I am a bit surprised

I don’t know what it is about the court in my town but it is always sweltering hot in there. I think they do it on purpose to screw with the defendants but I could never prove it. Or possibly it’s because the judge is eighty years old and doesn’t have the best blood flow anymore. Whatever the case it is extremely hot in there. I had to go to court the other week to fight a speeding ticket that I didn’t deserve to get and I knew what it was going to be like in there ahead of time but I still wasn’t fully prepared for the ridiculous conditions inside the courtroom. I had to present my case and try to get acquitted from this bogus charge and all the while I would be sweating buckets up there. The furnace must have been set to one hundred and everyone in the place was feeling the heat. When it was my turn I started presenting my side of the case. The cop pulled me over after the speed change sign but had clocked me on his radar gun well before it. I had evidence and everything! About halfway through my presentation I couldn’t take it anymore and asked the judge if he could lover the HVAC system. He looked surprised and asked the court if anybody else was hot. There was an overwhelmingly loud YES in unison. He said he felt fine but had the bailiff turn down the thermostat and open a couple windows. I ended up winning my case.

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A great hospital visit

My brother has been in the hospital for the past few months fighting off a mutated strain of Polio that is resistant to all current methods to cure it. It has been a tough struggle but my brother is strong and I have no doubt that he will pull through on this. We have been visiting him regularly the entire time and I have become acquainted with the nurses and doctors and even some of the janitorial staff who work at the hospital. My favorite person is the maintenance man named Jack who does all sorts of things to keep the hospital running. He does electrical work, fixes holes in the walls, and even is certified to perform repairs on the HVAC system. He was telling me that there is this crazy air filter that is way better than anything you would see in someone’s home or business. You have to have an air filter of that good of quality in the HVAC system because some patients have broken or worn down immune systems and even the most innocuous thing to a healthy person could be a death sentence for them. Jack also has to keep up with the high tech thermostat that can keep different parts of the hospital set and different temperatures depending on what they need. It is a complex system with lots of electronic components but that is why they have Jack to take care of everything. I asked him if he could turn on the air conditioning in my brother’s room as a joke and he laughed.


We need to move upstairs

In the past few months I’ve realized how important it is for me to set my own schedule and have less stress in my life. I was previously working in a very intense biological research environment, and frankly, I was increasingly miserable. I couldn’t stand the humans I worked with or the pressure I always felt, and I decided to make a big change with my career trajectory. I’m now working from home, both as an independently contracted writer and also working for myself. I love my new lifestyle except for one caveat; because of my HVAC unit it costs so much more money to work from home. You see, I’m the only person home during the day, so any heating or cooling efforts are exclusively for my own sake. This is quite energy inefficient, since the entire house is being heated or cooled for only one person. I’ve tried to keep the thermostat set very low, so that the furnace is barely running throughout the day, but I’m absolutely freezing cold all day long. Even worse, my office is currently situated on the ground level of the house, so I’m trapped on the most inherently cold floor all day long. I’ve deeply considered moving my office upstairs to take advantage of the naturally warm air trapped on the top level, but I’m not sure that all of my office supplies will fit there. I need to work out the logistics, but in the meantime I guess I’ll keep running my tiny space heater and wearing my snuggie every day.

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Scheduling some upgrades

I’m not the type of person who believes I’ll ever win anything. I don’t think that a brilliant future awaits me, and I certainly don’t believe that a pile of money will ever fall at my feet. I know plenty of people who are counting on large inheritances or luxurious jobs, but I don’t foresee anything so lucky happening to me. That’s why I have a hard time even imagining what it would be like to win the lotto. If I ever won I wouldn’t have the first idea what to spend my money on, and I definitely wouldn’t be one of those idiots who blows their money on expensive toys. In fact, I’d probably be super lame and put my fortune towards something like a new HVAC system first and foremost. You see, while I love my current residence, I absolutely despise the heating and cooling system which is installed here. The thermostat barely controls the air conditioner or furnace, and it seems like the HVAC has a mind of its own most days. The temperature fluctuates wildly throughout the day, no matter if you’re using the AC or heat. The furnace makes terrible whining sounds in the middle of the night and the air conditioning unit hums at an irrational volume. The thermostat is an old dial unit and it only imprecisely alters the air conditions. I know it isn’t an exciting idea, but if I ever got so lucky as to win the lotto I would love a modernized HVAC system that I could truly count on.

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The air is a bit dirty

My eight-year-old son, Jack, suffers from severe issues with allergies.  The poor kid is allergic to everything from dander and pollen to dust and mold.  Spending time outside is always an issue, and results in stuffy nose, itchy throat, and watering eyes.  I have taken every possible measure to create a safe and healthy home environment for my son.  I invested quite a bit of money into updating our complete heating and cooling system a couple of years ago.  Both the furnace and air conditioner feature multi-stage filtration which helps to trap airborne contaminants.  I have also incorporated a whole-home air purification system which works independently from the heating and cooling equipment.  Whether or not the furnace or air conditioner is running, the air purifier continues to clean the air.  It captures contaminants far too small for the eyes to see, and kills bacteria, such as mold, mildew and viruses.  To keep my heating, cooling, and air quality components working at their best, I have signed up for a maintenance program with a local HVAC contractor.  A technician visits the house twice per year to thoroughly clean, inspect and tune the equipment.  He uses chemicals to eliminate the growth of mold, mildew or algae on the cooling coil, and removes any buildup of dust and debris.  Because of this, I can be sure that the furnace and air conditioner are not spreading pollutants throughout the house every time they start up.  My house remains cleaner and more comfortable, and my son benefits from a healthier living environment.  I also enjoy lower monthly energy bills and fewer HVAC repairs.


This indoor temperature is off

About two years ago, my husband and I retired and moved south.  We had both lived our whole lives along the northern border of the country, and we were ready to get away from the snow and sub zero temperatures.  We didn’t, however, want to move so far south that we’d be constantly sweating from an excess of heat and humidity.  We found a little house in an area where the weather still cooled off in the winter but never dropped below freezing.  The house is equipped with an electric heat pump which handles both heating and cooling.  At first, I was not convinced the heat pump would effectively handle our temperature control needs.  I had never heard of a unit which provided both heating and cooling.  Plus, the heat pump doesn’t even create heat, but simply finds heat in the air and moves it from one place to another.  I have to come to really appreciate the benefits of the heat pump.  The system operates a lot like a refrigerator, and the heating and cooling process is very energy efficient, quiet and clean.  Because the outside temperature never drops below thirty degrees, the heat pump has no trouble finding sufficient ambient heat in the outside air to keep our home perfectly comfortable in the winter.  In the summer, it reverses direction to provide cooling, and is very good at combating humidity.   I like that I don’t need to worry about fumes, fire hazard, or combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.  It is easy to switch between heating and cooling, and there is only one appliance to maintain.  I simply hire an HVAC professional to service the heat pump once per year, and it has never given us any trouble.

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I know we should install a new system

My husband and I spent nearly six months searching before we finally found the perfect house.  We loved the location and the size of the lot.  We were totally satisfied with the layout of the house, and thrilled by the hardwood floors, high ceilings and large windows.  I was happy with the big kitchen, and my husband was delighted by the finished basement.  In my opinion, the only drawback was the old boiler heating system.  I had always lived in places with a forced air furnace, and I didn’t think I would like having a boiler.  I assumed the boiler would be noisy, require a ton of maintenance, and cost a small fortune to operate.  I was completely mistaken.  Now that we’ve lived in the house for a little over a year, I wouldn’t trade the boiler.  I think it’s one of the best features of the house.  The only necessary upkeep is a yearly maintenance appointment with a local HVAC contractor.  The boiler operates silently, combats even the most severe weather and is wonderfully energy efficient.  It is linked to a series of looping pipes which are hidden beneath the floors.  These pipes carry water which transfers heat and creates a radiant flooring system.  Because the heat originates at floor level and rises very slowly, there is less energy waste and we are able to enjoy perfect comfort at lower thermostat settings.  I like that the radiant flooring allows zoned heating.  We can set independent temperature room-by-room for customized comfort, and to avoid heating empty rooms.  Plus, the boiler also supplements our household water heating needs.  

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Air travel is fun

I think that one of the worst parts of traveling is having to spend hours waiting in freezing cold airports. It never fails that I am going to find myself sitting beneath an air vent and shivering to death while waiting at my terminal. I read somewhere the airport’s keep the cooling system running at full blast to eliminate germs and keep the space more healthy, but it is so uncomfortable that it makes me not want to get on a plane ever again. Although I always bring a jacket with me while I have to sit through a layover, it is never quite enough. They must have some very strong HVAC systems in airports because they don’t have any problem keeping the waiting area nice and cool. Just when I think I am going to be relieved by boarding my plane, I find that I am usually too hot while in flight. The only way to keep air circulating on the plane is by using the tiny little air vent above a seat. There’s not much airflow that comes to these fans, and it is difficult for me to get comfortable on the plane too. heating and cooling issues are a problem all around when it comes to air travel. By the time my plane lands, all I want to do is get to my hotel so that I can adjust the cooling system to whatever temperature I prefer and kick back. I wish I were a little bit more easygoing about all this, but I just have certain preferences that I am not willing to budge on.

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Compressor repairs

I am looking for a building to rent so that I can start my own company. I work in the tech industry, and I am in a position to hire a few new full-time employees. The building should be convenient where you located to other places of commerce in the city, and my only other major stipulation is that it has his a zone controlled HVAC system. Zone controlled HVAC units allow people to adjust the thermostat differently in each individual office. This would allow my employees to set the temperature in their office to whatever they please without having to disturb the person in the space next to them. I think this feature is genius. When I took my first job out of college, one of the main things that I conflict with people over was when and how long to run the air conditioner. I have always been a very hot natured person, and I prefer to have the A/C on all of the time. Cool air coming through the vents helps me focus, but I know that this is not the case for everyone. It’s all controlled HVAC unit is the perfect remedy to this problem, and I know that it would help me create the perfect working environment for all of my staff members. I hope to be in this business for a very long time, so building a space that people feel comfortable in is at the top of my priority list. I don’t want to have to deal with a lot of turnover. Instead, I want people to work with me for life. The right HVAC system is a major part of this process, and I can’t wait to get moved into the new building.

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We like our indoor air

The best way to spend a hot summer day is inside watching movies! I live in the Southwest, and during the summer the temperatures often reach 100 degrees or higher. When this happens, I don’t want to leave my air-conditioned house. The only thing I worry about on these days aside from what movie I’m going to watch is whether or not my HVAC system is in good shape. During the summer, I want to know that my air conditioner is going to be there whenever I need it, so I always have an HVAC technician come do an inspection during the spring. The inspection allows the HVAC technician to find any small issues that need to be repaired before my HVAC system totally gets out on me. If my air conditioner stopped working in the middle of summer, it would most likely take a few days for him to come out and fix it because they are usually slammed with appointments during this time of year. This is why I little bit of planning ahead always pays out in the long run. So, as long as I keep my air filter changed and keep the coils clean in the air conditioner, I’m usually fine. I can spend those extremely hot days inside with the air blasting. I love being able to kick back beneath an air vent and take part in a movie marathon. In fact, knowing that I have an air conditioner makes me walk on these extremely hot days. There’s nowhere else that I would want to live.

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