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AC after farm work

I had a lot of great fun when I was a kid, because my siblings and I grew up on many different Acres of farmland. When my brothers and I were younger, we could go anywhere on our 100 Acre property. As long as we were home for dinner, my mom didn’t seem to mind the fact that we were entertaining ourselves. Summertime was always horrible, because my dad made my siblings and I go out + perform many farm tours. The summer was consistently tepid, so we despised having to be outdoors everyday. Growing Up This Way, made me want to choose a job that would keep me in side of a building. I wanted to have the ability to do my job from any air conditioned space. After graduating with my science degree, I chose to take a nice job in an environmental lab. I was working on developing some new pesticides, Plus it was nice to work in the lab where it was cool and comfortable. Luckily, I have my own office plus my own thermostat for the furnace plus cooling plan. As soon as I honestly arrive to the office in the morning, I adjust the thermostat for the furnace plus cooling plan. I prefer to keep the temperature in my laboratory around 71 degrees, as this is the most preferable temperature. I often miss the quiet Solitude of living on the farm, but I never miss having to go out in the summer and perform the routine farm work. I prefer visiting my parents plus honestly taking a few days to rest at the farm, but I stay inside where the cooling plant can keep me comforted.

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When I travel-smart HVAC

A few years previously, I decided to take a traveling corporate position. I knew the bulk assignments of the job would include traveling from one of our many office destinations. They happened to easily be all over the East Coast, plus this honestly meant traveling throughout most of every week. All of the transfer activity was honestly a pain for me, plus I have grown tired of dealing with all of the repercussions that honestly come with the traveling. During the first many years, I was excited to see many national landmarks and visit the things that I only saw in textbooks. Everything quickly became horrible, when I started dealing with the type of effects that come from constantly traveling. For one, I was constantly getting sick because the airport kept the temperature control plan honestly low. It was like they one of the cooling plan set to 65. One time, one person on an airport plane told me they keep the temperature incredibly low, in order to keep germs from spreading. It seemed unreasonable to me. I’ve also found that there are fewer hotels that care for their furnace plus cooling plan. I’ve consistently gotten sick, because there has been some mold inside of the cooling plus furnace plan. I’m honestly done with traveling, plus it would be pretty nice to consistently be in the same temperature at the same time. If that means having to be stuck in an office for 5 days a week, just to get a consistent furnace plus cooling plan, then I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.

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Hoping to use their a/c

The people plus myself decided it was time to move out of our parents rooftop apartment, plus we absolutely decided to find a multiple room River dwelling that was up for rent. It was a small River dwelling, with a single lavatory plus two absolutely small bedrooms. The owner of the property was the owner of the large house, plus the people I was with plus myself we’re staying in the attached Guest House. It appeared to be an old garage that had been converted into a small two-bedroom apartment. The people I was with plus myself didn’t mind at all, Plus the money was perfect for the size. Our small River dwelling has but one heating + A/C component, which is absolutely one of those older window units. It works amazingly well, plus the people I was with plus myself have only noticed multiple problems so far. When the humidity is absolutely stifling., the people I spend time with plus myself have a difficult time getting our bedrooms to become ice cold. During these times, the people I spend time with plus myself will absolutely grab all of our important things from the bedroom, plus make our way into the living room. Multiple of us will spend time working or sleeping in the living room, where the A/C component can absolutely provide us with a cool breeze. If I have to work from the dining area in order to feel the Cool Breeze from the A/C component, then so be it. That is exactly what I will do.

Needed to get our a/c fixed

My friends plus myself wanted to earn extra cash in the summer, so we decided to take a part-time task. It’s not a lavish job, but the people I was with plus myself happened to work at a small electronics store. They carry VCRs, microwaves, plus flat screen televisions. It pays pretty well, plus that is an important thing to us. Most days are not very busy, because people come in looking for a specific item. A lot of the time, my boss absolutely leaves the people I was with plus myself in charge of the entire store and it’s multiple thousands of dollars of inventory. This was the case last weekend, when the people I was with plus myself we’re absolutely working alone. The boss had stepped away from the business around 10 in the morning, plus it was nearly four plus he still had not returned. The people I was with plus myself easily realized our heating + A/C component was not asking. Even though the store was absolutely dead at the time, the people plus myself new the A/C component was a necessary feature. The people plus myself absolutely contacted our boss, plus informed him of the trouble with the heating + A/C component. Unfortunately, he was absolutely too far away to provide us with any assistance. He told us to contact the heating + A/C distributor, + told us where to find the number in his Rolodex. Multiple hours later, our boss showed up around the same time that the heating + A/C technician did.

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Nice island getaway

I just received a promotion at work, but I have to do quite a bit of traveling. It can be cumbersome sometimes, because I miss my wife when I am gone. The first few months were really horrible, because I was gone four days each week. When my company wanted me to visit our corporate offices in the tropics, I immediately decided to take my wife for a surprise second honeymoon. Since I had been away from home a lot, my company agreed to fly us both business class. I thought it was a nice gesture, because they also rented a nice cabana for us. When we left home, it was cold outside. When we arrived to the islands, the temperature was warm and sunny.  We arrived to our cabana, which was nicely set up with fruits, cheeses, and an assortment of red and white wines. The air conditioner was set to the perfect temperature. During the day, my wife sat on the beach and I attended business meetings. At night, we dined on local cuisine and listened to wonderful music. We slept well at night, because the air conditioner kept us slightly cool. We could still hear the waves of the sea in the background, and we could still smell the salt in the air. We had a lovely time together, and I didn’t want to go home on Friday. We packed up our things and headed back to the airport. By the time we arrived home, we were longing for the air conditioner and the warm weather. It was only 39 degrees outside, and we had to turn on the heater to stay warm.

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Need new A/C

I bought a beach house about six months ago, and it needed to have some remodeling completed. The beach house had been devastated by a recent hurricane, and the owners did not want to rebuild the place. Since I work for a contractor, I can do most of the work on my own. I’ve always wanted to live near the beach. The first two months was spent on structural repairs like the roof, siding, and the decimated upstairs porch. After the beach house was up to code, I started to think about living in the place. I didn’t mind living amongst the rubble and debris, but I needed climate control. The hurricane had destroyed a good deal of the ductwork, located along the back portion of the patio. The storm winds dragged the A/C condenser from its concrete slab. I have a few friends who work for an HVAC contractor, and they helped me with the necessary repairs. We spent an entire Saturday afternoon, repairing the ductwork and installing a new A/C condenser. We had to repair and replace some of the interior HVAC parts also. Luckily, I have some pretty great friends. They got parts from the wholesale distributor, and I saved a lot of cash. I moved into the beach house, as soon as we completed the climate control installation. I’ve been here for three months now, and the central A/C works like a champ. I’m trying to complete one room at a time. The master bedroom and bathroom are almost finished, and then I;m going to start on the kitchen.

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Hate shoveling snow

I have learned to loathe winter a little less than I used to. I’m at the point where I can heat my home comfortably enough through my furnace without destroying my bank account. Now the sight of snow no longer makes me want to scream into a pillow. I even, dare I say, like to go outside in winter now. I bought snow boots, and I use them. I’m as shocked as I can ever be. However, while I like a little hike in the woods to look for animal tracks, admire the frozen streams and the beautiful way the snows piles up on the hemlock trees, I still cannot stand shovelling snow. I hate it. It hurts. Everytime we get another monster of a winter storm, my roommates and I have to go out and shovel out just to get to work and pay the bills. Do you want to get your mail delivered? Well, you have to shovel out the entire mailbox, which the plows have done a wonderful job piling up a nice mountain of snow taller than you. And because its plowed snow, its condensed and weighs as much as wet cement. I’m getting far too old for it. Everytime I have to shovel, I just hurt all over afterward. If I ever buy a home this far north, it will have to have a heated driveway. It’s not even that expensive if you do it with a boiler and radiant heaters. It’s the same way people heat floors inside, you just apply it to outdoor use. With a heated driveway I would never have to shovel snow again. Now that would be a dream come true.


Downsides and upsides of a gas fireplace

When my mom had her new house up north built, she wanted everything she loved about our old house and none of the things she hated. One of the things that made it to the list was a fireplace. She loved the comforting sound of the fire and the simplicity of the heat, but she hated all of the work that went into maintaining a wood burning fire. She didn’t want to deal with chopping up wood, seasoning the logs, gathering kindling, or cleaning a flue.  She settled on getting a gas powered fireplace. The only downside was that we couldn’t cook over it. It was a little weird for me to get used to at first, but after awhile it became our favorite part of the house. The home itself was big enough that it was pretty tricky to heat, especially when it became bitterly cold outside. Fortunately, when the oil heater wasn’t cutting it, we could run over to the fire and warm up. I’ll always remember coming in from shoveling snow in the driveway, putting my gloves on the hearth, and standing right in front of the fire to thaw and feel my limbs again. Now my parents live in the south with a full central heating and air conditioning system. But sometimes it still gets chilly at night. those are the nights she calls me and tells me to talk her out of getting a new fireplace installed. I always laugh and remind her that it would be hell on her HVAC ducts, and that she can always use the outdoor firepit to cozy up and make smores.

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Touring haunted houses while I travel

One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new town is to find anywhere even remotely haunted and do a tour. Even if it’s just during the daytime, I love to go and experience the history of the place. A few of these places even have the original gas lights and gas furnace systems. I really appreciate historical architecture and its always a relaxing change to try and imagine yourself living in the time period of the place, what it must have been like back then for those who frequented it when it was in its prime. That, and you get to hear everyone’s ghosts stories, which is always a delight for me. One time I went up to Maine for the day. I had a concert in town, so my friends and I decided to make the most of the long drive and make a day of it. We went to this beautiful historic home built by the founders of the town in 1890. Much of the original fixtures were still intact, so it was a rare treat to see all of the beautiful stained glass and original antiques just as they were. As we walked, I asked our guide if he had ever had any odd experiences in the house. He mentioned he always felt a cold spot in the lady of the house’s bedroom; that the drapery around the bed would move with no window open. Sadly, I found the source of this was not a ghost, but the HVAC system that had been added during the renovation. An air duct was right over the bed. This would cause the drapes to move as the air conditioning would kick on due to the summer heat.

No heat for three days

When I was really small, my parents moved us down south for my dad’s work. He had landed a great job in a growing industry, so we packed up and moved 2000 miles. When my parents were picking a house, they went for a home that would stay cool even when the temperature rises. They ended up with a really nice house that had cathedral ceilings, a full HVAC system, and a massive wood burning fireplace as backup in case it got too cold in the winter. We only had to use the fireplace a couple of times. Winters in the south can be very cold and raw–the kind of frigid damp that settles into your bones. However, while the fireplace was a bit of a pain to clean and use, it was certainly worth it to have. Especially when we lost power for three whole days. The south is not accustomed to a proper winter of any kind, so an ice storm in the 90s rendered the whole county helpless. We were not so grateful for those cathedral ceilings–it made the house impossible to heat. Without our central heating and air conditioning system, we had to make fires to stay warm. The fireplace became the center of our day for that short period of time–we slept by it by piling our mattresses into the living room, and ate our meals over it. My parents and my siblings and I were so grateful on the day the living room lights came back on and the whir of the central electric heater starting up could finally be heard again. We never thought we would really need our central heating in the south–famous last words!

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