I need some air ducts

I am going to be a new homeowner soon. I have had to ask around to my friends to know what to know as a new homeowner. I am sure that there are a lot of things they could give me advice about. Being a new home owner is not an easy thing. I have seen my mom own a home for several years and the stuff that she has to do around the house is crazy. However one piece of advice my friends all gave me was about my HVAC system. I specifically asked them what type of HVAC system they have in their home. They all told me to not bother with a system that has air ducts installed in it. The air ducts inside of the home get dusty and they can collapse at any time. If these air ducts behind the walls need work at any one time then the HVAC professional will have to put holes in the wall. That is the only way to reach the air ducts behind the wall. Air ducts can also collapse very easily if they are not installed properly. I am not a very trusting person so I would be sure that my HVAC professional would be able to do them right. I feel that an HVAC professional might want to make more money so he would install them poorly. I do not want that for my home after spending so much money to already have them installed. I am definitely going to install a ductless mini-split system after I have gotten so much advice from my friends.

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I need a new air conditioner

I spend a lot of time at my boyfriend’s apartment. I usually spend the weekend up there. So I will sleep there for two or three nights. He typically does not like to keep the air conditioning on. However at night we love to keep the air conditioning running. At night it seems so much better to sleep in the cold rather than in the warms. I also like to sleep when it is cold inside the apartment because then we get to snuggle all night. I would much rather have the apartment cold then have it be warm. In fact after he goes to bed I make sure to turn the temperature up a little bit cooler. Once we had to sleep with a bunch of fans on and with the window open. His HVAC system had broken down. He would not be able to get it fixed for a couple of days. So we had to wait for an HVAC technician to come and fix the system. So we were not able to snuggle very much and in fact we did not get much sleep. We were up all night tossing and turning. The apartment was way too warm. This is why we love the air-conditioning. We love having temperature control inside the apartment. Having temperature control inside the apartment definitely makes it much more comfortable. We are also able to sleep a lot better. If we do not have air conditioning running in the summer in the apartment then chances are we will not sleep very well.

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We’re setting up a tune-up appointment

I am finally starting to feel like it is fall. I walked out my front door to go to work today. I instantly felt the sharply cold air hit me. It was so incredibly cold this morning. Even when I left work it was probably just as cold. Since that day had been so cold I went home and turned my heat on a little. My house was too cold. However I did want my home to be comfy that night. I figured since the day was so cold the night would be even colder. So I was preparing for my house to be cold that night. I had not yet used my heat for this upcoming cold season. This was the first time I was turning on my heating system. Most people told me to get a tune up before I use my HVAC system. However I did not do that this year. I do have a tune-up scheduled. However I am going to use the heat before my tune up schedule appointment is. I feel that it is better to just use the heat tonight and be comfortable. My HVAC system tune-up appointment will be coming soon. So when I turned my heat on and it actually worked perfectly fine. I had heard all these horror stories about using the heat before the tune up appointment was given. However I don’t think that’s always necessarily true. I believe that you should get a tune-up. However you don’t have to wait to use the heat until you get that tune up.

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A broken windshield

Mondays are the absolute worst. I truly hate Mondays. It seems like whenever something bad happens I just blame the fact that it’s Monday. That is the only way that it makes myself feel better. I woke up with a big crack in my windshield this morning. That was not fun to deal with. I was nervous the windshield would break on me all day long. Then when I got home I found that my HVAC system was no longer working. Today was an extremely chilly day. It was so cold outside I felt the need to turn my heat on in side. However when I went to go turn my HVAC system on the heat will not start. I even walked away for a little bit assuming that maybe it was warming up. However no warm air ever came out of my air vents. That was just the icing on top of the cake that day. So many things were broken. So I had to call my insurance company for my windshield. I also had to call my local HVAC company for my HVAC system. I had to schedule two different appointments to get two different things fixed that day. All I could see in my head was money going down the drain. I hope that next Monday will be better. I also hope that my heat and windshield will be fixed very soon. At least with my windshield they can go anywhere to fix it. They could come to my work even. However in order to fix my HVAC system I have to be home for the HVAC technician to come look at the HVAC system.

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AC repairs are tough

I remember those huge family gatherings we had at the side of our lake. They happened almost every weekend as a kid. They happened as I got older, too, I just wasn’t around for them as much. They were the best of times, with freshly claimed game and meat cooking over an open fire. The grownups would drink beer and sweet tea and talk, and most of the kids would swim in the lake until it was time for dinner. One night I found myself lost in nostalgia over those times, and then it hit me I was so successful as an HVAC repair shop business owner that I had stopped being a success with my family. I made the promise to myself then and there that the fast growing AC and heating repair shop would no longer dominate my life. I would start putting my assistant in charge of all heating and cooling repairs calls during the weekends, so I could go back to spending time with my family. Also, I would stop scheduling any central HVAC installations for weekends or holidays. I loved my HVAC business and wanted to see it keep growing and prospering, but I also missed those days by the lake. Well, it turns out that even after fifteen years, the family still had the same tradition, so now every weekend I drive my HVAC repair van out to the old farm and party down. My HVAC technician has my emergency phone number in case he needs me, so I can remain in charge of things and still enjoy my family time.

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Working on my air conditioner

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do for a career. I feel like this is true for a lot of people because most of my friends didn’t know what they wanted to do either. I always thought it would be nice to be able to run my own business. I haven’t reached that point but maybe sometime down the road I might be able to get something going. Something that my father told me really helped me out. He said I should consider going to a trade school to learn a useful skill. He was saying how HVAC technicians make pretty good money and that’s a field that will always be around. I thought about that and he was definitely right. There are literally HVAC systems everywhere we go. I decided to go to a trade skill to try to become an HVAC technician. It took me a few years but I finally became a certified tech. I learned everything about the heating and cooling industry. It was all very fascinating to me. Before I became certified, I would go out in the field with another HVAC technician to get all the hands on experience. It all came rather natural to me. I guess it’s because I felt like I was really doing something worthwhile. I have come to find that I really love working on heating and cooling systems. My wife is very happy because our HVAC system is always in tip top shape. There’s nothing like seeing how happy people are when I get their HVAC systems up and running after a malfunction or failure.

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This heater worries me

Every Time I would go to my girlfriend’s house, I would notice that it was always too hot. I would ask her if she could adjust the thermostat but she would say that she didn’t want to increase her energy bill. That I could definitely understand but she already had her thermostat on 70 degrees and it still felt too hot. I knew that there must be something wrong with her HVAC system. I told her that I would call over an HVAC company but she said she couldn’t deal with that expense. I told her not to worry, I would cover the cost. I was really hoping it wasn’t something incredibly serious by taking that commitment. So an HVAC technician came over and took a look at the heating and cooling system. He said that the outdoor condenser unit just needed to be cleaned out, the air filters had to be changed, and the ductwork could use a good cleaning. So I checked with him on the price and then I agreed to have the work done. I was surprised because it didn’t cost nearly as much as I thought it might. After everything was all set and done, that HVAC system was running like a champ. My girlfriend couldn’t believe how nice and cool it was at the exact same setting on the thermostat. I told her that’s how it was supposed to be. I was telling her not to forget to change those air filters because she didn’t want for the ductwork to get clogged up again. She said that’s what I was there for. We laughed and went about our day.

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The flooring is great

I don’t ask for very much in life; in fact, I’m pretty easy to please, and I can get by with very little. I’m happy having my house, my boyfriend, and my dog, and anything outside of that is purely supplemental to my happiness. I’m very lucky to be able to work at home these days, and although this may not be a permanent fixture, I truly enjoy being able to stay in the house and take care of everything while I earn an extra buck. It feels awesome to wake up every morning, make my boyfriend breakfast and pack his lunch, and then settle into a writing project while I take breaks to do laundry and clean up the living spaces. I don’t get lonely because I had podcasts to listen to and my dog to cuddle. The only thing that gets me down sometimes is the unbearable cold that sets in after a day of sitting still at the computer. Even when the thermostat is set to a moderate temperature, my limbs get freezing cold from the stagnant activity. My fingers and toes get cold and numb, and I have a hard time keeping my concentration when it feels like there are icicles on my nose. That’s why I’ve recently been asking my boyfriend if we could install radiant heated flooring in my office space. It would be a huge help if my feet could stay nice and toasty warm against the heated floors as I worked, and it would reduce our energy costs since I could heat that room exclusively.

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HVAC products

My boyfriend is a simple man in most respects. He likes all the things that you expect a dude to enjoy, and he’s easy to please most of the time. The one thing about him that is somewhat difficult, however, is how much he loves collecting and owning expensive instruments. Because he is a professional percussionist, he has more drums and mallet instruments than I even knew existed. He can’t get rid of a single one of them for fear of needing it eventually, so we have quite a collection of expensive gear sitting around. He recently decided it was time to form a proper storage area for his babies, and I wanted to be supportive so I easily agreed to the large project. The only trouble is, it continually requires new upgrades to our HVAC system. You see, his instruments will retain their shape and sound for longer if they are in a consistent temperature and air quality. Our home’s central heating and cooling system was not precise enough to make this a reality, so we installed a separate system for his music room exclusively. The room needed to have constant temperature monitoring, so we installed special detection devices to watch for air quality fluctuations. We also purchased several dehumidifiers to scatter throughout the space, in order to keep the relative humidity at a moderate condition. The entire system is wired to a smart thermostat so that he can keep watch over his instruments, even while he’s traveling for another gig, teaching a master class, or shopping for more drums.

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My air conditioner needs some work

My stepson is an adorable little guy, and we try our best to give him a happy childhood. He lives with his mother most of the time, so his visits to our house are always a special time full of fun activities and lots of hugs. On his last trip to our house we decided to celebrate his birthday and wanted to give him a big bash that he would remember for the rest of his life. Because he just started school, he has a number of cute little friends that would be able to attend, and we decided to throw the coolest party we could afford. It was the middle of July so the temperatures were soaring. The most logical idea for his celebration was to have a big pool party, and we had everything set up days ahead of time. The pool was set to the perfect temperature and water conditions, we had awesome decorations all over the backyard, and we purchased a ton of awesome snacks for the kiddos. We didn’t expect a huge thunderstorm to roll in and ruin the party, though. We saw lightning and scooted all the kids inside immediately, only to be faced with a new problem. The air conditioning had been set to a super low temperature because of the outdoor heat, but now the kids were wet and freezing. We tried to turn off the AC and warm up the house, but the outdoor temperature had dropped dramatically. Rather than a pool party, we ended up with 6 shivering kids sitting amongst a gathering of space heaters.