I’m having some backaches

I fell off of a three story roof the othe rday. To say I was in pain would be a total understatement. I have never felt such agonizing pain in my entire life. I got hit by a car when I was a teenager, but even that couldn’t compare with the searing pain I felt every time I tried to twist my back. The doctor told me that I needed to stay in bed for two weeks, and that was very hard for me. I had a lot to do. I had an appointment for an HVAC technician to come out to my home on the fourth day of my rest period. There is no way I could get out of bed to speak with the HVAC technician, so I had to invite him into my bedroom to discuss the issues with my heating and cooling system when he showed up. I could have canceled the HVAC system maintenance appointment, but I couldn’t afford to put it off. My furnace had been acting very strange lately, and winter was quickly approaching. I went two weeks the last winter without a working heating system, and I would never allow that mistake to happen ever again! I tried to talk to the HVAC technician without twisting my back, but it is very difficult. I managed to explain a little of what was going on with my furnace. He was able to get enough information for me to formulate a starting point. The HVAC technician left my bedroom and got to work. I’d be more careful the next time I was up on a roof, that’s for sure!

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I’m not worried about this

Let me start off by saying that I usually have tremendously bad allergies. So, when I woke up the other morning feeling like I had the flu, I figured it was just my allergies again. I am the type of person who gets flu-like symptoms whenever my allergies are acting up, so the mistake was understandable. I took my temperature, however, and was shocked to find that I had a fever! I immediately tuned up my furnace so the heat would come on. One thing I’ve learned in life, is that it helps to sweat out a fever. So, I turned my thermostat up to a respectable 82 degrees so my heart would kick on. Just as I was shocked to find out that I had a fever, so was I shocked to find out that my furnace wasn’t working! This is not good. I tried adjusting the thermostat again but nothing happened. I hung my head in defeat as I realized it would be necessary for me to call my local HVAC business. Money had been very tight lately, so any type of HVAC system repairs would set me back considerably. This was definitely not my day. I reluctantly called up an HVAC technician and asked them to come to my house to inspect my furnace. I was happy that I had purchased an HVAC system service plan. At least I wouldn’t have to pay extra for the HVAC technician to come to my home and look at my furnace. I’d only have to spend money on the furnace repair itself.

We don’t need to cancel anything

My house had become such a mess over the past few weeks. I had a lot of big projects come up at work, so I didn’t have time for any type of thorough house cleaning. It caught up to me in a bad way though. I ended up having to sacrifice my only day off to giving my entire house a good scrubbing. It was starting to smell bad in there! I got started early on a Saturday morning. I hoped to finish in time to at least get a little relaxation that night. As I was cleaning, I remembered that I hadn’t changed the air filter in my HVAC system for months! I kept a little reminder taped to my closet door, and I hadn’t switched out the air filter since July! It was now October. That explained why my air conditioner was struggling to work so much. I was sneezing a lot lately as well. I have bad allergies, so changing the air filter in my HVAC system is a vital necessity. After I had lunch I took a drive down to the local HVAC business to pick up an air filter. While I was there, I asked the HVAC business owner how much it would cost to get my ductwork cleaned out. I figured I might as well get that done since I was cleaning the rest of my house. If I got the ductwork cleaned I bet my allergy symptoms would all but vanish! He said that he could send out a HVAC technician to give me an estimate. He couldn’t give a quote without an inspection.

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The luxury of climate control

So many people nowadays enjoy the convenience of owning a car. It used to be that people worked close to home and would simply make any commute by foot. Now it is very common for somebody to have a half hour drive to work. It is pretty crazy to think about all of the gas that is spent every day in our country by people driving to and from work. In any case, I am one of the few people who still do it the old school way. My job is about three miles from my home, so I simply make time for the walk. I honestly enjoy it most of the time or at least I make the best of it. Climate control is really the only thing I envy about people who can take their car to work. A little bit of air conditioning can go a long way on a hot summer day. Likewise, come January, the trip would be easier if heating were somehow available in a coat. You can bundle up, but the cold always cuts through. My climate control at home is not the best though, so I like to think I am pretty tough when it comes to heating and cooling or the lack thereof. My job thankfully has a fantastic, newly installed HVAC system and I can really enjoy my time there. Sitting at a desk is not so awful when you have air conditioning keeping you nice and cool during the summer. Aside from temperature, the office air quality overall is like the freshest of clean mountain air.

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Figuring things out

What do you think is the most refreshing thing in the world? Think about going for a long run, on a 90 degree day, with no cover from the sun. You are out there on the scalding hot asphalt for almost an hour and you do not even have a water bottle with you. What do you look forward to most after this run? A lot of people would probably go straight for a cold glass of water or maybe a massive ice cream sundae. For me, the answer is simple. First and foremost I take a hot shower. It is important not to opt for a cold shower, because your muscles need the heat to relax after you have stopped moving. Then, my A/C does the real refreshing. I just plop down on my couch, kick back, and let my brand new climate control system take me away to relaxation town. We just had it installed after our old HVAC system died unexpectedly. It worked flawlessly for years and we always kept up on the heating and cooling maintenance. I suppose everything has an expiration date though, as did our old climate control system. So anyway, we went out and replaced it. We had no clue what kind of HVAC equipment was out there. The selection is massive. In the past, we have always had air conditioners and furnaces that were already integrated into our home before we moved in. Heating and cooling is a very large industry though and there is a lot of math to be done.

Pizza for my loved ones

My family and I absolutely love pizza. We like to go at least once a week to our favorite spot and order a giant pie. My personal favorite is the veggie explosion pizza that has all sorts of stuff on it. I can hardly remember all of it, but it is a brilliant blend of toppings. I believe there are three types of cheese, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, carrots, peppers, olives, and a bunch of other stuff. My kids like the pizzas with tons of meat on them. I will eat them when they insist on making that choice, but I always feel super unhealthy afterward. In town there are actually two places that we like; one of them won our hearts with their HVAC system though. The other spot has pizza that is just as good, but it is tiny and there is no air conditioning. Especially in the hot months, it can be tough to enjoy even the best pizza without A/C. There really is no ventilation to speak of. The windows do not open. It is basically an oven. The climate control system at the other place is fantastic. It works well enough to keep up with the thermostat, which I imagine is set around 70 degrees. Still though, I do not notice the air conditioner cooling down our pizza too fast. There is no drafty air current being created by the HVAC system like in some restaurants. Overall, it seems to have a successful restaurant, climate control is almost as important as the quality of the food.

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Service is very important to me

When  you live in the south you will often find yourself kind of sad at Christmastime. At least I sometimes do. I see all those photos and Christmas cards and stuff with snow and fireplaces with curling smoke coming out of the fireplace chimney. I see kids making snowmen and drying their mittens on the radiators in their homes, and that reminds me of when I was very young and I dried my mittens on the radiator and warmed up my hands by rubbing them right there in front of the radiators, too. I also warmed up the rest of me with hot cocoa and a rest by the fireplace. That was especially delightful during the Christmas break from school. Now, here in the south, we will sometimes have chilly weather for Christmas, but for the most part we are running the a/c on Christmas day. We will be dressed in shorts or leggings, at the most, and sweating as we cook the turkey or ham. In fact, I always adjust my HVAC zone control to keep the kitchen cooler than the rest of the house on Christmas. I need that extra burst of a/c when I am cooking. When I lived even further south, we often would go to the beach on Christmas and take a picture to send to people who were using their furnaces and heaters and wearing their gloves and boots. I don’t know, I suppose both lifestyles have something to offer, but there is still something a little odd about wearing shorts and running the a/c on Christmas day.

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Autumn is fun

Autumn can never get here fast enough, in my opinion. EVery year, I anxiously await the arrival of the autumn weather because it means I will be having the lowest a/c costs of the entire year. Autumn means it is time to wear tights or leggings and boots. It also means that it is time to shut off the air conditioning. When I am able to shut off the air conditioning, I see an immediate reduction in my electric bill. I live in a part of the country that is relatively mild in the winter. We do not get snow or sleet or ice. In fact, I do not even use the heater much at all during the winter months. A lot of people do, but I prefer the cold weather and would rather just wear a sweater or use a blanket than turn on the heater. BUt that being said, of course you know that we are forced to use our air conditioning for most of the year. When I lived up north as a child, I do not think we even hat air conditioning. I do not think it was common at all up north back in those days. You would have to be a very unusual person indeed to do without heating, though. Everyone hat a furnace or heater of some sort. Our house hat an oil furnace and radiators. I can remember the man coming to fill up the oil furnace storage tank, and it was great fun to let our mittens dry on the radiator. NOw, I look forward to autumn so I can turn off the a/c and save some money.

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Furnace repairs

Have you ever done something that made you feel really foolish? I have spent a lifetime doing silly things, but recently my silliness cost me $75. This is what happened. I woke up one day recently and I was feeling so darn hot. This is not unusual for me, as I am hot-natured. But it seemed to be really hot, so after I took my shower I went to the hall to check the thermostat. The thermostat read 79 degrees! That is way too hot. I normally keep my a/c thermostat set on 75 because that is as cool as I can make it without having an electric bill soaring through the roof. Anyway, I checked the thermostat to see what I hat set the a/c on, and I discovered that it was set on 75 as usual. That means that despite the fact that the thermostat was supposed to tell the a/c compressor to turn on and cool the house, the a/c was not coming on. So, I turned the thermostat off and back on. That did not help. So, I went outside to the HVAC unit. It wasn’t coming on at all. So I went back in and moved the thermostat setting down to 65 just in an attempt to get my HVAC to kick on. No luck. So, I did not know what to do, so I called the HVAC company. They know how I am about my a/c, so they came out the same day. I took off work so I could be home when they arrived. They got to the house and immediately did the same thing with the thermostat that I hat already done. Turned out it was just a switched off circuit breaker!

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I do love this furnace

It is not the beginning of October, and you know what that means. It is time to start getting ready for all the upcoming holidays. The first holiday to plan for is Halloween. This year, we are lucking out in a weird sort of way. We recently purchased a new house, and it has an oil furnace. What is lucky about that? Well, the oil furnace is not working properly. What is lucky about that? Well, the oil furnace is making these weird groaning noises that you can hear in the front yard, through the basement windows near the ground out front. We have an appointment to get the oil furnace inspected, but not until November 1. We want the oil furnace to make the spooky groaning noises on Halloween to scare the kids. That is why it is lucky to have an oil heater that makes funny groaning noises. We rarely use any sort of heating anyway because we live in the south. Plus, I am not a fan of heaters. They give me sore throats and dry sinuses, so that is why I am not in a huge hurry to get the oil furnace fixed. I think it will be great fun to scare the kids with the noise from the furnace that are obviously coming from the basement. They will probably think there is a lunatic locked up in our basement because the oil furnace sounds just like a person moaning in agony. Too funny and too lucky!

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