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Paying big bucks for a packaged central air conditioner

My wife and I share a house with our best friends, who are also married. We have three kids, and they have two. Altogether, that’s nine people sharing a single house. Sounds intense, right? Well imagine that all nine of those people want the temperature of the house at a different setting. It can be an absolute nightmare! Between the four adults, we share the costs of keeping our house powered, stocked with food, and comfortable with excellent air conditioning. That can be a challenge though, when everyone dogs the air conditioning system until it can’t take it anymore. When our current air conditioning system was on it’s last leg, us four adults convened to plan out how we would go about buying a new air conditioner. I told them we needed to seriously consider something more powerful, and they agreed. In my spare time, I researched some alternatives and discovered packaged central air conditioners. They’re called such because they’re the whole package: a condenser, a compressor and an evaporator, all working together to provide as much cold air as possible. Generally this grade of air conditioner is for small commercial buildings, but anyone who’s been to my house knows how much we demand from our appliances! The cost was high for the unit, but installation was low enough that we decided to invest in zone-control thermostats as well. With a personalized thermostat in each bedroom, the nine of us couldn’t bicker about the temperature inside any longer. The installation should be done soon, and I can’t wait! My wife and I, as well as our housemates, have been talking about this for the past few weeks!

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We don’t want to be scammed

My wife and I liked to take some long weekend trips several times a year just to get away from our jobs and life for a little while. This had worked well for us over the years. But we needed to have a good dog sitter as we loved our two Chow Chows and they would need care while we were away. We had used a local man who lived nearby and had been recommended by a neighbor. He was friendly and loved the dogs and they seemed to love him too. We had been gone for two days on our last weekend trip when I received a frantic call from our dog sitter. He had come to our house to feed and walk the Chows when he noticed that it was very cold inside the home. He has checked the thermostat and the temperature was below 50 and the furnace would not come on. I knew I needed to call out a HVAC repair person as soon as possible. I had our usual service company in my cell phone and so I gave them a call. They were able to send out a repair person in a couple hours and I let our dog sitter know that he would need to be there to let them in. Later that day I received a much less frantic call from our dog sitter letting me know that the repairman had just left and the furnace was pushing warm air out all the vents in the house. If we had not had someone coming over to look after the dogs the house could have gotten so cold that the pipes could have burst causing a real mess in the house. The dog sitter did tell me that the Chows were not even phased by the cold indoor conditions. They have a heavy fur coat to keep them warm no matter what.

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My experience at a resort made me wish I was back home

My wife and I had our first baby a few months ago, and we’re finally back in our usual routine. Getting in the habit of accounting for three is a challenge at first, but I think we’ve managed to thrive and really own up to being great parents! Plus, we were fortunate to have some family members that were willing to provide daycare for the baby, so we’ve been able to save tons of money for our first house. Still, working three jobs between the two of us can be stressful to say the least, so we decided we would take a mini-vacation over the weekend. Where to? Our favorite theme park, of course! We’ve been Disney fanatics since were kids, so it only made sense to bring the baby to the happiest place on Earth. Well, we went to the park and had a blast, but when we arrived at the hotel to check in for the night, our high was cut short. Upon entry to the hotel, I noticed it was incredibly muggy, with almost no air circulation in the lobby. During check-in, I asked the clerk if there was better air conditioning in the rooms. She insisted this was the case, so I took her word for it as we moseyed up to our room. She was disingenuous, to put it nicely – the room was hotter than the lobby! My wife looked at me as she held the baby, already beginning to cry from being too hot. Maybe the air conditioner just wasn’t on yet? I walked over to the room A/C, and cranked it on, setting the temperature to sixty-eight degrees to cool the room down quickly. It managed to do just that, and we were able to cool off as we nestled in our beds to sleep. I woke up about an hour later to the baby crying, and for good reason – the room was absolutely freezing! I checked the air conditioner again, and it never stopped dropping the room temperature. It was almost in the fifties in our room! There was no middle ground with this thing. I cut the air conditioner off entirely, and dreamed about being back home in our comfy apartment as I rocked the baby back to sleep.

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My parents want me in university

For as long as I can remember, my mother has had issues with indoor air quality. She has many allergies including pets, dust and pollen. She seemed to have an allergy for every season. My mother was always taking one medication or another to battle whatever season was causing the indoor air irritation. My mother battled this issue for most of her early life until she discovered having a HEPA filter added to our HVAC system. This filter could trap almost any sized particle in the air and keep it from circulating into our home. I remember when she had the local HVAC company come out to install the new HEPA filter on our existing furnace and air conditioning system. It was not a large device but the filters were large and thick and had to be changed quite often. The HVAC company also recommended having all the duct work cleaned in the house to remove anything in the duct system which could be adding to the indoor air issues. Almost immediately my mother noticed a huge difference in the indoor air quality in our home. She had taken antihistamines for many years in an effort to stop the runny eyes and scratchy throat and sneezing all the time. After only a few days with the new filter system she was off the meds and had not sneezed in days. She said she felt like a new person. She felt like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.


The Hot Date

The dating scene is a pretty tough thing most of the time. I work at a very high-end law office litigating all sorts of multi-million dollar business and real estate ventures so I can hardly find the time to breathe much less go out on dates. This month I have been lucky and have found myself with about two weeks of time in between deals where I can relax and catch my breath. I figured I would use one of those online apps and hopefully meet someone I could go out on a date with. After chatting with a few different people over the phone I met someone who I seemed to kick it off with. She is also a lawyer and understands to hustle of the profession. We decided to meet up at this little restaurant in the business district to see where things would go. I arrived twenty minutes early and waited for her at the bar. That was the plan so I could have a drink and relax a bit before she showed up. She got there and we sat down to eat. Everything was going really well, but I was getting very overheated. Finally I mentioned something about being overheated and she said she was also getting too hot. I called over the waiter to complain and he said that the thermostat just broke and the furnace was stuck on high. They had an emergency HVAC visit scheduled and if we could be patient that things will be fixed shortly. I said we weren’t waiting for the HVAC person to fix the thermostat on the furnace and to bring the check immediately.

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Moving Down South

I have been living in the most northern part of the country for 5 years now and I am ready to get out. I first moved up here for work and even though the job dried up, for some reason I never managed to move back south. I’m from down there and grew up loving the icy cool of the air conditioner being the only thing close to a cold climate that you run into. It is horrible up here during the winter. Everything freezes over with thick layers of ice and half the time you can’t even drive up the street without sliding in every direction. I suppose I should be happy for the friends I met and the fun times I had when the horrible ice would finally thaw, but honestly, the only thing I am truly thankful for is the furnace. Without the furnace turned up to 80 degrees I probably would have turned into an icicle. I know my hero over these past 5 years has been the HVAC technician I had to call out for a repair job or two. He was really great and made sure my furnace stayed in pristine condition. However, all of this will be over soon. I found a job in my field back home and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. To be back in the land of blazing hot days with the sun beating down on me will be heaven. I am actually excited about going out and buying a new air conditioner once I get back there.

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Wind storm

Last spring my area had a month of massive windstorms.  There was so much destruction that a few towns were shut down for a few days, hundreds of thousands of people were without power for weeks, and so much more.  Seeing all of the destruction was chilling I had never seen anything like it before in my life. My family and I were very lucky because we received very little damage.  The only thing that was really damaged on our property was our HVAC system. Even though we thought we had it properly protected, it still took on a lot of damage from stuff flying around in the air from our neighbors and the random tree branches.  We ended up having to replace the whole HVAC unit and we even purchased the extended warranty and the service agreement plan on it. A year later, we are once again facing massive windstorms, and of course one of things that was damaged on our property was our HVAC system.  Luckily we had purchased the extended warranty and the service agreement plan because it ended up saving us money on repairs to the system. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new heating and cooling system to also purchase the service agreement and the extended warranty because it can really help to save you money in the end.  I know most people are put off by the extra cost especially after they are spending so much for the new HVAC system but the extended warranty and the service agreement are really well worth the little bit of extra money especially when it can save you hundreds.

The curse of three

When my husband and I purchased our home we had it thoroughly inspected before we made the purchase final.  The home inspector said the house was in great shape and he couldn’t see anything really wrong with it. After we got the final report we were very happy to find that we wouldn’t be looking at major disasters our first few months in the new house.  Boy oh boy were we ever wrong!! We had been living in our house for three months when we had a majoring plumbing problem that we had to fix and it was not cheap. There wasn’t much we could do about it, things happen and after all this was all part of owning a home right?  Anyways three weeks after our plumbing disaster we noticed that a lot of our lights were starting to short out, we changed all the bulbs thinking they were just old but of course that would have been too easy. We ended up having to call an electrician out to the house to fix the problem and he ended up having to rewire the whole house.  Again this was not a cheap fix but it had to be done. We knew that after this we were in one more hard blow, after all things happen in threes right? So, now we just had to sit and wait for the final shoe to drop, and it did. It dropped in the middle of a winter storm when the temperatures had dropped to the teens, our heat went out. We called the local HVAC technician to come out to the house to repair our heating system, but of course he said he needed to replace the whole system.  Even though we were frustrated by this, we ended up getting lucky because we got a discount by upgrading our system and getting a heating and cooling system. We can’t wait to try out our cooling system in a few month!

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A hard working man

One question I always think about is, “What if?” I often find myself thinking about various scenarios because of that very question. Like what if I were rich and famous? What could I have done differently to achieve that sort of status? What if I didn’t enjoy that type of lifestyle? You can see the madness in this way of thinking, but it’s healthy to visualize a different kind of lifestyle I believe. What if I had become an HVAC technician? I could have learned to take care of my own heating and cooling system! I could help out all of my friends and neighbors when they are experiencing HVAC troubles. When our heating system broke down that one winter, I could have repaired it myself! What if I never met the love of my life? Well… that one is a little bit depressing! Sometimes I feel like it’s just fate the way things go, like I was meant to do this, and this is where I am meant to be in life. And what if I never thought about any of this! I certainly wouldn’t have the headache I am developing at the moment! I am actually quite happy with where I am in life. I have a beautiful wife and a couple of kids. We own our own house and it’s a nice one! We have a powerful and reliable HVAC system. We have a couple of cats that are awesome. We also have a blue pitbull! He is such a great dog! While it is fun to think of all these “What if” scenarios, I will always be happy with most of the decisions I made in life to get to where I am now.

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That is something I enjoy

Something that I really enjoy doing is writing. Eventually I decided to quit my last job and work for a company that allows me to work from home. Basically, my job is to write articles about various subjects. It requires a little bit of research and then I get to writing. I absolutely love the freedom I have with creativity. I feel it’s important to write things that others don’t think about so much. It’s really good to switch it up a lot so people don’t get bored with the same old things. Something that I absolutely need when I am writing is excellent temperature control. When I am either working or just writing for fun, I love to have the A/C cranked up really high. There was a time when I felt like my A/C was a little lacking, so I simply called up my HVAC company to have my A/C tuned up! After that my A/C has been working like a champ, and I have been writing better. I know that with the right temperature control settings, I am able to get the creative juices flowing much easier. When I am too overheated, I find it difficult to focus. I absolutely hate that because then I develop writer’s block and then my work becomes less than what it should be. Maybe I’m not the greatest writer, but I certainly enjoy it! I aim to please the readers and that is why I love to think of creative things to write about. One thing that I absolutely love writing is poetry! I have also been known to write some mean song lyrics! I am really good at reading poetry to large groups as well. I have had many requests for reading various poems I have written. I think what people really enjoy is the way I read the poetry too, it really moves people.

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