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Noises from my heater

My family and I had always taken a vacation all together once every year. As we got older, our parents gave us more responsibility to help out with the vacation planning. This year I was the one who was able to pick out a place to go, and wherever I decided to go i was also able to pick out a hotel to stay in. Although i was super excited to be given this opportunity, it was hard work! I finally decided that my family would be going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. I was looking around at places to stay while we were in Disney, but the hotels on Disney were way too expensive for our budget. I finally found a decent motel that was about 10 minutes south of Disney. It was only $30/day! I thought to myself how awesome is that? Being a rookie vacation planner, i didn’t look into why the room was only $30 a night before I booked it.

It was finally time for our vacation! We arrived in FL and at our motel within the same day. We found out when we arrived at Disney why the motel was only $30 for one night. They had No air conditioning in any of their rooms! It was high 80s and low 90s the whole entire time we were on vacation. We had to suck it up and deal with no air conditioning our whole trip. Everyone was miserable, sweaty and honestly no one enjoyed their vacation because of this. My parents told me that i would no longer be able to choose where we go on vacation.

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I am going to kill my boyfriend

I think I am going to break up with my boyfriend Carlos. We have been together for four years and we also live together. It is going to be a rough, nasty and hard break up to do. Carlos also will not leave gracefully. He will get mean and vicious, I can tell. One thing that is going to stink is that the apartment is technically mine. We rent from my mother and Carlos is the one who moved in. So I basically have to kick him out. However, my boyfriend is the one who bought our major appliances. He bought the fridge, washer, dryer and our heating system. Is he going to take all of those when I kick him out? I am the one saying he is homeless, I can see him taking all of my major appliances. What am I going to do when he takes it all? It is Winter right now, I need that heating system. Can he even take the heater? I wonder if Carlos will let me give him the money for the gas heating system. That would be better than him detaching the gas hookups, flue and u-hauling the heater out of the apartment. It would be super awful and awkward if he decides to just take everything. So I am hoping for the buy out option or that he will be so sad that he will just quietly leave the apartment. Because really, the heater is just as attached to the apartment as I am. The heating system should get to stay with the place.


Heading to summer school

Teaching Summer school is the worst form of torture. I don’t know why I do it to myself every year. The money is just not worth it. You never get the good kids in Summer classes. The kids are mean, irritated and they don’t want to learn. I don’t blame them though. Who wants to go in a classroom over the Summer? The room I am given is horribly small and it is on the second floor. All the heat rises and my room is like 100 degrees. I open windows, bring in fans and nothing seems to help. If the school had AC, that would be a different thing entirely. I could see coming to class in the Summer not being bad. You go for a few hours, get a break from the heat and enjoy some quality AC. The air conditioner would keep the student motivated too. It is said that being a little too cold helps you focus and being too warm makes you lazy. So we should have massive amounts of cooling pumping at all times in school. But, especially in the Summer there should be AC. I know I would love some air conditioning in school as well. I get hot too and I am not motivated either. I usually sweat through my outfit and stand by the fan the whole time. Both student and I are not getting anything out of the program. I have brought up the issue with the air conditioning before. That AC issue is just not going to get solved.

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I want a new set of clothes

This was one of the best Monday mornings ever! Yesterday was week 12 of the football season and my home team won. They had unexpectedly lost the week before, and a lot of my friends were giving me grief about it. Most people in my new place of residence hated my home team. I walked into work with a pep in my step and was met with a lot of sad faces. I thought it was because of the game, but it turned out that I had just missed an announcement. The building’s HVAC system was going to be shut down for repairs this week. My heart sank. This week was supposed to be the coldest week we have ever seen. This was going to be a hard time without a working furnace. The heating system was going to be shut down at noon when the HVAC technician arrived. It was a good thing I just purchased a brand new jacket. It would have to act as a personal “heating system” during the absence of a furnace. Before I got to work, I decided to ask my manager what had happened to the heating and cooling system. I found him talking to his boss, and soon began conversing with them about the HVAC system. Apparently, the furnace was making some very bad banging noises over the weekend, and even began smoking! They had no choice but to call in an HVAC technician. He came in the day before to inspect it, and decided he needed about a week to repair the furnace. This would be one cold week! That’s alright. My home team played in worse conditions than this!

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Hair dying and HVAC

Don’t ask me why, but my wife decided to dye her hair bright blue. What is even more unexplainable, is the fact that she convinced me to dye my beard blue as well. It seemed like a harmless and fun to do, at least that was until the dye stained our bathroom floor, sink, and hands. We looked like smurfs for days! To top it all off, after we finished we realized that our HVAC system was broken. My wife decided to turn the furnace on after she was done in order to speed up the drying process.  As we sat there with blue hands waiting for the furnace to come on, we became aware of the fact that it just wasn’t going to work. I had to resort to calling a local HVAC business to get an HVAC technician out to the house. They were able to send one out right away to see what was the issue with our furnace. By this time I was in a bad mood. I had to let this HVAC technician in the house with blue dye all over me! It was so embarrassing! It was going to be freezing cold outside soon, so we really needed to get our furnace fixed. When the HVAC technician showed up I let him in while trying to hide the blue dye on my face. The HVAC guy either didn’t notice, or pretended not to. He was luckily able to get the furnace fixed in about an hour, so we were very happy about that, Now we had to figure out how to clean up all this dye!

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HOA doesn’t let us use an air conditioner

I am so upset with my HOA. We have to pay annual fees to this organization and all they do is make my life more difficult. When we moved in a few years ago, everything was fine. The house was “move-in” ready and the front yard was landscaped perfectly. Then, the leadership board at the HOA changed, and there were several new “rules” put in place. They banned certain flowering plants from the front yard, so I had to rip out some of my shrubs. This was apparently because someone had an allergy. Okay fine. Then, a few weeks ago, they decided to ban window air conditioner units. They said they are unsightly. Okay, well mine are facing the backyard and the side of the house anyway, so what do they care? We have a heat wave now and I desperately need my air conditioner in order to stay sane. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on central air conditioning. I just got a notice in the mail that said I would be fined $20 per day for each day I left the window unit in the window. I am absolutely disgusted by this! Do they not care about people at all? According to the letter, the HOA even has the right to put a lien on my property if I don’t comply within a month. A lien!!? What have I signed up for? So now I have three choices – I either purchase a brand new central A/C and spend $4000; move out, or suffer in the heat. Right now, I am suffering in the heat, but I plan on calling HVAC companies in the morning for quotes on a new A/C. I am so disappointed.

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It’s time to move out

I can’t believe that I might have to move again. I seriously have the worst luck when it comes to renting apartments. A few years ago there turned out to be toxic mold in the walls of my apartment. The next year, my apartment flooded. My previous apartment had extremely noisy neighbors who would wake up at 5AM and sing in the shower. Now, in my current apartment, the air conditioner just broke down and my landlord refuses to fix it. I have a kid now and I can’t go these summer nights without a proper cooling system. According to my landlord, he’s not legally obligated to provide an air conditioner for tenants. He is only required to provide a heat source. I told him that it’s in violation of the lease we signed, which says that the apartment comes with an air conditioning system. After I said that, he responded that I could break the lease then and move out. I really don’t want to move again, especially with an infant now. I am thinking about fixing the air conditioner with my own money, but it’s really not fair that I would have to do that. The landlord should be fixing the air conditioner. I threatened to write a bad review, but the landlord doesn’t seem to care. The apartments around here are in such high demand, I doubt anyone would bat an eye at a bad review. I guess I am going to start doing research on the cost of air conditioner repair and see what I find.

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I was glad we got a new air conditioner

I hate holiday shopping, and I especially hate the day after thanksgiving when everyone goes nuts for all the shopping deals. I try to avoid it at all costs. Last year, I went hiking for the entire day. The year before that, I had a Netflix marathon at home. My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same way. Every year, the day after thanksgiving, she wakes up at the crack of dawn and drives to the mall. She often finds a ridiculous sale and buys a bunch of TVs or some other crazily discounted electronic. She gives them as gifts for Christmas or sells them on Craigslist over the next year. She made a couple thousand dollars last year doing that. This year, it turns out that one of the box stores was going to be selling 10,000 BTU window air conditioners for $99. Normally, these air conditioners are $250 or more. So, of course, my wife decided that that was what she was going to buy a bunch of to turn a profit. She borrowed my uncle’s small box truck and camped out in front of the store. Then, as soon as it opened, she rushed in with a cart and grabbed 5 air conditioners. Then she paid for them and loaded them in the truck. She was able to make three more trips, for a total of 20 air conditioners, before they completely sold out. She’s pretty quick! We stored the air conditioners in the garage for 6 months. Before summer started, she listed the A/C’s online for $200 each and sold them all within a week. She made $2,000 doing basically nothing! I hate black friday, but I guess I can’t complain!

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Is this inspection going well?

Where I live, it’s hot. I mean, really really hot. Temperatures soar into the 90s each and every day and barely get lower than 70 degrees at night. So,you can imagine my confusion when my son started wearing a hoodie to school every single day. At first, I thought he was trying to hide something in his big hoodie. I thought maybe he was even joining some sort of hoodie-wearing gang. I dropped him off at school the other day and decided to watch for a bit to see if I could figure it out. Then, I noticed that a bunch of kids were wearing sweaters as they walked inside the school. After a few phone calls, I found out that the school had recently installed a new air conditioning system. Apparently, it was getting ice cold every day inside the school and all the students were freezing cold. I asked my son about the new A/C in the school last night, and he said that it is awful. They shiver in class now. Before the new A/C was installed, the school’s cooling system was ancient and could barely keep up with the heat. The kids used to complain about the heat all the time. Now, they complain about it being too cold inside the school. They all started wearing winter clothes in an effort to get the principal to do something about the frigid cold air conditioner. The HVAC company that installed the A/C is coming today to look at the thermostat because they think it might be malfunctioning. Hopefully, they fix the problem. There’s no reason to even own a hoodie in this place!

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heater tune-up

My husband and I have a big house to accommodate our big family. We have four bedrooms for our six kids, and our monthly heating and cooling expenses are astronomical. It wasn’t a problem when the kids were smaller. They never had a problem with the climate control settings back then. But as the kids got bigger, their opinions also got bigger. They would complain constantly that they were too hot, they were too cold. The air conditioner didn’t work, the heater blew air right onto their bed, etc. Their list of complaints goes on and on. The oldest ones are the worst. They have become so dissatisfied with their living situation that they have started adjusting the thermostat on their own. Last week, I came home and they had the thermostat set to 64 degrees! I am dreading our upcoming electricity bills. Finally, my husband and I were able to sit down and have a conversation about our heating and cooling needs. We did some research, and discovered a ductless mini split air conditioning system. The ductless mini split air conditioner allows us to have climate control in zones. We could have an air conditioner in each of the kids rooms, so they could control their zone without affecting the temperature of the rest of the house. We were able to call an HVAC contractor for a free HVAC installation consultation. The initial cost would be a bit of a burden, but we would make up the expense within the first year of use! We have our HVAC contractor coming back next week to install!

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