fun fact, for those who haven’t had to charge your car’s a/c system with refrigerant before: Don’t overdo filling it! l gained this knowledge the tough way on this go ‘round.  You should spend extremely close attention to the pressure gauge on the hose connecting the can of refrigerant to your supply line for the a/c system. Rather than have just the perfect amount of pressure, I overcharged my a/c system and managed to crack my compressor! That in turn caused what might have once been a simple refrigerant shortage into a required service trip to fix the problem.  Not only did I look foolish for overdoing my a/c refrigerant, I also felt the sting of my mistake when I was shown the bill for replacing that compressor. You don’t want to learn how much I paid to upgrade that critical piece of the a/c system, however I’ll tell you there better be a warranty active for it!

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Office a/c unit

When I started finally working in this current position at the value analysis department within our workplace, I was easily the lone wolf.  My coworkers, superiors and all the underlings in that office had the same start in such a work environment, either as lowly clerks, receptionists or even secretaries.  In my own case, the job history is loaded with a decade of distribution, warehousing work with rigorous manly manual labor. The only jobs more for real blue-collar than those I handled were farming jobs!  While my excellent job history prepared me by always working in environments with bad heat, no air conditioner or generally bad air quality with no means to combat it, I still wasn’t prepared for office culture. The “office lingo” or the way people tiptoe around really stating a coworker made a mistake.  It drove me so violently nuts! I was accustomed to people giving it right to each other straight whenever they needed to shape up. So, when it then came time for me to run the first meeting, I wasn’t even a little nervous. To everyone’s surprise, there were two things that really did me a dang favor. And for one thing, the focus of conversation was about bridging gaps between decisions from the office and how they impact decisions in their warehouse.  Additionally, the air conditioner method at the office was being repaired by a team of credentialed Heating and Air Conditioning technicians. While they diligently fought to take care of the compressor units on our roof of the building, the interior remained a warm eighty-several degrees! It was hot, but it was nothing I couldn’t wrestle to the ground. So, I barely broke a sweat. As the meeting fired up so I could offer my primo presentation, much of me felt bolstered with bristly confidence.  Then everyone in the room was perspiring bullets, fanning themselves with the handouts I so graciously printed for them, and generally being amazed at how cool, calm and oh so collected I was while in hammering that presentation. Coincidentally, many of us heard the clicking sound of the air conditioner systems coming online; I even provided a rush of chilled air blown into the conference room. It happened right as all my people applauded the awesome presentation, so in every way I felt that they were clapping for me!  I knew they maybe weren’t – air conditioner saves the day, as usual! Although I still deserved it. I was pretty dope so, the first meeting went that well.

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Happy for the a/c on the trip

Over the holidays, my partner and I wanted to spend a few afternoons in a more tropical region… We live in the northwest, as well as over the Winter it gets truly cold as well as wet. Not truly romantic, if you can imagine that! So, my partner and I decided to travel across the country to stay in the islands in the south, as well as relax on the warm sands of a tropical beach. During the plane’s descent into the tropic zone, my partner and I immediately noticed a big difference in the humidity of the region, as the cabin felt much warmer during our descent. Stepping onto the tarmac was even more jarring, as the heat emanating from the ground made it suppose love the entire airstrip had radiant floor heating installed! Once my partner and I got to the hotel, the pair of us noticed the temperature outside was over a hundred degrees. We knew it was going to be hot, but it was flat-out uncomfortable! We prayed that our room would have excellent central air conditioning; judging by the lobby’s air quality, such would be the case. When my partner and I got to our room, we ended up spending the entire first evening in there, just lounging in the excellent air conditioning as my partner and I listened to the waves rolling in. I felt as if my partner and I might’ve wasted that first morning by being inside, but I’m cheerful that he and I did it! It was a nice change, to need excellent a/c instead of a furnace running all night long… Then the following morning, my partner and I moseyed to the the beach at sunrise, as well as relaxed in some lounge chairs by the ocean. That’s how the two of us became aware that the heat in this was the least oppressive in the early morning! After enjoying the sunrise, the two of us played a few outdoor games such as volleyball as well as shuffleboard, but eventually the heat proved too intense for us! We spent the rest of the morning lounging in front of an air-conditioned shack where we were served cool drinks by the pool, before retreating back to our ice-cold hotel room. It was just my partner and I wanted as a romantic getaway from the Winter cold!

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AC in the greenhouse

Last summer time I decided to completely renew my vegetable garden beds. I started out layering straw plus other compost products on top of the existing plants and beds… Once I had a crucial layer of nutrient dense compost–which took over a year–I was able to get in there plus certainly get to work. Ironically, this happened during a single of the hottest weeks of the summer. Of course, I didn’t believe that at the time or I would have waited. The first day was so hot, plus I did so much work, I had to take a breather inside with the air conditioner on. I was afraid I was going to pass out… From that point on, I made sure I took frequent water breaks inside, in the nice, cool air conditioned space. It was just the thing to keep myself going. The AC was useful in refreshing my energy if I felt kind of zapped from the heat. It was certainly lucky that I had installed the ductless mini split air conditioner a few weeks prior. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to finish the whole project before it got too cold. As it was, it took forever. Tilling the soil, even with the help of an electric tiller, took several days to certainly get a wonderful five inches of tilled soil up. And trust me, I could have gotten more. There was dirt there that I don’t suppose has ever been touched! The people who owned the condo before myself and my husband must not have been gardeners. Thankfully now the vegetable garden is well on the way to being spectacularly beautiful plus it is healthy plus prosperous. I’m so gleeful to continue more task on it next year!

He has issues with the a/c

My buddy constantly complains about us not having an air conditioning system in the house! He comes back to our lake home and gets all sweaty and grumpy. I have a theory that this is happening because he spends all day inside in A/C. His body gets used to that temperature and having no humidity. Then when he goes outside and the weather is completely different, his body is shocked. I think everyone has varying tolerances for weather. Some people tend to be always warm, and other people are always cold. He is the former… Yet despite that, he doesn’t prefer the Wintertide nearly as much as I do. I prefer to keep the heating plan set at a sufficient temperature through the Wintertide months–around sixty five or seventy degrees. Again, I don’t want to be shocked when I go outside, and I do spend a considerable amount of time out there. He complains that he is chilly and wants to turn the temperature up! So basically he’s just never glad with the temperature inside the house. I have been thinking that the best solution would be to get central A/C eventually for the house. If the temperature gets boiling and humid to a certain degree, after that I can turn it on. However if the temperature is sufficient, neither of us turn it on… I suppose it is a great compromise. Sort of a halfway point in between both our points of view, while at the same time being entirely budget conscious. Let’s face it, if my buddy ran the central heater and air conditioning system how he wanted, we’d be paying some immense monthly bills.


AC going too strong

When the opportunity presents itself to go to a theme park with your friends, you don’t turn it down! Especially when one of your friends is paying your way in. At that point, it’s foolish to not take advantage of a free weekend with relaxing friends! I was given such an opportunity for a weekend of fun and adventure just last week, and almost every part of the park brought relaxing times for my group. Now, keep in mind, I do say “almost” every part for a reason. See, I’m a pretty thin woman – not a lot of meat on these bones, and for that reason, it doesn’t take much to get cold. Well, one of the rides at the park had an indoor wait for the line, and the entire hallway was chilly! The air conditioning must’ve been on full blast, because the air quality in that hallway was near unbearable for me. Every five feet, there was a vent in the ceiling that blew chilly air directly onto me. We were in the South, so I’m sure they had the HVAC system set to max cool to cope with the temperatures outside. Still, they clearly had the HVAC system working too hard if half the people in line are shivering! By the time we got to the actual coaster to board the ride, I had my arms in my shirt just to conserve body heat. I asked the ride attendant if they might consider lowering the temperature in the hallway. They said it was locked at the new setting, then the attendant was shivering too, so I guess she wasn’t kidding around! I can’t imagine the energy consumption that comes from over-cooling an entire stretch of hallway like this on a hot afternoon, anyway. The theme park must contract the HVAC repairs and repair to some real wizards of HVAC repair!

cooling technician

Want to work in HVAC

I made a less educated decision when I finished school. Afraid to commit to a major, I decided to choose something that would be easy, and give me plenty of time to enjoy the college experience. Yeah, I was that guy, but I decided to get a degree in humanities, which I wasn’t even happy about! Since I graduated from college with a degree I couldn’t really use, I was left with a mountain of student debt and nothing to show for it. Desperate to find a well-paying job, I decided to pursue certification as an HVAC repair serviceman. At the advice of a friend who went through the same program, certification only took a year’s time, and by the end of the program I was already working for a local company! The money was surprisingly good for what I was doing, and I found I really enjoyed working with my hands! Each day, my job would take me to an odd scenario. Thursday, I would perform a routine check-up on a heating and cooling system for a residential home. Monday, I’d assist another serviceman in replacing extensive HVAC duct in someone’s home, and Monday, I was called in to help repair a heavily disfigured compressor that was hit by a drunk driver! The unpredictability of the work really made it stand out as a career I’d enjoy. II was making better money as I spent more time on call. Eventually, I decided to become a state-certified company, and now I make  good money doing what I now love. I can’t say enough how glad I am that my friend referred me to this program, and got me interested in the HVAC industry.

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Why they won’t use smart HVAC

The lot of us all have that family member stuck in the 80s, but you know who I am talking about –  it’s the same person who uses the same TV that was made in the late 1979s, and is still convinced that electric cars are nothing more than evidence of a scary theory. In my case, that person is none other than my own best friend Travis! trying to educate my friend Travis on how to use modern technology is like trying to teach an older person how to work a computer. Travis refuses to see how it would help him to use modern technology, and insist on now working longer rather than now working more efficient! Just a bit ago, I had a smart temperature control installed at my house. I had it put in because my respected Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair serviceman told me that this thing would save myself and others nearly $80 a month in electric bills. While I was able to get it installed fairly simple, the real challenge came when my friend Travis came to visit and immediately felt obliged to tinker with a temperature control. Travis clearly had no idea what he was doing, and within 1 hour of getting no response from the machinery, Travis insisted the modern temperature control was no longer functional! I explained to my friend Travis that the temperature control was entirely password protected, because modern temperature controls give people the ability to set up password code to keep the temperature control staying at the same setting.

I think I want a geothermal heat pump

I’ve been residing in my home for about more a year now. Since the start I’ve observed that the air compressor component outside makes terribly loud sounds, which Heating, Ventilation, and A/C workers have repeatedly told myself and others is just a symptom of how aged the device is. So, I have a furnace in my basement for heat which is a wow factor! I live in the south, so I see maybe 5 weeks of particularly cold weather out of the year anyway. I’ve tried to make to with the not good or excessive component over the past few years, however at this point I’m sick of the work that comes with trying to handle it! So, I’ve made the choice that I will instead look into installing something I’ve wanted since before I went out of my apartment. Uh huh, that would be none other than a geothermal heat pump! These things are amazing – the indoor component can fit in a smaller space, it’s so tiny. So, the actual legwork of the component is performed by a slew of pipes, which circulate water from the home to the rich soil in the earth. While there’s numerous patterns to choose from as far as piping is considered, I must use the vertical pattern due to my property’s tight space. This means the metal pipes will be installed to go deep into the earth’s ground, where the heat exchange will go on and cool down the home or bring moderate air into it. This plan is absolutely perfect for my weather too, because it will help keep the home cool and provide some heating.

geothermal heat pump

Temperature gauge

I love when the season comes to a close plus all of us are all free for the hot times. My friend Emma plus I get along well, plus Emma and I method all sorts of trips to go on throughout the warm plus toasty season. Emma and I in the country right next to the grape fields, so every one of us spend tons of days in there camping, hunting for wild grape bushes to eat, plus playing with our friends in the fields. All of us regularly task up quite a sweat with the sunshine beating down on us all morning long, so it is regularly such a relief when every one of us finally head back to the house. Our parents recently bought a brand modern air cooling idea that keep the home great plus cool while I was in the Summer, however rather than just 1 huge air conditioning unit, there are several little units sited in almost all rooms of the house. Each component will come with its own temperature gauge, so Emma and I are free to adjust it in our own rooms to the temperature we like. The modern cooling units are also so silent that I often forget they are in our room. I am the style of gal who needs complete silence when trying to go to sleep, plus our last heating plus cooling idea was loud plus not loud. This 1 keeps the home cool plus lets me and Emma get a much better nights sleep than the past 1. On the occasional time when there is a heat warning plus my parents don’t want Emma and I running all over outside, her and I don’t even mind now.

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