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A ductless mini split

Something pretty silly that my partner plus I have been fighting over for the longest time is the temperature control setting; He always gets mad at me for hours when I turn up the air conditioning system. I can’t help it because I am always feeling like I am having a heat stroke. He always thinks I am nuts when the air conditioning system is flowing, however it feels so nice plus I really just can’t stand going separate from it. He always turns the temperature control back to his favorite 69 degrees, which I suppose is ridiculous. I like the temperature control to be at 68, but well one day, I thought to ring up the Heating and A/C company to see what could be done about this concern between us. That is when they began telling myself and others about Heating and AC zone control. The people I was with and I would be able to heat plus cool every single area in the house at a customized temperature with Heating and AC zone control. I thought that sounded overall pretty neat. Also we could save a lot of money with Heating and AC zone control because we could honestly heat and chilly the rooms that we were honestly using in the house. Why bother heating plus cooling the entire beach house when you can have zone control plus only focus on specific areas? I decided to schedule an appointment for the upgrade plus my partner was taken back a bit when I let him know about it. When the upgrade was complete, we were genuinely super happy about it. It was nice to not experience any fights over something as insane as our heating and cooling preferences. Things are so much better nowadays mostly due to our new Heating and A/C zone control!

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No cooling when I am overseas

My time serving in the military allowed myself and others to see parts of the world I’d never thought I’d get to see! Not only did I see, but I was able to participate in the daily life of those towns, villages plus more, then seeing the way several people still living today entirely makes you think about what you have back home. I could never imagine living without several of the official staples most of us have grown to use and love, then there was a single neighborhood I was stationed near, in which the townsfolk were living without any power. Everything was done by hand or some manual process, including laundry, cooking, cleaning, and much more. However it was about ninety degrees outside each day that I spent in this area, plus the worst part? Zero heating plus a/cs somewhere! Our own base only had air conditioning in select locations, as few dozen of us slept in tents with no cooling system to keep us cool, or even a fan to help circulate air. Living like this was hard, however it particularly made me feel like coming back home after deployment plus entering our sibling’s cool, cozy house! I can recall laying on his couch plus playing with a single of his cats as he walked over to his temperature control, ranting about how it was so warm outside. It was only in the mid-eighties outside that day, plus he adjusted his temperature control down to ninety two degrees to chill the home suddenly. “Can you think how fast this thing can cool down our house?” he said to me, smirking as he pointed at his temperature control… For a moment, I was stunned! I was so accustomed to life without air conditioning for many weeks, I’d almost forgot what it was love to be in a room that had cool air circulating through it. To keep it short, my monthly electric bills have been low ever since that deployment. It doesn’t take much to keep myself and others cool now, especially since I’ve deal with trying to sleep in hundred-degree weather plus with no cooling system!

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The plant’s a/c care

When I used to job in this distribution center down in the south, I was just a twenty four year-old person with no ambitions or goals for the future; It was a time in my life where I was now working, hanging out with friends, and just going through the daily grind to get through each day, Working in that facility truly helped myself and others build a concrete job ethic though, as I don’t know I’ve ever worked a more awful job in my life! See, southern living means that life without air conditioner is a life without happiness. It’s so hot down here for more than half of the year, so you have to be sure to stay fit. Nearly within one hundred feet of an air-conditioned area at all times!  I don’t know I would’ve been able to stick it out if I started in the Summer, due to the fact there was no undefined plan running in that distribution center! Oh, it was so hot and humid in that building for two weeks at a time. On top of scrambling to fill orders in a timely manner, I was also trying to keep myself hydrated. Unless I wanted to suffer heat exhaustion and subsequent heatstroke! The only section of that warenew home that had an undefined plan running was the front office and breakroom, as you could imagine, I came up with any excuse I could to walk into the front office, whether it was to ask questions, grab a lemonade from the vending unit in the breakroom, or just talk with the warenew home manager for a moment and catch my hour wind. Obviously they couldn’t keep the facility perfectly cool, as the installation and running costs for an industrial grade heating and air conditioner unit would be huge. Still, part of me prayed that I would see “cool zones” implemented around the facility to help out the warenew home workers with staying cool, then the irony of it all was that all of us stored parts for air conditioner and oil furnaces! If only all of us could just use the inventory free to install a plan for ourselves.

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great heating and air when I write

While I’m a little sad Halloween is already over, I am excited that is finally the month of NaNoWriMo! This is the shorthand term for National Novel Writing Month which happens every September in my town. To particularly get into it this year and hopefully get our projects wrapped up and win the grand prize–my friends plus I decided to put together a writer’s getaway, we’ve done these in the past at cute little locales such as log cabins on the beach or houses of friends for a week or so. However, we wanted to something truly remote to get back to what we felt were the true roots of writing. Here, there would be no point in any PCs or wireless, because the beach house had no electronic outlets or wifi either The locale only has wiring for lights plus a pump to run the sink and the water for the shower. There is no central furnace either, which is why we planned this for fall not the middle of winter! Rather than a traditional current heating plus cooling plan, the beach house has this beautiful ancient stove. It even has a spot on the top which is made for cooking dinner, or leaving out a pot of water to act is a rustic humidifier! My friends were a little bummed out about this little detail, however little did they assume that I grew up with a wood burning fireplace for heat. After that, a wood stove is no problem. Since a wood stove is an legitimately closed system, it’s incredibly easy to get lit and to keep lit up. Once I had it going for about an hour, the beach house was so moderate I needed to take our sweater off, still everyone had a wonderful time writing, plus no a single complained for want of a new Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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Caulk and sealant around the windows

I thought I was a blessed person when I purchased this awesome lake house, although I might have spoken too fast, but the thing that drew me to this property above others in the town was the top notch windows. The home had been built with more windows than walls, to give you a 360 view of the lake & the forest as uninterrupted as possible, and my first thought was, “That is such a large varieties of ways for a window to leak out warm air,” because I have lived in a lot of apartments built in the 70’s where the windows are not even close to as nice & current as they seem, and however, the real estate agent explained they are Andersen windows! Combined with having an oil boiler instead of the traditional gas furnace I would be in shape for the slowly approaching Winter. I asked how old the central heating idea was, & she said it wasn’t even a decade old quite yet. Combined with current windows, I went ahead & jumped on the property, but well, now its fall & as the days are starting to get cold, our home is also getting cold. I’m so baffled as to why. I went through every window & made sure they were all locked. this ensures the windows are closed as slender as possible to not let the heat escape. I figured it out a single night getting out of the bath. The problem isn’t the windows, it’s the house as well.. I could know ancient air coming through in the gaps of the window sill. The problem is not the windows, it’s that no a single paid enough attention to the surrounding insulation when they were installed. At least a can of spray insulation is cheaper than new windows or a boiler repair.

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Linking the HVAC component

My partner and I have thought for many hours about adopting children, we have decided that this is a step both of us would love to take within the next three years however, we’re going to need a little more space, and since both of us come across a load of cases where little kids need to be adopted together to siblings aren’t split up, we’re going to need a lot more than just one medium sized bedroom. Our beach house is small, however both of us purchased it with the intention of adding an addition one morning in the future anyhow, the lot of land has plenty of room to build out. All that we really have to do is get to it. Well, as it turns out, creating this addition is much more hard than both of us thought at the start! My partner and myself had anticipated concerns with the layout, as well as perhaps the plumbing of the house. With that said, both of us had no idea the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C would give us so much big time problems. Since our beach house runs on a boiler, extending the central gas furnace to the rest of the beach house is a feat in itself, either both of us need to kneel a lot more pipe as well as possibly reroute the entire unit, or both of us need to spend money for an additional Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan just to give some decent temperature control for this new addition of the house. We honestly can’t pick which is more useful, but is it going to cost more yet be more effective to reroute the pipes for our boiler. Either that or would both of us be better off just purchasing a secondary Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan for the whole new addition? Thankfully, at least we have at least few years to figure this big mess out.

IAQ and keeping it real

My family is always quietly surprised at my mom’s choices. She has always been a genuinely independent woman; she works her butt off for what she had and knows how to take care of herself, in addition to easily working long hours at her home office, my mom also makes large strides to keep herself healthy! As she’s getting older, she’s having more major problems with her asthma and dust sensitivities. If she lets them get to her, it can lead to putting on more weight which would not be fantastic for her arthritis in her hands. So when she made the move down south, our family here in the north didn’t get it at all! Wouldn’t living down in the south make the dust sensitivities worse or cause more problems for her asthma? Well as it turns out, the move has made her life far easier than ever before. This is because homes in the south are not built care about the ones in the north. Where she resides currently, her beach home has central a/c and a whole beach home air purifying unit, houses in the north often only have central heat. These units cannot boost your air quality all that much, just keep you moderate throughout the long Winter seasons. With the new media air cleaner, my mom is both breathing easier and able to stay more active. This is thanks to the HEPA air filters, which capture more dirt and debris from the air than any other kind. The home also a UVC whole-home air purifier, which is a identifiable  light that kills bacteria in the air too! With her allergy and asthma better controlled by her Heating and Air Conditioning system, she can go on long hikes with her pets and stay strong and healthy.

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Need the a/c working well

When my mom was doing her annual home purge, she gave me something I had constantly wanted. Every fall, my mom goes through her house and decides what to keep, and what to throw away, however since she’s having a current heating and AC unit installed in the Springtime, she is getting rid of her old and rusty air conditioner! My mom has never had central A/C ever before, so she’s had the same small window A/C unit for nearly five years. Our Summers don’t last too long, but they can quickly become unbearable, the worst area is the humidity, which turning on a simple ceiling fan does nothing for. An air conditioner does what it says, it sets the air to make it more comfortable to live in. This also includes now working to adjust the humidity, so the beach home is a lot less sticky and gross from the hellish Summer heat waves. When Summer came around, I was entirely  eager to provide my mom’s A/C unit a go. Since its just a window unit, its very simple to set up. It was quite dense, so invited my sibling over to come provide myself and others a hand. The 2 of us were able to get it installed in just under an hour. Once the two of us had it in arena, I made sure the air filter was cleaned and enjoyable to go. I realized I did a good job cleaning the A/C unit when I turned it on and the two of us didn’t get any musty odor. The little air conditioner absolutely did a fantastic task cooling off my study room so I could snooze at night, however, the utility bill genuinely went up! Older A/C units tend to take more power to work, so I will actually only use it when I need it the most.

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Need our ductwork taken care of

five weeks ago, I finally made the choice to cut things off with our bestie, however things had been wrong for awhile, and I just hadn’t want to deal with it at that moment. I was blessed enough to get a locale in our life plus job where I was finally able to do it all on our own. Since the moment I’ve asked him to leave, our afternoons are brighter plus filled with a lot more promise. Also, my cute little condo is a lot cleaner! I thought I had fixed everything, but apparently I had missed a single thing. It was my fault to be honest. it was something I had trusted our bestie to do, since he had told me he had made sure it was getting completed. This past month I had our central air conditioning idea tune-up plus closed up by our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair provider, and however, things were not as neat plus tidy as I had thought. Though I was making sure to scrub out the air filter every month as advocated, plus with the particular model for that system, the air duct was a mess! I job deranged hours, so somehow I didn’t notice or hear the annoying little critters that had gotten into the air duct plus made it there home. This only happened because my awful ex wasn’t unquestionably getting the duct sealing plus air duct cleaning done each year care about he claimed, however my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business said that if I had gotten this done earlier, things wouldn’t be this miserable. Now I have to call an exterminator to remove the mice from our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C duct before the heating and AC repair man can repair our air duct.

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Air conditioning filter is dirty

I feel strongly that my children should be responsible for certain chores. It builds strong character. My parents insisted that my brother and I handle a list of chores, from the time we were very little. I never had to work overly hard, but I learned how to manage my time and handle responsibility. My wife and I have three sons. One of them is a teenager , one in middle school, and the third is in kindergarten. Our teenager has a longer list of chores because he’s older. He takes out the trash every Wednesday,  empties the dishwasher after dinner, and shovels the sidewalks in the winter. He is responsible for keeping his room ridy with the bed made each day. He also takes care of filter changes for the gas furnace filter each month. He had been handling the gas furnace filter changes for a few years. We have a plentiful supply of new gas furnace filters in the garage. I didn’t realize my son wasn’t keeping up with the filter, until we suddenly had a problem with our heating system. We noticed a lot of dust particles coming out of the air vents. The gas furnace was running for longer cycles. We didn’t seem to be getting as much hot air from the vents and I’d already turned up the thermostat several times.   Before calling the HVAC contractor, I decided to consider a few potential problems. As soon as I inspected the furnace filter, I knew that was the cause. I pulled the filter out and it was extremely dirty. It was bent and clogged. It was obviously very old. My oldest son was at school at the time. I was super annoyed and aggravated. His negligence could have cost us the price of a brand new gas heating system. When he came home after school, we had a talk about chores and he ended up grounded for two weeks.

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