The fungi with the a/c

I really like living and I hate having asthma.  I’ve decided that the only way to continue to enjoy living was to keep my asthma at bay.  My wife and I had a top of the line air conditioning system installed in our house. It had an amazing air purification system that used UV rays to sterilize.  There was an air filtering system that could have filter the germs out of the entire White House. It had a dehumidifier to keep the humidity under control. I couldn’t believe how sanitary it was making my house.  Not even the cooking smells could linger in this place. I hadn’t had an asthma attack since we had installed. Then I was sitting in the living room reading the paper. The air conditioning came on and I began to wheeze.  I knew there was a problem. I told my wife I wanted a screwdriver and a flashlight. I opened the air vent, and it was just as I suspected. They were filled with mold. I knew that I could clean the air vent with bleach, but I didn’t know if that was all the mold there was.  I was also getting worse with my breathing, the longer I had the air vent opened. We called the HVAC company and told them we needed to have a cleaning crew come out to eliminate the mold that was in our ductwork and air ducts. We didn’t stick around, but went away for a couple of days until the job was completed.  I don’t know how the mold found its way in there, but I’m sure glad it’s gone.

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Getting a really great heat pump

All my life I have lived in the deep south.  I wouldn’t know what a real winter was like, if it was staring me in the face.  I only have winter for about a month. The lowest nightly temperature has only been forty degrees.  I would freeze if I had to live where the temperatures were that in the daytime. I have to have my air conditioning running all of the time.  My electricity bills are through the roof and I barely get enough air conditioning to be comfortable. I know that I need to get a new HVAC system, because  this one is shot. I consider getting the ductless mini splits, but that would be too many thermostats to deal with. I like to be able to set one thermostat and know that my entire house is going to be cool and comfortable.  I don’t want to go from room to room with different temps. Now I am looking at a heat pump system. I don’t really like the price, but I love the way it works. I think of it as a kind of window air conditioning unit without the window or the unit.  It pulls the heat of the house and blows it to the outside. Since my winter temps don’t go below freezing, the heat pump will even be good for the winter. It will pull the ambient heat from the outside and heat it up to my desired temperature and blow it inside.  Although it is expensive, the HVAC company told me that it is so efficient, I will save the cost through the lowering of my energy bill, in just a couple of years.

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The airline’s HVAC equipment

I wonder if I am the only one who doesn’t like to fly.  The main reason I hate flying, isn’t fear, but the fact that they have the worst HVAC system of anywhere I have ever been.  You would think their air purification system would be top notch considering how many people they cram into those little spaces.  That is at least 200 times the body odor. That doesn’t even account for the countless children in diapers that need changing. Then add in the amount of people with bad breath, or who sneeze and cough without using tissues.  I could go on and on, but it all boils down to not having a good air purification system to rid the airplane of all of these odors and germs. You can’t even get good ventilation. I used to fly all over the country, for my job.  The seats were too small and the food was always cold and usually just a glob. I swore that when I retired from that job, I would never get into a plane again. Now, my son is about to graduate. I am expected to be there to see the procession and bring him home with me.  I really want to be there, but loathe the idea that I need to fly over two thousand miles to watch the graduation. I can only hope that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning has become better. I hope the seats are bigger and the leg room has improved. I really hope that the air purification system is working, but maybe that is too much to hope for.

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Want our HVAC unit repaired

I couldn’t believe the hard sell they put on my wife and I when we bought our new heating and air conditioning system.  I had done all of my homework and I knew that the HVAC system we had purchased, came with a ten year warranty on the entire system and the working parts.  Labor was covered under a one year warranty. The only thing that I hadn’t read, was that if I didn’t buy a maintenance and repair plan, the warranty could be voided.  I hated that I had to purchase a second maintenance plan to deem the original warranty, usable. I had no idea if this was the idea of the HVAC companies, or if it was something that was concocted with the heating and air conditioning manufacturer.  There was nowhere that read I had to purchase a maintenance and repair plan, it just said that the HVAC system needed to have regular maintenance and repairs done, to keep the warranty in good standing. I even called the manufacturer, but they told me that if the HVAC company charged for the service, there wasn’t anything they could do.  When the HVAC technician installed the new HVAC system, I called him out about the service plan. He told me I was right, but that he would have no problem giving us the first year of service free. I knew that this was a game. I also knew that was exactly what I already had and so did he. He said that he would cut the price of the maintenance agreement in half, if I paid it up front.  The first year would be free and the second year would be half off. That seemed fair, but I held out until I got a year of free air filters.

heater and a/c

Heating and air conditioning

When you are a single parent, you tend to value your home time more than most other people.  I wonder if some of that isn’t because I like my kids. Recently, I became the sole guardian of our children, when my wife was deployed for a full year.  We were already in the process of buying a home, and I was left to take care of everything, on my own. The house was in a great part of country setting and the air was fresh and clean.  I had all of the inspections done to make sure the house was structurally sound and there were no leaks in the roof. My next inspection, I had planned on holding off for a while, but I made the decision to have it done now, and that was the HVAC system.  The owners told me it was new, but that was vague because they did give me a time frame. The home inspector had done a cursory perusal of the HVAC system and he said it seemed to be okay, but that wasn’t good enough for me. I called the HVAC contractor and asked him to take a look at the HVAC system.  When he showed up, he did a thorough inspection of both the heating and the air conditioning. He told me that the system’s differential was substandard. I just stared at him, hoping he would be that in layman’s terms. He told me the differential efficiency measure. With a few small tweaks, he was able to finish his inspection and maintenance.  He told me that now the HVAC would run more efficiently and that I would get quite a few years from the system.

The radiant heater device

Last week, the weather report was for beautiful skies and sixty degree weather.  My wife and I had been relying on our fireplace to keep us warm in the mornings. We had lived for about ten years and we had never had any problems with the house.  We thought we were lucky for not have any real breakdowns or repairs needed. So, when we had the warning last week, that our nice weather was about to end, we wanted to be prepared.  They were calling for the chance of heavy snow and winds. I told my wife to turn on the thermostat so we could make sure the furnace was going to respond. She had hold of the switch for the thermostat, but she just stood there.  I asked her what the problem was and she showed me the switch, which was now in her hand. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. Without turning on the thermostat, our radiant heated flooring wouldn’t be able to heat our home.  I knew I had to call the HVAC company. Unfortunately, due to everyone getting prepped for the upcoming storm, no one was able to come out and look at our thermostat. I had to bite my tongue and call her father, and ask him if he could help us out.  My father-in-law hates me and he makes that quite clear. He didn’t even talk to me as he walked over to the thermostat. He had a thermostat with him and he immediately changed it out, and the heating instantly came to life. He told my wife a real man can do those kinds of jobs for his family.

radiant floor heating

The fungi and air cooling system

The two of us recently took a trip to the coast. The two of us. We were fortunate to stay in a Beach rental. The prices were very low, which the two of us believe to certainly be from the change of tourist season. Unfortunately, we found out that the area was suffering from more than one large algae problem. My friends plus myself could not go kayaking or fishing, plus the beach was covered in the same red toxic germs. The two of us sat in our rental for more than one day, upset over the outdoor conditions. The two of us were naturally happy to have good air quality inside of the brick house. The heat pump, ventilation, plus air conditioning machine was doing a good job of keeping all of the allergens Outdoors. It was easy to tell a significant difference in the air quality that was in our Brick House, when compared with the air quality Outdoors. The two of us were happy for the air filtration system that was on the heat pump, ventilation, plus air conditioning machine. It kept the two of us from getting terrible headaches or runny noses. These were the types of symptoms that people in the area seem to be suffering from. There are some toxic effects from these red algae blooms, but the two of us were safe inside of the brick house with a nice air filtration system plus air conditioning at machine. That was easily the most miserable vacation I have ever been on, and I’ve been on some doozies.

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Hoping for hotel air conditioning

The two of us certainly have a few Vivid memories of our grandparents, even though they both passed away before we were very old. The two of us certainly remember one time when we all went to a large Canyon to see a river. The two of us were excited to spend more than one week with our grandparents. They picked us up in an RV plus we headed out to see more than one of those Southwestern States. My grandparents had just picked up that RV, plus we had never certainly had one to use before. On the second day of our trip, the RV had a flat tire plus we had to take it to a dealership. The two of us plus our grandparents were out of luck, because it was Sunday plus more than one of the dealerships were already closed. The two of us plus our grandparents were forced into a local motel for the evening. The local Motel was and I sore. It seemed to be certainly more than 100 years old. When the two of us went inside of the building, we could smell a dirty old stench of cigarettes. The two of us didn’t even want to touch the heat pump, ventilation, plus air conditioning machine. The dial to turn the machine from heat to air conditioner was covered in a gooey substance. My grandparents grab the two of us plus marched down to the office to demand our money back. They weren’t staying anywhere with out heat, ventilation, plus air conditioning. We decided to spend the night in the RV, with the windows cracked open.


Cooling system coated in mold

My neighbor told myself and others this story of how her new residence was entirely overcome with mold and she suspected it had a lot to do with her HVAC machine… She said she knew she had obtained her residence used, as it was officially rented out by school students. She had got a pretty good deal on the mortgage payments plus she figured it was because of the seriously heavy traffic near the school campus. She didn’t mind the traffic plus just saw the deal as a way to save currency for her upcoming vacation. The two of us would speak to one another when we were in the backyard. The two of us were never over the top friendly with one another plus knew our boundaries as good neighbors. That was until a single day I saw her run out of her kitchen door plus began vomiting all over the place. I rushed over to her plus asked what was wrong. She didn’t know for certain, but she thought the HVAC machine was making her sick. I called the ambulance plus they took her away to the hospital. I went to visit her in the hospital some days later to show my respect plus asked her what was going on with the HVAC machine. She said she smelled a horrible stench all that night plus suspected it was a problem with the ventilation. But when she went into the basement, the smell became so much stronger. That was when she observed the massive amount of mold seeping through the walls plus ceiling. She had particularly questioned the realtor when she obtained the residence if it needed any ventilation work. The reply was no. That amount of mold most definitely didn’t build while she was living there, so it must have been known to others involved. I took it upon myself to schedule a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to come plus check everything out at her residence. She said she was in the process of contacting her lawyer.

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The errors with the ac

Back in June, my sweet little spouse & I noticed that our A/C component was not cooling properly, and it felt love some of our rooms were colder than others. It had been numerous weeks I know since the last tune-up, & all of us decided to contact the A/C repair service, but then all of us had the A/C control component set for 70 degrees, yet it felt genuinely hot & unusually humid inside of our home! My spouse made a huge appointment with the A/C repair shop, & all of us found out that our A/C component was apparently leaking freon, then normally, a Freon leak is something that can easily be detected & repaired in a jif, however unfortunately, our Freon leak was in a tight spot, and with no way to possibly repair the leak properly, my spouse & I were forced to buy a current A/C compressor… They clearly did not have the particular make & model that all of us needed.  Therefore, my spouse & I waited numerous afternoons for our current A/C compressor to be hand delivered. It took numerous hours for the A/C repair team to complete the upgrade. After everything was said and done, set up & completed, the HVAC supplier turned on the control component to properly test our A/C system. The air coming out of the air vent was 55 degrees, signaling to us that the current A/C compressor was genuinely working fine. The A/C upgrade team still waited around for 30 hours, just to make sure that the plan was functioning properly. Well, and maybe to get a few fresh cookies from the oven.