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Prom a/c device

When I remember my prom I don’t always remember it as being a great thing to be at. I do remember all of the beautiful dresses and I remember the tuxedo that my boyfriend. I also remember how bad the air conditioning was in the ballroom that we rented for the prom. We arrived in a limousine, and we were early enough to get pictures taken of us as individuals and in a group. Soon after the prom started, we begin to notice a change in the temperature of the room. By the time they announce the king and queen of the prom, We were realizing that the air conditioning system had broken down.  Some of the teachers had already spoken to members of the staff about the air conditioning. We were told they were working on the air-conditioning but it was getting so warm inside the ballroom that many of the students were leaving. Eventually, even my boyfriend, our friends and I decided to also leave. Without air conditioning, it was just entirely too warm in the ballroom to continue dancing. We all ended up at one of our friends house and found out that we were having a much better time without being at the prom. At least at my friend’s house, we had air conditioning in the room where we were playing CD’s and able to dance without a bunch of teachers hanging around.  I will never have fond memories of my prom, unlike most of the people that I talk to. My prom really sucked.

Getting the air conditioner all hooked up

About a year ago, we had a really bad tropical storm go through our area.  We live in the south and this is to be expected. What wasn’t expected was losing our power for a week because of the tropical storm.  The storm came through in mid August when the temperatures were still in the nineties and the humidity level was at ninety percent. We had no refrigerator, no cooking stove and no air conditioning.  For a full week we were sweating and getting little sleep. We had to cook on a grill outside. We swore that we would not go through another summer without having air conditioning because of a tropical storm.  We waited until storm season was over and we started looking for sales on generators. We talked to our HVAC company and asked what sized generator we would need in order to keep our home with power throughout any kind of storm and for any length of time.  We opted for a generator that was able to be connected with a transfer switch and the generator would automatically start when it detects that the power had gone off. Our generator ran on propane and we were able to get a large propane tank and all we had to do was to make sure that it was filled prior to storm season.  I can’t wait to see the look on my neighbors face when my lights are all on and my air conditioning is running and they are all without power and no air conditioning.

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The check up on the HVAC

Here we are, it is late October,  and I am in the middle of preparations for a category four hurricane.  It is expected to expected to make landfall sometime in the next day or so, and we are to get a direct hit.  We sometimes forget that our hurricane season lasts from June until December, and we get a bit lax, but Mother Nature is giving us quite a reminder this week.  We already have the winds starting and some of the rain. The last time we had a hurricane go through here, we came home to quite a mess. We have some large old oaks in our backyard.  One of the oak trees had been ripped out of the ground and it landed right on top of our air conditioning compressor. It tore out our fencing and destroyed our camper. We had insurance on the camper and the fence, through our hurricane insurance.  The insurance company told us they didn’t cover air conditioning units. We were pretty sure we would have to replace the air conditioning compressor because the cover was ripped right off it. When we called the HVAC company, it took them about a week to get out to us.  We spent a week with no electricity, and no air conditioning. It was July and the temperatures were in the nineties and the humidity was off the charts. We did need to replace the air conditioner compressor and it was quite expensive. That is why we are a bit hesitant about evacuating the home now.  If the storm is as bad as is expected, it isn’t like we’ll be able to do anything to change the damage.


The air conditioner being shut down

My granddad was the youngest of more than six siblings back in the day! He was regularly the baby of the family, plus got continually picked on even when they were all seasoned plus gray, and once the baby, regularly the little baby, he would say to me. He still says it to me, to this really afternoon, mostly because he moved in with our partner plus I a couple of years back plus I sincerely doubt he will ever move out. He drives myself and others crazy periodically, but he was also regularly there for myself and others growing up, even when the rest of our family coldly bailed on me, so I am grateful to be able to repay him, but he seriously has to learn to just freaking leave our thermostat alone! Growing up on the farm with so multiple siblings, he considers many things care about a/c to be a luxury, so he is regularly turning off our cooling proposal whenever I don’t watch him, but even when it is a sweltering, humid 95 in the beach house he says “we don’t need to run the air conditioner, just open a window.” I have to explain this is our house, plus therefore I get to decide when the people I was with and I run the cooling system; I mean, I worked taxing to pay for a really nice, energy efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system for us, because I care about to run our cooling proposal a lot. I try to tell him he is more than welcome to stare here as long as he likes, but that also means he has to keep his hands off the thermostat. I don’t mind paying the sky high energy bills, but that entitles myself and others to dictate the daily temperature control settings as I see fit.

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every 5-7 years-duct cleaning

Every several to several years it is necessary to get proper ductwork cleaning. After 5-7 years, the inside of ductwork can get dangerous and so entirely gross. First, dust gathers in the ductwork. When the Heating as well as A/C proposal is not powered on, the air stays stagnant. The dust then does not blow around the home plus directly out of the Heating as well as A/C ducts. The dust just sticks in there plus creates a thick layer of grime. Next, if the air conditioner is not on plus handling the humidity in Summer, all that mold can get into the ductwork. Excessive moisture not taken care of is a difficult and exhausting thing. The mold grows frequently in the A/C device plus sprouts up all around the home. The mold also prefers the dark corners of ductwork. Having all that moldy ductwork is bad. The A/C will blow through the ductworks plus over the volumes of mold spores. This causing contaminated air quality plus will often make the home inhabitants get sick. Another gross thing that can get into the ductwork is gross, disease ridden pests. Bugs, mice plus even chipmunks can get into the ductwork. The tiny creatures will chew the ductwork plus cause leakage. They also will build nests plus poop all day long in the ductwork. This is exhausting for Heating as well as A/C efficient plus the ridiculous indoor air conditions. It is not necessary to check plus scrub out the ductwork every year. But, after an extended amount of time, the ductwork will often require some attention. The Heating as well as A/C business simply has its own Heating as well as A/C supplier use a giant scrub brush plus scrub the nasty inner easily workings of the ducts. It is that easy to go on and get rid of those gross, large problems. Why not get it?

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Calling an actual a/c business

When you get your very first air conditioner system, don’t install it yourself! It is the smart traninterest to just give in and call an actual air conditioner business plus have them handle the installation for you, however the reason is that an air conditioner business is prepared to handle the inherent complexity of installing a cooling unit. There are lots of things a homeowner can very easily screw up! One of the things is the amount of refrigerant in the air conditioner system in question. On the initial installation, the refrigerant has to be perfectly leveled. Too much of the coolant, plus the liquid will run out of the air conditioner. It is almost the same as if you are drowning you’re cooling system, but not enough liquid plus the vast number of inner easily working will rub plus grind together. If you still mess up that initial installation coolant, the A/C device is done. It will never again job as well after that! Also, the cooling proposal will need more A/C repairs than it should in its lifetime, finally, the air conditioner will have a decreased lifespan. This is all from a very straightforward, supposedly very easy 10 minute procedure right when you get the cooling unit installed. How several homeowners know how much refrigerant is good? Not very several in this instance. Also, the cooling business will install the A/C device regularly and often. Nothing will be lose or adjusted inregularly. The air conditioner will run longer, way more efficient minutes with professional installation. It is worth it to get the A/C entirely installed by a fantastic air conditioner professional.

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The dentist ac plan

I woke up the other day with a poor pain in my tooth & I called a few places before I found 1 that had an available appointment. Well when I got to the office I found out why exactly they had openings; it was super hot & humid in the building & a horrible smell came with it. I was in so much pain that I didn’t care too much about the heat, I just wanted my tooth fixed. I ended up waiting 50 minutes past the appointment to be called in & another 50 minutes before I saw the doctor; By this time I was starting to get nauseous because of the bad stink that I had now think was coming from the ventilation ducts. When I mentioned it to the doctor, he said that the a/c hadn’t been now working for a few months & he thinks it is related to the stink. By this time I had heard enough. I opted to take my x-rays & go elsewhere even if it meant I would have to wait a few days, weeks..I did not care! I couldn’t trust an office that wouldn’t take care of their a/c to take care of me really. How do I know for sure they scrub their tools & such? As it was, I’d been in the office for 3 hours plus baking in the heat & feeling sick in the stomach from the smell & nothing had actually been done; Fortunately, I was able to find another doctor in a clean, fresh, & air conditioned building the legitimately right away next day. I was in & out in just over an hour or so, was much better!!


The car needs good cooling

I didn’t notice that the cooling system in my rental car was not working! The first several days I had it I couldn’t tell because the weather was nice and cool! However, a few days later, the most important day, I absolutely noticed it, then i had traveled to the Midwest to go to a wedding! And of course, it was the day of the wedding itself that I most needed the cooling system as well as didn’t have it. I had to drive to the event all dressed up as well as perspiring sweat like a pig! Needless to say, I wasn’t truly pleased. I then took our seat outside, with everyone else, as well as watched the wedding. It was absolutely unseasonably hot that day, however too bad I had planned for cooler weather. In the end it didn’t entirely matter. The wedding was beautiful as well as no one was looking at how moderate hot as well as sweaty I was anyway. The ceremony reception was soon moved indoors as well as I was over the moon to see that the cooling system was now working inside the building so I was finally comfortable… By the time all of the festivities were over it was night or evening so it wasn’t too awful driving back to the hotel in the rental automobile without the cooling system. I don’t know if I should tell the rental business about the problem or not, and on the one hand, I may get some sort of a discount. On the other, they may charge me for damaging the automobile however I didn’t do it, but who would have thought it would be so hot this time of season anyway?

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The ductwork constantly leaks

When I found and seen some water leaking through my ceiling I called out a roofer; He came out as soon as I called, used a ladder to get onto my roof and crawled up into my attic and then told me that my roof was fine, the water was coming from condensation on my HVAC ducts. He mentioned that I needed to call out an HVAC company because this water can cause deadly mold and other damage just the same as if my roof was leaking. I thanked him for being 100% honest then I called out an HVAC worker and half expected them to tell me it was something else but he didn’t. He said my ductwork needed insulation and that would keep this from happening again. He also explained that insulating my ductwork may even save me a little bit of cash because the cool air won’t be wasted in attic section anymore. I sure hope this is the case. I do plan to keep my new home freezing cold. The hotter it is outside, the lower I will set the control component thermostat to inside. The specialist got to work sealing my ductwork and then insulating all of it! When he was done, not only did I notice that the leak in the ceiling was gone but my air quality felt colder than it had before. I had no idea what so ever that ductwork needed to be insulated, but for that matter, I had no idea that mine wasn’t and never was. I don’t go into the attic. I’m just thrilled and overjoyed the problem is fixed even if I did call out the wrong company at first call.

The alterations in heating and cooling

My full family and I visited relatives out of town last week, we were lucky enough to have a home to stay in, because a friend of the family was out of town and let every single one of us stay in her home for the week we were going to be around, but my sister and I took a small room in the basement of the home while my mother took a room on the next floor, but it was really nice and we felt right at home, and there was only 1 single problem: the air conditioner. The home central heating and cooling, and a thermostat temperature control, however the temperatures in the 2 rooms were vastly different. The basement dining room was freezing cold all of the time. The bed I slept in was pushed up against a big window. At night, the cold air worked its ways into the room… Both my sister and I had to find additional blankets in order to be hot enough to sleep… On the other hand, the upstairs was boiling tepid hot all of the time. The a/c was so quiet we could hardly tell that it was working. You entirely couldn’t tell that it was by the temperature in that particular room. It is different too because the temperature control thermostat was located right outside of the upstairs bedroom door. Anyways, my mama had to sleep on top of the covers and leave the fan on. I believe we can’t complain too much. We all had a place to sleep and take a shower and it wasn’t costing us any cash. A fluctuating Heating and Air Conditioning unit is not much to have to put up with.

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