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Expert gardening

When my husband came up with the idea of gardening, I was a bit skeptical.  It wasn’t something that he had ever considered before.  I’m not an outdoorsy type, so I wasn’t going to be able to give him any help, but I knew someone who give him some really good pointers.  My brothers actually owned a gardening shop, and I was sure he could help my husband start his garden.  My brother was happy to help us out, and he went ahead and got us all of the tools we would need, and he helped my husband to get the right plants for our area.  When spring finally arrived, they were outside tilling, and get the tender plants ready to go into the ground.  They worked really closely, and when my brother wasn’t working in his shop, he was at our house helping to tend to the garden.  When summer arrived, I was amazed at the colors of the garden.  Between my husband and my brother, we had a thriving vegetable patch and flowers all around.  I walked outside to check on my green-thumbed husband, but the heat was so unbearable that I had to go back inside.  I sat in the house, with the air conditioning on high, and I was relaxing, when my husband came inside.  He commented on how good the air conditioning felt and how nice the house looked and he went for a shower.  When he came out he said that the cool shower felt good, but the air conditioning felt even better, and I agreed with him.  I am truly impressed with his garden, but he is equally impressed with my command of the house and well I keep everything running, including the AC.

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Let’s work a bit harder

My husband has this thing about fixing everything that goes wrong in the house.  He won’t let me call a professional because he really wants to do it himself.  It has to be an emergency before he will even consider calling a professional.  When our air conditioning quit working last week I was getting ready to call the HVAC company and he stopped me.  He said that he knew how to fix the AC unit.  He had all of his tools in hand and he went to work.  After an hour he told me I should turn on the AC.  Nothing happened when I turned the AC on, and I offered to call the HVAC company again.  He said he had a couple more things to try, so I sat down and waited again.  An hour went by and he tried to turn the air conditioning on again, but it still didn’t work.  He tossed his tools down and said he gave up.  I called the HVAC company, but they said they had no one available until the next day.  If we had only called an hour earlier, they could have had a HVAC technician out that afternoon.  I was really upset, but I knew that he was only trying to help.  I gave him some grief, but then I helped him to pull out some fans and set them up so we would have some comfort while we were waiting.  We both had a hard time sleeping that night, and it was good to finally see the HVAC technician show up.

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I happen to be an expert

Last week, my wife was telling me that when Spring came, she wanted to plant a garden.  We talked about what all she wanted to do, and I remember my cousin was a gardening expert.  I called and he agreed to help her set up her garden.  She had always been talented with growing things, and she had turned her passion into a business.  She bought the necessary equipment, and asked what seeds she needed to purchase.  The two of them worked long hours, trying to get that garden to where my wife, and my cousin were happy with the outcome.  My wife took in everything my cousin told her about taking care of her garden.  When summer arrived, I was thrilled what they had created.  Even though it was excessively hot out, my cousin showed up every couple of days to work on the garden and keep it looking beautiful.  I didn’t participate in the gardening, because I hate the heat.  I would sit inside, in our perfectly air conditioned home, and relax.  One day, I even made the effort to go out and comment on the garden, but it was so hot and humid, it didn’t take long for me to return to the air conditioning.  Since I was the one who serviced the air conditioning system, I felt I had the right to sit there and enjoy the cool air while reading a book, on my day off.  Soon afterward my wife came in and she commented on how great the air conditioning felt.  She headed back to take a cool shower, and when she returned, she thanked me keeping the air conditioning working so well.

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We should not wait around for this

My husband is completely nuts when it comes to fixing things around the house. He will never just have a professional come over to fix things unless it’s an absolute emergency. Just last week, our A/C shut down and I was saying that we should just call up our local HVAC company. He insisted that he could easily take care of it. He grabbed all of his tools and got to work on our cooling system. When he tried to turn it on, not surprisingly, it still did not work. I asked him if I could call up the HVAC company and he said he just needed to do a few more things. He worked on the HVAC system for another half an hour or so. He tried to turn it on again after all of that, and it still would not work. He finally gave in and said he was unable to fix it, so I could call the HVAC company. The HVAC company said if we had called a little bit sooner, they could have had a technician over to our house that day, but we would have to wait for the very next day unfortunately. So we had to go without any air conditioning for the night and I was a bit upset about that. I gave my husband a bit of a hard time at first, but then realized that he just wanted to take care of things. We set up some stationary fans around the house. I had a hard time sleeping without the A/C, but was thankful when it was finally repaired the next day by a professional.

I really can’t believe this hype

My wife was telling me last month in the early spring that she wanted to set up a nice garden in the backyard. I actually had a cousin who happened to be an expert gardener and I told her he would be able to help us set things up. I called my cousin out to the house and he was more than happy to help us out. This was actually a passion of his and he was very talented at this sort of work. So, he acquired all the necessary materials, and all the seeds that my wife wanted. I must say that he sure did a great job, but it was dirty work and definitely was not for me. My wife was out there with him helping out and taking in helpful advice for taking care of the garden. When we got into the summer season, my wife’s garden looked impressive! It sure was hot outside though and my cousin would come over every so often to help my wife take care of things. It was so incredibly hot, so I had the A/C on at a comfortable temperature. One day, I decided to go out there and see how things were going, and it was so blazing hot as well as humid. While I thought the garden was entirely amazing, and some true miracle of nature, I couldn’t stay out there for very long. I ended up fleeing right back to my air conditioned environment and got to reading a great book. My wife came in and was saying how great the air conditioning felt. She said she needed to take a cool shower and wanted to get freshened up. I told her how impressed I was with her gardening skills, and she said how impressed she was with my HVAC maintenance skills. I had to laugh at that, but I did take pride in taking good care of our HVAC system.

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I am very happy about this

I hate the word procrastinator because it sounds so bad, but that is what I am.  I always manage to put off even the smallest of chores.  I used to wait until the class before the homework was due, to even think about starting it.  I never cleaned my room, unless I got a final warning from my mom.  Then I would put it off, sometimes, thinking she might do it for me.  It was always the same with me.  When I got married, my wife was telling me I should have the furnace serviced.  I just kept putting it off, because I didn’t want to put out the money to have it done.  When the furnace started making noises, I figured it would be all right to wait until spring, so we didn’t have to go any time without the heating system.  I guess that was when I knew it was time for me to change.  We had been hearing some horrible noises coming from the HVAC, and I really did know that it needed some attention.  One morning I got up to see that it was snowing, and extremely cold outside.  It felt warm in the house, but my wife said she hadn’t heard the furnace turning on.  An hour later, it was steadily getting colder.  I knew I had to call the HVAC company.  When a HVAC technician showed up, he just shook his head.  He had looked into the furnace and he came back upstairs.  He said that it was the most neglected furnace he had ever seen.  He told me that he wasn’t able to fix it, but he could have another HVAC system for us in a couple of days.  My wife went to her mother’s until the furnace was replaced.

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Indoor comfort

I have no problem with people who like their collectibles.  I’ve seen some charming doll collections, and I know one man who collects cuckoo clocks.  They drove me nuts, but he loves them.  My problem is with the man who collects HVAC systems and parts and stores them in his backyard.  Had I known about this before I bought my home, I may not have bought it, but I love my little home.  When I first moved in, I found out that I have some very nice neighbors.  They were dropping in throughout the first couple weeks, just to welcome me.  I noticed that the neighbor that borders my property never even acknowledged that I lived there.  It wasn’t until I went out back and I saw that part of my fence was down, that I realized what was in his backyard.  Over the next couple of weeks, my fence kept disappearing.  Granted, it was on his property, but I was devastated to see hundreds of HVAC parts strewn all over his yard.  He even had a couple of complete furnaces and some air conditioning units.  I shrugged and shook my head, because it takes all kinds.  A week later, I was going to do some barbecue on my grill and I saw a pile of HVAC parts on my side of the yard.  I figured they had tumbled there so I just removed them.  When I found a neat pile of AC units in my yard, just a week later, I was furious.  I went over to his house and knocked on the door.  It didn’t take long for him to pull the curtains and pretend he wasn’t home.

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We keep putting things off

I may be the least proactive person you will ever meet.  I just don’t seem to care if things are done on time, just so long as they are done, and done right.  My mother used to always be on my back about not doing homework on time.  I was usually rushing to get it done on the school bus.  She would scream for my bedroom to be cleaned, because I didn’t care what was in there, as long as it didn’t bite me.  I don’t enjoy being this way, because it gets me into a lot of trouble.  There have even been times when I have put off some pretty important things.  Like last year, when I knew I had to have something done for my HVAC system.  My wife had been saying that something was wrong.  Whenever the heating turned on, we could some really strange grumblings.  I told her that we would have it looked at during the summer.  The truth is, I really didn’t want to put out good money right then, soI didn’t do it, and the next thing I knew, it was winter again.  One day, the furnace turned on, and then it turned right back off.  I tried to reset the thermostat, but nothing happened.  I had to call the HVAC company to have them come out and check on my furnace.  The man who showed up was not very happy with me.  He told me that my furnace was so horrible that it wasn’t even fixable.  He said he had never seen a furnace in such a state of disrepair, and it needed to be replaced.  I think that may have taught me a lesson about procrastination.

That’s a whole lot of ventilation

When I moved into my new home I thought it was the most amazing place I had ever seen; that is until I went into the backyard.  I have heard of people who collect things, but my neighbor was of another species.  I love my neighbors.  The young couple who lives to my left, came over as soon as I settled in.  They introduced themselves and they even brought  me a casserole.  The neighbor to my right pulled down the curtain when he saw me in the backyard.  I was appalled when I looked at the mess in his backyard.  It’s his backyard to do with whatever he pleases, but he fills it with old HVAC parts.  Not just parts, either, but he has furnaces, and air conditioning units everywhere you look, and he is a true hoarder.  I would never say anything to him, because it really doesn’t affect me, but that was soon to change.  About a month after I moved in, I was going to set up my grill and when I walked out back, there was a pile of AC parts on my lawn.  I thought maybe it had tumbled over from his lawn, so I picked them up and put them back over.  Two weeks later, I knew the HVAC parts didn’t tumble into my yard.  I had two air conditioners, and a very neat pile of HVAC parts, deliberately stacked in my lawn.  I was livid, and I decided to go over and confront the neighbor.  I quickly set out to the house.  When he saw who was knocking on his door, he quickly slammed the door in my face.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I refuse to leave that HVAC trash on my lawn.

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We’re happy about the timeline here

I am a very slow functioning person.  I’m not slow, just slow to do things that should be done sooner.  You can call me a procrastinator.  I always put things off until they are critical.  My mom used to yell me all the time for it.  She would tell me that I didn’t do homework until it needed to be handed in.  I never kept my room clean, and I only did it when something under the bed moved.  I guess if I were to learn to stop procrastinating, I wouldn’t get into as much trouble.  I think, however, that last year may have changed my mind about my procrastinating behavior.  I was well aware that my HVAC system wasn’t working properly.  I kept putting off calling the HVAC company because I didn’t want to have to pay the bill.  I kept putting off the HVAC repairs until I woke up one morning and I didn’t have any heating.  It was winter, and I was freezing because my oil furnace had conked out on me.  I called the HVAC company and asked for someone to come out and check out the HVAC for me.  I’ll never forget the look I got when they opened up the furnace.  She looked at me and said she had never seen a furnace that was this deplorable.  I knew that was bad.  She also said that by not calling sooner, my furnace was not salvageable and I would have to purchase a new heating system.  This was my wake up call to stop putting things off.

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