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Let’s work on the air filter

I live in a pretty cold part of the country, and we get a lot of snow and frigid air.  I love the snow and how everything gets transformed during the holiday season.  I live on the top of a hill that overlooks the main town, and since my family has moved away, I have lived alone.  I still love to look out the window, and sit on the window seat while sipping coffee.  I can see for miles, and I remember what it was like years ago.  I was sitting there a couple of weeks ago, when I saw a bunch of kids out in my yard.  I made my way to the door and I hollered out to see what they were doing.  One of the boys told me they wanted to build the guinness book record snowman.  I doubted it could be done, but I smiled and went back inside to my heating.  I watched those kids for most of the day, and I saw it was starting to snow again.  I realized how warm my furnace was keeping me and I knew they had to be half frozen.  I called them into the house and I offered them hot chocolate, and a place to warm up for a while.  I told them the thanks was the snowman they had building.  I had already turned up the thermostat in the kitchen, and I was grateful for the zone control my wife and I had installed a couple of years ago.  When the kids left, they told me they would return the following day to finish the snowman.  When they finally finished the snowman, it was nearly twenty feet tall and it could be seen from everywhere in town.

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It’s time to roof

I used to hate school, because I was always bored with the classroom.  I loved playing sports and running around with my friends, but the classroom put me to sleep.  History and politics was about as lame as it could get.  I listened in math and a bit in physics, only because I felt they were something that could help  me when I got older.  I knew back then that I would never make it in college, and my sole intention was to start working for my dad in his roofing business, when I got older.  Dad’s roofing business was small, but he was a master craftsman.  When I told him my intentions, he seemed proud of me, but he never treated me any different than he did the other guys on the job.  I had to start at the bottom and do the hardest and dirtiest job there was.  Roofing was actually a very strenuous and hot job.  When on the roof, the temperature was often twenty degrees warmer than on the ground, and when you had to add the heat of the tar, it was nearly unbearable.  We worked well and fast so we could get home to our air conditioning.  Sometimes you would get a customer that would invite you into the house for a cold drink.  It was great to sit in the air conditioning and relax for a couple of minutes.  It was the customers that were generous with their air conditioning that made you appreciate the job.  Mostly we had to wait until we got home to our own air conditioned home.

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I want my say

The northwestern portion of the country can get really cold in the winter.  The snow is really pretty and the holiday feeling is in the year, and I absolutely love it.  I live in a house that overlooks the entire town, and I love sitting in the windows and watching the twinkling lights as I drink my coffee.  Since my wife has passed, it gets lonely looking out at the snow by myself.  You can imagine how surprised I was when I saw a group of young boys outside in my yard.  I live a distance from town, so I was surprised.  When I got over the shock, I called out to them, expecting them to run.  They came right over, and I asked what was going on.  They told me they were going to create the world’s largest snowman for the town to see.  I had to laugh and I told them to build away.  I knew how cold it was, and they had been building for a couple of hours.  I had turned up the thermostat to the furnace and there was cocoa brewing.  I called the boys over and I asked if they wanted to have some hot chocolate.  They came inside and commented on how good the heating felt.  I was so glad that I had the HVAC system installed and that I put in zone control.  I was adding the extra heating to the entire house, and just the kitchen.  They made sure to thank you and they said they would be back the next day.  When they finished the snowman, it stood as high as three of them on their shoulders, and the whole town could see the snowman.

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My new vacation home

When I was in high school, I never really thought much about going on to college.  I loved playing sport and just hanging out with my friends.  The problem was when it came time to just sit in a boring classroom.  History and politics used to put me to sleep and I knew just enough math and physics to get me by when I got older.  After graduation, I told my dad I wasn’t going to school and that I just wanted to join him in his roofing company.  He started his business when I was a little kid, and he is a master at his profession.  At first, I was just doing the equipment carrying, and hauling of shingles, and then he started to teach me the real art of roofing.  He never treated me any differently than the other employees, and I was glad for that.  I learned to do the job with good work ethics and to do it right.  I now own the roofing company and I love it.  My only real complaint is about the heat in the summer.  Guaranteed, it is a good twenty degrees warmer on the roof than it is on the ground.  I need to stay well hydrated and I take several breaks to stay cooled.  I love when our client invites us in for a drink, and the air conditioning is running.  We have a small crew, so we don’t create a mess, and the AC is wonderful after being on the roof and dripping with sweat.  I’ve always treated the clients with air conditioning a little special, because they are the ones with the lemonade and invitations to come into the AC for a while.

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A very large snowman

Winter can get pretty cold in the northwest.  This is the part of the country where I live.  I the winter, and it is gorgeous when the new fallen snow is on the ground, and the feel of the winter festivities is around the corner.  I live in a large home on the top of a hill that looks down on the neighborhood.  I love to sit in the window and drink my coffee, while staring at the lights in the town and the snow as it continues to fall.  Not long ago, I had gone outside and I some kids playing in my yard.  It was really odd, because I live a good distant from most of the townspeople.  After I got over the shock of seeing the kids, I called out to them.  The ran right over and I asked them what was going on.  They told me they were going to build the largest snowman ever.  I started to smile and I told them to have at it.  They worked all day, and they soon had a snowman bigger than they were.  I knew it was freezing, and my furnace kept the inside warm, so I asked if they wanted some hot chocolate.  I turned up the thermostat and invited them in.  I have this terrific HVAC system, and when you turn up that thermostat, it doesn’t take long for the furnace to respond.  They thanked me for the cocoa and told me they would be back the next day.  Their snowman was well over ten feet tall till they were done

This is very sad

Growing up I was never very interested in school. I always enjoyed playing sports and hanging out with the other kids but the idea of sitting in a classroom was just terrible. I never cared about history or politics and I learned enough math and physics to get by. After high school I had no intention of going to college and instead started learning the roofing trade from my father. He had a roofing business since the time I was small and was truly a master at his craft. I started off doing the grunt work and learned the trade as anyone would. I got no special treatment because it was my dad’s business and I am very thankful that I did because it taught me a solid work ethic and how to do the job right. Now I own my own roofing business and I really love it. The only thing that I would have to complain about is how hot it gets up on a roof during the summer. If it’s eighty five degrees outside then up on the roof it will feel like it’s over one hundred! Keeping hydrated is so important as well as taking breaks to keep cool. The best is when a customer invites us inside and has the air conditioning going. I run a pretty small crew so it’s not invasive at all and nothing feels better than the nice cold of a running AC when you’ve just been sweating for the past few hours. You got to love a customer a good HVAC system in their home.

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I finally found something I’m good at

I live in the northwest part of the country where it gets pretty cold during the winter months. I love that time of the year with all the beautiful snow on the ground and the festivities in the air. I have a pretty big house up on a hill just outside of and overlooking town and it’s great to sit in the window sipping on a cup of coffee and staring out at all the lights below me as the snow gently falls from the sky. The other day I went outside and found some kids out playing in my yard. I was surprised by this because I live a bit remotely from everyone else and once I got over my initial shock I yelled out at them. They came running over and I asked what they were doing here to which they replied building “the world’s biggest snowman.” My heart filled with joy and I told them to continue doing it. As they worked throughout the day building this giant snowman I decided to invite them in to warm up and have some cocoa. I turned up the thermostat to my furnace so it would be nice and toasty for them and went out and called to them. I have this great HVAC system I just had installed that has individual room temperature control so I set the kitchen warmer since that was where they would be. They were all so grateful and said they would finish the snowman no matter what. It ended up being fifteen feet high and visible from town.

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Let’s talk this over

After a great deal of thought, I really think that it is time to replace my heating unit.  My heating system is well over twenty-five years old, and entirely ancient.  Although it was a top-of-the-line model when it was first put into our house, it does not have modern safety features and conveniences.  I would  enjoy to update to zoned control to improve flexibility and save money, but my heating system is not capable of handling the update.  I’ve considered updating my old temperature control to a model with WIFI connectivity, but again, my heating system is too old to work with this type of unit.  I have been diligent about changing air filters and scheduling professional repair for the heating system every autumn.  Because of this, the heating system has continued to run very reliably.  I have never been faced with an unexpected breakdown or expensive repair.  Despite my efforts, but, I’ve noticed a subtle rise in my monthly utility bills.  The heating system is starting to struggle to keep up with demand.  It now runs for longer cycles, and on very cold evenings, the house is slightly chilly.  I’m also convinced that my house is no longer as clean as it used to be.  I seem to need to dust the surfaces far more frequently, and I blame the heating system.  I’m sure there is a large amount of dust and other contaminants hidden inside the furnace which block airflow and impacts indoor air quality.  I have been reluctant to get rid of the old furnace because it’s still operational.  I keep waiting for it to quit, but it keeps right on running.  Every Fall, I expect to be told to invest in a modern heating system, and I research the many types of units available.

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Reading and studying

I think that it’s time to upgrade the heating unit in our home.  My oil furnace is well over thirty years old, and really outdated.  Although it was a top-of-the-line system when it was first put into the house, it lacks modern safety features and conveniences.  I would really like to be able to upgrade to zoned temperature control to help out with comfort and save additional money, but our oil furnace is not capable of handling the extra strain.  I’ve considered updating our old thermostat to a model with wireless connectivity, but again, our oil furnace is too old to handle the update.  I have been diligent about changing air filters and scheduling professional maintenance for the heating plan every summer.  Because of this, the oil furnace has continued to run very reliably.  I have never had to deal with a sudden breakdown or overpriced repair.  Despite my strongest efforts, however, I’ve noticed a rise in our yearly energy bills.  The oil furnace is starting to have trouble keeping up with demand.  It now runs for much longer at a time, and on exceptionally cold nights, the apartment stays slightly cold.  I’m also convinced that our home is no longer as clean.  I have to dust and vacuum far more often, and I blame that old oil furnace.  I’m sure there is a large amount of dust and other contaminants hidden inside the heating system which blocks the airflow and impacts the normal standard of indoor air quality.  I have been reluctant to rip out the old heating system because it’s still working fine.  I keep waiting for it to break down, and it keeps right on running.  Coming up this winter, I expect to invest in a new oil furnace, and I research the many chances available.

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We are dealing with a lot

Where I live, we get about 180 days of rain every year. Basically, it is pouring rain half the time, any time, all the time! Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I knew what the weather was like before I moved here, so I knew what I was getting into. It is very temperate here, with mild summers and mild winters, and very few major temperature fluctuations in between. The other side of that coin is the endless rain. It really depresses some people, the lack of sunshine, but it doesn’t bother me a bit.

          Compared to where I used to live, I am literally saving a couple hundred bucks a month of utility bills because I don’t have to run my HVAC system. I used to live down south, where I had to run my air conditioner for nine or ten months out of the year. The monthly bills for constant AC use can be terrifying, let me tell you.

            Up here, that is not an issue, and in fact I have not run my air conditioner once in the two years I’ve lived here. I still turn the thermostat on from time to time, to make sure all the HVAC equipment is working properly, but I just don’t need to use it here. I have run the furnace once or twice, mostly when I have family over for the Christmas holiday, but even then we don’t need much heating. I do not miss paying so much for heating and cooling, and I love the extra money I have now!

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