The family HVAC business

I always knew that I was going to go into the heating and air conditioning business. My dad and his brother own one of the largest HVAC companies in our state. They have become very successful over the past three decades. They are constantly opening up new HVAC companies, and they already have 17 different locations. Six of them, are in the state next to us. Ever since I was about five years old, my dad has taught me about the heating and air conditioning business. I worked alongside of him in the HVAC business, cleaning up the shop and stocking the shelves. I learned a lot about the HVAC industry, and the constant demand for new and better technology. That has become a huge interest to me, as I have recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in engineering. I am ready to join the HVAC business, with a lot of new and interesting ideas. There are many new Heating and Air Conditioning Technologies, and my dad and uncle are not taking advantage of a lot of them. I am excited to share all of the knowledge that I have gained, though I’m sure I will ruffle a few feathers. My dad and his brother have been in the HVAC business for the past 35 years. They know that times are changing, but they are doing everything they can to continue doing it the old-fashioned way. I think that new technology could lead to better advancements in the HVAC industry, and I am hopeful that I can bring some of those ideas to the table.

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Our old system does not matter

My wife and I inherited a small Bungalow, that is a few blocks away from the beach. The Bungalow belonged to my wife’s uncle, who recently passed away due to heart disease. The Bungalow is a 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom dwelling, which is located very close to the ocean. My wife and I had not been to the Bungalow in several years, so we were anxious to see what type of shape it would be in. We drove down on Saturday morning, and planned to spend the entire day cleaning up the place. The key slid right into the lock and open the door right up. It was rather musty inside, and I decided to turn on the HVAC system. We had the power turned on already, so that we could stay overnight if we wanted. The entire place was very dusty, and it looked as though it had not been cleaned in sometime. After we stood around looking at the house, we both noticed that the HVAC system still had not engaged. I walked over to the thermostat,  and adjusted the temperature a few degrees. The HVAC system still did not turn on, and I knew that meant there was a problem.  The first thing we did was contact an HVAC representative, and explain all of the problems our HVAC system was experiencing.  The HVAC system was about 15 years old, and our Representatives suggested that it was time to replace the entire unit.  Since my wife and I were going to be staying in the Bungalow sometimes, the two of us decided to upgrade the HVAC system appropriately.

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I work hard on the different options

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption in the fall, while still remaining cozy and comfortable during the season. Here are a few energy saving tips to keep in mind for the winter season. The first tip is that the Sun comes for free. During the day, the sun can help to heat your home by 5 or 7 degrees, simply by opening up the curtains or drapes. Another great energy saving tip, it simply to dress a bit warmer during the fall and winter seasons. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt or sweater around the house, can make the temperature seem much more comfortable. This allows the homeowner to raise the temperature in the house by a few degrees, without sacrificing warmth and comfort. It can also be important to make sure that you are not wasting any of the heat that is provided by your furnace system. I like to heat the rooms in my home that are being used. This means that the vents are closed in the spare bedroom and the office on the days that I happen to work from home, I open up the vent in my office. Another great energy saving tip, is to make sure that your home is well-insulated. Hundreds of dollars are lost every year, because homeowners are not provided with proper insulation. These are just a few energy saving tips that I use myself, but there are many other ways to save energy during the fall and winter seasons. If you are experiencing very high utility bills, you might want to try out some of these energy saving tips.

Grocery pickup

Today, for the first time, I tried out a grocery pickup app. A grocery store near me started advertising their pickup service several months ago, but I delayed for several reasons. Could I really trust someone else to pick out my produce and meat? Would I receive all of my items? Would I still have to go inside to pick up my order? Would my items be bagged properly? After seeing a $10 coupon off of my first order, I decided to go ahead and try the service. With some trepidation, I downloaded the app, then put in my order. Finding and adding everything I wanted to my order took a significant amount of time, but this was not a dealbreaker for me because I got to do this at home, snuggled up in my pjs with my feet in front of a space heater to keep me warm. Another bonus was that I had to prepay for my order, and I could tell exactly how much everything was going to be, helping me to stay under budget! When I picked up my order today, I did have to wait for a little while in my car, probably about ten minutes. I did not mind this because it was a cold, wet day. Instead of freezing outside, I got to stay in my car with my heater keeping me warm. I felt bad for the workers who had to leave the central heating in the building to come load my car, but I guess, in actuality, I had paid for the convenience of having my car loaded while I sat in front of my heater! I will definitely use grocery pickup again, and I will enjoy using my own climate control and heating to do it!

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A new store is coming back

Recently, I was very excited to hear that a clothing store that I used to love when I was in college has reopened! The store was known for its classic, professional clothing that were great quality, and just trendy enough to be fashionable. I think at least three quarters of my professional wardrobe when I was in college came from that store. The store went bankrupt a few years back, just like many other brick and mortar stores left behind in the internet age. When I saw a post on social media proclaiming its comeback, I put the store opening date on my calendar. On opening day, I drove almost thirty miles to celebrate the opening. When I arrived, I realized that something was wrong. The signs for the store opening were still up, but no one was entering the store. The doors were locked, and the lights were off. I waited with a few other disgruntled customers for a while. Finally, an employee came out and told us that they were unable to open because their HVAC system was broken. Apparently, the air conditioning was pouring at heated air, instead of cooled air, and the HVAC company they called to fix the HVAC system had not shown up yet. The employee begged for our patience. A few of us were ready to go in the store and shop, air conditioning or no air conditioning, but for liability reasons, the employees would not allow us to. I decided to do my shopping online, rather than wait around all day for an HVAC contractor!

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Looking for a place to eat

Last week, I was running some errands and totally did not notice that it was past my lunchtime! It was almost two o’clock, and I was very hungry! I could not decide where I wanted to grab lunch, and I ended up at a taco shop that I had never been to before. The place had really good reviews online, but when I walked inside, it was more of a restaurant and bar than a casual taco shop. I thought about leaving right then, but I saw that they did take to go orders, so I stayed. While waiting for my order, I became very uncomfortable by the atmosphere of the restaurant. It reeked of alcohol, and there was a large group of people at the bar who were completely inebriated and very raucous. There seemed to be no air conditioning at all in the building, and the lack of air conditioning, and thus, ventilation, made everything even worse. Those eight minutes waiting for my tacos seemed very long. I could not wait to escape the oppressive atmosphere of the restaurant! Once I received my tacos, I left quickly and sat outside. Even though it was a warm day, and of course, there was no air conditioning outside, I felt so much better once I was outdoors. I had all of the ventilation that I wanted there! After I finished eating, I went back to my car and cranked up my air conditioning. I needed to get the stench of that restaurant off of me! That whole experience was just very odd.

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We’re making our house better

Last week, I went to hang out with my parents. I love to get over to their house once or twice just to catch up & have tea with them. Every one of us usually sit on the patio or at the living room table. It is so nice to take an hour of our afternoon to simply relax & chat with my two parents. However, when I was there last week, I was abruptly interrupted by a crucial bang followed by a ton of water pouring from the ceiling. I looked up & instantly thought that the toilet was going to end up in the bedroom if we all didn’t get the leak under control. One of our parents’ plumbing pipes burst in the washroom that is right overtop the bedroom area. Every one of us all scrambled upstairs hoping that the toilet wasn’t going to fall down from the ceiling. Luckily, the plumbing business was only a few seconds down the street & our dad grew up with the owner otherwise every one of us would have had a mess to clean up. The plumbing business showed up & explained to us that the piping had burst for a great deal of reasons. They were able to find the issue, retrieve the necessary materials to repair it, & repaired the leak in the toilet piping. I was upset our parent’s might have to pay a fortune not only for the plumbing work  but also for the disfigure. Within no time, though. the water stopped dripping in the bedroom & the plumbing was repaired at no cost to them! Now, every one of us make sure to get our entire plumbing system cleaned & maintained every year.

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We’re loving the plumbing system

In our area, all of us have a ton of options. There are over three grocery stores, a million shopping centers, & a good deal of restaurants. All of us tend to compare pricing everywhere & try to find the cheapest locales to stay in the budget. Luckily, all of us have been living here long enough to understand the local places & the best bang for our buck. However, there is a single business that all of us were odd with until I encountered recent plumbing troubles, and our toilets & sinks seemed to run even when the handles were completely shut off. Our water bills were becoming more extravagant as all of us ignored the plumbing issue, so I decided it was time to do something about it. Many of our friends proposed getting our plumbing idea cleaned because it could be a clog causing our water to run! Since our home was rather new, all of us never had to call a plumbing business to work on our plumbing before. So, when I started calling around to get quotes, I was shocked at how much it cost to get our plumbing repaired! The local plumbers were nearly impossible to get a hold of & the brand name companies were absurdly extravagant, but I was panicked that I would never get our plumbing fixed & would have to pay those water bills forever! Luckily, my partner talked to a guy he works with who knows of an adequate freelance plumber that would be able to repair our plumbing for a good price. Hopefully he never moves away, otherwise I will be paying a fortune in plumbing repairs!

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The water is great

I get so aggravated  when the power in my area goes out. We are frequently without  electric during even a mild storm. A bit of rain or some wind, and we know we won’t have electric for a few hours, or even a few days. I hate living without lights, television, internet, heating or cooling. The worst is surviving without running water. Not able able to have a shower plus or wash clothes or even brush my teeth is awful. I also just hate fetching pails of water in order to flush the toilet.  Otherwise, we could not flush. The toilet quickly begins to stink and then there is a residue left behind.  I doubt that leaving the toilet in that condition is good for it. I also worry about the integrity of the plumbing fixtures when the electric is out for longer than a couple of hours. If you have  ever left on a trip for over a week, you  know that when you come back, the water supply from the pipes is messed up. There is a great deal of sediment and air pockets in the pipes. Then you need to run the water for a while to clear it. This is hard on the fixtures. With no electricity, the water sits stationary in the pipes. The water remains in the hot water tank and the settling of lime, rust and calcium can cause problems.  The faucets are not used, which usually leads to a need to clean the aerators. The pipes and drains can end up having major issues because of the electric outage.  I don’t want to pay for major plumbing repairs. But, when the power finally comes back,  I can hopefully  shower, wash dishes and clothes.   


We’re loving this bathroom

I recently  decided to open up a bakery in my hometown.  After some searching, I found the perfect location.  I bought the building cheap, because it needed to be completely fixed up. I was forced to redo the floors, build wall and even put in new windows. I got the whole place totally redone and chose to do most everything in mainly hardwood. I have high ceilings with gorgeous hanging fans and a large wood counter where people can place their orders.  I spent a fortune investing in all the latest baking technology. I bought a large stove, toasters, blenders and a huge mixer.  I even splurged on a big glass display case to show off the treats I will make. I got just about everything all set when  I realized I had forgotten something major. I totally ignored the condition of the bathroom. I needed to at least remodel the  employee bathroom. I also hoped to expand this into a bathroom for the customers.  Setting up plumbing was beyond my skillset. I had to call a licensed plumber to handle  the project. The plumber was totally aggravated that I did not call him right away. Apparently it would have been simpler to install all the piping, septic and water heater when I was in the building phase. Now he expect to just  rip up my brand new hardwood flooring. Also he’s hoping to set up the bathroom facility where I was planning to have my customers place their orders. He sees this as a better location for the toilet, piping and septic tank to go in. I can’t have a bathroom in the center of the bakery. That will need to be changed.  

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