The ductless HVAC is better

I am really happy to have invested in a duct free Heating plus Air Conditioning system.  The home our crew lives in is a bigger one. However, the home is a bit older and is a multi-leveled dwelling.  The Heating plus Air Conditioning forced air once used old insulation. The result was a hot house. There had to be a more efficient way.  The old forced air Heating plus Air Conditioning idea simply could not effectively chill the first few floors without cranking the thermostat.  The lower floors would be comfortable while the upper floors were just terrible. So, I began to consider some alternative solutions. But to start, I put in new insulation plus caulked the open seals in the house.  I then discovered the duct free Heating plus Air Conditioning system. This idea is was great because I am able to give our family the opportunity for personalized sections of the house. What I mean is, with ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning, zones can be set up throughout the house.  This choice allows each zone to control the heating plus a/c as they want it to be. The ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning has various indoor units that affix with the outside unit. This model of Heating plus Air Conditioning idea allows each of the inside units to work at their own hot plus cold temperatures.  However, all the indoor units can make use of just the a single outside unit. The upstairs is now the degree where it needs to be. The downstairs is now okay without roasting those on the upper floors.

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Husband taking care of home repairs

Typically, I want my husband to take care of the home repairs. He is very handy and usually has more time than me to get things done. It worked out well for a long time, but over the years, I’ve discovered my amazing husband has a weakness: salespeople. He is a sucker for a good sales pitch. So when I heard that a salesman had been making the rounds in the neighborhood, I warned my husband not to answer the door if he should come calling. He promised me he wouldn’t be fooled. Later that week, one day I came home from work to find my husband hard at work. He was, in fact, cleaning the HVAC vents like I had been asking him to do for about a month. He didn’t come up from the basement for several hours that night. A suspicion began to form in my mind. He isn’t known for working that hard and especially at something as tedious as getting up into the heating and cooling ducts to clean. He had been so averse to cleaning the HVAC ducts that he had actually considered calling an HVAC company to come out and do it. My husband has never called in any outside help before. Not ever! I knew something had to be up that he was so hard at work on this HVAC project. While he had a bathroom break, I snuck down there to get a better look at what was going on. Immediately, I saw a stack of rags I had never seen before. Beneath the stack was a package. The label clearly displayed the action of these ‘magic cleaning cloths’ and there were many sales slogans bannered across it. Instantly, I knew he had met the neighborhood salesman, bought whatever he was selling and was now covering it up by distracting me with a project he knew I badly wanted done.

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Birthday party a/c off

The worst has happened. In the middle of my birthday party, in sweltering ninety degree heat, the air conditioner completely broke down. I had twenty people at my house at the time, not to mention a ton of food that was out on the counter. We didn’t notice something was wrong until it started to get quite warm in the house. I looked at the thermostat to make sure the air conditioning was on but found that the temperature inside was ten degrees warmer than what I had set the air conditioning to earlier that day. I tried running the program again, but nothing happened. I can hear when the A/C kicks on, and there was nothing but silence. It was so hot outside and buggy. I didn’t want to move the party to the backyard, but I didn’t have much of a choice. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the A/C to turn on, and it was just getting hotter and hotter inside. The next day I called the HVAC company I have been using for years. I told them about the apparently broken air conditioner. I had to wait a week before someone was able to come out! A week of trying to sleep in ninety degree weather, are you kidding me? I ended up staying at my friend’s house. I couldn’t even fall asleep with it so hot in there. The A/C did get fixed, but it took so long and by that point all my birthday celebrations were over… It was the worst birthday present ever.  


Kids Broke My New HVAC Unit

I live in a neighborhood that completely annoys me. I want to get out of this darn neighborhood, simply because of the riff raff around here. It’s not a crime filled neighborhood. It just has so many not attended to by their parents pre-teens and teenagers! As you know, teens love to cause trouble, break stuff, steal stuff, you name it. You know we all did it as kids. I know I did. But still, I never went as far as what just happened to me the other week! Right now it’s the dead heat of the summer. We have these teenage kids playing in the street, causing mischief, blasting their awful music, etc. But just the other week, I had got home from work and as I was just sitting down relaxing I heard a big BOOM! Followed by my HVAC system shutting down. I was wondering what on earth just happened. I got up and went outside to look, and I found a big hole in my brand new heating and cooling system! I just got that HVAC system installed a month ago! Obviously, by the hole, it looked like a big baseball had ripped right through it! I noticed the kids next door were playing baseball. They saw me out there looking at the broken HVAC unit and said “woops, sorry mister!”. I could have killed them! But I held my temper, walked inside and made a phone call to my local heating and cooling company. Lucky for me, the friendly HVAC specialist I spoke with on the phone told me, that since the HVAC system was pretty new, and this was not something I did, they would come out for free to fix it if they could. That was a huge relief! I got double lucky when it turned out the whole thing had to be replaced, and they did that for free too.

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Zone Control In The Office Building

I work in a pretty large office building in town. Every day I get up and go to work, and it gets to be a real task a lot of times. Especially on those extremely cold Winter days. I really don’t want to leave the comfort of my quality and up-to-date heating and cooling system I have in my home. Which, my actual HVAC system has a special perk installed with it. It’s called zone control! With the miracle of zone control, I can heat certain rooms in the house, while leaving the others untouched that are not being used at the time. This has saved me a lot of money on my monthly electric bills. It is quite an energy saving miracle! When I go to work in the office building downtown, the temperature varies highly as i’m walking through the place to get to my office. One section will be colder, and the other will be hotter or stuffy because their heating and cooling system is quite old and not up-to-date like mine is at home. Thankfully, in my office, I get the good part of the heating and cooling system. The temperature is just right, and though I have no control over the thermostat, it just pans out to where it’s absolutely perfect in temperature! I do however feel that the office building where I work could benefit highly from the HVAC technology upgrade of zone control! I think I will mention it to the building manager and see what they have to say to my great idea! They would be foolish not to look into it.

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Well, I fainted right in the middle of the store

Well, I fainted right in the middle of the store. Yes, that’s right. Right in the MIDDLE of the store… Everyone saw the whole thing. Earlier that day, my friends and I had made a pact. We were each going to go to the parlor down the street and get something pierced. All three of us already had our ears done so that was out. My one friend went for the nose. The other, her eyebrow. I thought I’d be really crazy and get my lip pierced. When we walked into the parlor, immediately we noticed it was really warm inside. The guy working apologized and as we all settled in to start. He distracted us by talking all about the issue with the air conditioning system in the shop. He told us how the A/C had suddenly stopped working the day before and he had needed to call an HVAC repair person to find out what was wrong. And with that he pierced my friend’s nose. He talked over the appointment he’d had early that day with the HVAC guy, and how he had been very nice, but needed to order a part for the A/C unit. My other friend’s eyebrow was suddenly pierced, and I was next in the chair. After everything he had dealt with up to that point with the A/C and how hot it was in the shop, he’d had to wait. The heat suddenly seemed so intense on me. I longed for the cool touch of the A/C as he positioned the needle… Then it was over. I jumped up, triumphant only to find I had broken out into a cold sweat despite the heat of the shop. Then I was falling. Two sets of hands reached for me but they were so sweaty I slipped right through… When I came to my first words were, “Stupid broken A/C.”

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Nothing good comes for free

Nothing good comes for free… That’s what I was taught. My ears perk up anytime there’s a sales pitch where you get something free. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Now, I’ve known the guy who does all of my HVAC repairs for years. I went to high school with him in fact. So imagine my surprise when he offered me a free visit to my house to check out the new HVAC unit he had just put in. He said because I’d spent so much, he thought he’d do the follow up visit for free to help me out. I didn’t like it. After he left, I spoke to my wife about it. My wife was saying I was being silly by not taking him up on his offer. She convinced me to call him back and schedule the appointment. When the day came, I was at home, waiting to leave for work until after my HVAC guy got there. I had to let him in. The appointment time rolled around and no HVAC guy… He had never been late to one of our appointments before then. It ended up taking him about an hour to show up. I thought he’d been killed or something. He went down into the basement to look at the heating and cooling system, and I left for work. Later that day, when I got home, I noticed he’d left a mess of tools in the basement. I called him up to see what was going on, and he said he needed to come back the next day. I didn’t know what to make of it. He’d never needed two days for a job that simple before. Nothing was even wrong with the HVAC system!

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HVAC unit broke a day into the vacation

The last time I saw my relatives from out of town was this past Christmas. We had probably the worst holiday my family has ever had. Mostly that was due to the fact that the HVAC unit broke a day into the vacation. We were all staying at my house, my son was in town from college, my sisters from their states where it seems to always be hot outside. I had a lovely fire going and a roast in the oven when they all arrived. We ended up uncorking a few bottles of wine. Everything was dandy until about one o’clock in the morning. We had all just gone to bed about an hour before, and during that time the temperature in the house had plummeted nearly twenty degrees. We were woken up by the intense cold, and I immediately went to investigate the thermostat. After that didn’t help matters, I went into the basement to look at the furnace. Well, as handy as I am there didn’t look to be anything obviously wrong, so I was forced to tell everyone we would have to sleep in the living room with the fire going that night. We managed. Things were looking up the next day when I called the HVAC technician that services my unit. He told me he could get out to us later that day. When he was actually able to examine the heating system, however, he found that the part he needed wasn’t in his truck. He told me he’d have to order it and it would likely take the week because of the holiday hours. So we spent Christmas huddled by the fireplace, freezing cold, and I thought I wouldn’t see my family for at least another few years after that. I guess it wasn’t as horrible an experience as they had tried to make me believe seeing as they’re back so soon.

Heating system was not doing well

There isn’t much I can say in my own defense. I knew the heating system wasn’t doing well, and I didn’t do anything about it. When it finally broke down, it honestly didn’t surprise me at all. But that’s the way I wanted it. My wife is a penny-saver if I ever met one. She wasn’t on board with buying a new HVAC unit for the house while we had a perfectly good, albeit extremely old, heating system already. Even when I showed her all the amazing things the new HVAC units could do, and all the money we could save with an energy efficient heating system, she still wasn’t giving in. This was my only unexplored course of action… I just let it run itself into the ground. When the HVAC technician came to the house to look at the system, I made sure I was home instead of my wife. He told me it could be fixed, but I told him not to bother because we were planning on getting a new system anyway. The next day, the HVAC guy emailed us an estimate on how much a new system would cost to install. Everything was going perfect until the HVAC guy called the house and my wife answered. He wanted to know if we would be interested in discounting our installation in exchange for handing over the old HVAC unit. He had one of his clients looking for a cheaper HVAC unit to replace theirs. Needless to say, I was in trouble then. She’d found out the thing was premeditated, but there wasn’t much to be done since the new HVAC system was already ordered and shipped. I didn’t even try to defend myself. At the same time, I knew it was the best thing.

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Window a/c in my art studio

My number one place to be is in my outdoor studio, and that’s where I keep all of my painting and sculpting projects. It’s a great space. I had it built last year so that I could get all of my supplies moved out of my spare room. It was a large project because I wanted to make sure the studio was nice enough so that I would want to go out there and work. One thing I put a lot of thought into was choosing a cooling system. It gets warm in my area of the country, so I knew that a nice A/C unit would be essential. After doing some research, I chose to use a ductless mini-break A/C for the space so that I wouldn’t have to have a full HVAC unit installed out there. This was a great choice! The mini-break was super easy to install because the only thing I had to do was mount the equipment onto a blank wall and make sure the compressor was hooked up outside. It works l well, and it’s nearly silent. This was a much better choice than using a window A/C unit because the window equipment wouldn’t have been so attractive from the outside of the building, and it, more than likely, would have been pretty noisy. Now, I have the perfect A/C and the perfect setup for all of my creative endeavors. I wouldn’t trade that space for anything, and I guess that I made all of the right choices when it came to the process.

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