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Central air on the plane

Some people just love to fly. It’s not for everyone though – and it’s definitely not something that I enjoy whatsoever. I was regularly told that the more you fly, the easier it gets. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true for me. If anything, the more I fly, the more I hate it and the scarier it gets! Once the plane is in the air, it’s not so bad. Take off and landing however, those are pretty nerve wracking experiences for me. Turbulence is the worst part! To make my hated for flying even worse, the last time I flew was a pretty rough experience. The take off was smooth, and there was no turbulence at first. However, about an hour into the flight, things changed and turned for the worse. Something wasn’t working right with the air conditioner onboard. I tried changing the settings at our seat, but nothing was working at all! It seemed to just get warmer and warmer in the plane, which was really taking a toll on me physically. I finally asked a flight attendant what the problem was, but she just didn’t have any clue and said it was normal for the plane to get warm during the flight. I don’t see how when we’re high up in the sky – it should feel like the A/C is running at max capacity! Not having air conditioner on such a small plane that was filled with people was absolutely awful. I was so nauseated from the odor and stuffiness of the sizzling plane, and I wasn’t the only one suffering from the lack of air conditioning. Not only was the air conditioner not working, but we kept hitting more turbulence on that plane ride. The guy next to me seemed to be going through his own worst nightmare, and he was just covered in sweat! I thought not having air conditioner for myself and others was bad, but for that bad guy it was a whole lot worse. I was so thankful when we landed – but I still made a beeline for an air conditioned region of the airport!

air conditioning equipment

Getting a qualified HVAC worker

Just after I received my top of the class certification as a heating, ventilation as well as cooling system professional, I knew I needed to get myself set up in the industry by racking up some experience on the work force; I scanned for weeks on end to find a contracting firm with an open position, however all positions I noticed was for part-time help. I needed a full-time occupation if I was going to build some actual experience! That’s when I stumbled upon an home complex that needed an on-site servicemen. I was fairly know-howable about plumbing, electrical work as well as the like, so I thought I should apply – as well as to our surprise, I got the work! It seemed love a blessing, until our first week on the job. I almost never had to legitimately work on any heating as well as cooling units, nor did I have to perform check-ups on each apartment’s system. Instead, I was pretty much air filter replacer. For months in that work, I had an incredible amount of downtime (the joys of being on-call), as well as all I ever seemed to do was replace air filters, but sometimes, I’d have to shut off an a/c as well as power it back on, however that was rare! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m thankful the building had excellent heating as well as cooling system component that rarely needed repairs, even though I couldn’t stop wondering why they paid to have me on team to repair machines that aren’t broken. Finally, there was a afternoon where I had our work break out for me: multiple different apartments had severe mechanical breakdowns in their Heating and Air Conditioning systems, and one of them suddenly caught fire, as well as the fire department had to be called to contain the blaze! That was such an exciting afternoon for me! Unfortunately, it was 1 of few over the year I spent working at that complex. I will not  say I miss working there, now that I’m working for an Heating as well as Air Conditioning contracting company as well as have our work break out for myself and other employees on a weekly basis.

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Need to upgrade our HVAC

On day in all of our lives, both of us face the death of a loved one, a coworker, a friend, or an acquaintance! From that loss, many stages of sadness are encountered. Coincidentally, when I was told that my twenty year-old heating as well as a/c was in need of a thousand-dollar repair, I also went through the several stages of grief! At first, I couldn’t know it, i felt prefer I just chucked over thousands of dollars on buying this heating as well as air system, even though it over was a decade ago, but then I felt miserable – miserable that I didn’t get my money’s worth, as this Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C unit was advertised to last decades. That’s decades, with an “s” at the end.  At that point, I started the bargaining phase, as I talked with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C specialists as well as specialists to see if smaller repairs could be made – no such luck, Unfortunately. Depression came on strong, as I told the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C companies that I couldn’t possibly afford getting the heating as well as a/c replaced. Thankfully, the last period – acceptance – came when the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C corporations told myself and my family that financing options were available for current systems… Additionally, they explained that modern systems made today are far more efficient as well as effective at heating as well as cooling most apartments, then more often than not, units produced today are up to sixty percent more effective than systems made many years ago. Isn’t that something? Maybe it’s for the best, then… Sure, this system should’ve lasted another few years maybe, but it’s lasted as well as performed well, besides, I know for sure I’d enjoy getting a current system, along with a current control component to control it, but modern smart control units can be programmed to run on a schedule, as well as even learn my preferences as I use them! I know that means I’m finished with all the stages of grief, right?

Our rental’s HVAC gear

My husband as well as I couldn’t wait to leave on our mini-holiday in the Fall, and while most people cares about to travel to exotic or places with beaches as the temperature drops, we’re quite the opposite, the people I was with and I already stay in the southeast, where the hot as well as cold temperatures year long are in the eighties with a five degree deviation. The people I was with and I prefer disappearing to the far north, so the people I was with and I can get a real taste of a real Wintertime season! Last year the people I was with and I traveled far up north to the edge of the country, as well as the people I was with and I stayed in this spacious apartment that used ventless fireplaces to moderate us up, yet still it was cozy, but the people I was with and I kind of missed the bustle of a big city. That’s why the people I was with and I decided to stay at an hotel in the neighborhood of the city – New York City. My husband and I always thought the people I was with and I might need to blend in, as well as avoid looking like basic tourists, however much to our surprise, the people I was with and I didn’t have to do much acting, as most people in NYC was much nicer than the people I was with and I thought! Anyway, the place the people I was with and I were sleeping in was particular ; Being a small studio apartment, it used a room cooling unit to keep the area cooled down as well as cozy, however part of myself and others expected us to come into this room, only to find a old little window-mounted cooling unit. On the contrary, the people I was with and I had this excellent room cooling system that made the room too cool, if anything. The people I was with and I were also there in the middle of July, so the people I was with and I figured it would be moderate up there, then quite the opposite, to be honest – the northeast was still pretty cold! Most of the restaurants, bars as well as even broadway plays were also pretty cool on the inside, so there was hardly any need to be in the presence of an cooling unit anyway. I was thrilled for that – I heat up entirely  easily, as well as our wifey doesn’t mind wearing a coat everywhere, overall, the people I was with and I enjoyed the trip, as well as the people I was with and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go again soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll head out in the Wintertime, so the people I was with and I can make use of the furnace in that overnight rental apartment. I’ve always heard Winter in the northeast are incredibly cold, but we’ll see if that’s just talk.

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The power sources for heating

At the moment I’m in the hunt for a current furnace, and my trusty old boiler, while faithful as a servant & provider of heating in my house, has finally bit the dust after running for an alleged twenty one years. As lovely as the boiler has been, I’m intrigued by the plan of switching to a new, alternate plan for heating my place. As of late, I’ve been trying to decide if I want to get installation of a gas furnace that runs on oil, or a single that’s fueled with gas; With an oil gas furnace, the fuel is turned into a gas-like state from its normal liquid form, & burns to create warmth for the house. Meanwhile, a heated gas furnace runs in almost the exact same method. However, gas furnace requires the gas to mix with oxygen to burn, which leads to products of combustion being created, however using a gas gas furnace requires the use of an exhaust shaft leading out of the house from the gas furnace, or else the house owner runs the risk of combustion byproducts back-flowing into the house! To make things frustrating no matter preference, my change from a boiler system to a gas furnace could require the installation of current lines, additional ducts & different machinery needed to make the gas furnace task as intended; You know, the more I research how a gas furnace works, the more I’ve come to notice that I should just get a current boiler. After all, the boiler has no combustion byproduct, & is far better to use for heat than a gas furnace – & truly safer than a area heater! Besides, I’m sure a current boiler will last for much longer than my old boiler. Perhaps I should also consider installing radiant floors in a single or two rooms of the house? That method, I might still add to the furnace without changing the entire nature of how it works.

oil furnace

Need a/c when I make repairs

I generally tend to service and repair  my own vehicles when I can manage it. There is something gratifying about working with a wrench on a Saturday, messing with  a carburetor or checking the oil under a shade tree in the yard. Growing up, my two brothers and I built and rebuilt several cars with the help of our dad. The vehicles were considered ancient but had some great features.  By today’s standards they would be worth quite a bit of money. It was much easier to work on older cars rather than today’s models. There is so much specialized technology required to repair modern cars that it’s nearly impossible to work on then yourself. The air conditioner malfunctioned in my truck the other day. I figured the device  was a basic and small HVAC unit that I could troubleshoot on my own. I was completely wrong. In my home, if there was an issue with the cooling system, I would get an HVAC serviceman to come repair it. In my truck, I needed to take it to a mechanic to see what was wrong. My HVAC unit installed into home is pretty straight forward in design.  The cooling unit in my truck has several sensors that link to the central control. If a single of these sensors fails, the whole system has an issue. Needless to say, with the heat of July bearing down, I was fine with sitting at the auto shop for a while as they fixed my truck. At least there was a nice air conditioned lobby where I could sit and wait for my truck.

cooling specialist 

Getting more a/c for the Summer

During the summertime, my friends and I spend most of our off time hanging out at the beach. When the tide is ideal, we like to have our fishing handy, with a hook in the water. If the sun is shining bright and it’s a super hot day, we often go surfing or snorkeling off the beach. We  joke that there is always something to do at the beach. Our favorite location is a local beach with a freshly built pier. The sand there is pure white and as soft as powder. Recently, the town built a brand new boardwalk that runs for miles. They also set up several cooling stations where people can get out of the sun, rest, get water and cool off for a few hours at a time. It’s essentially a tent with a cooling system.  Tubes that are fed cold water by a commercial HVAC system. They provide a light mist from the vents that are fed by the ducting. The vents blow a steady cool mist which feels similar to air conditioning. There is always someone there to monitor the cooling system and make sure there is water available to drink. People have the chance to cool off for a bit, and it’s totally free. It’s a great addition to the new pier. The town built all of this after the last hurricane came through! Before that hurricane destroyed the ole pier, there weren’t any spots to cool off or even get out of the sun. Now there are several of these cool mist tents, which are conveniently located along the boardwalk with access to the beach.

forced air conditioning

A plan for the HVAC

I used to only think about Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine service when our air conditioner machine began experiencing complications. I’ve come to the realization that’s not the best way to approach air conditioner machine service! The last time I had an official Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C serviceman service our air conditioner machine, he detailed a seasonal service plan that would save me a great deal of money every year. With this plan, I wouldn’t have to worry at all about scheduling service appointments, and instead, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C worker would show up on the first of every month at the change of every season to inspect, clean, plus service any sort of problems that may have come about with our air conditioner machine! All I have to do is write these dates on our calendar plus I will remember them. This plan seems like an excellent move, because before I would wait until our air conditioner machine was entirely not working before calling a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech, plus the repairs can get extravagant. With routine service every season, I lessen the chances overall of our air conditioner machine breaking down… Even if I have to spend our savings for these appointments, I’ll end up saving money on the cost of pressing repairs or even replacements, which could happen if you let your air conditioner machine become too run down. For someone that’s easily forgetful like me, a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service plan is a real smart move. I appreciate not having to worry about our air conditioner machine breaking down all of the time, plus I genuinely appreciate not having to schedule every service appointment. I know I’m going to tell my friends about the fabulous seasonal Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service plan that I just enrolled in so that they can save money on their Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service also.

HVAC care plan

The smart thermostat looks good

After getting a fairly decent raise at work, I decided to treat myself to some residential upgrades. I replaced some of my furniture that was getting too old & added some current decor. Something I absolutely needed to upgrade was my Heating & Air Conditioning machine. While I was looking up various upgrades, I saw an advertisement for a smart thermostat. Incredibly intrigued, I wanted to see what this was actually about! Apparently, scientists have developed the technology to connect your residential thermostat to your smartphone. I thought this was a revolutionary idea. With a smart thermostat, I would easily be able to turn my air conditioning machine off when I left for my task in the morning, even if I had completely forgotten to do it at my beach residence I could control it from my iphone. Then, when I’m done with task for the day, I could turn my air conditioning machine on with my iphone before I even leave the office so that my beach residence is cool & ready when I get back home. Also, this would help out for times when I’m feeling totally lazy & don’t want to move. If I’m in bed & can’t sleep because it’s too hot, I can simply reach over to my iphone & turn my air conditioning machine down that way, separate from having to get out of my bed. I can also use my smart thermostat to change my air conditioning machine from the cooling to heating setting in case it gets too freezing in my residence. There are several benefits to owning a smart thermostat, & I guess it would be wise of me to invest in this Heating & Air Conditioning machine upgrade.

digital thermostat

They could use less a/c I think

One of the most annoying parts of going to the hospital is having to sit around to get a prescription filled… I have prescriptions that I take every afternoon, so that pretty much means I have to go to the hospital plus wait to have them filled every week. I have the specific day written on my calendar, plus I always know that it will never be a great afternoon. Simply waiting around in a hospital is annoying enough with a bunch of sick people coughing plus screaming little children running all over the place. On top of that they don’t have WIFI access, so I can’t even browse the internet while I am just sitting there. I usually just sit plus think about stuff until I can finally get my prescription. Even just sitting plus thinking about stuff is difficult when it’s extremely gelid inside. My hospital must have an industrial strength air conditioner machine, because every time I go there, it feels pretty much like I’m getting hit in the face with ice-cold air. Even when it’s snowy plus super cold out I can always count on our hospital to have its air conditioner machine working at full blast. Because of this, I’ll dress as warmly as possible to get my prescriptions. I realize that people might think I’m crazy for wearing a sweater plus jeans in the summer months, but I can’t risk being so extremely cold in the air conditioning at our hospital. I suppose the air conditioner machine is set high for some medical reason I don’t understand, however it sure makes me rather uncomfortable every time I have to go there… Air conditioning is obviously a true blessing, however when used way too excessively it can certainly turn into a curse.

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