We love learning

I was so excited to start looking for my very first job. I am a sophomore in high school. My parents wouldn’t let me do any outside work until I could prove myself with good grades first. Well after a year and a half with good straight As, they finally gave me the go ahead. My dad actually had an idea for me. I was very into computers and technology. His friend ran a local HVAC company in town. He was in desperate need of new advertising. My dad told him that he thought he should get a new webpage for his business. He was telling him that we live in a media age today and that is where people go first to look for anything. He knew nothing about technology, so that’s where he told him about me. He asked if he would be open to hiring me to set up a whole new HVAC webpage for his business. He was ecstatic about the idea. Me, not so much! I knew nothing about heating and air conditioning. Well, it took me well over a month to get all the lingo down for the heating and air conditioning industry. But, once I did, I was actually pretty fascinated by it all. I loved learning about all the different heating and cooling apps that are available now. It was so fun trying to set up informative programs, so that people would become more engaged with the heating and cooling world. It really wasn’t all that bad in the end. In fact, it was actually pretty fun!

I’m so glad I have a portable electric heater

I have pretty good luck when it comes to AirBnBs. I am one of the early believers. We started using this type of rental right when it started to come out. I just loved the idea of staying somewhere different and unique each time we travelled. Hotels can get so boring and stuffy. I hate processed air conditioning and heating. It felt like a neverending germ fest all of the time we travelled. I have learned a lot of tricks, though, when it comes to renting this type of accommodation. It is not always what it seems or writes in the description. I pack for hot weather, I pack for cold weather. You never really know how well the houses will be insulated. The worst are the homes that say they have central heating and when you show up it is anything but central heating. Their idea of heat and your idea of heat are two totally different things! I am sorry, but call me crazy to say that a wood burning stove is not central heat! This winter we were headed up to the mountains for a ski weekend with friends. I was looking forward to hanging out by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine chatting the night away with my friends. But, I wasn’t stupid either. I wanted to be able to have a good night’s sleep as well. So, I brought a portable electric plug-in heater! I snuck it in after everyone went to bed. My room was so nice and toasty warm that I was able to sleep the whole night with no one the wiser!

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The event was ruined

We wanted to do something really special for my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. Honestly, with seven children in the family, four of them are married and three are divorced. How my parents made marriage work as they did, for as long as they did, is beyond all of us kids. We thought a nice brunch would be a great way to celebrate. They were adamant about not renewing their vows or anything crazy like that. They just wanted to gather up their closest friends and family for a little party. We chose late fall, for the weather wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. We thought we could get away with a basic temperature and have no need for air conditioning or heating. Well, no one expected to have a severe heat wave right in the middle of October! It was nearly 100 degrees and most of the guests were close to eighty years old! We talked to the director of the club and they told us that their HVAC unit had been down for a few weeks. They had not thought anything of it, since the weather had become quite temperate. So, now we were stuck in the middle of a heat wave with no air conditioning. The club brought in several standing fans, but they were really just blowing around the hot air. I demanded that they take care of this immediately. They could tell I was pretty upset and went into problem-solving mode. Within an hour, they had at least four portable air conditioners brought in and placed around the room. Finally, we went from heat exhaustion to a very comfortable and cool event!

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Letting the cool air help us

I really didn’t think much of it when I hit my forty-fifth birthday this year. I mean, that is way too young to be thinking about anything like menopause. Sure, aging can be a focal topic as I am getting closer to fifty, but menopause? Well, my denial was very apparent when I started dealing with night sweats and hot flashes. It could be twenty degrees outside, but I was feeling as if I was in a sauna! I kept opening the window in the middle of the night freezing my poor husband out of the bedroom. I knew we needed a better solution. So, he called the local HVAC provider for an overall assessment of the house. We needed to find a solution to our heating and cooling issues between my menopausal state and my husband’s non-menopausal state. The HVAC technician was incredibly understanding. Apparently, we aren’t the first middle aged couple to go through this heating and cooling situation. Right from the start he suggested we install the Zone Control App which would allow us to set different temperatures in different rooms. This way, my husband could sleep in a comfortable temperature, and then I could be in another section of the house with my air conditioning blasting cooling me down. We decided to give it a try. The first week, we both slept better than we had in months in our own climate controlled rooms. It was so incredibly blissful! The best part about the entire resolution was our monthly utility bill dropping by huge figures.

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My favorite place

When I find something that I truly enjoy like a movie theater, restaurant, or bar, I stick to it. I continue going to these places over any others. My motto is “why fix what’s not  broken?” My favorite restaurant is a family owned Italian restaurant. Anytime I have family or friends visiting from out of town, I take them there. Many of my date nights are spent here as well. The owners know my husband and I very well because of the frequency of our visits. On our most recent date night, however, things seemed to be very wrong from the moment we walked through the doors. When we entered the restaurant on that cold winter night, we saw a restaurant filled with frantic workers. They were all sweating profusely and appeared to be out of breath. We were very concerned, but learned why moments later. As we stepped inside, we felt a heat wave hit us like a ton of bricks. I was shocked at this heat especially because of the cold outside. I asked the owner’s daughter, Maria, what was happening. Their heater was stuck on an uncomfortably high temperature and would not go down. They tried everything to get it to go back down, but all they could do was wait until a repairman could come the next day. Her father, Joseph, was stubborn and refused to close his doors, so they were forced to stay open for the rest of the night. I felt so sorry for them. We decided to order take out instead. It was just too uncomfortable to bear.

HVAC installation 


Tinkering with my system

I don’t always like to admit it, but I am a penny pincher. I don’t particularly like when people call me “cheap.” I prefer people to see me as someone who is financially thoughtful. I hate wasting money on unnecessary things like wasted water and electricity. My husband drives me crazy because he leaves the lights on in rooms where no one is sitting. He also brushes his teeth with the water running. It is wasteful in so many ways! In an attempt to save money, my husband and I taught ourselves to do many small home repairs. We have done many things successfully so far like fixing leaking pipes, mounting TVs, and repairing the washer. When our heater broke down last winter, I saw this as an opportunity to teach ourselves how to do another repair. My husband was hesitant as this would be our biggest attempt yet. I was confident that we could do it though. I did a ton of research and watched my tutorials online. When I felt comfortable, I started tinkering with the equipment. As I was taking the heating unit apart, I started to see many unfamiliar parts that were not in the videos I watched. I quickly realized that this was probably because our heater was so old. I continued on anyway. Pretty soon, my basement was covered in random parts of the heater. It was a disaster. I could not figure out where to put any of the pieces, nor was I able to tell where the problem was coming from. I realized I was way in over my head. My husband gave me the “I told you so” look and dialed the local HVAC company. Some things are better left for the professionals.


Dealing with zone control issues

I always have heard the stories about menopause. You hear that it is the worst possible road a woman has to walk. You hear that you have not understood misery until you enter the world of menopause. Well, I laughed people off right and left. It sounded like people were just being big old babies and whining about nothing to me. And, then when I turned 45, menopause struck me without warning. Oh my gosh, seriously. I was floored. It was utterly painful. I was hot. I was cold. I was sweaty. I had chills. I needed heat. I needed air conditioning. A fan didn’t work; nothing worked. Our utility bill doubled, if not tripled, in such a short period of time.  My husband was losing his mind at my indecisiveness when it came to whether I had the heating on or the air conditioning on. The temperatures outside never coincided with what the thermostat was doing for me. Finally, he said that he had enough. Seriously, he had enough? I had enough! He called the HVAC provider for help. They sent over a very friendly technician to the house later that day who assessed our immediate situation. Apparently, I am not the first one to go through menopause. Also, I am the first to have body temperature problem. He suggested we install the Zone Control app into the thermostat. This would allow for us to adjust the temperature of different areas of the house and in turn save us a lot of money. No longer would we be wasting money on heating or cooling the entire house.

HVAC technology 

That was a disaster

I live in an older apartment building in the city. I knew I took some chances when I chose to live here. But the rent was reasonable, and that is a very hard find in the city these days. Our area of the city used to be fine without any formal air conditioning. Our climate never really changed much. Now, heating was something we definitely needed to be on board for in an apartment. This building actually said it had both, which was a big surprise to me. There were lots of things that you weren’t getting, though. The paint was run down and cracked; the carpets were old; and it most definitely did not look like a royal hotel of any sorts. So, when the first summer heatwave of season hit, I was not happy that I had air conditioning as I heard so many people moaning about not having any way to cool down. Remember, this heat is new for our city. So, many people still won’t invest in an air conditioner not thinking it is going to stay around. Well, when I went home, my building was incredibly stuffy and hot. Not just hot as in it is hot outside, but it felt like the heater was actually turned on! All of my neighbors were in the lobby, and no one was looking very happy at all. Apparently, our trusted landlord decided to try and fix the air conditioner on his own last month. He had not tried to use it yet, for it wasn’t hot outside. Now that he went to turn it on, the heat is stuck on rather than the air conditioner mainly because he chose to use some cheap parts for a replacement.  Now we are all waiting for the remedy!

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My workspace

I love my guy, and I know that he does everything possible to make me happy. He’ll go to any lengths to brighten my mood and prove how much he cares for me, and I absolutely adore how devoted he is. I try my best to be as supportive and loving as he is, but it’s pretty tough competition. Just last month, he surprised me by completely renovating my work room in the basement with extra lighting, more shelving, a bluetooth sound system, and a new space heater for cold mornings. I was so surprised and overcome with happiness; I knew I needed to do something nice for him too. Since he’s continually tinkering with his car out in the garage, I knew this was a good place to start. I’ve always seen him either come inside drenched in sweat and covered in grime, or rubbing his frigid hands together and holding them over the stovetop for warmth. He toils out in that garage for days on end with no temperature control, and I know it makes his life much more difficult. That’s why I surprised him by having a ductless mini split system installed in his workspace! The space is a weird size and shape, and there’s no way to connect our central heating and cooling system to the room, so I knew this would be our best bet. Even better, the little air temperature control unit provides both heat and air conditioning, so he can establish the perfect air quality parameters no matter what the weather is like. He was so happy with his new HVAC system, I think I finally out-loved him!

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I’m glad we have a ventilation company

Our whole town has been shaken up lately with the addition of several new businesses along the main drag. It’s a small village with very few businesses to speak of, so it was a pretty big deal when a new grocery store and bowling alley moved into town. We were all extremely pleased about these added attractions and couldn’t be happier when a brand new pizzeria opened up next door! It felt like the whole town was booming with brand new business ventures, and most of the residents were quite happy. That is, until a new HVAC company set its roots down the road. For the past 50 years, there has only been one heating and cooling dealership in our area, and they dominate the entire temperature control business for the residents. They’ve been able to keep generations of customers happy and know everyone by name. The HVAC company has certainly reaped the benefits of providing a necessary service to our town too. WIthout any competition, they’ve always been able to charge any amount for service and parts. This has allowed them to overprice their labor and machinery components, therefore turning a huge profit with every single heating and cooling service repair. Now that a brand new ventilation company is operating in our village, things have changed. The new corporation has lower prices on their service charges and parts installations as well as more advanced HVAC machinery for sale. The old heating and cooling dealership is going to have to update their business practices or hope that customer loyalty saves their overpriced company!  

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