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Installing high-velocity ducts in an old house downtown

         I decided to volunteer with this local home-rebuilding organization that refurbishes and renovates old homes for families in need. We often go to derelict homes, and the place is near unrecognizable when we’re done with it! While I don’t mind painting walls or cleaning up various rooms in these houses, I sometimes get to help the contractors with the more intensive work

       . One house we worked on a few months ago never had any kind of air conditioning system installed outside of a window unit, so there was no ductwork in the house. We couldn’t fit conventional ducts in the house either, as the attic space was too small to fit them. That’s when one of the contractors mentioned how we could use high-velocity ducts instead. I’d never heard of that before, so I asked the guy to elaborate. He told me that high-velocity ductwork is only a few inches wide, which provides two perks. One, the ductwork can fit much more easily throughout a home, and two, the airflow throughout the house would be far better and come through vents at a much faster rate.

              This is wonderful in homes that still have poor insulation, such as this house we worked on, as the air flows in such rapid succession that the air can keep various rooms in the house much cooler. I was excited to help these guys lay down this fancy sounding ductwork, and it really got me wondering why it isn’t used more often in homes today.

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Broken Air Conditioning In The Hardware Store

I have been working in a hardware store for the past few years. When I graduated school, I had went to collage to become an accountant, but it didn’t actually work out that way. There just wasn’t any jobs in the field. So, I am still planning on going that rout when the time is right. For the time being, I work at the hardware store. It’s a pretty good job all around. The pay is nice, the management is great and I really enjoy working with the customers. But one thing that happened last week at the job was a nightmare. Their air conditioning system broke down! Right now it’s the beginning of summertime, and that’s the last thing we needed. With the air conditioning system not working right, it gets very hot and humid in there. It’s a good thing my boss had a humidifier in the back room. That at least got the humid air quality a bit more reasonable. The manager of the hardware store called the local heating and cooling company yesterday, and they should be able to have someone out tomorrow. In the meantime, we had to carry on with business as usual. It was pretty tough with as hot as it is outside, but the customers were still rolling in. However, they were leaving pretty fast. Thankfully, the heating and cooling specialist will be there tomorrow to fix it and all should be back to normal. I for one am looking forward to it! I’m not sure I could stand one more day with no air conditioning in this place! It’s been a very rough few days.

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Flying With Broken Air Conditioning

So they used to say fly the friendly skies. Well, I never actually felt that way about airplane rides. I can think of several times the skies were not so friendly to me! On more than one flight i’ve had to take over the years, the air conditioning did not work! Now you’d probably think, why would air conditioning matter on a plane if it’s in the wintertime. Well, it really doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. When flying, the air quality gets quite stuffy and sometimes even feels like you’re inside a flying furnace! I don’t know the specifics of it all, but air conditioning is well needed on a flight. Especially an extremely long flight. One of the flights I took with no air conditioning I remember was so bad, everyone on the entire plane was sweating so bad. The stink of the sweat was making me and others very very sick to our stomachs! If only they would have just fixed the air conditioning system, this all could have been avoided! But of course, they overlooked it all. It makes me wonder how the pilots didn’t crash the plane on us if they also had no air conditioning out in the control zone where they were! After this miserable flight, the airline actually offered us all a discount on our next tickets. I really wish they would have just refunded the entire flight! All I know is when I got off that flying furnace, I just wanted to get back home to my nice, new and up-to-date HVAC system I have in my house. When I walked in the door, I cranked the thermostat down to seventy two degrees and just crashed out on my couch. Didn’t even bother unpacking! I’m really glad I don’t have to fly as much anymore. The skies sure as heck are not friendly!

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One day we will get heated floors

My fiance plus I have lived in the same part of the country, ever since the two of us were merely in kindergarten! We both moved to the school in the same year, plus our families have been here ever since that particular time. My fiance plus I are accustomed to chilly winter months plus ice cold temperatures. We totally enjoy the type of activities that are thrilling during the Wintertime season, like snowboarding, skiing, plus ice hiking. My fiance plus I recently acquired a small cottage to use for the Wintertime season. My fiance plus I have constantly dreamed of adding radiant flooring to our property, plus the small cottage is absolutely the perfect locale for radiant flooring. My fiance plus I found a business who would take up the flooring inside the cottage, plus add radiant flooring mats underneath. The business worked closely with a local Heating plus A/C agency, to deliver the necessary radiant flooring mats for our property! After the radiant flooring mats were put down, the business put our current tile flooring on top. As the radiant flooring mats begin to heat up, so do our current tiles. These tiles are recognizably made to work with these types of radiant flooring mats. They helped to radiate the abundance of heat outwardly, plus are made to be durable plus versatile. My fiance plus I have constantly dreamed of having radiant flooring, plus now the two of us will be able to easily enjoy taking off our shoes plus socks in the Wintertime. Our first weekend ski trip is planned for next week, plus the two of us are going to take a few friends along with us. We’re going to have a pretty great time, drinking hot cocoa and hanging out.

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Getting some more airflow

My wife and I have consistently thought that our home office could use additional air vents, the airflow is not all that great in that room, and it’s never been the greatest. The two of us can only sit in certain spots in our home office, otherwise it’s completely uncomfortable. The whole room is over 200 square feet, and there is only one single air vent on the left side of the room! When my wife and I were enjoying routine service from our Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier, the people I was with and I remembered the air vents after a short while. The two of us asked them to take a look at the air vent situation inside our home office, and hoped they could offer us some helpful ideas. They agreed it was incredibly unusual to have a single air vent, in a room of such vast size. They got into our Attic, in order to see how much room was above that specific area. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional told us that it would be rather simple to add an additional air vent, on the other side of the room. There was an abundance of space above the area, and there was already ductwork there that he could patch into especially easily… He went on to say that he could even complete the job at that very moment, if I wanted it to be done. When he showed us the estimate to add the air vent in our home office, I just about hit the floor. It was much cheaper than I had originally anticipated, and my wife and I decided to have him move forward with the job on that same day. Having 2 air vents in the home office has legitimately increased our air flow, and my wife and I seriously should have had the air vent added many months ago.

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The big loss in heating

I’m pretty much constantly concerned about renting older properties. However in my long years of living on my own I’ve l acquired a thing or 2 about what to look for when picking the next location I’ll be residing in. It’s not about the age of the property exactly, it’s about the year itself. With each passing year, comes a much different building code. Properties built in the early 1900s are legitimately good, however back then everything was made by hand and built to actually strict codes so they’re made to last for a long time. Once you get closer to the 1950s, not so much! This is when building codes started becoming laxer and houses started to go actually wrong, incredibly fast. Properties built in the 1970s and 1980s can also have similar setbacks, especially where windows and insulation are concerned. Just about every location I’ve rented that was built after 1950 had some horrible complications with heat loss, which was not good for our Heating and A/C equipment. Funny enough, the best property I’ve ever rented for that matter was a 1940 Colonial. Even though it had the original wood weighted windows, the property was still actually slender with not a draft in the whole place. Our gas furnace there ran without issues with little to no major complications on our heating bill. The landlord said she had the windows resealed, and at the time I simply believed it was just for cosmetic sake due to the seasoned glass. But I was wrong about that, those windows kept the warm air in and let our gas gas furnace run without being worked too hard. Properties, much like books, should never be judged by their looks.

Why we need heavy a/c in a hospital

When I was a teenager, my little brother was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Just like most teenage kids, he had been ignoring the issue plus was trying to just get through it. This eventually led to him going to our local clinic, who immediately loaded him into an ambulance plus rushed him to the ER in the city. Gladly he was okay, however he had to stay in the hospital for over a week. The rule was that we were unable to bring him home until he could eat solid foods once more. He was hospitalized inside the first week of school, which was awful. It was also the hottest week of the year without a doubt. All he desired to do was go out swimming at the pond with his friends plus attend back to school pool parties! I went to visit him just about every day. The hospital Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment had the temperature control turned so low I had to bring a sweater with me always. I asked my little brother why it was so gelid. He said because it keeps bacteria from spreading around the hospital. I would stay for long periods of time playing video games with him until I had to go home plus do homework. Every single time I left, the temperature difference from the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment made me sweat even worse. It was something like going from a freezer to a sauna… When my brother did finally come back to our property, he laughed that he could feel his toes once more. He never thought he’d be so grateful to not have an air conditioner cranked up, however it felt so great to be in the fresh air plus out of the hospital finally.

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Want to chill in the a/c

In the summer time, it is harshly rare that I even go outside too much. I do some work from home, so I have the good points of being able to remain in and relax if I feel like I need to do this. Where I live in the west, it is almost a must this time of year if you can! It is so darn tepid outdoors, you’ll be unhappy being stuck out there for too long. I’m just so happy I can enjoy my brand new, quality and modern heating and cooling device that I just had installed in my home! I had it fixed up and put in about one month before the summer time began. I was purely set up for this year’s awful heat. The fix up I had included a smart thermostat and an whole-condo air purifier with the total home humidifier. With the air being so icky here, it makes my skin irritated. And the whole-condo air purifier helps with the poor air that I deal with in this place. I legitimately feel awful for the people that live here and have to commute to their task every single day in this mess. From what I heard and dealt with when i’ve had to go out in it, the air conditioning in the car doesn’t do much good! In order for it to, you have to work it about 15 minutes before you even get in. It’s real disgusting if you ask me. I am just so happy I can lay back, do my task and just relax in my air cooled home. The cleaned up air the air purifier gives off, along with the moist in the air that the whole-house humidifier gives off makes my house a great relaxation home.

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Big jog and then the heater

In the heart of the Winter, I consistently appreciate to get up super bright and early and take a nice run through the woods. Of course where I am living up here in the north, it gets pretty cold that time of the morning. I usually wake up, make my playlist and go! I don’t have to be to task for at least 4 hours. That is how early I get up to do my run. You may be wondering why and how I do this in the super cold Winter and not get ill from it. Well, I will tell you, if I didn’t have a lovely modern quality heating and humidifier system in my home, I would not even imagine or dream about doing this in the Winter time of the season! My long run usually lasts about 5 to 6 miles. That’s going from my home to the woods, and running back. When I run in, I consistently have my HVAC system in the place set on the heating function to around 71 degrees. This is pre-set before I even leave the home. If I didn’t, I would legitimately get pretty ill from the cold. But, running in to the nice hot house after freezing for almost half a mile into it, it all works out great. If I did not have my quality modern heating and humidifier system, none of this would be at all possible. At least this time of the month; Now, i’m sure you are wondering, do I pull this same thing in the super tepid summer time weather? Nope. Regardless that my air conditioning works wonderful, the summer heat can be deadly.

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Hoping the air ducts can take it

All of us own some form of Heating plus Air Conditioning idea for our property.  I imagine that ductwork devices are the typical thing. The price of electric keeps climbing though.  Most of the time I’m afraid of opening the electric bill. I wondered if I had done enough to deal with our heating plus cooling idea. I want it to be efficient.  Air filters are swapped out every week plus every one of us use good working air filters. The Heating plus Air Conditioning idea is used for seasonal service. The vents are taken care of plus cleaned.  I am then sure to tend to the outside Heating plus Air Conditioning device by cleaning up around it. I try to be aware of doing the service I can to maintain Heating plus Air Conditioning efficiency. But, I have not given the duct concept the thought and attention it deserves.  I simply never believed this because I never see the ducts unless I’m in the attic. I’m rarely in the attic. I made the call our local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider to have a look at the ductwork. The first thing the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech did was to level out the ducts.  He used a special device that measured the air flow. The fine tuning made to the idea were noticed by me instantaneously. The temperature was more clean and crisp. Our Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman came back a week later. This whole thing was a really easy job well done.

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