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Air conditioner is too cold

We’ve had a rather cool summer season so far this year; It’s a nice split from last year, when the temperatures stayed in the high 90s for weeks on end. That might not seem too awfully warm to some people; like if you live in the desert or somewhere in the Southwest, then but when you’re from the northeastern part of the country as we are, you start to feel like you’re going to melt any time that the outside temperatures get somewhere above 78 degrees. That’s why I’ve been pretty ecstatic this year that the temperatures have been so mild as well as breezy and cool, but even though I’ve already had our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit cleaned and inspected for the year, I don’t really count it as wasted cash. Last year I didn’t have a professional air conditioning system guy come out to test it or clean it and all of us had the worse time with our air conditioner! It didn’t help matters that last summer season was so hot, but the air conditioning system had to run almost daily to keep up with demand from the temperature control. With that in the back of my mind, I went ahead and called our local heating and air conditioner specialists to come and do some preventative work on our central air conditioner. And then, would you believe it, we haven’t even had to turn on the air conditioning system at all yet since the temperatures have been so cool! I bet that if all of us hadn’t had our central air tested, it would be 95 degrees outside, because that’s just my luck.

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I find that refreshing

I once rented an apartment with the tiniest little fireplace I had ever seen. I grew up in an older home built in the 70s with a large stone hearth. This little thing looked like a kids toy–the Easy Bake Oven of fireplaces. It was in one little corner of the living room and had some pretty marble tile set into the floor and on the wall around it as a hearth. I asked the landlord how well it had been maintained–he assured me he was a fireman and kept them in great shape, but they were really only decorative and for mood lighting, so I shouldn’t be using them too often. The apartment had baseboard electric heaters, which worked fine as long as you dealt with the drafty windows accordingly. However, one winter we experienced what everyone called a polar vortex. The temperatures hit record lows not seen in decades, and in my town it was minus twenty-eight degrees. The winds were so bad they knocked out the power for a few days. It happened to coincide with my landlord picking up the rent. He also came by to hand out space heaters and make sure everyone was okay. When I answered the door, my roommate and I had two cans of soup heating over the hot coals of that fire, and were eating smores we had made before blowing out the flames to cook one. He laughed and I told him that fireplace wasn’t decorative–it was incredibly useful after all!

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Friend Going into HVAC

When my buddy Karen graduated from school about a year ago, she decided that she wasn’t going to go straight to university like most of her friends were planning to do. Instead, Karen decided that she wanted to go through this program at a local technical school. The technical school is only about half an hour from Karen’s place plus they offer an amazing program where you can learn everything you need to know about heating, ventilation, plus air conditioner work. Karen suddenly became interested in working on gas furnaces plus air conditioner units when she was a junior in school. It seemed a bit odd at the time. I thought that she would want to become a marine biologist or a pastry chef or something along those line. So when she informed me that she was going to become the first female enrolled in the technical school’s Heating & Air Conditioning program, I was pleasantly surprised! I had no clue that she wanted to go into the heating plus air conditioner business. But it turns out that Karen’s Grandpa had been an Heating & Air Conditioning worker for over thirty years plus he used to take her out on furnace plus air conditioning system jobs with him when she was a little girl. So I believe it makes sense that she has a special place in her heart for learning about heating plus air conditioner. I’m happy to see how well she does in the Heating & Air Conditioning training program along with all of the men who are enrolled. I wouldn’t be surprised if Karen finished at the top of the class. She’s a smart girl plus she seems to be particularly passionate about learning the heating & air conditioner business.

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Country driving and cooling

I’m a good old fashioned southern boy from down south. Some call me a good ol American cowboy. I like to drive my big red truck through the tumbleweed and the great outdoors in the evenings. When taking longer trips throughout the dirt roads and southern hot winds, I always make sure my air conditioner is cranked up in that old thing! The truck may be old, but the air conditioner works like a charm. Without it, id be unable to drive this long and this strenuous in the heated Summer winds in this part of town. Sure, they may call me a good ol guy. But this  guy can’t survive without his air conditioner! Otherwise, my big old cowboy hat starts slipping off my balding head and I get grumpy. This is from the sweat and the ungodly heat. You don’t want this good ol boy being grumpy! Even at home, I make sure I always have the latest in HVAC technology running through my big old house on the hill. My thermostat this time of year is alsys set no higher than 70 degrees. On a bad day, I could have that thermostat set as low as 71 degrees in my home! You know, that’s just the way it is here in the good old south while in the months of May through October. Like it or not, this cowboy needs his air conditioner! And that’s just the way it is folks. Take it or leave it. End of story.

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The increased bills are difficult

Have you been ignoring the long list of worries that your HVAC system might be ready to give up the ghost? Given how many hours most of us have to work to get by, it can be easy to shrug off the little things that your HVAC system may be doing as minor annoyances. However, these seemingly harmless issues can add up to major problems later down the road. Longer cycles–also known as your AC running for longer and longer to get your home to the desired temperature–mean the system is working overtime to try and do its job. This could mean the vents and ductwork need to be cleaned, or that the system has simply begun to wear down. Either way, longer cycles mean the AC equipment is being overworked, which can destroy it entirely if not taken care of. A musty smell might be more than a sign that you need to seriously clean your house–it could mean you have mold growing in your ducts, which can be caused by leaking ductwork. A leaking air duct can ruin a system overtime. Like any other complex, such as a car or furnace, signs that your AC is having trouble should never be ignored. You may need to call an HVAC technician to have your heating and air conditioning system repaired, before it’s too far gone to fix. If your system is older than ten years, it may be time to replace it entirely. HVAC systems which are over a decade in age are 60% less efficient than current models, and could be costing you more money than you realize.

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Hate the air quality when I shop

Way back 30 years ago when malls were the thing for young folks to do, my pals and I would always go to the local mall to both shop and hang out. We would be shopping for music, electronic devices, car parts and more. We also enjoyed trying to pick up the girls. There’s one time I will never forget when we went to go to hang out there one weekend. It was a very hot and muggy July afternoon. Usually, when we would step into the mall it would be a big relief with the quality cool air from their industrial sized HVAC system  hitting us in the face. We would cool off pretty darn quick and not even know it was almost 95 degrees outside. This one time, it was awful in there. We walked out of the heated burning sun into what felt like a steam room trapped inside a furnace! We noticed when we walked in and felt this awful air quality, that the mall was pretty empty that day. Which, this was odd for a weekend and this time of the year. After spending about 8 minutes inside this sweaty, steamy furnace feeling place, we asked one of the workers what was going on. They said their entire HVAC system broke down as a result of the storm the town had the night before. The mall upper management was working on getting an HVAC business out there as soon as humanly possible to get the HVAC system repaired,. According to what we were told, we should be able to come back to the mall as we know it by the following weekend. We did, and all was good!

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I can make things cheaper

Today there are a wide variety of whole home heating and cooling systems to choose from, that it’s really easy to get confused as to which option is right for you. While some may save you more money, you’ll be risking loss of effectiveness if you’re not careful. A ductless mini split HVAC system is a great example. This modern technology allows a house to enjoy both heating and air conditioning, without a lot of ductwork to have to clean and care for, and possibly become damaged over time. However, this method of home heating and cooling is not right for everything. These systems do not put out as much hot or cold air as a multi split system with lots of ductwork. It cannot deliver that air to multiple rooms of a house. However, if you live in a fairly small property, a ductless mini split might be the perfect option for you. A cottage on a lake or a small cabin would be a great fit for this type of HVAC equipment. Any household where much of the living space is either an open floor plan or otherwise has a very limited number of rooms would work perfectly with a ductless mini split heating and air conditioning system. Any larger home though would be better with a traditional heating and air conditioning system–the kind with HVAC ducts to move the heated or cooled air all throughout the house. But these systems can also be built too large for a home, so be sure to find the right size for your exact square footage.

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Can’t leave our heater

I grew up in the deep south, where the weather is properly tepid plus humid.  I lean on our air conditioner nearly all year round. I rub myself with sunblock everyday, plus don’t have a Winter season jacket.  About several years ago, our sibling went way up north plus absolutely adores it. He continually pestered me to see him. I was reluctant to endure the freezing weather. However, I finally organized a vacation this past January.  Although I guessed the weather would be snowy plus freezing, I was entirely unprepared for a climate well below zero plus more than three feet of snow everywhere. The second I stepped off the airplane, I noticed I’d made a massive mistake.  By the time I dragged our luggage across the parking lot, I had soaked feet plus was quivering uncontrollably. My sibling operated the gas furnace in his car, however I never felt sufficiently tepid. Once every one of us showed up at his cabin, I warned him to turn up the thermostat.  I quickly wrapped in a blanket plus huddled up close to a heating vent. My sibling desired to take me ice skating, snowmobiling, cross country skiing plus ice fishing. I refused to depart from his cabin, plus insisted on sitting close to the furnace. He complained that I cost him a ton of money in energy bills, because I kept reprogramming the thermostat setting.  I whined that every one of us couldn’t step outside without bundling up in a thousand layers plus shoveling snow for an hour. I couldn’t wait to get back to the sunshine, heat, humidity, plus our air conditioner. Next time, I will organize to visit our sibling while I was in the summer season.

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The heater causing issues with my health

I am actually worries with health as well as fitness.  I am a vegetarian, as well as I don’t consume alcohol or smoke.  I weight lift for approximately thirty minutes every day, as well as am actually diligent about the amount of sleep I get. However, my health last year was rapidly declining.  I was consistently experiencing headaches, flu-like symptoms as well as overall depletion of energy. I started popping vitamins, increasing my intake of protein, as well as even booked a physical with the physicist.  I didn’t figure out what was wrong with me until the weather became tepid. With the change of climates, I was finally able to open the windows. The influx of pure air made all the difference, as well as I abruptly felt healthy as well as ready for life.  That’s when I figured out that the gas furnace was to blame for my health concerns. I immediately booked an appointment for repair for the gas furnace from a local HVAC contractor. The worker took the gas furnace apart as well as showed me the collection of contaminants within the system.  Every time the gas furnace was running, it was blasting dust, bacteria, mold spores as well as other pollutants throughout the duplex. I was inhaling these contaminants into my lungs as well as paying the price. When I asked the HVAC company how to restrain this from occurring again, he advocated I enroll in a repair program.  I have now invested in a repair program which includes 2 scrubbing as well as tunings per hear. A company shows up in the fall to troubleshoot the gas furnace as well as comes back in the Springtime to handle the air conditioning system. Because of this program, my life has been greatly improved. The heating as well as cooling component now works more efficiently, trimming down the typical energy bills.  

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Lacking in quality ductwork

My spouse, Tim plus I rented our condo a little over more than five years ago.  Before renting the condo, the people I was with and I took the time to thoroughly investigate the plumbing, wiring, Heating plus Air Conditioning system, roof plus foundation. We wished to make sure that everything was pristine.  Since Tim plus I are not genuinely handy, the people I was with and I did not wish to take on a project. After the people I was with and I relocated in, however, the people I was with and I noticed a complication with the heating plus cooling equipment.  The master bedroom in the condo was constantly a dreadful temperature. In the summer season, our bedroom was constantly tepid plus stuffy. It didn’t seem to matter how cool the people I was with and I altered the temperature control. All of us forked out a small fortune on electricity, keeping the rest of the condo far too frigid, simply to enjoyed the bedroom.  All of us even obtained a couple of box fans. In the Winter season, the people I was with and I had the opposite protest. Despite excessively tepid temperature control settings, the bedroom was downright frigid. The oil furnace was functioning non stop plus the people I was with and I were forking out a great deal on our utility bills, plus yet the people I was with and I were forced to obtain section gas furnaces plus hide under heated blankets.  Tim plus I finally informed a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional to tell them about the issue. He said that there was only a single vent in the bedroom, plus because of openings in the duct system, the people I was with and I had terrible ventilation. Sealing the duct plan plus attaching supply plus return vents to the bedroom was way beyond Tim’s plus my knowledge. All of us demanded to hire the Heating plus Air Conditioning business to finish the job.  It created a bit of mess in the bedroom plus was pretty expensive, but the improvement in enjoyment was worth it.

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