Wedding cooling unit

My sister had plotted for everything: charming flowers were all in place; the dress was fantastic; the ceremony was fresh and short.  It was the perfect silver wedding…until the reception. The whole anniversary had gone nearly perfectly, and everyone was in a fantastic mood as they arrived at the venue of the reception.  As soon as my hubby and I arrived, the two of us perceived that the temperature in the room was entirely low. It was freezing, and I figured that my sister must have been angry. She had plotted for everything except a malfunctioning heating component at the reception hall.  Not long after the two of us arrived at the reception, my sister came over and informed us that the maintenance contractors were on their way to fix the heating unit. I tried to inform her that everything would be ok; however she did not listen to me. A few hours later, the two of us observed a couple of Heating and Air Conditioning service technicians walk into the reception hall and head directly to the basement.  Then shortly 1 of the technicians came up and went outside. I figured he was going to look at the outside unit. In less than 30 hours there was warm air flowing from the air ducts and the room began to warm up. By the time the dancing started, the locale was entirely warm. I looked at my sister smiling and looking so ecstatic. The night and my sister’s heart were saved.

air conditioner tune up

A great working HVAC filter

Outside the window of my childhood bedroom, there was  a magnolia tree. It was a mature tree with a wide spread of branches and it  flowered with big blossoms every May. The perfume of the magnolias would fill my room. I enjoyed that tree. It was  special to me. What I didn’t realize as a child was that the pollen from the magnolia, that blew in through the windows, was a major problem for my allergies.  As I got older, the symptoms of my allergies became much worse. When pollen was confirmed as a leading cause of my suffering, my father chopped the tree down. He hoped it would provide relief from my springtime allergy symptoms.  I was sad to lose that tree. It didn’t completely eliminate my allergy attacks. My parents focused completely on outdoor causes of irritation but there were still tons of things inside the house that were aggravating my allergies.  As an adult, I’ve learned that the air inside typically has a higher concentration of airborne pollutants than outdoor air. Allergy sufferers such as myself can’t find relief without an indoor air filtration system. Effective air cleaning and ventilation is often provided by modern air conditioners on the market. They are designed to provide powerful indoor air filtration. The combination of air cooling and humidity control can make a huge difference in indoor air quality and health. It’s best to use a certified HVAC dealer to install and service the air conditioner and filtration units.  An air conditioner can actually harbor contaminants and be a threat to health if not properly maintained.

HEPA filter

Resting up and a/c

Being hot is horrible for   sleeping. I hate tossing and turning. I can’t stand it when the sheets get soggy with perspiration. No matter what I do to get comfortable, it’s basically impossible to get a good night’s rest.  Box fan’s don’t help. They blow the heat, dust and other contaminants around. Opening all the windows just brings in hot, stagnant air, as well as dust and bugs. If I manage to get a bit of sleep, I still wake up in the morning feeling  hot and sticky. I always need a shower. It’s an unpleasant way to endure the Summer weather. That was the case while growing up in a house that lacked air conditioning. I continually to begged my mom and dad to at least consider window units for the bedrooms. I wanted  to use my allowance money one year to save up for a cooling unit for my bedroom. My pleas got me nowhere. My parents felt that air conditioning was a luxury item and we could do easily get along without it. They said that cooling equipment was too expensive to operate. When I moved out of their house and found  an apartment, I bought an air conditioner for my bedroom right away. It was such a pleasure to sleep in a perfectly cool bedroom all Summer long. When I looked for a place to buy, I instructed the real estate agent to find a home with central air conditioning. It was my top concern. I ended up buying a large home with a brand new Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit that included a smart thermostat, zone control,  built-in humidifier and an air filtration unit. The system maintains perfect temperature and cleans the air. I don’t need to worry about dust mites or allergens in the breathing air.

central air

Our heater at the dog park

My pet needed a lot more exercise and a lot less food, which was bad news for me. My pet was gaining too much weight, and for health reasons, that had to change right away! Since I don’t have a fenced in yard, if the girl needs go outside, it means I have to go outside with her, in addition to the fact that I would rather stay on our couch as much as possible, then it doesn’t help matters that it is the middle of Winter season and cold, so the warmth of our home gas furnace made going outdoors seem enjoy a real chore. I decided to take a chance on this pet park I had heard about from my neighbor, which actually had an area with heating for the pet owners to hang out in while the pets played. It turns out this place was much better than I expected, because not only did they have space heaters, they also had a full bar! Just a small number of snoots of brandy was legitimately all I needed to warm up, however those space heaters and gas furnaces were magical on such a cold morning! Fortunately I am a sizable fan of morning drinking anyway, so I started taking her to that park every day while having a drink next to a heater. It’s not quite they same as being at home with our gas furnace, however it was a nice way to kill the time while our pet got her well needed exercise! Life was good I really think!

Don’t have to rely on heating yet

Is it tepid hot in here, or is it just me? I’m kidding, of course, it’s freezing frigid in here and will be for the foreseeable future, however if only I knew then what I know now is a usual refrain in our life, but what is done is done, and now I can try and survive the Winter season in comfort. I live in a small lodge just outside of neighborhood but not too far outside of the town. This way I get the peace and quiet, the tranquility of nature, but still don’t have to rough it in wilderness like some people do. I have running water and electricity, and a genuinely nice oil furnace that meets all of my heating needs. One bad ice storm knocked over a bunch of trees, which took out the power lines for the area, which killed our heater! It killed all of our power, of course as well, but the oil furnace was the most crucial thing I had at this time of year. The power people told me it would take many weeks to restore our power, so I needed to find an alternate source of heating for the rest of the Winter season. If I had the money I would just go and buy a portable generator and hook the electric oil furnace up to that, however I am short on money now, so my only source of heating was to cut wood and use them in the antique wood burning heating system I keep in the back room. It is not optimum, and the work is back breaking, however I need heating so I have no choice at the present moment in time. Hope it will all be over soon!

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Beer making and HVAC

While me and my wife were visiting somewhere we used to go, we thought to do something we never did before. There is a local brewery there that we would pass by as every one of us headed out to our little hotel. We had always talked about taking a tour of it, however for some reason or other we just never got around to it. This trip, we made it the first stop on our list, then when we got there we observed right away the big industrial air duct and venting from the big HVAC plan they had running. The air was slightly humid and a bit on the freezing side, i thought that with the need to keep things sterile, it was great to have such a robust HVAC plan throughout. The tour started out in a freezing room with bins of hops and a quick presentation of the history of the brewery, then as every one of us progressed through the tour, I seen that the temperature seemed to remain constant throughout the plant… On every leg of the tour, from the hop smasher to the yeast tanks and guest area, the air ducting and vents followed. At the end of the tour, there was a sample tasting section where you could try a little amount of every product they made. It was then that I realized why we all never went there in the past. The beer may have been horrible, however at least the brewery was impressive, especially the HVAC system that ran throughout.

HVAC tune up

A/C in our man cave

This past spring, my pals and I decided to build a man cave. A lot of work had to go into this. However, one of the most important things we had to do was install a new HVAC device in the garage. The garage area isn’t plumbed for ventilation, so we had to install everything ourselves. The people I was with and myself cut panels out of the ceiling to install vents that would connect to the ducting above. With the extreme heat we have here in our state, there was no way we could have a man cave without it. The same holds true for the Wintertime. The people I was with and myself don’t get snow in this part of the country, however occasionally, the temperature drops well into the twenties. This is rare, so we aren’t unquestionably accustomed to it. On days that cold, it’s unquestionably important to have a heating source built in to your Heating and cooling system. Once we finished the whole thing, we were nice as well as cool when the summer season came, then it is nice to live in a place where we have such wonderful friends to hang out with as well as love the man cave together. It is one of the best experiences I think I ever had and I have to say thank you heating and cooling system! You made it all worthwhile! Yes, oh yes, you did!

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Happy with our HVAC

I went to visit parents down south the other week. It was the middle of the warm summer season, and the heat where they live is absolutely terrible. Usually, it gets to be well over one-hundred degrees each day where they live. I don’t know how they do it! I ended up staying with my family for several full weeks, during which I was thrilled to find out that they had just installed a brand new heating plus cooling system. It happened to be the latest in Heating and Air Conditioning technology, and came with a smart thermostat that they could control from anywhere they wanted. It was heaven for them! I asked my parents how they could afford such a high powered, top of the line system like this, and they told me they had to take out a hefty loan at the local bank. Doing that allowed them to pay the heating and cooling company who did the work. It was quite a difficult task for them too, from what my parents said. They said for the entire upgrade it took them over a month, working eight to twelve hours per day. In the end, it was worth it – they even decided to pick up a house dehumidifier and air purification system to complete their HVAC system. It was amazing, how wonderful the air quality was in their house the entire time I was there! I feel when I get home, I may be calling my own bank to inquire about a loan. I wouldn’t mind investing in a brand new, high powered Heating and Air Conditioning system for my house!

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Bringing my space heater with me

I used to adore going to this outdoor bar while all of us were in college, which my friends plus I called “the Cantina”. Mostly a reference to 1 of our number one sci-fi films, all of us consistently enjoyed the atmosphere there. Most evenings brought a comfortable breeze on our backs as all of us sat at the patio tables, talking about our classes plus where all of us wanted to go after graduation. While all of us loved going to the cantina during the fall plus years, all of us usually had to find an indoor bar to go to once the Winter weather arrived; Come on, how can anyone comfortably sit outside plus drink when it’s in the single digits plus snowing? While all of us knew better than to think the cantina would ever be open during the Winter, all of us were amazed 1 evening when all of us found that the lights overlooking the bar were on, as music came from their secluded outdoor space. Could it be? It was! Both of us walked to the entrance, plus saw that the cantina now had half a dozen of these pressing section heaters. They appeared to be gas-fired, plus were so quiet that all of us didn’t feel they were even around us. With this added heat source, it was much easier for all of us – bar staff included – to sit outside in the cold plus care about the fresh evening air. Both of us asked the bartenders what made them decide to invest in section oil furnaces for their patio, plus the answer was easy enough: “Both of us care about money, plus all of us can’t make money if we’re closed!” Can’t argue with that logic. Either way, all of us were so cheerful to sit outside under these section oil furnaces plus care about our number one bar again! It was a shame that they waited until our senior year to do this though.


The car needs to have great heating

My fiance, Vincent, and I were just married about 8weeks ago. Before the two of us got married, Vince purchased a beautiful new activitys car. The people I was with and I both easily liked the car, but the two of us decided to sell it in order to have more money for the birthday and for the downpayment on our new house. He sold the car with no complications within a week, and the two of us were all set. The people I was with and I purchased an older car that needed a little work, but it seemed to be in pretty wonderful condition. After the two of us were married, the two of us realized that the two of us made the wrong choice in purchasing the car the two of us did. The people I was with and I got married in January, and the oil furnace in our car stopped easily working the afternoon the two of us drove beach house from our honeymoon. It was a pretty miserable couple of weeks as the two of us drove with no heat in the car. The people I was with and I took the car to several mechanics, and none of them knew what the problem was. Finally, the two of us found someone who was able to service it temporarily. He said it would job for a little while, but it was not a permanent fix. He was right. About a single week later, the heat stopped easily working again. The people I was with and I literally drove around in snow suits, hats, gloves, and scarves. As the two of us drove around town, the two of us got the funniest looks, but at the time, it wasn’t genuinely funny to us. It was easily a trial of patience, but the two of us were able to get through it, and now, the two of us are looking into buying a new car next week. The people I was with and I absolutely l gained from our mistakes, and I hope the two of us never have to drive a car with no heat again.

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