The HVAC unit did not even work

When our grandfather passed on, he had left us his old beach house. It was such an outdated place. It didn’t even have an air conditioning system! My father wanted to really fix this place up so it could be used as a nice summer home. I observed how the wind beat up the old windows, rattling them in their frames. I knew this house needed plenty of work. So my father highered some contractors to fix up the windows, install new insulation, and he also paid to have a proper HVAC system installed. He also hired a crew to handle the rest of the needed renovations. When everything was over and done, I was definitely impressed! The property still had that charming old fashioned look to it, but inside it was very comfortable with excellent air quality! I actually wish my grandfather could have seen the beach house the way it was with the wonderful improvements! He probably would have been angry about it to be honest though, because he was such a slick individual. He would have been furious at the installation bill for the HVAC unit. The thing is, it seriously raised the value of the property, so it was easily worth the investment. After that, we would stay in the beach house during the summer, and they were some of the best times of my life!

heater and a/c

How a/c got started

Last Summer, I took a road trip to the desert with my family. Our home is in the northern part of America, so we do not travel down that way very often. Where we live at, the temperature is hot almost year round. The humidity is so crazy, though, that you can’t even be outside for a few minutes without sweating hard. If it were not for the invention of air conditioning systems, there would be no way that I would ever consider living where I do. On the road trip, I was very curious to compare the climate in the desert compared to the north. I often heard stories about how hot the climate is, and I always think to myself that there is no way it could be worse than where I am! When we got there, I left the air conditioning of the car off to see just how hot the weather was outside. While the temperature was extremely hot, I found the air quality to be a bit more tolerable. The heat that they have is a dry heat. You still need air conditioning on a continual basis of course, but if you can find a spot with shade, it actually feels livable. When humidity is involved, even the shade does not give you an escape. In fact, even in places with air conditioning, you can still fight with that humidity. Although I did find the weather to be more reasonable, the lack of beaches is enough to make me stay where I am at!


The heater really does work well for me

I was sitting in my bedroom the other day, I could feel the sweat trickling down between my shoulders.  It was too cool outside to turn on the air conditioning, but I didn’t want to turn the thermostat down either.  I decided to take a cold shower and cool down. I really had a lot more work to do before I had my bedroom cleaned, but it was just too warm to do much more.  I opened the window a bit to let the cool breeze in from outside. I was about ready to finish putting away some clothes, when I once again heard the furnace turn on.  I could not believe it. It had to be at least eighty in the room and yet the furnace was turning on. I thought that the breeze from the window was possibly hitting the thermostat and causing it to falsely think the temperature was dropping.  This would have been a good reason for the furnace to turn on. I closed the window, but I could hear the thermostat click when it told the furnace the temperature had dropped. I completed my work and I went in search of my husband. I told him what was happening and how hot our bedroom was.  He came into the house and he went to look at the furnace and then he came upstairs. He was in the bedroom for about five minutes when he came out and took my hand. He closed the door behind us and pointed at the thermostat. When I was putting the sheets into the cabinet, I must have hit the thermostat.  It was reading eighty-two on the digital readout.

air conditioner service 

Love the a/c I have at home

Lately, I have been thinking about changing jobs. While at a conference, I had someone approach me and ask to interview for a position at their company. I am very ify about it, as I really enjoy working my current job. But, there are some benefits that I already know about the new position being offered. One of those that I really like is the opportunity to work back home again. I long for the warmer days, and I love the idea of being able to use an air conditioner again. To me, a good HVAC system beats out a heater any day of the week. I really can’t stand the feeling of walking into my house and suffocating from the heat that the heater makes. It’s much better to be able to escape the heat and walk into a house that is cranking out some wonderfully cool air conditioning! It really feels like home. I don’t like the heat outdoors, but the job I am being offered would not require for me to be outdoors at all. In fact, the only time I would leave the comfort of my air conditioning system is on my trip to my car in the morning and my trip to my front door in the evening. At my current job, I am always outside in cold temperatures, and I will occasionally step into an office that has the heat set so high that it makes you want to go back outside. The real question that I really need answered with this new job is what the pay will be. As much as I love air conditioning, I like the idea of having money more!

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Working on my tune-up

I am very particular about indoor temperature.  I can’t tolerate feeling even slightly chilly or overheated.  I utilize some type of heating or cooling equipment all year round.  Since I live in an area that experiences very severe winter weather and hot, humid summer seasons, the heating/cooling equipment carries a heavy workload.  I need an HVAC system that can not only meet demand but operate reliably and efficiently. I certainly don’t want to be inconvenienced by a repair or spend a fortune on monthly utility bills.  I currently rent an apartment, so I rely on the landlord to handle any problems that arise. This can be super frustrating when I’m left with a malfunctioning furnace or air conditioner. While I’m thrilled that I’m not responsible for the cost of repairs, I don’t like waiting around for the landlord to remember to contact an HVAC professional.  Last July, the air conditioner in the apartment started to make an alarming rattle and was no longer putting out a sufficient supply of cool air. I immediately alerted the landlord, and he promised to get right on it. When two days went by, with me sweating non stop and finding it impossible to sleep at night, I called him again. This time, I offered to contact the HVAC company myself.  Once I got an HVAC technician to inspect the air conditioner, a part needed to be ordered. I ended up waiting two more days for the part to arrive. I am tempted to start looking for a new apartment with a more modern heating and cooling system.

These products are very unique

When my husband and I bought property down south, we chose a house equipped with a heat pump.  The local weather is typically warm and sunny in the summer, and moderate during the winter. While the outside temperature often climbs up into the upper nineties, it rarely drops below forty degrees.  This range is easily handled by the heat pump. It operates as a central air conditioner in cooling mode, and with a touch of a button, switches to heating. It operates on electricity, and simply finds ambient heat in the air and moves it from one place to another.  Unfortunately, the first winter we spent in our new house, there was an unexpected and unprecedented cold snap. The temperature dropped well below freezing. The house, at that time, was not properly insulated and the heat pump couldn’t handle the severe cold. Being an older unit, the heat pump is definitely not as energy efficient or powerful as a modern alternative.  The equipment literally froze over. There was a coating of ice over the component. My husband and I had to repeatedly shut the heat pump off, and we used hair dryers to thaw it out. We tried changing the filter and cleaning the inner workings, but the system simply wasn’t designed for such cold temperatures. We eventually purchased several space heaters to supplement the heat pump.  Since then, we’ve debated over whether or not we should upgrade our heating/cooling system. Although the weather has remained mild, we worry that we’ll get hit by another cold winter and once again be without sufficient heat.

central heating system 

Refreshing the indoor air

I live in a small subdivision located about an hour outside the city.  Our neighborhood was carefully planned, with a large park in the center, walking paths, and a beautiful wooded area.  All of the homes were built by the same construction company, and they are very similar. Each of the houses is equipped with the exact same heating and cooling system, and the equipment is also the same age.  Since this part of the country experiences a wide fluctuation in weather, from humid summers to brutally cold winters, the heating and cooling equipment carries a heavy workload. After I’d lived in my home for about eight years, I started seeing HVAC service vans in my neighborhood.  Just about every month, somebody was faced with a malfunction with either the furnace or the air conditioner. Because I have been extremely conscientious about air filter replacement and seasonal maintenance, my heating and cooling equipment has been quite reliable. Now that I’ve lived in my home nearly fifteen years, most of my neighbors are in the process of replacing their furnaces and air conditioners.  I’m now worried that, despite all of careful maintenance, my heating and cooling units are wearing out. While I’m not anxious to invest in a whole new system, I certainly don’t want to deal with a sudden failure of the furnace in the middle of the winter. I’ve seen the difficulties faced by my neighbors, who have been left without heat and had to rush into furnace replacement. I plan to research modern air conditioners and furnaces, check out my options, and consult with a local HVAC contractor.   


I have a lot of energy

We have neighbors that are doing some major reconstruction to their home.  They live a quarter of a mile away, but they are burning all of the old and rotted boards that they are removing from the house.  The smell is so bad that it is making me cough. I can barely breathe most of the time, and I need to keep the doors and windows tightly closed.  It is only spring, and usually our windows and our doors are wide open. We love to welcome the soft warmth of spring, and the ever present breeze.  It is still cool in the house, but I needed to get out the portable air purification system that we have, and get it working. I swore that I could see the denseness of air rising, and going into that air purifier.  My husband had to clean the air filter the same night we had the system running, and every night since. There is so much smoke and grime getting into our home, because of their construction and ever present burning.  Yesterday, he broke down and turned on the air conditioning. We have a Pure Air Filter System in our air conditioning system. The Pure Air Filter System, takes out over 99.9% of the allergens and dirt in the air. After the air conditioning and the Pure Air Filter System took over, the air was once again clean and fresh, and I was able to breathe properly.  We knew that the Pure Air Filter System was going to make a difference for my asthma and allergies, but we didn’t know it would work this well.

air purification 

Somebody help me out!

When my friend, Carla, and I moved into together, I expected it to be great fun.  We had always gotten along really well, and were both looking to trim expenses. We found a really nice apartment in close proximity to our jobs.  We decided to split everything from rent and utilities to groceries and upgrades to the apartment. Carla and I spent a significant amount of money on some potted plants, throw rugs, and artwork to make our place look nice.  We agreed that we then needed to be very conservative about our spending. While Carla is great about cutting coupons for groceries, turning off the lights, and taking short showers, she can’t seem to manage the thermostat. She is costing me a fortune in energy bills.  In the winter, because of the brutal weather in this area, we can’t get by without running the heating system. I don’t expect my roommate to go without heat, bundle up in ten sweaters and shiver. I also don’t want to pay to maintain an empty apartment at the perfect temperature.  Since I leave for work before Carla, she needs to remember to turn down the thermostat. I’ve left notes taped to the toaster, the front door and even her boots, and yet she leaves the furnace pumping out heat all day long. I had hoped, that when the warmer weather arrived, we would be able to reduce our energy expenses.  I see no need to operate the air conditioner unless the weather is super hot and brutal. Carla, however, always feels overheated and finds it necessary to blast the cooling system. Even worse, I’ve already caught her running the air conditioner with the windows open.

climate control 

I know the heater needs new inner workings

Have you ever tried to watch someone who is grilling in the middle of a snowstorm? If not, you should take a ride by my brother’s house in the middle of winter because it’s quite entertaining. He stands out they’re covered in head-to-toe with his parka, gloves, and hat, while trying to wrestle with the barbecue and keep it going. The best part is that he has the big propane torpedo heater going next to him as well. I’m not sure that the heater actually does any good because the wind is usually blowing but it makes him feel better that it is there. When he finish this making dinner he always comes in and brags about his barbecuing skills while the rest of us just sit and laugh. Although it is nice to have meat that has been char-broiled in the dead of winter I don’t think that is worth the effort myself. I would much rather sit in the house with the HVAC system keeping me nice and toasty and bake something in the oven. I have tried to convince him that you can achieve the same type of flavors using sauces and spices in the oven as you do outside but he won’t hear of it. I think one day I will challenge him to a cook-off and see whose food actually taste better and who felt better while cooking it. Every time he comes in from the grill he is practically frostibitten on any of his body parts that are exposed. He heads over to the vent for the HVAC system and stands there until he completely thaws out. Meanwhile, those of us that have been in the house are completely comfortable.

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