Tiny Home Tiny HVAC

My girlfriend and I recently decided to jump onto the tiny home bandwagon.  We had been watching a number of cable shows about the new trend toward living tiny.  It just felt right to us so we sought out a local builder who was specializing in tiny homes.  The builder showed us a number of plans for models that he had already built and we created our home special home by piecing together the things we liked.  The one thing of interest was how did a tiny home get heated or cooled. We decided to go with the ductless mini split system as it was compact and simple and did not require room for ductwork.  The system consisted on a small outside compressor and a indoor control unit that could be mounted near the ceiling and would be able to heat and cool the whole tiny house. My girlfriend and I visited the builder several times during the build of our tiny home.  We even made a few changed as things started to come together. We were there the day that the heating and cooling system was installed. It was amazing how small the unit actually was and we could feel the power of the warm and cool air that was put out by the unit.  The installers only had to drill a small 3 inch hole in the wall to connect the inside and outside units. We were very pleased with the experience of having our own tiny home specially built just for us. My girlfriend and I had already purchased a small plot of land with a great view of the mountains and could not wait to move our tiny home there.


AC stopped working

A few weeks ago, my husband was out of town on business when something terrible happened… Our air conditioning stopped working! It was already warming up to eighty degrees most days in our area, and I knew I wouldn’t survive the week without the A/C. With no husband to fix the air conditioning, I turned to the handyman. He was an older gentleman, and he had worked with our heating and cooling system before. I called him up and made an appointment for him to come over. He wasn’t long in discovering the problem. Then, he said he had to run to the store for a part. I was hopeful that I’d have my A/C up and running by dinnertime. I shouldn’t have celebrated so soon. He called me about an hour after he’d left the house and told me that no stores in the area had the part he needed, so he was going to have to order one. Fearfully, I asked him how long that was likely to take. He said over a week… OVER a WEEK… It was too much to bear. I told my husband what was going on and that I was going to be at my sister’s until the house had a working air conditioning system again. He got home later that week to a house that was still hot and stuffy. Unlike me, however, he suffered through it the rest of the time until the handyman could finish the fix on the A/C. It was certainly not my favorite week. And I have a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t my husband’s favorite thing either.

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There was no modern heating!

One winter not long past, my family and I decided to rent a cottage for the winter holidays. We all enjoy skiing and found a cute little place to hold up in if the weather was bad that was also right near our favorite slopes. One thing led to another and that weekend we were there was near blizzarding. You couldn’t see a thing as you were skiing down and ice was starting to form on top of the snow. Needless to say, we quickly gave up on that and returned to the cabin to find a nice roaring fire, but no heating system. We all turned to Gramps who had booked the place, and with a smile he told us there was no modern heating system. No furnace, no HVAC, just a fireplace and a wood stove. We all stood there motionless with disbelief for a good ten minutes before we realized what that meant. We’d have to go out and chop wood if we wanted to be warm. Luckily the kids were enthusiastic about the idea because it was rough. My brother and I talked about heading up to the store in town to buy wood or find a place nearby that had some to sell. The only problem with that was that the snow was accumulating fast, and we weren’t sure if we could make it to town, let alone back to the cabin. We got a much higher than average amount of exercise that holiday vacation than we ever had before or have had since. Something we all like to remind ourselves to this day. “Hey, at least there’s a heating system and we don’t have to chop any wood.”

gas heater

Major household heat pump

We often wait until it’s absolutely necessary to make a big purchasing decision, usually this is when an item will no longer function.  Of course, this is the absolutely wrong time to make a decision because we are usually pressured to replace whatever equipment has failed as soon as possible.  I believe the only exception to this may be a car. Most people fantasize about the car of their dreams. But most other everyday items in the home such as a dishwasher, heating and air conditioning system or water heater aren’t thought about until they begin to break and operate poorly.  One way to avoid pressure or stress buys for large household items is to do research before hand and have it as an option along with the money that you will need set aside in your emergency or miscellaneous savings. A major household system that should be researched before it fails is your hot water heater.  There are several types of hot water heaters. Storage water heaters, tankless, heat pump water heaters just to name a few. Knowing this will help you understand how your hot water heater supplies hot water to your home. The second option that you must know when purchasing a hot water heater is what type of energy source will be used.  Once again there is a long list of options including natural gas, oil and electric. And of course to make the most informed decision when you purchase a hot water heater, you would need to know how much hot water you use in your home. The last bit of information to consider is, most hot water heaters have a lifespan of ten years.

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Heat pump for kitchen

When I bought my home last year, I was adamant about finding a home that had recently been remodeled.  Top on my list was a home with a newer roof. I definitely didn’t want the concern of leaks and needing to find a qualified contractor to repair my roof.  Kitchen and bathroom upgrade were also important areas of the home that I wanted to have already had remodeled due to the expense. Most kitchen remodels easily could cost homeowners over $10,000.    My husband, the voice of reason, reminded me that most of the updates that I was searching for were cosmetic. He wanted to get a professional opinion on the plumbing, electrical wiring and heating and air conditioning systems.  First, we scheduled an appointment with our local heating and cooling supplier. After a detailed evaluation, he explained that the average lifespan of most heating and air conditioning systems are twelve to fifteen years if properly serviced and maintained.  The heat pump lifespan is approximately the same. His recommendation was that the heating and air cooling system be replaced. He explained that and heat pump system had two parts. One part the coil system is inside and the second part the condenser is outside usually on the side of the house.  In the past, the failing part of the unit could be replaced and updated while the other component did not have to be replaced or changed. However, these two parts of the heating and cooling system are designed to work together. For the new high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems to work properly and extend the life of the equipment, they have to match and be upgraded together for optimal energy savings.  Since the comfort of the home is of absolute importance, a newer HVAC system is now on my must have list.

ductless heat pump

Air purifier for animals

My entire family loves animals and not the typical family pets.  Every one of my children has a type of animal that they absolutely adore.  My youngest son has three squirrels and a raccoon that he rescued when they were babies.  My middle child loves reptiles and has two snakes and lizards. My oldest absolutely adores birds and has a beautiful parrot.  I knew when I began to have children that I would pass my love of animals on to them, so my house is equipped to handle the noise and the mess.  I’ve always had an air purifier in our home. The benefit to the home’s air quality and our health is immediate and obvious. The air purifier helps reduce allergies that may be caused by owning a pet.  Because we have so many pets I purchased a HEPA air filter. This type of air filter is the only certified air filter to remove 99.7% of allergens from the air,cluding pet dandruff from all kinds of animals.  This type of air filter works by trapping the pollutants in the filter. Once dust, dandruff and other debris are eliminated from the air and captured in the filter they are not released again. The HEPA air filter also eliminates odors from the air which helps keep guests from knowing as soon as they enter my home that I have almost ten pets.  I keep the air filter changed monthly to ensure that it continues to work effectively. Even with the quality air filter, I regularly have the air ductwork inspected, cleaned and repaired as needed.

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Dark roofs and heating

I’m always looking for a social or environmental causes to champion.  There is so much in our world that needs our care and attention. Even in a country that is considered to be one of the wealthiest in the world, we have our share of social, economical and environmental issues that needs everyone’s attention.  I know that it is impossible for one person to do or care about every issue that we need to address in our country. Some people will be more concerned with child poverty and devote their time to programs that focus on the needs of children. Energy conservation has peaked my interest lately as the environmental effect of global warming and the greenhouse effect stays a hot issue.  So, I did some research and looked for ways to save energy in my home and impact this concern positively. One energy saving tip that I found was surprising and involved painting the roof of my home. Dark roofs reflect 10% to 20% of sunlight. However, roofs that are white reflect 70% to 80% of the sun energy back into the atmosphere. This equates to energy savings because white roofs reduce the air conditioning use by 20%.  This is a huge way for homeowners to save on their energy use and utility bills. The environment also benefits because less energy use by homeowners allows power plants to lower their production which reduces their carbon dioxide emissions. Lower carbon dioxide emissions also means better air quality for everyone that lives in these areas. I couldn’t believe that painting my roof white would help raise the air quality in the environment and create energy savings.

heating system

Air conditioner getting some extra help

Southern people honestly have to learn how to deal with the type of heat as well as humidity that most people would never bear through. Southern people have realized that our A/C components are honestly one of the more important things in our home. A lot of people in the Northern Area would honestly say they could not deal without having their heater or furnace, but the two of us honestly might die if our A/C component was to stop working one day. The two of us spend and honest amount of money to run the heating as well as A/C component in our family Cottage. The two of us honestly have tried everything to save energy as well as money. One of our neighbors had and honestly peculiar idea, raining down water from the sprinkler system all over the roof. Though the two of us honestly believe this was a terrible idea, our neighbor was easily convinced that the heating as well as A/C component ran better when the roof was wet. For the two of us, we have honestly managed to help out the environment and our family Cottage, by adding some black curtains to most of the rooms. The black curtains help to deflect the sun’s Rays, as well as honestly lower the temperature in our living room by an easy 6 degrees. The two of us had a thermostat to measure the temperature in the room, as well as our A/C component on a slave runs less with the black curtains being used.

HVAC zone control

He really is a talented HVAC guy

The two of us have been lucky to have a daughter who honestly thinks that college is the only way to go. Unfortunately, that honestly leaves the two of us with multiple young boys who are about to graduate from high school as well as have no idea what they want to do with her life. The two of us honestly wouldn’t worry, but it seems like neither of the boys are honestly motivated to do much more than play The Game Boy. If things aren’t necessarily related to something technologically-advanced, it seems as though our young boys are just not interested. My fiance works as a guidance counselor at a local school, as well as invited me to bring the two boys down to a local job get together. The job get together was featuring multiple areas of study that were not related to college. There were some technical programs, as well as the two of us hoped the boys would find something honestly interesting to them. The boys were excited to learn about software systems for heating as well as A/C components. These types of building automation programs are set up with the internet, as well as helped you control the heating as well as A/C components in large industrial buildings. When the boys found out that they could learn how to make software programs for heating as well as A/C components, I thought they were going to go nuts. They immediately wanted to learn more about enrolling in heating as well as A/C component trade school.

HVAC expert

HVAC units controlled in zones

My number one area to be is at my house.  I know this might sound like a weird choice, but I wish other people would like their personal space as much as I do.  I spent years and years customizing my condo so that it fit both my taste as well as my needs perfectly. I suppose I’ve finally created an area which matches me in all ways.  One of the things that I like most about my home is the fact that it is equipped with a zone controlled HVAC unit. This means that I can adjust the temperature separately in each individual room. This is an excellent option because when I am at home with my partner or my kids, we can be sure the spaces we are using all are comfortable to us.  Zone controlled HVAC units are also wonderful because they help eliminate energy waste. If there are rooms that are not being used, we don’t need to heat or cool them just because we want the cooling system in another room. Since we had this HVAC device installed, I have noticed a significant decrease in the energy bill. I’m so ecstatic I broke down and had this installed because it saves myself and my family, as well as it gives us a lot more control over how the temperature in my house is maintained.  I would suggest one to anyone looking for an option to customize their home to a wonderful end. Having features like these make me want to be in my home as much as possible. It’s wonderful knowing that the area where I like to spend the most of my time fits me as well as my family so well.

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