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Happy our air ducts were cleaned

The two of us recently decided to buy an indoor winter cabin. The winter cabin is of sizable shape, and even comes with Wi-Fi and high def cable. There is a music system throughout the entire place, and some comfortably size the furniture that we can use to relax. On days when neither of us seem to be working, the two of us really prefer to spend our time doing things around the house. Since the winter cabin was purchased only a couple of months ago, there are still several things that need to be addressed. The two of us have been meaning to clean out the ventilation ducting. The two of us certainly can tell that there is much dust in the ventilation ducting, and the two of us have been waiting for the temperatures to become moderate. The two of us can’t work on the ventilation ducting system, when we still have to use the heating and AC device. The two of us have been waiting a couple months for winter months to be over, so we can certainly start working on cleaning the ventilation ducting. This weekend is going to be the start, and we already have several ideas lined up. We’ve been watching some do-it-yourself ventilation ducting cleaning videos, and the two of us are certain we can perform the same task that an expensive and certified ventilation ducting cleaning service would charge. I know our indoor air quality will be much better, after the two of us have certainly made these cleaning changes to the ventilation and ducting system.


Air cleaner because I cook

The two of us decided it would be a good idea to have a dinner party last weekend. Even though the two of us can’t cook, the two of us invited for friends to join us for the evening. My boyfriend certainly came up with a great idea, which was ordering takeout from one of the local restaurants. We certainly had everything ready ahead of time, and the two of us ordered several different entrees so everyone certainly had a choice. The two of us anticipated with many different types of wine, like red, white, sweet, and dries. We certainly plan for everything in advance, except what we would do in the event of a heating, A/C, and ventilation ducting emergency. Just as the doorbell was ringing for our delivery, the two of us heard a screeching coming from the closet where the heating, A/C, and ventilation ducting is held. The two of us both looked at each other very worried, and quickly took the food from the delivery guy. We placed all of the entrees on the table, and walked down the hall to the closet where are heating, A/C, and ventilation ducting is held. The two of us couldn’t hear the thing running at all, and that usually is a bad sign. The two of us decided to check out the thermostat, which the two of us found to be completely clear. Since there was no reading on the thermostat, the two of us deduced the problem to be a set of dead batteries. Luckily, we were both correct.

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How we set the thermostat

As several rules go, I am really not a person to ask for much help. I absolutely try to get most things finished on my own, especially when these are things that happen around my own Farmhouse. There are a couple of problems in particular, that sometimes result in absolutely using are particular temperature. The house is absolutely cold during most of the time, because everyone of us like the cooling plan to be exceptionally chilly. The Farmhouse has a thermostat in two places, so we can control the furnace, ventilation, in addition to cooling plan. The zone system is absolutely set up so both of us can be comfortable. The thermostat can be adjusted in the living area, so the furnace, ventilation, in addition to cooling plan will keep me comfortable in the office. There is a separate thermostat for our back part of the house, in addition to the fact that it controls the dampers for the furnace, ventilation, in addition to cooling plan in that area. Everyone of us have absolutely found this is the best way for us to Care for the indoor air quality of our farmhouse. Everyone of us prefer different types of temperatures in our home, but this way everyone can be happy at the same time. The Zone control heating, ventilation, in addition to cooling program is a state-of-the-art way to make sure that everyone is comfortable, even when they have different types of needs. Even though my wife is awfully warm and I am awfully cold, The Zone furnace in addition to cooling plan helps everyone of us

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Sad the heater works so hard

The worst days of winter are right around the corner, in addition to the fact that my family in addition to myself have absolutely been getting ready for the cold weather. The furnace in our old farmhouse absolutely runs efficiently, especially after every one of us had a routine performance inspection done. Everyone of us are expecting colder than average temperatures this year. The forecast is calling for twice as much snow as the year previously. Everyone of us find the cold weather to be disastrous. Even though there are some people in our family that actually prefer the icy and addition to snowy weather, my wife in addition to myself are absolutely not these people. I love seeing the snow fall down to the ground, but everyone of us rely on our furnace for warmth in addition to comfort. In order to make sure that our furnace effectively runs throughout several of the winter months, every one of us have a tuneup on the furnace, ventilation, in addition to cooling plan. Our local provider set us up with a bi yearly maintenance program. The by yearly maintenance program includes a complete inspection of our furnace in addition to our cooling plan. In addition to this, there is also a full inspection performed on our ventilation system once throughout the year. Performing yearly maintenance, means not having to worry about something happening at an inopportune time. My wifey doesn’t like to be cold at all, so it’s absolutely important that our furnace work properly every day when it is necessary to use.

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Ductwork blocked by my cat

Last year, I adopted a big furry cat.  She seems to have taken a liking to my air vents that deliver the air conditioning.  I think she likes the way it feels when the cool air penetrates her heavy fur, because she just started laying on them when summer arrived.   When she first came into my home, I didn’t see her very often. Whenever she saw me, she disappeared. I found her under the furniture, or under the bed.  She was hiding in the closets for a little while. It seemed that as the months went by, she got less skittish. Then, by the time summer arrived, she was used to me.  That was when she began to sleep on top of the air vents. She is now obsessed with the air vents, and if I try to nudge her away, she hisses. She has actually taken up the air vent that is in my bedroom, as her personal hang out.  If she isn’t to be found anywhere else, I will find her in there. She is in the direct sunlight in my bedroom, and she is also able to be laying on the air vent, at the same time. I can see her hair in air, when the AC is on high, and I know that she is probably clogging up the air vent, but what can I do.  I’ve practically loss her company, because if she is near me, it is only for a few seconds. When she hears the AC click on, she runs. I’m wondering what she will do when it is the heat and not the AC.

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Happy with the a/c situation

I think that air conditioning is one of those rights that all humans should have.  I don’t know of anyone who would willingly go without air conditioning. If I meet someone who boasts that they don’t use it, I just want to turn around and ask them if they are crazy or something.  I just can’t fathom how anyone would deliberately go without air conditioning in their home. I mean, wouldn’t that be bad for your health? All of that sweating would cause dehydration. I spend my days in an office where the air conditioning is amazing.  I expect to have the same amazing air conditioning when I come home from work. I have to admit, that even that small time period between walking out of the office building and getting into my car, is excruciating for me. I can’t wait to get in the car and feel the air conditioning.  I just want to laugh when I see red-faced people going past me, while their arms are sticking out the car window, hoping for a cool breeze. Why do they torture themselves that way? Not having my air conditioning, would kill me. Even when I was a kid, I remember hating summer with all of the heat and humidity. Winter, is another story.  If I could have winter all year long, I would feel like I had a slice of heaven. Since I can’t, I’ll just make do with my air conditioning. I’ll go home at night, draw a bath of hot water, drink my wine, and feel the air conditioning swirling around me.

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Indoor air quality when you have fish

I never really thought about all of the difficulties that can come from having fish tanks.  It wasn’t until my compulsion to overdo things took over, and I went from one small fish tank to several large fish tanks, that I realized what all could happen when you have a lot of fish tanks.  There is a huge amount of heat and humidity that goes into your house. Along with the heat and humidity, you home begins to smell very fishy, and that is not a pleasant odor. I couldn’t imagine why my air conditioning system wasn’t dealing with the heat and the humidity.  I had a dehumidifier on my AC unit. I called the HVAC company and I asked for their opinion. When they showed up and saw all of my fish tanks they told me that it was because my AC unit was not made to handle that much of a load. It was meant for a smaller house with only one or two people and nothing like I had with these fish tanks.  I had almost one thousand gallons of water in those fish tanks. He told ;me that I either had to get rid of some of the fish tanks, or I had to buy a much heavier air conditioning system. I’m considering cutting back on the fish tanks, but I’m also going to put in a new dehumidifier and I think I am going to add an air purification system to the air conditioner.  I never thought that my home could smell so badly and so easily.

Want air cleaning technology

I can’t wait for winter to end so I can turn off my heating system.  I’m hoping that when I turn off the heating and turn on the air conditioning that I will finally begin to feel better.  I have had the worst cold this year, and it doesn’t want to go away. It doesn’t matter what I take, the cold just hangs on.  It started out with the sniffles, but now the nasal congestion is so bad that I can feel it dripping down my throat, which is so sore that I can barely swallow.  I also have such pain in my sinus area that I can’t wash my face without causing myself some pain. I dealt with all of that, but when the migraines began, I knew that I had to go to the doctor and get some help.  I couldn’t believe it when my doctor did a few tests and asked me about my HVAC. He wanted to know my filtering system. He asked if I used HEPA filters, and when was the last time they had been changed. He asked me when I last had my HVAC cleaned, and if it was time for a new HVAC system.  I was so upset that I told him I wanted a second opinion. I really thought that he just wanted to drum up some business for his family. They had a family run HVAC company and that is what he was trying to do. It wasn’t until I got home, that I thought about what he was asking, and I realized I hadn’t had the HVAC system cleaned in about six years.

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Plant life getting into the HVAC

Living with a bunch of people means things get put off. It’s nobody in particular’s fault, it can happen due to everyone working hard or even just rough weather. In this case, it was a combo of the two. Our mower was messed up, which no one had the cash to fix or knew how. Then things getting crazy at work meant half of our roommates were working over time. This combined with back to school making the rest of us slammed at our retail jobs, no one had time to devote to cleaning up the yard. This would have been fine for a while in the summer, except that the weather was particularly bad. For ten days straight, our area experienced thunderstorms to a point we had never seen. There were tornado warnings round the clock, something that never happens this far north. The daily rain caused the weeds and the lawn to flourish. Then extreme storms threw around all sorts of debris. By the time I had time to do something, we had ugly vines taking over the HVAC system. I had to work with one of my roommates to shut off the central AC for a bit while we got the foreign objects off the condenser. From there, we had to weed whack, and mow the lawn, just to give that condenser the clearance it required. Three hours later, the condenser for the central air conditioning was completely finally cleared and ready to get back to work. I tell you, I’ll never let the yard get that bad again.

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the difference of heated floors

My latest condo is a real winner. I have incredible central air conditioning, a powerful gas furnace, and a bathroom I never want to leave to go to sleep. The complex is an older building, but it was suped up real nice back in the early 2000s. The new owner wanted to spruce up the place, but he decided to make certain sacrifices for the sake of the budget. Apparently, the flooring he wanted in the living rooms could not support a radiant heater, and he wasn’t willing to spend more for floors he didn’t want. Instead, he opted to do a simple electric-powered heated floor in the place he knew people would enjoy it most–the bathroom! It’s a joy to be able to step out of the shower everyday in the winter and have toasty feet. The heated floors also keep the bathroom perfectly warm and cozy. When the living room has a draft, I just leave the bathroom door open with the heated floors on for a few moments. This works great, with no need to turn up the HVAC for the whole apartment. When my friends crash for the night, they’re always excited about how warm the bathroom floor is. I honestly like having the standard heating and cooling system for the remainder of my home. Having the full HVAC means I also get a cleaner home via the air filters. A house full of heated floors would be luxurious, but I prefer the air purification system to help me deal with dust and cat hair. With full HVAC and a heated floor in the bathroom, I get the best of both worlds.