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Functionality is the important part

Snowboarding is my absolute favorite hobby in the world. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t snowboard at least once a year. I take a vacation to the mountains around the peak snowing periods when the powder is just right and optimal for boarding. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the snow coming down just enough to keep the mountains nice and fluffy and perfect for snowboarding. However, last year the vacation was a little funky. We rented a cabin and it lacked all the necessary accommodations. We were without any source of heating at all. The fireplace was completely blocked off, the heating system was messed up beyond repair, and the thermostat was older than I was. I had no idea how I was going to handle the cold environment. Luckily, I had my snow gear to keep me warm. If I didn’t have my big winter jacket, gloves, and hat, I think the severe cold would have killed me without a real source of heating. Naturally, I left a nasty review on Yelp after leaving the area. I mean, who offers a place without any source of heating in such a cold, wintry environment?

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The warmer water is comforting

I love how the air smells after it rains.  I used to think it was the best kind of smell until someone told me that it was just the smell of the dirt when it mixes with water.  I guess that is a natural odor, but I was a bit disillusioned. I was cleaning my house the other day, and when I scrubbed the floors, I had the same odor.  I turned on the air conditioner, hoping to get the odor out of the house. My husband had recently changed the air filters, so I knew the air conditioning should have been working better.  I wasn’t getting nearly the air out of the AC that I had got in the past, so I called him upstairs. He checked the AC, but he couldn’t find anything wrong, and he said that we would have to buy another one.   I ripped out the air filter, and it was clean, so I knew that wasn’t it. I went outside to make sure there wasn’t anything over the air intake vents, but they were clear of leaves. With all of the wind and rain we had over the last couple of days, I thought that would have been a viable reason.  The air coming from the Ac was now turning warm, my home was getting warmer, and I needed the air conditioning to keep my calm. I finally gave up and told my husband that I wanted to go to town. He came upstairs with a coupon, and he just looked at me. It was a coupon for ten percent off an air conditioning unit at the local home center.  He knew I wouldn’t go the night without AC.

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I’m enjoying these low bills

My father has always wanted to build an underground house.  He has been talking about it for many many years, and I think he’s getting pretty close to actually going through with it.  I personally think it’s a pretty cool idea that not many people have done I don’t think. There are a lot of perks to being able to build underground, one being the temperature control you have.  The temperature regulation is much easier in an underground house than it is in an above ground home. The ground is cooler in the summer; therefore, your home will be cooler during the summer. The ground also acts as an insulator in the wintertime, keeping your home much warmer with not a lot of additional temperature regulation.  However, this all depends on where you build. If the climate is more extreme, than you will probably need more than just natural temperature control. This is why the use of an HVAC system, whether it be for small spaces or large, is essential. It would be easy to have an air conditioner put in and then have a portable heating unit for the wintertime as long as the space was not very large.  I think it would be beneficial for my father to go and speak to and HVAC professional about all the possibilities he has as far as climate control is concerned. He could do a ductless mini split as well as an air conditioning possibility. Whatever he decides to do, I think that an underground house will be the perfect project for my dad to do in his retirement, and the possibilities as far as HVAC systems are endless.    

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A summer job

In my home town in the mountains, I could run outside all year long if I wanted to.  Granted, the winter would be pretty chilly, but the summers were amazingly pleasant with no humidity.  I always loved going to my favorite running trail and letting off some steam from the day’s issues. With the cool mountain breeze, I felt like I could run for miles without stopping.  But, where I live now is a completely different environment. It’s hot and humid all the time it seems like, and after only a few minutes I feel like I need to go inside to cool down. This is why I really value my HVAC system.  It’s days like those that keep me diligent with the yearly HVAC technician visits to make sure our system is running to its full capabilities. Just the other day we had our first visit for the year since it’s starting to get a little cooler as winter approaches. He proceeded to clean out our duct system as well as ensuring all of our electrical was functioning properly.  Since the HVAC unit sits outside all year long, it’s easy for the exterior of the unit to rust occasionally. So, they always clean out the entire HVAC unit, inside and out. This not only helps to keep the systems exterior from deteriorating, but also keeps the longevity of the unit going so you can make use of your HVAC for as long as possible. We don’t know what we would do without our local HVAC company, they keep our house comfortable, which makes our lives less stressful.  

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I do believe this is an issue

Where we live the weather is hot and humid for 10 months out of the year.  It gets to be pretty miserable at times because I can never go outside without feeling overheated and sweaty.  I look forward to the day when my husband and I move to a cooler climate in the next year or two. About a year ago, we got a black labradoodle.  She loves playing outside but tends to get really overheated pretty quickly. I take her outside to play fetch and 10 to 15 minutes later she wants to go back inside to cool off.  This is one of the reasons we make sure our HVAC system is always in perfect running order. Our dog gets so hot and it usually takes her close to an hour to cool down, and that’s with her laying directly on top of one of our air ducts.  She definitely relies on our air conditioning unit during the hot summers and so do we. During some of our hottest days, my dog and I will go outside for a run and before I leave I will turn down the thermostat so it’s nice a chilly inside when we get back.  As soon as we walk through the door it’s like an icebox, and we can immediately cool off. Thankfully, we get our HVAC unit serviced once a year so we don’t have to worry about any unforeseen problems during the extreme heat of the summers. I don’t know what we would do without A/C!    

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Moving and the HVAC takes a look

We just moved into a two-story house.  The kids are so excited to finally have stairs to run up and down!  I like it, too, because the children’s rooms are upstairs, but the master bedroom is down. The only problem is that, because of the size of the house, we need two separate air conditioning and heating units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. So we can keep the upstairs cool and the downstairs warm if we want to.  But sometimes this is a hassle. For example, one HVAC unit began struggling to cool and heat its half of the house, so we needed to call in an HVAC technician to come take a look. The HVAC service provider sent someone who told us our upstairs heating and cooling system is on its last legs. He suggested installing an entirely new HVAC unit.  Either that or pay plenty of money to get it serviced, then pay even more money in a few years for a new heater and air conditioner when it eventually breaks down for good. This also means the heater and air conditioner that services our downstairs will probably need repair soon as well, since they’re the same age. We hope the heater doesn’t break down in the middle of winter, or the air conditioner doesn’t break down in the middle of summer. It’s nice being able use two different thermostats to cool or heat our house as needed, but needing to call the HVAC provider twice as often isn’t fun at all!

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I want to keep on track

Alright, hipsters, this thing has gone far enough. I am so tired of people dressing and acting a fool, because they’re trying so hard to be cool and different that they’ve now started being creepy and illogical. How many molest-aches have you seen recently on trendy young men? Too many. When was the last time you saw an old cat lady shirt on a girl with blue hair and a septum piercing? Probably 5 minutes ago. Have you ever seen someone typing at a coffee shop… on a typewriter? I have. It’s gone too far! I recently met someone who took it to a whole new level. This girl at my favorite coffee shop was talking out loud about her new place. Apparently, when she moved in there were a lot of changes to be made, starting with the temperature control system. She said the entire heating and cooling plan had to be redesigned. There was no way she could continue to live with the ventilation equipment and control system as it stood, and she was petitioning her landlord to have the HVAC changes enacted. She said the rental company was reluctant to make her temperature control modifications and was really dragging out the whole process. She figured she would call an HVAC dealership on her own soon, because the current air handling plan was killing her. After talking for twenty minutes, I finally found out the problem. She thought the smart thermostat and modern temperature control machinery were too binary for her. She was demanding that the updated HVAC system was to be replaced with old fashioned forced air furnace, window AC units, and a dial thermostat.

Old window a/c unit

Growing up in the west, we had one of those air conditioners you put in the window only. One summer, it got 120 degrees outside. The air conditioner was in the living room so we would camp out on the floor at night so that we could sleep. The air conditioner would run so long and work so hard that it would literally freeze inside the unit so we would have to turn it off on a daily basis just to let it thaw out. We never really needed a heater much but we had one of those old wall heaters that ran on gas anyway. It wasn’t until I became a young adult that I was first introduced to central HVAC and I would never go back to the old window air conditioner unit. The central heating and air units are so much more convenient. They heat and cool the entire house and make life so much more comfortable. Plus, instead of an old dial that was not really a thermostat, the newer central heating and air units have real thermostats that are so much easier to adjust. They also never freeze up inside so they can be run all summer long without the need to turn them off and defrost them. An added bonus is that I don’t have to sacrifice a window in order to have cool air. The central air component is outside and blows through the ducts in the wall. And, if I want, I can close a duct in one of my rooms if I don’t want heating or cooling in that room for whatever reason.

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The camping area

Recently, one of my best friends and I decided to go camping for the weekend.  We had been checking the weather religiously to make sure it was going to be the right temperature and everything, and up until the day before we were supposed to leave, all was looking great.  We had been slowly packing on and off for about a week, checking and rechecking each other’s lists. By the time the weekend finally had arrived the weather was looking more than questionable. However, we had already done all this planning and we were pretty excited about our little getaway, so we decided to just go for it.  Our drive was a little over two hours to get to our campsite we had reserved, and we had plenty of road snacks and music to listen to on the way. When we arrived, it was pretty cloudy and was actually a little bit chilly. About an hour after our arrival, it was an all out downpour. The rain soaked through our tent and into our sleeping bags in what seemed to be a matter of minutes. We had clearly made a huge mistake.  Luckily, a couple miles down the road was a more established campground with little log cabins you could rent for almost nothing. We were dying for a nice heating system. We quickly picked up camp and drove to the other camping area. To our surprise, the little cabin had an HVAC unit! We turned the thermostat on full blast and felt the heat fill our room. We were so glad to be out of that cold air and rain and into a perfectly heated space with dry beds.

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new air filter for the baby

When our baby was born, my husband and I were changed forever. We loved our humongous 10lb baby, because all he wanted to do was eat and sleep, rarely fussing over anything. Sure, he would still wake up a few times in the night to be fed, but he was generally a great, lovely baby. However, we noticed after his first few weeks at home that he was having to sneeze pretty often. We were worried he might have allergies, so we took him to the pediatrician to be looked over. The pediatrician asked us something we didn’t anticipate: “When did you last change your air filter?” We honestly didn’t know. The pediatrician smiled, and told us that we should try that first before we go believing he has an illness. When we left, we went straight to the supermarket to find ourselves a suitable air filter. We looked at the big wall of options for our home’s HVAC system, unsure of what the best option would be. After doing some research on our phones at the store, we finally settled on a fairly pricey filter that had great reviews. The real surprise came to us when we got home though, and opened up our HVAC closet to install the new filter. The filter that was in place was absolutely disgusting! It was covered in dirt, dust and dead bugs! It was no wonder the poor little baby was sneezing his head off all the time. We took out the old filter and immediately took it outside to a dumpster, and installed the new filter. We were blown away by the difference it made in the home’s air quality – not just in the purity, but in the temperature as well. It was much cooler inside, and the baby’s sneezing fits came to an end.

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