Need to be willing

My dad used to have this saying, and he insisted it was valid in any circumstance. He would always say it the same way, too – in idle conversation, he’d smirk with a hand on my shoulder and say, “Son, in a world of the able but unwilling, be willing to become able.” I know, it sounds confusing and almost like rhetorical gibberish – but there is a simple message there, which is to always be open to new ideas. That saying held up in almost any situation I presented to my father, whether it was a troubling school project, frustrations with my own relationships, or even my efforts to get ahead in my career. As far as my dad was concerned, there was no shortage of people with the know-how but no gumption, and he wanted me to be proactive and willing to learn – even if the subject was totally foreign. Such was the case when I recently started looking into ways to improve my heating system at home. Currently, I have a conventional furnace for providing enough warmth on the really cold days and nights throughout the year. When the weather is more fair but still chilly, I rely on my radiant floor heating system to provide light yet consistent heat to my home without running my utility bills through the roof. While these systems work great for keeping the house cozy, I still have cold spots throughout the house that I just can’t seem to eliminate! I was ready to settle on just using an electric portable space heater to warm those cold zones in my house, but then my dad’s saying popped into my head. With some reflection, I continued searching for an alternative. Eventually, I discovered radiant ceiling panels, which work just like radiant floors – except these hang from the ceiling, and provide warmth down towards the occupants of the house. This was perfect! Now I knew I had a high-efficiency option for warming those cold areas of my house.


night club a/c

I’ve never been one for going out to clubs, whether to dance or to drink with the boys. I’m just not a big fan of the dance club environment, as it’s always hot and stuffy on the dance floor. Plus, all the people surrounding me are sweaty, smelly, and have no respect for personal space! I’m more of a quiet, cozy bar hopper, as I enjoy sitting at a table and enjoying a dark stout with my friends as we have a discussion that doesn’t have to be screamed to be heard! Still, every now and then I catch the dancing bug, and I feel the compulsion to find a club playing good music and hit the dance floor. It’s rare, but when it happens, I go all out with the worst dancing you’ve ever seen! Most recently, I had the urge to go to this popular club downtown that had several dance floors. When my friends and I arrived, I immediately noticed that the air conditioning system was on full blast. That was a welcome change! Usually, it feels hot and muggy like the furnace is blowing, and smells funky like there’s an air filter in dire need of replacement. We made our way to the dance floor to get “warmed up”, and I noticed that it was even cooler on the floor! There were several ceiling fans spinning overhead, and just above them were several air ducts that were blowing cool air from the central air conditioning system at the club. It was downright heavenly, and a great motivator to start moving so I didn’t get too cold! As it turns out, this particular dance floor was the only one with excellent air conditioning, as the other dance floors had little to no A/C. I guess some people like it hot!

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Public transport

If you’ve never known the pleasure of taking public transportation to get where you need to go, prepare yourself – you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget! With the exception of a handful of cities in our wonderful country, most public transportation systems involve huddling into a cramped, smelly bus or subway train, and trying to endure the stench and sweat as you wait patiently to arrive at your stop. If you’re not one for closed spaces, there’s always the taxi – as long as you’re willing to spare more money per fare than it would cost you in gas per week! It’s absolutely crazy to me that people will spend so much money on a costly cab fare, but a few rides on a smelly bus will convince you that the cost is well worth it. For me, I’ve only known one public transportation authority that actually provided a comfortable, safe experience. That was blissful, as I lived about five miles outside of the city and could walk to work – from the train station, that is. The train from my small village to the big city was always clean, never crowded and always had excellent air conditioning! The heating in the winter time was also excellent. I found out as I rode the trains that each rail car had a miniature air purification system running, which improved the indoor air quality of each rail car dramatically. Those air purifiers helped to not only contain the odors of less hygienic riders, but also kept any unwanted cigarette smoke out of the car, too. I’ve rode in private cars with excellent heating and air conditioning, but nothing compared to the comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness of that public train.

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Excellent a/c system

Having a six year-old son is probably the peak of my fatherly experience so far. My boy is truly something else – he was always a big kid for his age, but you’d never believe he was only six years old if you saw him! The boy definitely has his father’s genes, as he looks about twice his age. He’s a sweet kid, and a gentle giant among his class. What I really love is that he has the same wonder and intrigue with outer space that I’ve always had, and so we love stargazing at night! My wife enjoys our family outings to quiet, remote places far from the city lights, just so we can get the best view of the night sky that can be found near town. As much as we love sitting in the back of the truck and watching the celestial bodies overhead, we often find ourselves having to pack it in early due to the intense heat! See, we live in the south – it’s hot in these parts from March to November, realistically, so an excellent A/C system is critical to maintain good indoor air quality. Being outside is definitely something that must be done sparingly, and you have to have proper air conditioning ready to go to quickly cool off from the heat. Even at night, the heat here can be pretty unforgiving combined with the natural humidity. My son loves to stargaze, but he also loves being in an air conditioned space far from the humidity, heat and bugs of the outdoors. I don’t blame him – stargazing is far more enjoyable when it’s cool outside, as we can focus on finding constellations and other heavenly bodies. When it’s much colder outside, we can even have a fire going, or use a portable space heater to keep our “observation deck” nice and warm. Plus, if it gets too cold, we can climb into the truck cabin and turn on the heating system to quickly warm up! No matter how we endure the sometimes uncomfortable temperatures, my son and I still make the time to enjoy our favorite hobby.


What career is HVAC?

My old high school is throwing the ten-year reunion, and it couldn’t be more obvious that they haven’t thought about the event for nine and a half years! Sure, we’ve all been busy with our own lives. Many of us are well into our careers, and some of us have gotten married. In my case, I’ve been a busy bee between marriage, my career and my first child! Still, there’s a reason that you vote on a treasurer and historian for your senior class, as those people will be charged with planning the reunion in a decade! Anyway, I last heard that the reunion will be held in our high school gymnasium. Yeesh, talk about lame! We’re all in our late twenties – can’t we be somewhere a bit more ritzy? Besides, I remember that gym all too well. It was always horrendously hot, as the air conditioning system was always broken. I counted eleven instances of an HVAC repair technician coming to fix the air conditioning system for the gym, only to leave the job unfinished. I can only hope that they’ve since fixed the air conditioning system, but I remember some of the faculty saying that it had been broken for years! I think they were just joking around, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Who knows, maybe one of our class alumni is working now as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, as there was a number of classmates who seemed like the types that would go on to trade school once they graduated. In fact, my plumber was in my graduating class!

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Circulating the air quality

Being a math teacher is arguably one of the hardest professions anyone could pursue. When I was in high school, the math teachers were always irritable and crabby. I thought it was just something that came with trying to teach high schoolers, since they’re always a rowdy bunch. Now that my wife has become a high school math teacher, I can clearly see why these educators become so frustrated! I’d be flustered too if I had to be capable of teaching children how to solve word problems. However, I will say that I’m reaping some benefits from my wife being a math teacher. For example, we recently dealt with our outdoor air conditioning unit breaking down, which happened because we weren’t maintaining a large open space for the unit to circulate air. When we were shopping for a new outdoor air conditioning unit, we were told by some of the professionals at various hardware stores that we have to buy one based on the square footage of our house. I’m glad they told us this, because I was ready to buy a 5-ton air conditioning unit! Anyway, we had no idea what the square footage of our house would be. My ever-clever wife grabbed a tape measure and some painter’s tape, and used the painter’s tape to create rectangular sections of our house. She then calculated the surface area of each section, added them together, and boom! We had our exact square footage, and knew to grab a 2-ton A/C unit. Can you believe that? We would’ve been wasting a ton of money if we bought a 5-ton air conditioning unit, as we’d hear the A/C clicking on and off all through the day and night.


Boot Camp A/C

Yesterday we drove up north to see our son graduate from boot camp! He’s been in basic training for the military for the past three months, and it’s been pretty hard for him. But the funny thing is that I think it’s been even harder for me! I hated having him be gone for three whole months, especially when I couldn’t call and talk to him whenever I wanted. It was rough on all of us! But we were super glad when we got to see him graduate yesterday and then we got to spend the day with him. He told us all about boot camp and all of the obstacles that he had to overcome throughout the whole process. And then he mentioned how the high temperatures over the summer at boot camp had been one of the most difficult parts. I guess they don’t use air conditioning in most of the buildings on base, because they are trying to toughen the guys up. My son said that if anyone complained about the lack of A/C, they were told that there’s no air conditioning in the desert and since you might get stationed in the desert someday, you might as well get used to the heat! I thought that it was odd that there wasn’t even any air conditioning in their bunk rooms, especially since it was summer and the temperature was so high. My son said that the only place they got a break from the heat and high temperatures was in the chow hall. He said that the chow hall was always freezing and the air conditioning in there seemed like it ran constantly.


Home comfort

A couple years back when my nephew was born my sister moved down the street from me.  When you live down South, this is the last thing you want in the Summer is your A/C breaking down, which happened right at this time.  Periodically we could be looking at heat indexes in the triple digits! So, I called my sister and stayed with her for the night. I called my local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier to get an air conditioning maintenance serviceman out to my house right away.  The HVAC serviceman came out immediately to take a look at my air conditioning unit in the home. Luckily it was just a short in the wiring, a quick as well as straight-forward repair to my cooling system. Fast forward a few weeks, out goes my sisters’ air conditioning unit!  Here the two of us are again, calling the same Heating and cooling supplier to send out an air conditioner maintenance serviceman to my sisters’ house. They again had no appointment available until the next day. It was 94°F, with a heat index of 104°F! There was no way I was letting my sister stay in a house that had no air conditioning. So they stayed at my place for the night staying cool as well as comfortable. The HVAC serviceman showed up at my sisters home the next morning. After looking at the air conditioning unit, she told her the cooling program needed to be replaced. I remembered how I just went through this same thing a couple weeks before with my very own air conditioning unit.  I felt so thankful my cooling unit was running smoothly as well as cooling my home, keeping my sister comfortable and relaxed.


A space heater would work

One summer me and my family were going to go down to the shore, and was it a charming sizzling hot day to do so.  We had gotten to the hotel and my family and I were very ecstatic and happy with the way it looked. However, once we all had finally got inside the room, it was hot, humid, and had that dank, moldy and nasty smell.  It had seemed that the air conditioner equipment in the room was not turning on, and it was leaking water. We called the front desk immediately, asking for a different hotel room however unfortunately, the hotel was full.  So they called up an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C Technician to come out to the hotel and take a look at it. As the worker looked at the air conditioner, they had noticed that due to the water leak there was a small short.  He was the “master’ at air conditioner repair and he would have us up and running in no time thankfully. As the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker did his work on our cooling system we all in my family decided to head down to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  When we all got back from eating and got back to the room, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker had our air conditioner blasting out cold air, while working with the wet-vac to get the water out of the carpet. If it wasn’t for this air conditioner repair, our trip could’ve been much worse than it started and killed. The room felt great, the beach was charming, and it turned into my favorite family trip in a long while.

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A new appointment

Towards the end of the year, I was a little low with my finances and had to get my oil furnace tune-up before the winter, but I didn’t think I could afford it. My wife suggested I call the local HVAC company to see if they can give a deal. So I called up the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I came to learn after I explained our situation that they had honestly flexible payment plans available, but when I came to find out about some of the payment plans, I knew that we would be just fine. So we had the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist come out for the oil furnace tune-up as well as we’re legitimately over the sky we had that done. This is because the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist discovered that some parts had to be changed out in the HVAC system, as well as if they weren’t at that time we actually could have experienced a oil furnace breakdown sometime in the upcoming Winter time months. That would have been devastating because we likely would have needed emergency Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs which we actually wouldn’t be able to afford now or ever. I’m sure over the moon that we decided to just call up the HVAC dealer or we would have been in a legitimately bad situation. I’ve never had to pay for emergency Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs in my whole entire life, but that did happen to a pal of mine before; They said that they had to pay triple the cost of  Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs as well as that was a legitimately bad time for them as well as their family, and every single one of us here actually were able to thankfully avoid a disaster.