Sick and needing cooling

When I am down with the flu, there are very few things which make me feel better. I hate to stay home from work, but I like to sleep as much as possible. I came down with the flu last week, and I spent four long days in bed.  That whole time, I only ate crackers, and drank ginger ale. Nothing else tasted good. Eventually I was able to manage toast with jelly. My Dad always made me toast and gave me ginger ale when I was a sick kid. When I had the flu last week, I suffered from a sore throat, constant cough, and unfortunately, diarrhea. I felt exhausted and sore for two weeks. Fortunately, the number of supply vents in my home kept me perfectly comfortable. I kept switching between shivering and sweating, and I like the ability to adjust the home’s temperature accordingly.  I easily adjust the thermostat setting from my smartphone. I don’t even need to get out of bed. I switched between heating and cooling a few times, and frequently raised and lowered the temperature. I am fortunate that I have zoned control in my house. I closed the door to the bedroom, so my adjustments didn’t impact the entire house and cost me a fortune in energy bills. I was constantly feeling dizzy, light headed, and flushed. I tried to remain in the bedroom as much as possible. I was able to sleep better and feel better because of the effective heating and cooling system.  I’m hoping my next bill won’t be too much higher than the previous month. It’s been nearly a month since I was sick, and I still feel a bit run down. I am very tired at the end of the day. Maybe next year, I will get a flu shot.

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HVAC control in the strip joint

My dad goes to this men’s club rather often where they smoke cigars plus drink aged scotch. It’s one of those aged clubs with the leather covered books on high shelves plus the fireplaces with wing chairs set at angles next to them. You must know the type I’m talking about. They play pool plus drink expensive drinks plus smoke cigars while they play cards. He’s been going to this club for many years! He has basically always grumbled about the indoor air quality inside the club though. I make fun of him for complaining about it, since he actually goes there in order to smoke his cigars! He says that the Heating plus A/C machine at the club is not the best system he’s ever seen plus he’s been talking to the board members of the club to get a local Heating plus A/C supplier out to their building to install a current state of the art heating plus air conditioner machine for them. The main thing that he’s thinking of doing is getting a quality whole home air purification system installed along with their current Heating plus A/C machine. He seems to have full confidence that if the club has a quality whole home air purification system installed with the Heating plus A/C machine, they won’t have any more trouble with the indoor air quality in the club. I don’t know really if that’s true, because I don’t know if I believe there’s any air purification system that’s great enough to wash the air clean in the club from all of that cigar smoke! I think it is worth a shot at least!

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The air quality after a meal

Tonight my acquaintance Sarah brought her quesadilla maker over to my beach residence to try it out. We’ve never used a quesadilla maker before plus since I couldn’t leave my adolescents to go to her residence, she brought it over to my locale instead. It was about 7 inside the evening, plus both of us were all ready for supper. I had all of the ingredients set out on the counter. All of us had tortillas, cheese, cilantro, shredded chicken, avocado, you name it. All of us had all the makings of a sizable feast of quesadillas! Well, then I noticed that the residence was getting a little too sizzling. I thought maybe the heating machine was turned up too high so I went to check on the thermostat in the hallway. It was clear that someone had messed with my programmable thermostat plus turned our heating all the way up to 77 degrees! Usually I keep the temperature around 71 degrees, so it really felt uncomfortably toasty in the residence. I turned the temperature down plus got back to task on the quesadillas. Well, once the heating finally turned off plus the residence started cooling down, both of us had a whole other set of new problems. It seems that the modern quesadilla maker was on the defective side plus it gave off all kinds of smoke when both of us first turned it on to make the quesadillas. The beach residence was full of smoke within only minutes plus so both of us had to turn on all the ceiling fans plus the air purification system… Once both of us ran the heating machine again for a few minutes with the doors plus windows open, the beach residence started to clear out. I really have to say, it was an interesting evening! I almost felt sorry for my exhausting Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine plus my air purification system! They absolutely got a workout this night, thanks to the quesadillas we made.

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Air purifier for the food smells

I have no clue whatsoever what the people next door eat for food, however it most absolutely does not smell like any food I have ever eaten before. Honestly, It smells bad, however it does still smell faintly of being edible. If it was just a rotten garbage smell I would have called a complaint to the property owner, however I can’t rightly complain about people eating incredibly smelly food, right? This is America, after all, as well as people can eat what they want to eat even if I don’t like it. I have instead been burning a lot of incense, wearing extra cologne, as well as running the air filter on our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine without cease. All day as well as all night I leave the fan on our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine running, just to keep our air circulating as much as possible. This is definitely different than running the air conditioner machine all the time, mind you, I entirely could not afford to do that. Instead I just leave the fan component of the a/c machine on, so the air is moving even if it is not being cooled down. I can even increase the natural ventilation of fresh air by opening the windows as well as not worry about paying for cooling down the whole residence. The concern with that is when I open the windows it tends to let more of the terrible smell in, so the air quality ends up being a lot worse. Keeping the residence sealed up with the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C fan running as well as clean air filters is not the best thing, however it’s the best option I have right now.

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Cooling in a rental and a hotel

Thank God for the internet. I cannot really imagine another technological innovation that so greatly enabled people to connect with one another. I am aware that the internet is full of trolls plus jerks, plus some people consider it the greatest time suck of all time, plus I understand that. Without the internet though there wouldn’t be such amazing things like Uber or Air Bnb. When I came to learn about Uber I never again used a taxi, which are so overpriced. Once I discovered Air BnB I vowed to never again use a typical hotel, plus I have held that vow. The only thing I miss about hotels is their awesome cooling machines in each room. Renting out someone’s residence or condo is fabulous, but falls a little short in the A/C machine department. A residence comes with a normal central Heating plus Air Conditioning machine, plus not those dynamic little window mounted machines that most hotels have. I don’t really see how those little things are so intense plus powerful, but nothing in the world is as good at cooling down a room than a hotel cooling machine. That said, getting an Air BnB is for the most part cheaper plus nicer than a hotel, so to just give up everything else just for a/c is a little insane. If someone had a rental residence with such a powerful A/C machine in it, I would absolutely love it, but in the meantime I will make do with a typical ancient cooling machine. As my fiance has pointed out many times, paying double just for a excellent A/C is the height of foolishness.

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Employed in HVAC

Being smart is definitely great, however being lucky is even better. I believe this isn’t the type of advice they provide out to college adolescents, however maybe it should be. It is actually a depressing lesson to learn, however it is also an important lesson. Working hard is important, getting an education is important, being a nice person is important, however a little bit of luck can do a lot more good than any of those other things. I say this because I worked my butt off for years, however never would have found success without a spot of luck. After getting my HVAC certification after taking some night college classes, I went to every corporation in the space seeking work. Nobody needed an HVAC tech at that time, so I easily got discouraged. A few weeks later I am now working in a grocery store, in addition to I ended up bumping into a single one of those HVAC suppliers. He didn’t actually remember me, however I remembered him! I carried his groceries out to his car for him, in addition to made small talk about the a/c machine. He liked me, I guess, because he gave me the card to his HVAC corporation in addition to said to provide him a call the very next week! Just interviewing with him wasn’t enough to get me hired, however thanks to a random encounter in addition to a little luck I was now working as an HVAC worker the next week. I feel that I “received” my luck with my HVAC certification, however still, without that luck I would definitely be stuck bagging groceries.

Big heater and a/c concern

My pals and I decided to jump into my van on a certain evening for an impromptu road trip. We came to find that one of our preferred hip hop groups was playing a surprise show that evening about 200 miles from where the group of us lived. The group of us decided to just up and go! It is simply one of those things you can only get away with as a young slacker, however every one of us were all the type of people who would delightedly skip work and risk being fired for an occasion to go to a thrilling rap concert. It’s just who the group of us were at the time, wow how things have changed since then! The joke was on us, when the van broke down on the edge of the desert and the group of us were stuck with no cooling in the slightest. The temperature must have been 100 degrees outside, and with no A/C the van had turned into an oven of extreme temperatures. Every one of us literally thought we were going to die, until the sunshine went down and the desert started cooling off. That relief lasted only briefly, when the group of us realized the cooling would not stop, and the temps rapidly dropped to near frosty levels. I never knew how wildly the desert environment could heat up or cool down! Before long the group of us were all huddled together inside the van, using our bodies as a heating source because the group of us had no other choice to survive that particular night. Every one of us got so crazy from the intense cold that in the middle of the evening the group of us decided to rip out the van’s seats and set them on fire in the road, and used that as a heating source!

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Good heat circulating around

There are definitely times when you have to get creative plus think outside the box to resolve concerns around the residence! It’s equally important to understand when you need professional help, though – a person should not attempt to clear a backed-up toilet with a plumbing snake plus a prayer! Still, not all of us are able to afford to hire a professional trade skill worker whenever there’s some sort of complication with our home’s appliances plus equipment. In my case, I was having a rather challenging time figuring out how to keep my living room toasty. My residence is much older than most of the other residences in my city, so the central heating and air conditioning machine is often lagging when it comes to keeping the home warm over the Wintertime. At night, it was actually normal for me to wake up plus see my own breath condensate in the air! I didn’t want to buy a room air conditioning machine, nor did I want to invest in a window-mounted heating and air conditioning machine unit. I knew for sure that I didn’t want a gas furnace either, as those can be dangerous if they are not maintained! After several days of research, I came across a pretty unique tool for warming a single room. Essentially, it was a ceiling fan with a built-in area heater! This area heating machine plus ceiling fan combination would easily emit omnidirectional heat much like a floor or portable area gas furnace would, but from the ceiling plus out of reach. The emanating heat would then be pushed down by the ceiling fan, effectively warming the room where the fan is operating. How nice is that? These heating fans are a bit more extravagant than the common ceiling fan, despite the fact that I recognize that’s a price well worth paying. Plus, when the summer season arrives, the heating function can be switched off without any problems, effectively rendering this innovative heating machine into a nice ceiling fan to cool the room. After buying plus installing one of these, I can say that this ceiling fan plus area heating machine combination is a single one of the best improvements I’ve made to this aged residence!

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Not helpful with the heater

I always seem to have the worst of luck, plus I don’t even know who I must’ve killed in my past life to cause it. If I change out a light bulb, I end up electrocuting myself. If I change my own oil, I get scalding sizzling motor oil dumped all over me – even though the car’s been off for over an hour! It’s truly enough to make any guy wonder who he wronged to deserve such treatment from the universe! Generally, my bad luck only leads to minor things going wrong, albeit in high numbers. Last week, my luck managed to take a turn for the worse, as our residential gas furnace managed to catch fire! It started in the basement, where our gas furnace was working along plus burning through fuel to keep our lake residence cozy plus warm. Things were going nice until I was in the study room eating some lunch. I noticed this smoky burning stink wafting through the air. Part of me thought I managed to somehow burn the sandwich I just made by hand, but this wasn’t the case – I began to see smoke come out of the vent, plus I knew that couldn’t be good! Quickly running downstairs with my sandwich in hand, I inspected the basement plus there it was: the cause of the smoky burning stink, which was none other than our gas furnace catching fire plus filling the basement with a ton of smoke! I ran outside plus dialed 9-1-1 to get the fire department out to our residence, plus I waited as patiently as I could… While the sirens got closer down the street, I could only think about how foolish I was to neglect our fall season check-up for our gas heating machine. If only I had the check-up performed, our lake residence might not have nearly burned down that day! Some of us just have to learn the hard way, I figure.

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We control the HVAC now

My family grew up in a house. My folks could only afford so much, & my siblings & I shared a room for a long time. My parents & I both work full-time jobs, however neither one of them had a school education. They worked at least a few jobs every week, & our dad worked another job on the weekends. When our siblings & I were youngsters, our Dad & mom were in a poor vehicle accident. My dad was left permanently on his own, & our mom was also ruined severely. My parents gained a big settlement from the insurance corporation of the drunk driver. For the first time ever, our folks had some currency. They made a choice to buy a home with the settlement dough.  My siblings & I are gleeful that our parents bought a house. The two of us finished school in a great little village, & made our way to school. My folks have been in the home for a few years, & they have had to change. Since they no longer reside in an apartment, they have to perform their own service. My parents did not guess what to do when the Heating & A/C component stop going. My parents did not have a building owner to phone in, & they did not guess who to call for Heating & A/C assistance. Happily, a friendly neighbor offered a few suggestions. My folks have been using the same Heating & A/C corporation since that point. My folks still rely on the same Heating & A/C provider for all of their heater, ventilation, & air conditioning uses.

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