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The ductwork constantly leaks

When I found and seen some water leaking through my ceiling I called out a roofer; He came out as soon as I called, used a ladder to get onto my roof and crawled up into my attic and then told me that my roof was fine, the water was coming from condensation on my HVAC ducts. He mentioned that I needed to call out an HVAC company because this water can cause deadly mold and other damage just the same as if my roof was leaking. I thanked him for being 100% honest then I called out an HVAC worker and half expected them to tell me it was something else but he didn’t. He said my ductwork needed insulation and that would keep this from happening again. He also explained that insulating my ductwork may even save me a little bit of cash because the cool air won’t be wasted in attic section anymore. I sure hope this is the case. I do plan to keep my new home freezing cold. The hotter it is outside, the lower I will set the control component thermostat to inside. The specialist got to work sealing my ductwork and then insulating all of it! When he was done, not only did I notice that the leak in the ceiling was gone but my air quality felt colder than it had before. I had no idea what so ever that ductwork needed to be insulated, but for that matter, I had no idea that mine wasn’t and never was. I don’t go into the attic. I’m just thrilled and overjoyed the problem is fixed even if I did call out the wrong company at first call.

The alterations in heating and cooling

My full family and I visited relatives out of town last week, we were lucky enough to have a home to stay in, because a friend of the family was out of town and let every single one of us stay in her home for the week we were going to be around, but my sister and I took a small room in the basement of the home while my mother took a room on the next floor, but it was really nice and we felt right at home, and there was only 1 single problem: the air conditioner. The home central heating and cooling, and a thermostat temperature control, however the temperatures in the 2 rooms were vastly different. The basement dining room was freezing cold all of the time. The bed I slept in was pushed up against a big window. At night, the cold air worked its ways into the room… Both my sister and I had to find additional blankets in order to be hot enough to sleep… On the other hand, the upstairs was boiling tepid hot all of the time. The a/c was so quiet we could hardly tell that it was working. You entirely couldn’t tell that it was by the temperature in that particular room. It is different too because the temperature control thermostat was located right outside of the upstairs bedroom door. Anyways, my mama had to sleep on top of the covers and leave the fan on. I believe we can’t complain too much. We all had a place to sleep and take a shower and it wasn’t costing us any cash. A fluctuating Heating and Air Conditioning unit is not much to have to put up with.

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The indoor air conditions at the market

This town has an outdoor farmers produce and fruit market that is open everyday. They have fresh fruits & vegetables every morning of the weekend, & they offer the most competitive prices around. Since I spend a lot of free time shopping at the grocery stores, I believe if everything is priced perfectly. Last weekend, I wanted to make it to the farmers market to grab some baby eggplants. It’s only now becoming ripe baby eggplant season, & I wanted to sample the harvest. The outdoor temperatures were close to ninety nine degrees, although I entirely wanted fresh eggplant for dinner. I drove with the cooling system set on high. I was surprised to find a huge offering of red cling peaches. It’s pretty late in the season & these peaches are actually luxurious at the supermarket. The roadside farm stands were selling them for half the price of the local grocery store. I finally found the number one vendor. He had a huge crate of orange & orange baby eggplants. I bought 20 in total, & raced back to the car. I flipped on the car & turned the cooling system on high. That’s when I recalled the boiled peanuts. I always get boiled peanuts from the farmers market. Even though the cooling system felt really great, I turned off the car & raced back inside. I did not want to drive all the way to the cabin without our number one snack. By the time I got back to the car, the sun was blaring hard from overhead. It felt care about the middle of a desert. Thankfully, I had a long drive back to the cabin. I set the control component to 66 degrees & turned on the car stereo

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The HVAC costs quite a bit

Shortly after our last child was born, our hubby decided he wanted to start a business, then he was finally working for an Heating & A/C supplier in our town, but he had not acquired a decent raise in ten or twelve years. With another baby, Chad begged the owner to give him a raise, but the Heating & A/C supplier owner claimed he did not have enough funds in the budget for a raise. That is when Chad decided he would open a small Heating & A/C service shop of his own, at first, we struggled to get our own shoppers. The people I was with and I displayed on craigslist, & we paid for an ad on the angie’s list site… Chad was finally working 4 or 5 Heating & A/C service calls each week. The people I was with and I were hardly making enough money to pay the company bills, but i advised a harsh advertising campaign on the web. I thought we should hire someone to create a company website for us. My hubby finally agreed, & we started seeking out web design companies. I found a few web designers that could assist us, for a minimal amount of money. Most of those web designers we’re young guys, fresh out of coding school. They worked a lot cheaper than the crucial name web design companies. Chad & I hired a young guy to put together for us a website & optimize the keywords for the search engine. The website has been live for just over 2 weeks, & we have seen an increase in our business. The people I was with and I are still trying to work out all of the kinks, but things have been nice so far! Our website is inspected by the exact same person who built the platform. Each week, he updates our website with Heating & A/C specials, sales, & even some coupons.

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He is either robbing me or doing a repair

I came home from work in the middle of the day last week as I forgot to feed my cat. When I arrived, I saw a big truck parked outside of my house, which looked like some kind of service truck. I hadn’t seen it before, and I knew I didn’t schedule any work at my house – surely someone was robbing me! I slowly walked into my house, and saw there was some person petting my cat! I screamed out loud, which startled both the person and my cat. My cat went flying out of the room and knocked over a small statue, which came crashing down and shattered on the ground! I came to find out that my partner had noticed my air conditioner had been off, so he wanted to do something nice for me. He called over a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair technician to fix it for me while I was at work! What a sweet gesture, though unfortunately for me, I had startled the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repairman who I thought was a robber. Now I had a broken statue on the living room floor, too! I’m glad the guy was such a good sport about the scare. He said his sorries for scaring me and said that he could have the statue fixed since he “knew a guy”. An hour after we scared each other in our first meeting, I now had a functioning cooling unit again! I thanked the guy extensively as he left, still feeling a bit foolish about how that scenario played out. I wish my man told me this guy would be here – if he had, my statue would be in one piece, instead of shattered on the floor!

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Setting up the heater

Once I graduated and moved out of the house to go to school, there was only one thing that my brother wanted from me – my old room! He was always the proper seventeen year old brat who thinks that he can go wherever he wants. He was a curious kid, so the mystery of my room must’ve drove him crazy! It was also up in the attic, so I had a great view of the city below while I was there. When he asked our parents if he could have it, they said sure – neglecting to tell him about how cold it always was in there! I got a real kick out of that, because he was so excited! Now that a few months passed, he didn’t seem nearly as excited. It is so cold up there, even on a normal day – winter weather made it so much worse! The heated gas furnace that kept the house warm over the Winter does not connect to the air ducts in the attic, so he had to rely on this super tiny portable electric furnace to warm. That thing was worthless when I first got it, so I’m sure it was practically trash when he got to it! I remember hearing that he asked our parents if he could move back down to his old room after a few days, but they said that he had to stay up there in the cold attic and learn his lesson! They were trying to teach him about being careful what he wished for, but I think he missed the lesson anyway. It was annoying to have to go to bed each night in a coat, so I’m sure it was brutal for him. When I came home to visit over the winter break, he had all of his stuff in his old room again! Guess someone doesn’t like the attic after all?

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animals need cooling too

There’s nothing like a crippling habit. When you’ve got a tendency to do something, you’d better hope it’s something people don’t notice. My habit is impulsive spending, so my friends can tell when I’m having “one of my days”, as I’ll show up to work or when we go out and have a completely new outfit on! Thankfully, one of our neighbors was going on a trip for numerous weeks, and needed someone to stay at their apartment to watch their dogs while they were gone. All I had to do was watch the pet, plus take it out to walk every few hours. Easy money, I thought. Well, I thought wrong! I found out that their dog is incredibly particular about the temperature of the house – and won’t settle for less than having the a/c cranked up to the max! Whenever I would try to turn down the air conditioning system and turn on the gas heating system, he would instantly begin to start barking at howling at me until I fixed it! The only time I had to get out of the freezing temperatures was during his walk every couple hours, but that darn dog is so old and lazy! Not even a block down the road, he wanted to go back home. I was so freezing cold from being in that ice-cold apartment, I would often have to wear a heavy coat to bed just to sleep without shivering! I suppose with all of this extra cash I’m going to be making, I I will have to buy a new heating system – or at least a space heater, just to unfreeze!

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Parents all over me about the HVAC

My parents are just the worst, and when I moved up to the north after I finished up school, I thought that I was finally done with all of the headaches they caused for me. When my parents decided to move up to the north only a year after I did, I knew that I was going to be in for a whole new level of misery! They can be so overbearing, constantly micro-managing every little thing! When they moved into their cabin up here, it was pretty much only me around that could help them move around all of their furniture. I was also the person put in charge of installing the heating and cooling system, and while I’m a bit of a handyman, I think that I was in too deep on this project! I told my parents that they should just go ahead and hire a local Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance team to take care of the installation job, yet they refused. Saving some money was part of the reason, but they’ve been convinced that home improvement should be done by the family only. How ignorant! I had to spend over six hours working on installing this heated gas furnace for them, watching countless youtube videos in the process just so I knew how to install it properly! Now that I finally got their cabin and heating and cooling device set up, they don’t even use it. They are at my cabin instead, constantly blaming the device I installed for failing to keep the cabin warm enough for their liking. They come here, and sit around on my couch as the radiant floor heating keeps them toasty. I love them and all, but my parents have overstayed their welcome!

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No need to use our heating device

In school, my buddies and I consistently threw a holiday gathering. Sometimes it could be around Halloween, whereas other times it could get as late as the new year.  But, once a year though, we all threw a immense bash in the coldest season… The reason we all did it when it was frosty was to save cash. A gathering in the Summer for broke school boys is rough. You have a ton of people crammed in a small home and the aged AC has to accommodate that… Most of the time, people leave the door open to let in a breeze—all of which would be an immense drain on the house’s already failing cooling system. So what my roommates and I did instead was throw the home gathering when it was frosty out. The massive amounts of people created a lot of body heat in our house. Also, there was dancing and lots of drinking! Both of those things are natural heat inducers as well. Instead of paying for extra cooling, we all paid for less heating. We consistently turned off the furnace for the whole gathering too. At first, it was a bit frosty being in the middle of the winter season without the furnace on. After the gathering got going, people started moving and throwing back the drinks, the heat would naturally grow. It would get hot enough that people would still open the door to let in a breeze. It did not bother any of us at all since we were not wasting any heating doing this. Smart idea with our heating component right? The natural heat of the people seemed to balance out our whole place just perfectly.

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Cooling system in the theatre

Over the Summer I am a part time usher for a theater that has musicals, rock stars and plays performed. Not to mention, the theater is quite big. There are numerous floors and balcony seating inside. It is not a bad Summer task either. I get to see a lot of diverse shows, meet wonderful people and the labor is super easy. The only negative thing I can think of about this job is the AC in the building. The air conditioning in the theater is set to sub-zero freezing temperatures. I believe that the theater tries to accommodate the acts that are performing. The musical people wear a variety of costumes and are always dancing around the stage. The lights also are directly above them for a few hours in the show. I have seen the people after their curtain close; even with the AC running on high, they are all hot and dripping in puddles of sweat. The musicians are even sweatier when they finish. They don’t take an intermission and the musicians are all constantly moving, but as a non performer and someone who stands stationary most of the night, I am super cold. I usually have to wear long pants and a overcoat our whole shift just to not freeze. It is horrible being super chilly the entire performance. There is no way to hide from the AC too. The upper and lower level have vents lining the floor. The AC literally blows up our pants. The balcony has the HVAC ducts right above the seats, and so if I am tasked there, I get AC blowing down on me. So while I prefer this job over others for how easy it is, I don’t believe I could go more than a one more Summer working there.