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My boyfriend is a simple man in most respects. He likes all the things that you expect a dude to enjoy, and he’s easy to please most of the time. The one thing about him that is somewhat difficult, however, is how much he loves collecting and owning expensive instruments. Because he is a professional percussionist, he has more drums and mallet instruments than I even knew existed. He can’t get rid of a single one of them for fear of needing it eventually, so we have quite a collection of expensive gear sitting around. He recently decided it was time to form a proper storage area for his babies, and I wanted to be supportive so I easily agreed to the large project. The only trouble is, it continually requires new upgrades to our HVAC system. You see, his instruments will retain their shape and sound for longer if they are in a consistent temperature and air quality. Our home’s central heating and cooling system was not precise enough to make this a reality, so we installed a separate system for his music room exclusively. The room needed to have constant temperature monitoring, so we installed special detection devices to watch for air quality fluctuations. We also purchased several dehumidifiers to scatter throughout the space, in order to keep the relative humidity at a moderate condition. The entire system is wired to a smart thermostat so that he can keep watch over his instruments, even while he’s traveling for another gig, teaching a master class, or shopping for more drums.

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My air conditioner needs some work

My stepson is an adorable little guy, and we try our best to give him a happy childhood. He lives with his mother most of the time, so his visits to our house are always a special time full of fun activities and lots of hugs. On his last trip to our house we decided to celebrate his birthday and wanted to give him a big bash that he would remember for the rest of his life. Because he just started school, he has a number of cute little friends that would be able to attend, and we decided to throw the coolest party we could afford. It was the middle of July so the temperatures were soaring. The most logical idea for his celebration was to have a big pool party, and we had everything set up days ahead of time. The pool was set to the perfect temperature and water conditions, we had awesome decorations all over the backyard, and we purchased a ton of awesome snacks for the kiddos. We didn’t expect a huge thunderstorm to roll in and ruin the party, though. We saw lightning and scooted all the kids inside immediately, only to be faced with a new problem. The air conditioning had been set to a super low temperature because of the outdoor heat, but now the kids were wet and freezing. We tried to turn off the AC and warm up the house, but the outdoor temperature had dropped dramatically. Rather than a pool party, we ended up with 6 shivering kids sitting amongst a gathering of space heaters.     

Beef stew

I am a food expert. I at least like to think I am. I have been cooking for myself for as long as I can remember. I had to learn how to fend for myself at a young age. When I got married, my wife was thrilled that I knew how to cook! She knew how to cook some things, but I was the far better chef of the family. I recently found a great new recipe for beef stew, and I gave it  a try last Wednesday. I had to hang around the house for an HVAC technician, so the fact that the recipe called for a crockpot made my day easier. I was having a lot of issues with the heating and cooling system, so I needed to walk the HVAC technician through a long list of troubles. The HVAC technician showed up about 15 minutes after I got the stew started. I walked him out to the compressor out back. I wasn’t sure if it was a lack of coolant, or a dead compressor, but my air conditioner would not work. He asked me to go adjust the thermostat and turn the air conditioner on in order to see if any condensation appeared on one part of the unit. Apparently, if condensation forms it means that your HVAC system needs coolant. I didn’t think that was the problem with the air conditioner, however. I was right. The HVAC technician ran a few diagnostic tests and found that I unfortunately needed a new compressor if I wanted a working air conditioner. There was nothing he could do to save it. By this time I had forgotten about the beef stew. Good thing I had the crockpot set to low!

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HVAC tune-up

I had to buy a new furnace this year because my old oil furnace quit working. It worked just fine last year, but this year it wouldn’t even turn on at all. I didn’t really have the money for the furnace, but luckily my company gives us holiday bonuses, so I put the new furnace on a credit card in hopes that I’ll be able to pay it off as soon as I get my bonus. However, I have this strange problem with the brand new furnace. Now that it has gotten much colder outside, I noticed that my basement is a lot colder than it was last year when I had the old furnace. I have checked all the vents and made sure nothing was blocked. I am starting to suspect that the new furnace wasn’t installed properly. Or perhaps the new furnace isn’t as good or as powerful as the old one. They certainly don’t make things like they used to. The HVAC company promised me that it was correctly sized to heat up my house, including the basement. The rest of my house is fairly warm, just not the basement. I need my basement to be warm because I am a yoga teacher and that is where I practice and hold client classes.It’s very difficult to relax and do yoga when your toes are frozen! I am going to call the HVAC company tonight and have them come out and look at my new furnace. I really truly hope that they can fix it. Otherwise, I am going to have to buy a separate space heater for the basement.

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Apartment buildings in our city

I am having an issue with my air conditioner lately that I just can’t figure out. It has caused me to lose precious sleep and I haven’t been performing very well at work this week. I am actually afraid I will get fired if my boss finds me dozing off at my desk again. So here’s the story: I recently fixed my air conditioner unit by replacing the motor. A little while after that, it broke again and I noticed the fan wasn’t running. I called a local HVAC repair company and they came and fixed it in a jiffy. Apparently, they had to replace the capacitor. A few days after that, I noticed a strange and terrible vibration coming from the air conditioner while it is running. The unit still works and cools the house. In fact, it is cooling better than it ever has before. However, the noise is definitely not normal. Yesterday, my neighbors actually came by to complain about it! They said the vibration wakes them up at night. I just had to figure out how to make it stop. I thought about just shutting off my A/C completely, but it’s 100 degrees outside and humid in the south, so that’s not really an option! After spending some time looking at the unit, I noticed that the vibration only occurs when the metal cover is on the unit. So, for now,, I removed the metal cover to make the noise stop. However, I know this can’t be a permanent solution. There is obviously something wrong with my air conditioner and I need to get it fixed. For now, I am happy to be able to sleep tonight.

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Math homework

My daughter had been going through a rough patch in school recently. She Was doing well in all of her subjects, except for math. I was also going through a rough patch with budgeting concerns. We weren’t making enough money, so I was required to research some energy saving tips in order to lower our monthly electricity bills. I figured that our HVAC system was devouring a lot of energy, so I started there. While I was doing my HVAC system research, my daughter approached me and asked for help with her math homework. My HVAC system research could wait. My daughter’s education and my relationship with her was more important than my heating and cooling system dilemma. I sat down with her and helped her understand the math for about an hour, then I went back to my HVAC system research. I discovered some great energy saving tips. I decided to spend a little money of I wanted to save money. I signed up for an HVAC system inspection, complete with a total assessment of my ductwork. According to my research, inadequate ductwork was a major source of money loss incurred by heating and cooling system expenses. If you have cracks or breaks in your ductwork, you will end up spending a lot of unnecessary money on energy bills. I was able to secure an appointment with an HVAC technician later on that week for a full inspection of my HVAC system. I was willing to invest in the long haul and save money by spending it. We ended up saving money, and my daughter got an A on her next math test!

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We all know we need climate control

It was almost time to clock out. It had been a long and brutal day at the office. I had two projects going on at one time, plus a whole slew of potential clients I had to meet with. Let’s just say I couldn’t wait for it to hit 5 o’clock. It was 4:45 when disaster struck. I received a phone call that would end up ruining my evening. My HVAC system at home was not working. My wife called me to inform me of this miniature HVAC system disaster. To say I was upset would be an understatement. This would be the 3rd time in 2 months that my HVAC system had acted up. I hung up with my wife and took a deep breath. I needed to calm down before I called the HVAC business I had been dealing with for the past 3 months of HVAC system repairs. This was going to be my last time dealing with this company. If they couldn’t get my heating and cooling system fixed right this time, I was going to drop them. The only reason I was still using this particular HVAC business was because I purchased an HVAC system maintenance plan from them 6 months ago. I  got duped into it before I  read the bad reviews of their company. After I calmed down, I called the HVAC business. The familiar voice of the owner greeted me and said they could have a technician out to our home in an hour. I was actually impressed that they were sending out a technician at night. I figured they wouldn’t have an HVAC technician available until the morning. Maybe they weren’t so bad after all.

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We need some more money

I have been in such an amazing mood over the past couple of days. It seemed like nothing could get me down! I wish I could put my finger on what is making me feel so good. I can’t explain it at all! It just seems like I’ve been given the ability to see the bright side of everything. I was even able to see the positive aspects of a recent HVAC system disaster I had in my home. My family was living on an extremely tight budget, and my air conditioner broke down right in the middle of this economic storm. I didn’t know how I was going to get my cooling system repaired, but I put on a smile and got to work! I asked my friends and family if they could help with my air conditioner issue. I usually don’t like to ask for help, bit an air conditioner was a necessity in our part of the country. This is especially true in the summer. My cousin Andy offered to help. He is a certified HVAC technician and he had a free weekend that he could spare to come repair our air conditioner. This was a cause for celebration! I haven’t seen my cousin Andy in years. He came to my house that very weekend and was able to get my air conditioner working perfectly in only a few hours. This was so great! Not only did my air conditioner get fixed, but I got to spend some good quality time with a family member I hadn’t seen for ages!

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How awesome is this

IN a small western town, there is a hole in the wall known as Kathy’s Diner. Kathy is not the world’s best cook, but she cooks like your wife or your mom would cook. She offers homestyle meals at decent prices. There is juke box in the corner, and she has a license to sell beer and wine. It is not really the food that draws in the cowboys who are everywhere in that little western town, it is Kathy herself and also the lure of the air conditioning. Kathy’s is situated on the side of the road that all the cowboys use to head back toward home after long treks on horseback herding cattle or whatever it is that cowboys do. Kathy’s diner knows the powerful heat of the western sun, and she turns on those ceiling fans, pours a beer into a frosty mug, and sets the A/C thermostat pretty low for those guys. They can stop in on their way home and wash the dust from their brows in the bathroom, quench their powerful thirsts, get a hearty beef stew, and chill out in the air conditioning while they prepare for the rest of the journey home to their wives and kids. Being a traveling cowboy is not an easy life. There are many days spent outside with no one for company but the horse and another rider or two. For some reason, though, cowboys choose the life they have. Kathy’s Diner helps with the whole choice. The hot food, cold beer and iced teas, and the even colder air conditioning blasting through the ductwork provides those hard working men a place to rejuvenate and feel decent again. If you are ever out west looking for a cowboy, you should stop in to Kathy’s Diner where you can find some comforting air conditioning and a handsome cowboy.


Clean water

I have a young man who rents the spare room in my townhouse. He is a student at our university and likes to rent here because I am old and quiet. He does not want the distraction of being around loud and rowdy young people when mhe is trying to rest and study for school. Well, his grandfather, who is quite old and has numerous health problems, has his home on an island that has recently been ravaged by a hurricane. His medicines need refrigeration, and there is none. He needs air conditioning and there is none. There is flooding and no clean water. Finally, they were able to relocate the man to our city, and he is living with one of his grown children. I am quite happy to have met him because he is so grateful for everything. He is so happy to have a water heater that allows him the comfort of a hot shower. He is thrilled by being able to use the air conditioner. He loves that he can have refrigeration for his medicine that needs refrigeration. I am so happy that the family members decided to bring him here. At first, they did not want to because they assumed he would get his air conditioning, heating, water heater, and all that back pretty quickly. But that is not the case. I suspect it will be a long time before the island dwellers have heating and cooling again. They might have electricity from generators, and maybe they can power water heaters with those, but HVAC systems are not usually run by generators in personal homes. I’m glad the man is here to enjoy his air conditioning, water heater, and abundant supply of food and water.

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