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Dehumidifier with the a/c

I live far in the southern space of the country, where the weather is extremely hot plus humid for the majority of the year.  It is thus necessary to rely on the a/c for approximately 9 straight months, plus I spend a small fortune on my electric bills.  Because the common conditions are hot plus damp, I’ve frequently had to battle complications with mold, mildew, bacteria, plus bugs.  To prevent these contaminants in the home, I’ve had to invest in a whole-home dehumidifier. The dehumidifier makes unquestionably little noise, however it is wonderfully effective.  While the a/c extracts heat from the air, the dehumidifier pulls out excess moisture. This will create a cool, dry, plus more pleasant living environment. Air that is within the ideal range of relative humidity will feel cooler allowing me to set higher thermostat settings.  The savings on our electric bill have already paid for the cost of the dehumidifier. The lower thermostat settings have furthermore reduced the workload of the a/c. The component should last longer, require less service, plus it should operate more reliably over the years. The dehumidifier has not only improved everyday comfort as well, but it also protects the current home furnishings plus promotes superior indoor air pollen levels.  I no longer need to keep worrying about hardwood floors, moldings plus doors swelling plus warping due to excessive moisture. Minimizing moisture furthermore discourages dust mites, cockroaches, other pests, plus there’s less opportunity for bacterial growth. I definitely notice feeling better, sleeping more soundly, and I am far more energized throughout the day. The combination of a/c plus dehumidifier has eliminated that unpleasant, sticky feeling, plus I’m no longer wet with sweat all the time.    

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Cheap living and bad HVAC

For the first few years after I graduated from my college, I had very little money.  I naturally piled up a great deal of student loans, and I was struggling to spend money because of my car and health insurance.  By necessity, I lived in a series of very cheap apartments. They were all rather small, rundown and located in questionable areas of town.  The windows would often leak air, and there was insufficient insulation in the walls. I was frosty cold in the Winter, and I was overheated in the summer.  Every single one of those horrible apartments were outfitted with an ineffective and aged Heating & Air Conditioning system. Because the heating and cooling unit was so horribly inefficient, my weekly energy bills were constantly a major problem.  I tried never to turn on the a/c system in the summer, prefering to rather suffer the heat and humidity than drain my budget on the electric costs. While I had no option but to turn on the gas heating systems in the winter, I set the control unit as low as I could possibly tolerate it.  I also used to bundle up in layers of jackets and then wrap in a blanket. Naturally no one ever wanted to visit me at my apartments as the conditions were constantly so uncomfortable. When I finally got a promotion at my job and started to make a little more money, I instantly began the search for an even better apartment.  While I wanted a safer location and more square footage, my priority was essentially in the heating and cooling system. I made sure to find a temperature controlled building with a current Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I’ve lived in a nice home for several years now where I still appreciate the ability to adjust the control unit to a comfortable temperature.  

Adjusting the amount of a/c

I was honestly blissful that we recently had heating and cooling zone control installed in our townhouse! This is because my brother and girlfriend decided to visit. They are from the far North and they insist on having cool temperatures. Since we are used to living in this intense southern climate, we always want it to be a little warmer and somewhat more humid than what is comfortable for them. So my brother and girlfriend took the guest room and we explained to them both that they could keep the control unit set to whatever they wished any time of the day.  I asked them to please not mess with our temperature control unit in the other side of the house. I explained that the house was chopped up in zones with separate heating and cooling control in each zone, which my brother thought was fabulous and I had to agree with him! Once when I went to go talk to my brother in the guest room, it was extremely chilly! I told him I couldn’t think of why he blasted the air conditioner that much, then he told me that he just couldn’t help it, it was way too insanely hot here in the South. I could genuinely understand because I was initially from the North as well and I used to be the same way when I first moved here. Over time though, I adjusted to this warmer southern climate and soon I had to have my heat. I must say though, I’m thankful for heating and cooling zone control or this would be a nasty and unpleasant visit. Thankfully enough, we all had a fantastic time during their stay. The four of us even went to the local beach for a little while although my brother and his girlfriend couldn’t wait to get back to our townhouse to bask in some cooling air conditioned air once again. That southern climate was simply too intense for them.

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Adding all the necessary things

For our anniversary, I have been making plans for my partner and I to go to the shore.  We both usually plan a trip together, but this year he has been talking about going deep sea fishing with our son.  I was able to book a three afternoon trip for him, aboard a fishing boat, so that they can fish the entire time. There are only three people taken out at a time, which includes the captain.  My partner and our son will be on the boat alone, with just the captain. They serve meals plus they even have some beer and fine wine available. I believe it is more akin to a floating hotel that offers fishing from edge of the balcony.  I did ask if they had air conditioning, but they assured me that there was an air conditioner plus heater available, so I knew my partner would be comfortable. For me, I am going to be resting in a hotel room, with all of the amenities, plus enjoying our three afternoons without my partner.  Every one of us will be having an elegant time, so I can’t wait. Now, I only need to worry about the dreaded hurricane that is coming in which determines whether or not the weather is going to affect the fishing. I’m hoping that it won’t reach this far south and won’t affect our weather, but that always remains to be seen until it’s here.  If it rains much too hard, I believe I’ll just have to share my hotel room with him. I don’t really think if I’ll have as much fun, but I’ll still have the comfort of air conditioning and will have full service from the hotel and won’t have to leave the room or pick up a finger to clean anything for three whole afternoons, with or without my partner’s presence in the room.  Happy anniversary to me, isn’t it?

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Need a new part for the a/c

There always comes a time in every single person’s life when they are faced with some pressing decisions.  They can be honestly tough decisions that can change the course of their lives, or it can honestly just be easy decisions, like caring too much about what color curtains to buy.  Unfortunately, it seems that most of the decisions in our homes become major deliberations for us. My spouse is a professional procrastinator, plus it doesn’t matter what we might be discussing, he has to do some mulling before he even dreams of coming to a decision.  I asked him last week when he was planning on changing the range hood out. The range hood in our kitchen no longer has a functioning ventilation system. You hear a little noise, however nothing happens after that. I bought a brand new, stay-of-the-art, quieter operation, range hood  with a two stage ventilation fan. Plus it comes with the up-to-date ventilation hoses that lead outside. I probably spent as much as three hundred dollars for the range hood. It has now been sitting in our spare room for over a year. He needs to get some of the needed installation brackets, but he doesn’t seem to be overly sure what kind he ‘wants’ to get.  In the meantime, all of the humidity with the smells of cooking–it’s all building up. Plus, my air conditioner is running the whole time; and although it helps, the AC isn’t getting rid of all of the odors. When our ventilation fan was still working, all of the odors went outside which misled me in thinking how bad the fumes really were. He either installs the range hood next, or I’m buying a massive air cleaning system to go with our AC unit.  It’s his choice at this point, but I guarantee the bill for the energy costs last month will affect him.

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Rain and cooling

My son is working his first job.  He is happy working at the bakery, but he told  me he wishes that he didn’t need to have a job.  For a sixteen year old, it’s like he is no longer a part of all of the activities his friends are involved in.  He simply doesn’t have time to spend the summer sitting around in an air conditioned mall or theater. His friends are all talking about going here and there, because they don’t have the responsibilities of a part-time job.  My son is buying his own car. He is also paying for the insurance. Having his own money makes him more independent, and I know he’s proud of that. Last week, he started up his car and the air conditioning wouldn’t work. My son took his car to the shop to have a mechanic take a look at the air conditioner.   The guy figured out that it was a simple repair. The air conditioner was simply low on refrigerant. If my son didn’t have a job, he could not have afforded to have the car’s air conditioner fixed. He probably would have asked me to cover the AC bill. I would have then made him do odd jobs around the house to earn the money.  Although the job at the bakery is long hours on the weekends, it’s good for him. He sometimes complains about how hot it is in the workspace. There is no air conditioning installed in the kitchen area, and the temperature often climbs into the triple digits.

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AC and zone control were good ideas

I have always wondered who invented air conditioning.  I think that air conditioning is one of the greatest luxuries ever.  I have learned to appreciate it even more as I get older. I am currently going through menopause.  Without air conditioning, I would be suffering terribly. I have frequent heat flashes throughout the day and night.  The happen most often while I’m trying to sleep. I suddenly get super hot and start to sweat. It’s just awful. I respond to a heat flash by turning down the thermostat.  My family is not happy about nearly freezing to death. Plus, my constant adjustment of the thermostat was costing us a fortune in energy bills and putting quite a bit of ear and tear on the air conditioner.  My husband is so smart. He called up the HVAC contractor and asked for some help. He then had Zone Control included into our current heating and cooling system. Whenever I feel the start of a heat flash, I simply head to the master bedroom.  There is an independent thermostat which allows me to adjust temperature to my preference. I can turn it down to 62 degrees and blast the air conditioner without impacting the rest of the house. My family doesn’t need to bundle up in sweaters in the middle of July.  We don’t need to pay huge electric bills to cool the entire house to my liking. Plus, cooling one room down doesn’t put such a strain on the air conditioner. I am hoping these heat flashes go away soon, but I’ll always be happy that we invested into zone control. It will trim our energy costs and improve our comfort all year round.   

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Ancient HVAC unit

Reluctantly, I have become a member of our little Home Owners Association.  I have spent years cursing this same HOA for all the petty, stupid rules which are then applied in the very most random nature.  My partner became sick of hearing our complaining so often, so she shut myself and others up by challenging myself and others a few months ago to do something about it.  Turns out, getting elected was incredibly simple because almost everyone in our town thought perhaps I might a voice of reason. The HOA has been notorious for picking on individuals and currently, the HOA is attempting to force an elderly couple to go through and update their Heating plus A/C idea because it doesn’t work to “beautify the area”.  Well, of course it doesn’t beautify; the thing works to cool. These folks are pensioners who live on a truly fixed income, so I attempted to get to the real root of the problem here at a recent HOA board meeting. It comes down to the fact that the Heating plus A/C unit in question is unquestionably old, faded with a bit of rust on it. They wanted it immediately removed plus updated.  I got nowhere with our fellow board members when I tried to talk, so, I took it up in an open meeting. I advocated instead of ostracizing our old neighbors while also inflicting a financial hardship, we work as a community. The locale went wild. I was able to get the HOA board to finally agree to let us paint these sweet folks Heating plus A/C condenser unit instead of tearing it out.  The town was blissful. The HOA board was not.

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School bus cooling

There’s nothing in my life quite the same as back to school time each year. There’s the constant chaos of trying to compile together the full list of college supplies demanded by each teacher. There are the endless afternoons of planning out new schedules to incorporate all sorts of after school activities, the bus schedule, and holidays off. And of course, after all of it, there are the multiple weeks of tears leading up to the pressing afternoon when children come to terms with their loss of freedom for the next year. Then the school will just go and make things even worse for us all when they fail to install any sort of correct A/C on the bus. Here, these teenagers are already devilishly unhappy about the circumstances, and then to make all matters worse they blast warm air on them the whole way along as they May to their school. I don’t think if there’s some sort of problem with the bus’s onboard Heating, Ventilation, and A/C program for these huge vehicles, or if the bus drivers simply refuse to power up the a/c. Somehow, every late afternoon our children return home drenched in sweat and literally crying about the endless heat and humidity they just endured for an hour. They say that the bus is totally stagnant, and that the air is feeling incredibly low quality. I expect that schools won’t have a fantastic Heating, Ventilation, and A/C budget each year, but this is ridiculous!

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Mold and air quality

I’m not undoubtedly the sort of person that most people would consider a “neat freak” and I’m okay with that fact. I have our own way of keeping things in order, which is to often sort of let them get out of order and memorize their new positions from there. Is this backwards thinking? Yes! But when you think about it, does it work out for myself and save any time in the long run? I mean, I care to think so. I have to say, but, that our huge messy lifestyle has been an issue at times. For instance, just this past year when I went a few months without deep-cleaning our little home resulted in some long-lasting indoor issues. I had been stressed this year where I let our beach house go by the wayside during that time. It was a few months in when I observed something unpleasant – black mold. There were dark mold patches growing up our bathroom walls, they were in the basement, and around some of the window sills. Frankly, I guess I just hadn’t observed the proliferating mold until that one particular moment. When I did a quick google search online, I quickly found that the number 1 cause of mold was indoor air humidity completely running awry. Well, in hindsight that made plenty of sense, since I also hadn’t been regularly caring for our entire central a/c program for all this time. Of course the air treatment unit was easily working and creating lower quality indoor air – why wouldn’t it? I took this amount of time to make a step in the right direction, and I invested my cash in a dehumidifier.At least the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit effectively runs without myself and others having to put in any extra cleaning effort.