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Can the radiant heater use air conditioning?

Both of us finally chose to have radiant heated floors acquired instead of a furnace. My wife and I disputed a lot about the costs and advantages and disadvantages before choosing to call a heating contractor to come out and look everything over and supply us a estimate. However, the girlfriend was really cheerful that every one of us were buying a gas furnace that would not be so terrible as the furnace every one of us were so used to! I adored the method of even warmth! But then, the professional wondering if every one of us wished for cooling floors as well. He discussed that the cooling floors would have to work in unison with our forced a/c but that a lot of people love that opportunity as well. I immediately said no. My wife said yes. I guess every one of us now have something else to dispute before every one of us pick a unit to connect to the pipes that will be under the floors. I really don’t see the requirement for this addition if every one of us still have to turn on our regular a/c too. The Heating and Air Conditioning professional discussed that toasty air rises and frosty air sinks, so only cooling the floors will not cool the whole duplex. However, he also discussed that cooling the floors would make the forced air unit function more effectively and more uniformly. I am just not sure it is worth the pricey cost or that every one of us would really be saving cash on our utility bill if every one of us have more than one cooling systems functioning all Winter. My girlfriend thinks every one of us should pay for it now or every one of us will wish we did it later, but she says every one of us don’t have to function the underfloor cooling system if every one of us don’t wish to.

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Heater vent blocked

This Winter, I observed that my gas furnace was not entirely functioning as it used to. It functioned well in every room except for the dining room. Periodically, it would go well in the dining room, but other afternoons, it would be freezing. However, despite the fact that I could hear the heating system functioning, no hot air seemed to be pushing through the dining room vent. To start with, there is only 1 vent in my tiny little dining room. That vent is beneath the table, plus I distraught that perhaps food or other garbage had gotten into it plus restrained it from blowing. I called out a Heating plus A/C contractor, plus they sent out an HVAC specialist. He went around the duplex plus then gazed under the table. My golden retriever, Gold, was sitting under there all relaxed plus dozing. I told him GOld wouldn’t hurt him. The HVAC specialist inquired if Gold usually slept under the table. I notified him that he does. He snickered plus said there was nothing wrong with my ducts other than the fact that my dog was reclining over them plus clogging them. I had to snicker too; it made so much sense that I wondered why I hadn’t figured it out quicker. The next day, I drove to the pet store plus got Gold a heated dog bed plus laid it under the table but not over the vent. The unappreciative dog still sleeps over my vent though, then oh well, I recognize I’ll just have to obtain a space heating system for the dining room, either that, or freeze.


I have quite a bit of square footage

I am a Realtor and I sell a lot of homes in many different neighborhoods and price ranges.  If there is one thing about the marketing of the homes that I don’t agree with, that is the home warranty plans.  From personal experience, I will tell you not to purchase the home warranty for the air conditioner. Oh sure, it will help to sell the house with a warranty on that air conditioner, but depending on the age of the A/C equipment, many of the home warranty companies won’t replace the HVAC unit.  The warranty might help with an HVAC repair of little expense, but it doesn’t replace the A/C unit as often as they want you to think. I know, I bought an older home with the home warranty, guaranteeing me a new HVAC unit, if the current one failed me. You got it. Less than one year into ownership, and the air conditioner stopped working.  It was like pulling teeth to get the warranty company to send any HVAC help, let alone new equipment. I should have known it was a game. The typical HVAC system costs much more than the warranty did, but I wasn’t really expecting to have to replace the air conditioner, but I was thinking that it would help with some A/C maintenance or possibly an air conditioning or heating repair part, and why wouldn’t I?  Millions of Americans buy these home warranties daily. I now advise my clients to purchase the warranty only if the HVAC unit is new, and maybe then if the A/C goes out, it may get fixed.

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Planning for my new house

Something that has been disappointing to me lately, is that we haven’t had any rain forever! Now I’m the type of person that absolutely loves the rain. I would even go out in a rainstorm right now just to dance and sing if I could! Of course for the most part, I just love to watch the rain out the window. It gives me a sense of peace and makes me feel happy inside. Everything lately just feels entirely dry and it’s really depressing to me. I keep having to water the lawn in fear that it will dry up and die. I am also constantly watering the flowers as well, they could certainly use some rain! It being so dry and hot lately, I keep having to run the A/C on nearly full crank! I also have to run the humidifier a lot lately as well because it has been really dry. My lips are getting chapped a lot more than usual. I only run the humidifier just enough to make me feel better though, I certainly don’t want it to be too humid in my house. I aim for the perfect air quality inside of my house. I also have a dehumidifier because it does sometimes get too humid. Honestly, you don’t want it to be too dry or overly humid. You always want the air quality to be just right. If we could only get a little bit of rain, I wouldn’t even need to bother with the humidifier! I think I’m just going to go outside and start doing an old fashioned Native American rain dance! Maybe that will get us some rain around here! Since the rain tends to naturally cool things down, I would be able to take it easy on the climate control settings and perhaps turn off the A/C for a little while.

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College loans

I had to spend about two hours in a dollar discount store today with my cousin. She’s giving a baby shower for her best friend, and she’s trying to throw the party on a very tight budget. That’s why we ended up at this dollar store. Apparently, the dollar store is cheap in more ways than one. The temperatures in the area where we live are skyrocketing this week. It was 70 degrees at the beginning of the week, but now it’s in the mid-90s! I was expecting to walk into a cool, air-conditioned building when we got to the discount store, but when we walked in, it was warm and humid. It kind of felt like a sauna in there because of all the sunshine streaming in through the big plate glass windows in the front of the store. I told my cousin that she better hurry up because we were both going to melt inside that furnace of a store with no air conditioning. But of course, she took as long as possible. I was dripping with sweat by the time we got to the middle aisle of the store where the baby shower items were, and so I asked the manager what the deal was. He was sweating too, and he said that their air conditioning unit had frozen up that morning because it had been running non-stop to try and cool down the temperature in the store. He said that he had called the local HVAC company to come and repair the unit but since it was so hot, they had a backlog of A/C repairs to do before they could come to the store.

I could hear the drop of a pin

My husband works from an office in our house. It’s on the other side of the house, so he gets a fair amount of privacy and seclusion from all the noise and activity that goes on around here with me, our dog, and our five kids. However, the side of the house that he works in is on the old side of the house. Part of our house was built in 1920 and the other part was built in 2000, so the insulation on the new part is much better than the insulation in the old part. When I run the air conditioning on the newer side of the house, the cooled air stays in the house and cools down the temperature quickly and efficiently. This is not the case on the old side of the house. The kids and I can be freezing out in the kitchen, with cold air blasting through the air vents in the ceiling, and my husband will be in the office sweating. When he asks me to turn on the air conditioning, I usually tell him that it’s already on and that the kids and I are freezing. Last week I took him an electric box fan to plug in and use in the office, but he said that didn’t do the trick. Today, it’s supposed to be in the 90s outside and so he said that he’s going to go and buy a small window air conditioner to use in the office. I wish there were some way we could get our HVAC system to work in both sections of our weird old/new house!

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A rock through the window

 When I first moved out of my parent’s house, I planned on finding a luxury apartment with all of the best appliances. I had saved a ton of money from living at home after college, so I planned to spend a lot on a lovely city apartment. I also planned on purchasing the apartment rather than renting. I took my time finding the perfect apartment, but I didn’t mind because I knew it would be worth it in the end. I went through dozens of apartments before I found the lovely luxury apartment in the heart of the city.

              It had a breathtaking view of the water and a rooftop deck for all residents to enjoy. Additionally it had state of the art appliances. Finally, the best part of the apartment is the heating system. I paid very close attention to the heating systems of all the apartments I looked at. This apartment has heated floors. I didn’t even know about this heating system until I looked at this apartment. This system sends heated water slowly through pipes underneath the floorboards. It efficiently heats my apartment and saves me money on my monthly utility bills.

           Because of how slowly the water moves, it doesn’t cause temperature spikes and allows my thermostat to work slowly.  This saves me tons of money. It’s also wonderful that my feet are never cold from stepping on freezing cold floorboards in the winter. On top of these benefits, the heated flooring is a beautiful aesthetic touch. It allows me to have finished wood floors. This apartment was definitely worth the wait!

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I wish I had guests

 I always believe that it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. I liked to be preventative and avoid any complications. I am like this with all things in my life. I’m especially this way when it comes to my home. I try to make sure everything is running at its full capacity rather than run into complications along the way. I truly believe that this avoid headaches and unnecessary spending. I am most careful with my heating and cooling units.

             Every year, I complete two maintenance checks. In the fall, I do a maintenance check for my heater. In the spring, I do a maintenance check for my air conditioner. I have been able to identify small problems and fix them immediately this way, while preventing larger problems. I tried to convince my dad that he should do the same thing for years, but he thought that I was just costing myself more money. He had a change of heart recently because of his heating system failing in the middle of winter. A piece of his heating unit broke in the middle of a cold winter night.  

              I called my trusty HVAC serviceman and he immediately came to my dad’s rescue. He told my dad that he could’ve prevented this problem with a maintenance check. He would’ve noticed this problem and fixed it before the winter weather came. Needless to say, my dad is on the same page as me now. We’re both making our annual appointments at the same time now. We hold each other accountable!

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I should go off to school

The two of us had a mother who forced us to help keep our beach cottage warm for more than one day during the winter. The two of us on doubtedly detested having to go into the Wilderness to find would, but the two of us honestly lived undoubtedly far from town. The two of us relied on our wood furnace machine for more than one day of warmth. It was undoubtedly difficult to keep our entire Cottage warm, but the two of us honestly work hard to make sure that mom had more than one piece of wood for the furnace at all times. My sister plus myself honestly spent more than one Saturday afternoon Gathering down wood on the other side of the creek. Our Cottage had a heat source that was fueled by Oak, Pine, plus birch trees. When the two of us on doubtedly got married, the two of us wanted more than one of our children to respect providing for their family. The two of us have a wood-burning furnace that sits in our family room, plus the two of us on doubtedly have a regular furnace Additionally. The two of us on doubtedly use the wood furnace as often as possible, which means having more than one child collect Oak, Pine, plus downed trees. The furnace is honestly to save more than $1 throughout the winter season, even if there are a few days each year that require us to use the gas furnace also. Sometimes both heating systems are necessary to keep my family from freezing solid in the evening.

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I wonder when this will be fixed

        My mother is all about savings. She prides herself in her ability to clip coupons and save hundreds on groceries every month. She brags about the deals she gets on clothing and shoes. She’s even found ways to save on household repairs. I respect her thrifty ways because they save her hundreds, but I believe that there’s a fine line. She never listened to me though.

                 Last summer, however, she learned a valuable lesson. Her air conditioning unit broke down on one of the hottest summer days. That day broke temperature records. She was absolutely dying, but she refused to spend a lot on an expensive repair. Instead, she went onto some sketchy website and hired a cheap HVAC repairman. She was so proud of her ability to find a cheaper option on such short notice until it all went wrong. The person that came to her house the next morning was a student that was enrolled in some HVAC courses. This guy wasn’t even certified to be doing a repair like this.  Most people would’ve turned him away, but not my mother. She allowed him to come inside and try the repair.

                 Hours after his arrival, the air conditioning unit was in pieces all over her living room. He tried to put it back together, but he couldn’t do it. He ended up leaving it the way it was. Once my mom called admitted that it was the wrong choice and finally called a professional, it was too late and she ended up needing a replacement. I wish she had listened to us in the first place; it would’ve saved her a lot of money.

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