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Finding the HVAC tech

Gavin and I recently decided to add another washroom to our home. We had saved up enough money to make the necessary changes, plus wanted some help choosing the familiar business for each work. Since my husband Gavin works with the City Planning Commission, I asked him to help with the process. I needed help finding an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. The last time we had work done at the home, we were not honestly okay with the professional manner of our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business. My Gavin was really working for a local plumbing back in the day, so they already had a plumbing business lined up. My Gavin then took a few mornings to search through the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C companies. He even took the day off to contact those companies plus ask what style of prices they could offer. I believe Gavin got a much better price from the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business, because he was the one to text the entire project was completed a few weeks ago, plus I believe everything looks okay to me. The results have honestly changed the entire believe of that side of my house. I feel quite good about the work, plus the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business was professional plus nice. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business finished their portion of the work, on time plus within what I wanted it to be. Gavin, on the other hand, ran one week behind schedule while in the full project.

HVAC causing lots of problems

My next door neighbor is always in my business. I’ve been living in the town for about 8 weeks now, however no one has made a choice to come by plus say how is it going? My next door guy honestly seem to look in my direction plus point a terrible lot. Last week, I have gathered quite a bit of attention when I bought a brand current BMW. I always wanted a BMW, ever since my senior year of high school. When I brought the BMW home from the dealership, multiple of my friends decided to visit. I was happy to discuss the layout of my current car. I was excited about the clean interior plus sunroof that expanded the length of the roof.  I was enjoying our lengthy talks, until they started to ask about my payments plus cash flow. I didn’t believe that was anyone’s business, so I said no and dismissed the neighbor’s from my yard. Yesterday, I had problems with the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component in the basement. As soon as the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company van pulled into my house, the guys strutted across the street. They wanted to hear if my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component was no longer working. They wanted to know how much money the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair was going to cost me in the end. what was happening with our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. I was feeling upset, plus I was ready to shout plus yell at these folks!

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I can go without any heating

Winter, in my local area, is basically non existent. I live in the southern region.  The weather is typically sunny and hot. The temperature stays pretty much the same all year long. Sometimes, I wish I could experience a variation in weather during the Winter month.  I have considered acting like a snowbird. Instead of fleeing from the cold winters, I would head up north just to enjoy the change of a snowy winter. The winter in my local area is an extension of summertime! The heat is not quite as severe, but there is only a little relief.  Now and then, we get temperatures down around 50 degrees. That cool of a temperature is a rarity. We never get snow. Due to the lack of any cool weather, even in the Winter, the Air Conditioning equipment works nearly non stop to keep the home cool. Because of this, the electricity bill can be a strain on the budget.   Because I am overheated all the time, I am constantly trying to minimize clothing and find lightweight material. I drink a lot of cold water and take cool showers. When it’s even slightly chilly, I put on layers of clothing. I assume that sub zero temperatures would get difficult to take. Hot chocolate is something I love, but rarely have.   Hot chocolate just doesn’t sound good in this weather, when I am already feeling too hot. When it comes to Air Conditioning, I am convinced that it is more refreshing to be overly cool rather than overheated. In the north, they need to run a gas furnace all the time. I recognize that each kind of weather extreme has its advantages and disadvantages.   I would simply like to have a change of weather now and then. I would like to shut off the air conditioner in the Winter.

Sad about the cooling situation

My husband, Stan and I went out to dinner last Thursday night to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.  We went to a location I had been wanting to try for a while. At this point, I was 7 months pregnant and feeling hot and sweaty as a pregnancy symptom.  Ii freeze Stan at night while we sleep, because I am always too hot and need to blast the Air Conditioning. When Stan and I stepped inside this eating establishment, I instantaneously realized they were experiencing air conditioner problems. The location was stale, hot and sticky.  We started sweating before we even sat down. I instantly felt the heat hit me. It was muggy and even the waiters and waitresses were perspiring. I started to feeling fatigued and nauseous. The staff was apologetic about the lack of a working air conditioner. They offered us a carafe of ice water and a menu to fan myself with while Stan and I waited for our food to arrive.  My husband felt bad that I wasn’t comfortable but there wasn’t much he could do. We eventually made the decision to take our food to go, and the manager provided us a ten percent discount because of the lack of air conditioner. She told us that the Air Conditioner had quit the night before. The HVAC contractor was not able to provide repairs until the following day. She apologized because of the inconvenience of the heat, especially with me being pregnant. She promised that the next time Stan and I came for dinner,  the Air Conditioner would be running perfectly and the temperature would be nice and cool. Stan and I have decided to hold off until I am no longer pregnant before trying out this eating establishment again!

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Small and weak cooling

For our sisters birthday, she wanted me to cook her an italian feast. I am a nice cook, plus I was suspecting that she would ask for this for her present. She has asked me to cook for her for the last 8 years. I was concerned about cooking in here though, because our heating and cooling system had been acting up and I hadn’t had the time to really call the repair person to repair it… The day of her birthday, I had her and the family over to celebrate her special day. I was working away, when I realized that the room getting so hot. It wasn’t from the oven or the stovetop, it was much hotter than just that. My mom, who was helping me cook wouldn’t stop complaining about the lack of cooling air. My cooling system was small plus weak, it wasn’t built to maintain a home with the square footage it has. I told her to open up a window or turn on the ceiling fan. Still, she just kept whining and complaining. It felt as if I was the actual parent! After some more complaining, I told her that I would finish all of the cooking, and she could just go sit in the room that had the cooling system. After about an hour, I had finally finished up all of the dishes for our sisters big birthday meal. When I came out with all the food ready to serve it, our sister plus her friends all asked me why I was so hot, however oh boy, if they only knew.  

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Repair for the air conditioner

My number one thing I like about the neighborhood I live in is that it is small and close knit. I know everybody who is around the town, and pretty much everyone is friendly and talkative with each other. One of my number one places in my small neighborhood is the local bar. It’s super old, despite the fact that I love it. I am buddies with the bartender, and there is consistently some cool people to talk to in there. I know it is getting too old however, and might need a facelift soon… Just last weekend, my wife and I were enjoying ourselves seeing an athletic game in the bar. Suddenly, it began to get warmer and warmer indoors. I asked the bartender what was the problem, and he said that the a/c unit had finally given out. I couldn’t say that I was surprised, being a formal HVAC repairman! The a/c unit in the corner looked like a model that would’ve been used when I was still a baby. I told them to let me know when they got the cooling unit fixed, and  we got out of there. It wasn’t until we had to find something else to do on the weekends that every one of us realized that we are consistently hanging out at that bar. My wife and I were bored and sweaty, the worst 2 feelings arguably! We ended up driving 30 minutes to a nearby neighborhood much bigger and where they had a bar and with a working heating and cooling system. The bar we ended up going to was ok, however it was so tied up and loud, I couldn’t even hear the game on the tv! I hope my friend at the bar fixes the a/c unit sooner than later.

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Mini split for my man space

I have worked in construction my entire life, when I was just a teenager, the first task I ever got was in construction… Ten years later and that is exactly what I am doing still… Luckily, I am still not in the same position that I was as a young and dumb teen; I have managed to climb the corporate ladder a bit and am now a construction director. The pay is good, but managing all these men all afternoon plus barking orders over heavy machinery is exhausting work. Whenever I am having a terrible afternoon at the office, I consistently remember that I will be able to go relax in my cave  after this, but my man cave puts other peoples to shame. I have numerous flat screen tvs equipped with surround sound down there, and best of all, I have a mini heating and cooling system on both walls. I recently build a contraption that connected the mini heating and cooling systems to my sofa chair that I sit in to watch sports games. I hooked up plastic tubes that run throughout the chair plus connect with the A/C units main air cooling duct. Whenever you sit on the chair, a blast of cooling sensation hits your body and you feel better right away. I was thinking the other afternoon while I was on lunch break. Maybe I should change works to an HVAC serviceman if I can build an air conditioned masterpiece like that from scratch. Maybe I will do just that.

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Heated floorboards for my parents

Eight years ago after I graduated from school I moved down south to begin my professional career… I was super excited to begin, since I had never had a “substantial” job before. I had also only been down in the southern area of the country a hand full of times, so I was excited for something new, however now that I have lived in the south for so long, I miss my family in the north, and each Wintertime, I always wish for a trip to go back and visit for a while. This time, I’m bringing my dog Darby with me; He has never been somewhere with cold temperature or snow, so it will be an interesting experience for him. When we arrived at my parents cottage, it was frigid… My dog was relieved when we got inside and the gas furnace was blasting the entire house. Then he observed the radiant heated floors that my parents had installed into their cottage recently. He had never experience the delight of radiant heated floors, plus he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it! He began by laying with his belly up in the air just basking in the warmth and comfort of the warm room. My parents and I were cracking up at how crazy he looked. I had not been down to visit since the radiant heated floors were installed, so I went and joined my dog out on the floor… Looking up at the ceiling with my dog in a warm cottage, I sure was sure thrilled to be home.

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A huge heating device

Off-the-grid living is the way to live, if you ask me. I’ve been doing it for a year now. Don’t get me wrong though, I do in fact own an iPhone and TV, as I do appreciate the occasional gaming session as well as appreciate the convenience of a iPhone… However, I do appreciate my two furnaces as well, which are not particularly new or up to date at all, first is my big fireplace, which can definitely fit myself into it 3 times over, however using the fireplace is consistently sure to create a comfy environment to read, sleep or do something else relaxing, but it also adds soot to the place and can heavily dry out the air! I used to light a fire every single day when I first moved here, but now my throat gets too scratchy from the dry air created by the fire. For this reason alone, I also have a backup furnace in the form of a pellet stove, designed to burn small “pellets” of wood at a time, the pellet stove is a fairly efficient, highly simple means to heat a loft or cabin home naturally. I like using the pellet stove much more than the fireplace, as the contribution of dry heat to the place is far lower! Plus, the heat from the pellet stove is transmitted via HVAC ducts to several rooms of the house. It’s a more effective, more encompassing approach to heating the full large house! Since it is a stove that creates combustion byproducts, I do have to be sure to sweep and clean the chimneys for the stove plus my fireplace. I also have to get the HVAC ducts cleaned out twice a year, just to be sure there’s no buildup of debris or dust. It works well for me.

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Use an air purifier each monday

At my little house, I have a media air cleaner and air purifier installed into our home’s heating and cooling system, and with using the cleaner and purifier, I’m able to circulate totally allergen-free air through our home which greatly improves all our health and our mood, but when the weekend is over, it means I have to return to the incredibly stuffy office I work in, which has bad air circulation and an on-site mechanic that refuses to change the air filters more than once every 2 or 3 months. Come on! You’re supposed to change the filters every month, especially in an office environment with many people around. Still, he refuses, so I’m left to keep a respirator mask on our face for half of the morning just to keep our dust sensitivities from getting out of hand, however everyone thinks I’m trying to keep from getting sick, too! It’s as if no one in the office has ever dealt with dust sensitivities in their lives. If that’s legitimately the case, it must be nice, then as for me, I spend all day waiting to go back home into our safe haven, where our air cleaner and media air cleaner work to ensure I have the cleanest, most allergy-free air to breathe, on top of that, my home also makes use of numerous different room-a/c systems that give incredible capabilities for cooling and heating the main room of our small house. Whenever guests come over, they always compliment me on how nice and clean our little cottage is. Neatness and cleanliness is key, if you want to avoid an allergic reaction, a cold, or any number of illnesses around.