Exercise when there is a HVAC check up

Some of us are put on this Earth to be passionate about their careers, or their families. Others prefer more superficial obsessions, like intensive weight training or even bodybuilding! That’s how my brother is – nothing stops him from getting his workout in! Anytime he can fit one session into his schedule, he’ll do it. Recently, I had a Heating, Ventilation and A/C tune up scheduled at my home for which I wouldn’t be present. The window for the appointment was between eight in the morning and noon, so I asked my brother if he could sit in. He works out everyday at 9 in the morning, so while he decided to be present for me, the HVAC professional performing the check-up would either come after the workout or get a show! So I left for work that day, as my brother came to set up camp. He texted me at 9, saying the Heating, Ventilation and A/C expert showed up right at that time. Apparently, my brother wound up working out the Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C tune up was ongoing. “It actually was not that bad”, my brother claimed, as the Heating, Ventilation and A/C serviceman hardly needed my brother to babysit him. So, while he trained his core, did jump rope and hundreds of push ups, the technician could watch him as he exercised. My brother noticed as the technician cleaned out the inside of the heating and a/c, and observed as a new air filter went into the machinery while the old one came out. I bet this was all nice for the Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C specialist too. He did not need to chat with my brother unless he felt up to it, and he also got a free show since my brother was doing his entire interval training session right near him! As it turns out, the HVAC technician was into bodybuilding himself, so the Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C repairman hung out with my brother and talked about lifting. This HVAC professional seemed to really enjoy the talk! My brother said he took well over an hour to do the Heating, Ventilation and A/C tune up, but I think they did a fine job.

HVAC set up

Insects in the air vents

It wasn’t too bad when I saw one small dead bug in my house.  It was conceivable that it came in on the bottom of my shoe. I was a bit upset when I saw several dead bugs in the house.  I vacuumed them up and I started watching out for live bugs. I found my live bug when it dropped out of the air vent for the heating and air conditioning, and it landed in my lap.  I screamed and about fainted. Then I composed myself and I called the HVAC company. I also went in search for more bugs. I carefully looked into all of my air vents, and it was every bit as bad as I feared.  There were dead bugs everywhere, and live bugs. When the HVAC company called back I told them about the infestation and they told me I needed to call the exterminators. Now I had to spend almost a week away from home while they fumigated the entire place.  They cleaned up the mess, but it was up to the HVAC company to clean my ductwork and air vents for me. When they got there, they were wearing those suits like when they clean up hazardous materials. It took them several hours to thoroughly clean and scrub my entire ductwork system.  They even sealed it in several places where the bugs were able to get in. They never did tell me how many bugs they found, and I’m not sure I want to know. I did see them take out a lot of trash bags full of stuff they took out of the ductwork..


Phone won’t connect to HVAC

I always thought the word synchronization was a cool word.  It brought to mind a bunch of beautiful swimmers or divers all making the same moves at the same time.  When my house started calling for syncing, I was really upset. It wasn’t just my phone trying to sync to my computer, but my refrigerator was trying to sync to the computer.  My new built-in blinds were trying to sync to my thermostat. I felt like I was being overrun by the syncing gremlins. I went over to my girlfriend’s hoping to get away from the nonsense.  I sat down and began to drink a cup of coffee and she started talking about her HVAC system. She told me she had to have it cleaned and maintained, before winter set in. She wanted to have her house in sync before winter.  I went ballistic. I was not prepared to have the sync word thrown at me by my oldest friend. She started to laugh and told me to calm down. She was talking about making sure the caulking on her windows and doors were in good shape.  She told me that she had to have the insulation in her attic checked, to make sure that its integrity hadn’t been breached by little critters. She also want to seal the attic so there were no small leaks for cold air to sink down. I apologized to her, and I’m sure she understood where I was coming from.  I went home and called the HVAC company to have them come to my house and do my maintenance and cleaning before winter set in.


Looking for nicer HVAC

When the HVAC came to our home, he was doing our annual checks.  He told us at that point that our air conditioning was going to need to be replaced.  I am the type of person that won’t buy anything without first doing some research. I don’t want to buy blindly, especially when it comes to a heating or air conditioning device.  I went online and I looked at all kinds of air conditioning unit. I was amazed at all of the technology that now goes with HVAC. They have AC units that have dehumidifiers and air purifiers.  There are ductless air conditioning units and there are those that have high efficiency and low efficiency. You can even pick them by how much noise they make. I was really impressed when I read about the SEER.  The SEER is the rating they give an air conditioning for their efficiency. The higher the SEER, the better the AC unit. They talked about tonnage, which goes by how big your home is and how many people and pets are in the house.  This is so you have a big enough air conditioner to keep it from overworking and not functioning properly. We ended up choosing a high efficiency, four ton, 16 SEER air conditioning unit. We are so excited to have it installed, that my wife and I took off the day of work so we could watch them do their work.  We aren’t just excited to get our air conditioning back, but I’m anxious to see our next energy bill and see if our new AC is actually saving us money.

SEER rating

No heating maintenance

So we don’t forget to have the furnace serviced regularly, we chose to make the annual inspection on Halloween.  Who could ever forget that it is Halloween. This year, our furnace was about to filled with goblins. The HVAC technician showed up and he went about performing the duties that they do when they do their annual maintenance and inspections.  He went over all of the components. He cleaned them and checked for any sign of problems. When he was done, he told us that there was a problem with the main component of the furnace. He told us that it wasn’t going to last long, and we really needed to put in a new furnace.  Since we had just bought a car, our finances were a bit strapped, and we knew we couldn’t afford a new furnace at that time. We opted to wait until we got our tax refund, so we could get the new furnace. Now this was a very bad idea. Our furnace was already filled with goblins, because we had checked out on Halloween.  By the times Thanksgiving came around, the goblins had finally matured, and wreaked havoc on our homes. The furnace went out in the middle of a snowstorm, and we were stuck with no heating. I called the HVAC company and they said they had a furnace like the one we had, and they would deliver the furnace on the following day.  Then even offered us a payment plan that we can get until tax refunds come in. Now we just had to get through the day without any heat.

electric heating

Ductless HVAC in wine cellar

I have never understood the obsession some people have over wine.  I think all wines taste the some. Some are sweet, some are dry and other just tastes old.  I’m not a wine drinker, but I know someone who is, and his wife has had it. Last year, he built a wine cellar.  He has put thousands of dollars in building the wine cellar, and now he is going to spend thousands of dollars to put a separate air conditioning into the wine cellar.  He spent thousands of dollars on the wine, so he wants to make sure they rest with perfect air conditioning. I almost laughed when I talked to her, because she was livid.  She told me that she has begging for a new AC system and a generator, ever since the last storm went through, and they were left with no power for almost two weeks. We live in the south where it is hot and humid.  No power means no air conditioning, and add the humidity from the storm, and it is brutal. She said that her husband bought the generator, but it wasn’t for the house, but for the wine cellar. He didn’t want to take the chance of the air conditioning going out and the wine being ruined.  She just shook her head as she railed about the wine cellar, the wine, the air conditioning in the wine cellar and the generator. I don’t think their marriage is going to last, and I don’t know if the wine will survive. Till this is done, he may be sitting in his air conditioned wine cellar wearing the wine.

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Moist indoor air conditions

When you live in a climate that has a lot of humidity, you have a lot of things to be concerned with.  If you can’t keep the humidity under check, there is always the problem with mold and mildew. They grow quickly in the summer, because heat and humidity is what incubates the spores.  I have a great HVAC system that is made to control the humidity that goes with the area I live in. It can even be humid in the winter. It seems warm and sticky, even when the temperatures is close to zero.  We always turn the heat up to help combat the humidity, but then the air dries out and it leads to allergies and chapped lips, plus a host of other skin complications. My husband installed climate control. This works with our thermostat, and it automatically gauges the amount of humidity that is in the air.  Either the dehumidifier, or the humidifier will kick in to give just the right amount of moisture. It helps to control the temperature also. We have a smart thermostat, so if it seems to not be where we want, we can always manually control the thermostat remotely, with our phones or on a computer. I wonder what it is like to live in a dry climate.  It has to be really crazy with all of the dry air. I wonder if their air conditioning works the same as mine? I’m sure they must have humidifiers in their air conditioning to add moisture. I have short periods of dry air, and without my air conditioning and climate control, I would be miserable.

indoor air quality

Oil based heater

I adore my friend so much, however I swear she lives with the worst people at times… See, my friend works a whole lot in publishing, so she’s not at her condo often. Then when she happens to be home, she’s consistently buried in work trying to get a manuscript finished for yet another deadline. In turn, this means she depends on her two roommates a great deal to take care of things around the dwelling. She’s consistently there to help out when she is home, but usually she just sends them cash for her share of the bills. Well, she just came back to the condo from a writer’s conference to find that she has absolutely no heated water whatsoever! Nobody even sent her a text to warn her, she just went to take a shower to discover the water refused to get warm. Evidently, the water heating appliance entirely runs off of the oil boiler. Apparently no one knew this, so they ran out of oil altogether. As it’s the end of summer, they had gone through the whole season plus had never actually thought to have it filled. Now she’s at our place taking her first sizzling shower in a month because she had to wait till everyone’s paycheck to get a fill-up for the oil furnace. Of course, the supplier is also genuinely tied up now that it’s the start of fall. She won’t even have the oil delivered till the very next week. My friend didn’t even believe you could hook up a water heating appliance to an oil boiler. Well, she said she supposed you could since it can be done with a gas boiler, but why would you want to do that?

gas boiler

Varying the HVAC

I just started a current work assignment, and I couldn’t be more gleeful about it. I’m finally leaving the world of retail to work in the exciting world of medical testing. My current task lets me wear whatever I wish–so long as I follow safety protocol–and even lets me listen to tunes while I do my task. The pay is phenomenal, and you have the opportunity to work in other departments if you wish to try something current every few months or so. The only thing that is taking some getting used to is the variance of the heating and cooling appliance at this task. Unlike my dwelling, which has no central cooling appliance at all, my desk is pretty much a popsicle. I had no clue about this on my first afternoon, so I spent it simply freezing in my lab coat, jeans, and t-shirt. I seriously had no clue they would have the temperature control turned down so incredibly low, even though I know it makes sense for the integrity of the samples! And I know I have it fairly easy, because for now I’m not moving around very much. My boss has to keep two actual sweaters under his lab jacket–one a Spring cardigan and the other a thick cozy pullover–due to the brutal temperature control settings from a single lab to the next. It’s incredibly frustrating for us humans, but for the matter of the task it all makes enough sense–different samples and tests have weird environmental necessities in order to remain viable. Now I have a cardigan that just lives in my car, which keeps me toasty while I input the medical data at my desk. I wonder if my transfer in more than a few months will require another comfy sweater!

heating device

AC on a very hot day

My partner and I both were raised in the North, and every one of us absolutely loved it. All of us never dreamed of leaving the North, not just because our families reside there, however because of the fact that every one of us just care about the temperatures up North. Neither my partner nor I care about being in the heat, so every one of us would have never thought that every one of us would end up moving down South to live. It all started with a trip every one of us took to an absolutely nice amusement park down South. All of us ended up meeting quite a few people on that trip, and they became close friends over the process of about three years. After visiting that park with our new friends several more times, every one of us decided that it would be fantastic for our family to go down there to live somewhere closer to them. That’s just what every one of us did too. It took about a year and a half for us to finally get moved in and settled into our new dwelling. While visiting, I did notice that it was much hotter than what I was accustomed to, although I was either inside or having too much fun to even notice it. However, once every one of us moved there, the heat absolutely started to get the best of me… The previous owners of the condo left us with a few a/c appliances, however just those weren’t enough for those scorching hot summer time afternoons. All of us ended up buying a few more a/c appliances more than a few weeks after every one of us moved in. Then, we even got another A/C appliance a little while later. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for people in the days before a/c was invented. I don’t even think I would be able to enjoy the summertime down South at all if it weren’t for the blessing of a/c appliances.

cooling technology