Repairing our heater and a/c unit

My bestie just built her dream entertainment room in her town house, and she invited myself and my spouse over for dinner and a motion picture to experience the updated room and system in her town house. My spouse and I were legitimately glad to go over there and see our friend, and it has been quite some time since we have… And to check out her updated entertainment room is going to be totally awesome! However, when we arrived there this past weekend for the night of fun and motion pictures, the town house was frosty cold! My friend said she was legitimately sorry, however her heating and cooling system had just broke down earlier that morning. She was awaiting an emergency heating and cooling specialist to come over to repair her Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. In the meantime, we were frosty and had our scarves left on. About thirty minutes along, and finally the heating and cooling specialist showed up. She was a friendly heating and cooling specialist from the local heating and cooling company. She went out to the garage where the heating unit itself was located and looked at the situation. At this point, the heating and cooling specialist had said that the main motor of the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system had been dying for quite some time and ended up totally going out as of this week! Lucky for us, she was able to have a new system put in the same day. The heating and cooling system was up and running again in just an hour’s time. My friend thanked the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist, she went on her way, and then I checked out the entertainment room and watched a motion picture! It was a totally awesome night all around!

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A window cooling unit

It is once again that time of year… Yes, it is the time of year that is the holiday season! Most folks around our neighborhood celebrate the Christmas holiday, however others celebrate their proper religion’s holiday for this season… But a single thing remains the same with every holiday: the shopping malls plus stores all across the city are a madhouse! It gets overly crowded as everyone is trying to rush in plus out to get the best gifts for their family. Then one major concern is that it gets truly overly stuffy in those stores with all of these shoppers packed inside of them. Here in the city, one sizable department store actually plus undoubtedly turns on their A/C unit in the dead of winter! They don’t freeze it so that everyone gets sick. They run a portable A/C unit as well as the official central heating. However you are actually wondering or asking yourself, why on earth would you run a central heating plan plus a portable A/C plan at the same time. You would think that would be a waste of money or that it makes no sense. However,  it makes a lot of sense, as the cool air from the portable A/C, as well as the central heating plan running normal all helps the place not to get so stuffy with everyone packed in there this time of season! You hardly even notice the A/C, however it is there; a pretty smart system that was if you ask me! However, I would never try that in our own town home with running both central heating plus portable A/C!

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Poisoning from the furnace

My home has a forced air furnace that is now about fifteen years old or so. The furnace is run by burning natural gas to generate heat. The combustion process may heat the house, but it produces a plethora of harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide and dioxide along with formaldehyde. The only obstruction between breathing these chemicals and keeping them at bay is the heat exchanger. A heat exchanger can corrode completely from moisture, or crack due to overheating. Even the thinnest crack can lead to horrifying levels of home contamination. Modern furnaces feature a ton of incredible safety features, but mine is too old to have been equipped with any of them. On top of that, it’s a single stage unit, meaning it only has one speed. If it’s not completely off, it’s blasting heat at maximum capacity. If anything on the inside of the heating system becomes clogged with any kind of dust or debris, the airflow becomes restricted. The furnace would then be forced to run much longer than it should. I am always worried the equipment will run to its heart’s content at full speed until it overheats and ruins the heat exchanger completely. To prevent this, I enrolled in a preventative maintenance plan with my local HVAC inspector. This includes an annual inspection. The HVAC company verifies the integrity of the heat exchanger and cleans the furnace very carefully. I also had a carbon monoxide detector installed. Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, so the house could be full of it, but I would never know without a detector. I long to replace the old furnace with a model that’s newer and safer, or just completely change my home’s heating methods altogether. My ultimate goal is to do a complete overhaul to avoid the combustion process by installing an electric pump.

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Excellent climate control

When I was growing up, my mother always encouraged me to chase my dreams. I always loved music, and I was even was in the school band! Eventually I got together with some friends and we formed a band of our own. We liked jamming together and I knew this was something that I loved to do. It was something that I wished I could do for a living for the rest of my life, just creating songs plus performing them. Eventually, my band and I were able to get a record deal. It was a lucky break. When we were performing this gig, there just happened to be a record label there at our performance, and she was honestly impressed. She wanted to sign us! And I had a great feeling that day when we went to that venue because every one of us perform best with excellent climate control! The air quality in this place was great and plus I could tell they were using a high quality air purification system in there. With the exceptional air quality plus the perfect weather conditions and thermostat control settings, I could sing my best. Plus, my band members played as if there was no tomorrow. I can honestly say that because of the excellent vibes in the place along with the awesome Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, that’s what ultimately got us our record deal. And now, we’re always performing at some of the nicest places and people seem to care about what every one of us have to offer. Honestly, as long as we’re at these awesome places with great climate control, I could do this job forever!

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Using HEPA filters instead

I’ve had to deal with brutal pollen irritations and dust sensitivities for my entire life. From an early age, my parents had to take a ton of precautions to make sure my life wasn’t totally awful! Aside from a healthy diet of Benadryl, regular nasal cleanses and a series of other silly household remedies to keep my pollen irritations at bay. My parents also had to pay a small fortune to get a special cooling device installed at the household I grew up in. The entire Heating and A/C system used special HEPA air filters, which trapped far more dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens that float freely through a majority of conventional air filters. These are the same air filters I have to use in my current household now, however at least I don’t have to medicate myself with anti-allergy medicines that put myself and others on the floor with total drowsiness! I can thank the excellent UV air purifier for that, which eradicates spores and tons of other allergy spurring particles that float freely through the air. The HEPA air filters are fantastic, however they can’t catch everything after all – that’s what the UV air purifier is for! Aside from that, I also take special preventive measures to keep my ventilation system entirely clean. To do that, I have a Heating and A/C professional come once every few months to thoroughly wash the air duct and remove any debris that worked its way into the ducts from the outside… I know a majority of people believe my efforts are over the top, and they are – however the alternative is that I transform into a sneezing, watery-eyed angry human being, so I’ll take the extra precautions any day!

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Getting a whole home HVAC unit

One of the greater challenges I’ve taken on as a new homeowner is the action of figuring out what I want from a heating, ventilation plus a/c device. I’ve always resided in apartments that have regular heating plus a/c devices: electric space heaters, window mounted a/cs, central heating plus a/c, those kinds of things. One apartment even had a working fireplace! I’ll never understand why! With all the various options I’ve already experienced, I was ready for something new a long time ago. Now that I have a locale of my own, plus the oil furnace plus air conditioner device are both on the brink of death, I have an opportunity to get a new Heating plus Air Conditioning device! The question is, what should I get? For heating the household, I could do something much more current plus install radiant floor heating to keep the household toasty. However, I’d have to be sure to use a humidifier with the system, or the air in the household would get overheated plus dry in no time. That’s why I’m leaning towards a boiler system instead, as the boiler would provide ample warmth separate from sacrificing humidity! As for cooling the household, I suppose I might try using an evaporative cooling device instead of the regular forced a/c. This type of cooling device uses the outdoor air plus drags it through cool, wet pads before being blown into the household via the duct system. Humidity is pressing to me, as I dislike when everything in the household feels just like a dryer sheet! Whatever I choose, I guess my respected Heating plus Air Conditioning device specialist won’t lead me astray.

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AC in the office

For the most part, I certainly can’t much stand having to work in an office environment, and that’s saying a lot, too. I used to work in distribution, and that line of work can be awful when you’re filling orders at a rapid pace in a warehouse with no heating or a/c device to keep you warm enough or cool! I could handle the work back then, but the relentless heat of the summer time combined with the total lack of any a/c devices in the warehouse? That was just too much for me to handle. Thankfully I transitioned to working in an office, where I now assist customers with purchasing the products they need. It’s a much more relaxed job, however I hate the fact that there’s a constant war over the temperature controls in my department! Seriously – every afternoon, I actually feel the temperature in my office fluctuate by up to numerous degrees. One lady will approach the thermostat as well as adjust the temperature down to cool the air, which is definitely fine with me. Then, someone else will whine that it’s too frosty, so they’ll jack the heat way up on the thermostat until the gas furnace kicks on! After half an hour of dripping with sweat into my suit, I’ll have enough as well as get up to adjust the thermostat back down to a reasonable temperature, thus allowing the a/c device to cool the office back down to where it ought to be. Of course, that’s when someone thinks it’s too frosty, as well as the entire cycle starts over again. It’s exhausting, but not physically awful – it’s all mental fatigue that I experience from dealing with these people throughout the day! I care about my team here, but they are such babies when it comes to heating as well as a/c.

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Air filters in the hospitals

Hospital environments are likely the coldest places to be! Maybe that’s just me as well as my thin blood talking, although I can’t walk through a hospital or clinic for more than a few minutes without getting the chills! It’s constantly a talking point with the physician, nurse or receptionist too, as my shivers are blatant as well as easy to notice. During my last visit to the hospital for a physical, I’d finally had enough of being so frosty, as well as asked the medical professional a small question that gained a sizable answer: “Why is it so frosty in here?” The medical professional laughed, before going into a long explanation about reducing the life of bacteria as well as viruses in the building… The hospital utilizes a commercial heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning device that can keep the entire hospital entirely cool all year ‘round. To further fight against the potential for bacterial as well as viral growth in the hospital rooms as well as corridors, the entire facility uses whole-building air purifiers that clean the circulating air with UV light treatment, as well as HEPA filters that can easily trap the smallest dirt as well as dust particles in the air. It’s entirely incredible, really, how numerous steps are taken just to ensure the air quality in the hospital doesn’t degrade, and even when the flu season is in full swing, the hospital has countless measures built into their heating, ventilation as well as a/c devices alone to reduce the spread of the flu virus. In spite of this information, I still believe the freezing air is really an unnecessary step in the process of ensuring totally clean air within the hospital! Then again, I’m no medical professional.

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Hoping to cool the house a bit

What I wouldn’t give for our beach house to be as cool as the interior of a refrigerator. I suppose that sounds rather extreme, however when you’ve lived in the South your entire life, you’re eager to make a change. Such was the case for me at least, as I’d spent several decades suffering through nine months of incredibly hot, dreary weather only to get a month or so of cool uneven temperatures. I’d had enough at this point, plus wanted to move up North where a few friends had made a home for themselves. I’m not one for an impulsive decision however, so I reached out to them plus asked for an honorable opinion. I was rather surprised when they came back to me with words of caution, as they said that living up North isn’t all that fantastic! For one, you rely on your oil furnace up there, as much – if not more – than you rely on your air conditioner device down here. That basically means the oil furnace, boiler or radiator has to be always checked out by a professional heating, ventilation plus air conditioning device professional at least several times a year. That can get fairly upscale! It’s not as though you can avoid the expansive costs by going the “natural” route plus relying on your fireplace, either. Since you’d be using the fireplace far more often up North, you’d have to hire a chimney sweeper to come plus scrub out the chimney a couple of times a year. Otherwise, the creosote build-up in the fireplace chimney can easily cause a fire in the household. I’m all for being sizzling in the winter, however not at the cost of my household burning down around me while I cozy up to the mantle! Maybe I’ll just stick it out down here in the meantime, at least I know exactly what I’m dealing with!

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Having a current baby at current household can present some challenges that you’d normally never think about. There’s the apparent stuff, of course – such as smoking outside, or not at all. Then there’s the stuff you wouldn’t guess unless someone told you, such as the need for a whole-household air purifier to remove the residue of smoke! That’s the situation my wife and I were in when we brought our child back home for the first time after being in the hospital for numerous days. See, I’ve been a smoker for a majority of my life! Bringing a baby into the picture abruptly got me to quit though, and I felt the household had slowly lost the distinct cigarette smell in the past year. We were easily proven wrong when our baby girl was always having these little coughing fits… Oh, the poor little girl had our hearts broken from intense worry! I reached out to the clinic to ask for their advice, and they said the best thing to do in the meantime would be to have a heating, ventilation and air conditioning device repair professional come by our house. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional could easily perform a rigorous flush of our ductwork and scrub it perfectly clean of any residue left behind from years of smoking, and also supply us a quote on a current whole-household air purifier for the house. I honestly felt the system was overkill, but the Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional insisted otherwise. She claimed that the whole-household air purifier would help enormously to control and gradually eliminate the smell and lingering chemicals, which would serve our daughter’s health quite well. She sold me at that point – who would say no to ensuring their newborn can stay in perfect health?

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