The disgusting window a/c

You know, occasionally the best things in life aren’t free at all, however, while this has been true on a number of occasions, such as the time that the most beautiful pet stumbled into our yard, there have been far more times where this hasn’t exactly worked out in my favor. I mean, nobody can consider a couch infested with ants to be “the best thing” in life, even if it was pulled off a curbside. Similarly, I don’t know anyone would say for a that a major house fly infestation is satisfactory recourse for the blessing of a totally free A/C unit, you see everything went downhill on the afternoon that I was driving through some back alleys to work as well as saw an outdated window A/C component sitting outside next to a big garbage bin. I pulled over as well as I then loaded the large air conditioning machine unit into our car, expecting to have a really comfortable evening of sleep once the cooling system was up as well as running good, then what I didn’t expect, however, was for a family of huge black flies to have taken residence inside this nice and almost new looking A/C. Whenever I turned on the little cooling system and went and adjusted the onboard temperature control thermostat down to 70 degrees, a large swarm of big black flies came shooting out from the air vents fast, riding the prominent flow of the cool air as it passed through. I spent the next many weeks hunting annoying and dirty insects in our house, however at least the air was cool as well as also very comfortable.

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Black friday and high heating

I used to look forward to going Black Friday shopping with my sister and our mother every year.  We’d get up really early, drive to the mall, and take advantage of all the good deals. Living in the northern part of the country, the weather in the fall can be unpredictable.  Most often, the temperature would be in the thirties or forties with snow on the ground. We’d be forced to dress up in warm jackets and winter boots to endure the long walk across the parking lot.  Once inside the mall, we’d instantly start peeling off all of the extra clothing. For some reason, every store is regularly overheated and stuffy. The mall overuses their commercial oil furnace, and the air is super tepid and dry.  We would regularly get a shock off the metal racks and end up with static all over. Carrying around heavy coats, jackets and packages, and then waiting in long lines, was simply exhausting to us all. My mother, sister, and I have given up on our Black Friday tradition.  All of us now shop from home, all online, and the packages are delivered right to our doors. Having control over the temperature control means we are never too warm or too cold. There’s no need to bundle up in winter gear or deal with the crowds. No matter what the weather brings, our furnace or the a/c maintains perfect comfort conditions.  While I appreciated spending a shopping day with our mom and my sister, I don’t miss the air quality and overly high temperature of those crowded stores.

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Happy with our a/c unit

In the area where I live, a large cooling system isn’t necessary.  We get approximately six or seven months of Winter weather, & our summer season is way too short.  While the outside temperature periodically climbs into the eighties & the humidity is brutal, I manage with open windows & a few box fans most of the day.  At night, I rely on a portable air conditioning. During the winter, the air conditioning is stored up in the attic. As soon as the snow disappears, I carry it downstairs.  Fortunately, the cooling component is compact, lightweight, & straightforward to install. I simply set it into the window frame & plug it in. I clean the air filter, & then it’s ready to run.  Despite the small size, the air conditioning suddenly cools down the home & maintains perfect comfort. I can really make adjustments to temperature & fan speed from a cordless remote, without ever getting up.  While the air conditioning isn’t overly loud, the operational sound effectively drowns out the noise neighbors & dogs. I entirely sleep much better the with air conditioning running. I just love the humm. It effectively circulates & filters the air, keeping the indoor environment fresh & clean.   I certainly leave the air conditioning in the window far longer than necessary. Even when fall has arrived & the outside temperature is downright cold, I keep running the air conditioning. I like it so much that I’m sad to have to carry it back up into the attic.

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Getting our air conditioner up and running

I’ve always been a stickler for following the rules. People say it’s a frustrating trait that I have, but multiple coworkers can appreciate my lawful nature. My family, on the other hand… well, they’ve said on more than 1 opportunity that they wish I’d give them some slack, I assume that’s what happens when an Army man comes back to live as a civilian. Anyhow, my family and I live in a cozy several-room house. I don’t prefer my youngsters playing with the thermostat whenever they believe it’s too tepid or too cold! When my child tells me it’s too tepid plus he wants the air conditioning to run, I tell him to open a window or sit under a ceiling fan… When my daughter says it’s chilly inside the cabin plus she wants the furnace to turn on, I remind her that she is fully capable of wearing a blazer indoors! I guess they’re just youngsters and don’t honestly know better, but it’s best to make sure they understand the importance of the thermostat plus how it keeps our cabin bearable. My wifey had grown  fatigued of my policing ways, so she decided to buy a smart thermostat for the house… She explained how the smart thermostat tracks our heating and cooling usage, then it builds a run schedule based on those habits. That sounded pretty neat, even though I didn’t trust the machine to leave the heating and cooling device alone! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the smart thermostat was absolutely allowing our bills to stay low, even though all of us were running the air conditioning and oil heating systems more often. That just goes to show you how technology can do something better than you ever could!

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Need a better HVAC unit

If I had a dollar for every “violation” this village committee said I committed in regards to building on my property, I’d be a rich man. And it’s not as if the village has representatives sweeping through every neighborhood, looking for some fool that’s building a shed without having approval either. Sadly, it’s because I’m part of a homeowner’s association – I get chewed out by my neighbors just for growing native grasses! If my neighbors ratted me out over the grass and a few yard signs, just imagine how they reacted when I had a shed delivered to my home! I’d wanted a small, 5 foot by 5 foot space in my backyard to store a bunch of stuff from the garage because I’m having a ductless mini-split installed for cooling plus heating the garage. The shed wasn’t in the ground, so I wasn’t making changes to my backyard – not that my neighbors could tell, thanks to my privacy fencing! Besides, the shed was just a diversion, anyway. I knew that if my neighbors saw that I was installing a ductless mini-split for my garage space, they’d flip their lids. Thankfully the outside piece of the equipment is slim, so it fits nicely between the fence and the outer wall of the garage! Plus, the ductless mini-split is so quiet that my neighbors will think it’s just my home’s central heating or air conditioning. It might seem that this is a ton of effort for little reward, but ’ll be the only 1 on the block with a cool, comfortable garage where I can do whatever I wish.

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Getting a nicer HVAC unit

I consider myself a pretty reliable person. I  also expect my friends to be reliable! When I say I will do something, I  keep my word and do as I say I will. For the most part my friends are this way as well. Though I have come across some people in my life that were genuinely unreliable. The last HVAC company I used for my HVAC service for example. These people were totally unreliable. They had a nice ad in the yellow pages, so I went with them for my service when my HVAC unit broke down. After their HVAC serviceman worked on the system, not only did they overcharge me but the HVAC broke down within a month! I was so furious and told them they better repair my HVAC unit after how much they charged for a temporary fix! Well, they came out and worked on it. It only worked for another day! I was done with these people and looked for an HVAC service company that had good reviews. I should have done this in the beginning because I found a good HVAC company that was reliable! They knew exactly what was wrong and said whoever was working on the unit before were total amateurs. They had everything cleaned as a whistle and everything worked perfectly after they were done. They didn’t even charge me nearly as much as the other company  did. What a bunch of scam artists those people were! If you want a reliable HVAC company check the reviews!

HVAC can hardly work

Sometimes I feel like I do not like myself. I consistently seem to make the most foolish decisions. Recently I experienced an HVAC system failure and that’s because I kept putting off the necessary HVAC system maintenance! It was just last month too when my engine in my car locked up because I failed to change the oil on time! I went way over the recommended oil change mileage! So I basically destroyed my car and my HVAC system in the course of a few weeks. I think at this rate I’m going to burn the house down on accident somehow, someway. Well, I’m really trying to get it together here and learn to take care of all my important maintenance. I purchased another car, however a very cheap one. The thermostat wasn’t even working great in the car! I mean the heating was working a little bit, but the air conditioning failed to work altogether. I knew that I had to take care of my HVAC system before anything else. When the HVAC professional looked it over, he was surprised. He said the ductwork was clogged up and the air filter was the worst he has ever seen. I couldn’t believe that I let it go that long without changing it, but here we were. He said that I was lucky that the heat exchanger wasn’t cracked or I would have to purchase a new HVAC unit altogether, but fortunately, he was able to clean everything out, put in a new air filter and get the unit working after a few hours. I was so thankful for my working HVAC unit even though I was disappointed with the costly maintenance bill!

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Radiant heater is a big expense

My wife has always been a bit of a dreamer, she always wants to go for the nicest things and feels that we can achieve anything we want. While we may be able to do whatever we want, we still have to pay to do what we want! I mean, are we going to win the lottery or stumble into a large inheritance or something like that? For a long while, she has been saying we should get  radiant heated floors in our home and she was saying that would be so beautiful. I felt like she was dreaming because I didn’t see how we could afford a heating system like that. One day I decided to talk to an HVAC worker on the phone and was asking him about radiant heated floors and the costs to have that type of heating system installed. He said he would come out for a free consultation. When he went over everything with me, I was surprised that we could in fact manage to fit that into a payment plan that we could afford. I was also impressed with the incredible savings we would get from having such an energy efficient furnace. While there were a lot of things my wife would talk about getting or doing that was out of our price range, like yearly cruises, I had to admit that we could  go with this heating system and we would actually save a fantastic deal of money on our energy bills. I have to say that energy savings are something I can get on board with!

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Want proper HVAC service

My girlfriend and I are pretty much opposites. I  am incredibly loud and she is incredibly shy. She always feels embarrassed because of how happy I get and I am practically shouting or at least she tells me I sound like I am shouting. I just can’t help it that I am at the highest volume, it’s just in my nature. I have to say though I like her a great deal and I think it’s cute how she acts so shy around people and is soft spoken. She is smart. I remember one time she was telling me about getting proper HVAC service and keeping superior air quality. I remember telling her that she should think about becoming an HVAC specialist as I know they make a lot of money. I was so loud about it though, that people around us were trying to get into the conversation and were agreeing that she should do that for sure! She got embarrassed and wasn’t trying to talk to the people surrounding us. She told me she wished I would stop talking so loud. I always tell her that I can’t help it. I know she loves me too though because she tells me all the time. I think it is true that opposites attract! I believe lately though, she has been more hesitant about going on official dates where there are a lot of people, she prefers when it’s just the two of us, or when we have a more private setting. She has taught me a lot about my HVAC unit upkeep too. She showed me the air filter and said that I need to change it more often because it was way too filthy. She explained that I could also save a lot of money on the utility bills as the unit won’t work as hard to circulate the air. I liked the energy saving tips, and I have a feeling I might marry this girl!

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Time for the a/c to stop

Saturday was the very first big day of Fall, plus as soon as Fall rolls around, I immediately start increasing some important things, and i take the daisies off our mailbox plus put out a garland of fall leaves. I like to go and take in the pinwheel decorations out of our yard plus put out pumpkins plus colorful potted mums. I change out our flag for a scarecrow plus I quickly trade in our flip flops for our cute fall boots, not only that, I also always turn off our home’s air conditioning system for the season plus let it have a nice rest for many weeks throughout the winter. I like to provide our finances a rest as well, because as you certainly know, air conditioning is a pretty costly utility to run when you run it nonstop, all the time like I do. I enjoy when fall finally comes along once and for all, because then I can turn the a/c off plus open up all the windows. I enjoy to go through and open the windows when the weather is cooling off outside. I enjoy the wonderful aroma of the fresh fall air plus the cool fall breezes! I do often wish that fall would last just a little bit longer, though. In the certain section of the country where all of us live, the temperatures start cooling off unexpectedly and really fast once fall begins. In no time at all, we’ve switched from the air conditioning running all the time to the heating unit! Last year I remember I had to turn the oil gas furnace on honesty for only 2 weeks after I was able to turn the air conditioning off! That’s not too much of a chop for our terrible Heating plus Air Conditioning system!