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Want the ac to start up

My fiance and I thought we had  lucked out with our first house; We were picky, as we were trying to avoid buying a major fixer upper. We still had a small budget that we absolutely could not go over. So when we found a home built in the last several years that was just within our price range, we thought we had won the lottery. The roof was in excellent shape, the plumbing was still sound, and the house had begun to settle but presented no major problems. The only problems looked minor–window gaskets, door sealing, all the little things we expected in a home that had been owned by the same family for several years. After our first month in the house, we got our first utility bill–we could not believe how high it was! We hadn’t even noticed the A/C was cycling so much. But come to think of it, the HVAC was never absolutely quiet. We called a HVAC maintenance provider to come out and look over system, and it did not look good. Though we changed the air filter our first day in the house, there was already gross buildup in the ductwork from the previous owner, and not only is the air duct dirty, but there are important gaps in the system that need to be repaired. Now we have to pay for an intensive duct sealing and duct cleaning. So much for buying a new house and avoiding major problems! If we had purchased an older home, we could have purchased a house without forced air.

Storm hazard-the HVAC

The storm of the year for my city is on it’s way and its time to batten down the hatches. We’re getting out as a precaution. My partner and I will be going to stay with friends further south. But before every we go, we’re making sure the apartment has been reinforced in every way possible. While most folks will tell you to board up your windows and doors, people tend to forget about something else that will cost you a lot more than a few new windows. While I go around with my screw gun, applying plywood over every last window, my partner is taking in the houseplants and tending to the HVAC system. The last thing we want is to have to replace our entire HVAC system just because we didn’t reinforce it against the storm. My partner turns the entire system off through the main system switch before wrapping up the condenser. we use a  waterproof tarp designed to work with our central A/C condenser. While it comes with ties that you stake down like a tent, my partner and I know these aren’t enough for the storm. My partner uses ratchet straps as well around the condenser, so that waterproof tarp isn’t going somewhere. With that done, we’ll take all the houseplants inside, and move anything valuable that we can’t necessarily take with to the seventh floor. We’ll also duct tape plastic over the HVAC air duct vents, to try and keep water from getting into the ductwork. Hopefully the damage won’t be too bad when we return.

HVAC vents

Learning from past mistakes

Having gone through troubles in the past with my HVAC repair, I regularly tell people to stay on top of things. I have told several friends & family & everybody I know to tell but people tend to shrug it off or they say they already are on top of things & I shouldn’t worry about what’s going on with them… Well, I can’t help but worry because I would hate to see anybody out there suffer through the situations that I have been in. I couldn’t tell you how bad it was when my heating plan failed in December. I had to pay for emergency repairs & that cost a lot of money! It was either that or freeze to death, & I absolutely couldn’t afford to just stay at a hotel for a bunch of time. The thing I have discovered is that if you change your air filters right, & you have your HVAC plan diagnosed twice per year, you will never have to worry about this happening to you. Your local HVAC worker will change out worn parts in your system, clean it out good, check for leaks, & supply needed tune-ups! Trust me, these guys have it figured out. They go to college to become certified for this type of work! I have known people that have tried to fix their own HVAC systems & ended up doing more harm than helping things. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, it’s entirely not worth mangling your plan all up while trying to figure things out, and leave it to the professionals! What you need to do is stay on top of those air filter changes & clean things out if you can do that, however other than that, make sure to call your local HVAC company!

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The furnace just up and died

I must say, there are not many experiences like having your heating plan die on you in the middle of a blizzard. That’s what happened to me last Winter season, and it sincerely could have been avoided if I would have had our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan tuned up in the fall. I figured I didn’t really need it. And, at that time, I felt like our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C was genuinely working great so why should I pay the expense to have a professional take a look at everything? I figured if I did call them, they would just tell me that everything was working nice and then I would hand them $200 for them coming out. Well it turns out that I genuinely did need a tune-up, since I didn’t get that, our oil furnace couldn’t keep up with the brutal weather. Luckily, I had a few space heaters in our attic. I couldn’t remember the last time I used those space heaters, but they absolutely came in handy. When our oil furnace died, I got them set up instantly then called the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company for help. I ended up having to pay for emergency service. It was about several times the cost of other service, but it was indeed an emergency. Even though I had those space heaters going, they weren’t nearly powerful enough to keep our locale warm! I was still freezing with the both of them running on full blast! I was glad that the HVAC serviceman saved me by fixing the oil furnace, although I was disappointed at that costly bill I got for the emergency repair. If I only had gotten that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan tune-up earlier on, I wouldn’t have had to pay nearly so much plus I would never of had to experience such an ordeal.

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The mildew in our AC

I remember last year my little wifey & I went on a little getaway. Welive in the South & both of us had our home for about 3 years! This was very the first time we would be leaving our cabin for a long stage of time! I figured we could just turn the Heating, Ventilation & A/C proposal off altogether so we wouldn’t waste a lot of money on the energy bill… What’s the point of air conditioning an empty cabin right? Well, I entirely wished I had looked into it or asked somebody about this situation first. We went on or getaway & it was a great time. Both of us were gone 10 days & honestly, we needed that break. Well, when we returned to our home, we were shocked. We discovered mold growth all around the house! I came to find that because of the intense humidity in the South, you can’t just turn off the air conditioning. If I would have kept the air conditioner on, just a low level, it would have been fine because the air conditioner naturally removes moisture from the air, but no, I turned the air conditioner off altogether! This was a costly mistake & now I have to pay for it. Both of us had to get a hotel while we hired a company to remove all the mold from inside of household. It was lavish & it was a exhausting experience. Fortunately, that company did a fabulous job of getting rid of all the mold. I absolutely know not to do that again & I hope that everyone who reads this knows not to make the same mistake that I did! If you live in a humid area, you should either get a dehumidifier, or have your air conditioner running on low while you are away! This will save you a lavish bill from a company that removes the mold from inside of your house.

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Well working HVAC

When I finally got a house of my own, I was so proud of myself. My parents congratulated me for making that move, however they had a lot to say about being a responsible homeowner; They said that I had to keep up with all the household upkeep and major appliance repair. My father was especially stern about the HVAC proposal repair… He asked me if I remembered that time when I was playing with the temperature control and I caused the HVAC proposal to stop working. I absolutely remembered that and I wished he didn’t bring that up. I told him I wouldn’t be playing around with the temperature control if that’s what he was indicating. He said that I would have a family someday and that their needs would always have to come first. He said I should consider getting a smart temperature control with a lock on it so that nobody could mess with the settings. I thought that was a wonderful plan and was really impressed with the technology when I looked it up, but with a smart temperature control, you can easily modify your heating and cooling settings remotely via your iPhone. The smart temperature control even learns your favorite settings after a while and it will go by those settings automatically. I thought that was fantastic! My father was telling me that I should also consider getting enrolled into an HVAC repair plan. He said that he knew how forgetful I was, and that way I wouldn’t forget to take care of the crucial repair. I just might do that

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He only needed to take care of our thermostat

For a long while, my spouse would never let us get anything done to improve our residence. Well, I guess recently he was just so tired of me annoying him about particular things, he just said to do whatever the heck I wanted. Well, he actually shouldn’t have said that because I knew exactly what I wanted to do for our residence! The thing that I wanted the most was a new Heating as well as A/C machine for the property, but he actually was out of town for an important business meeting for awhile so he couldn’t be there to stop me from getting things done! I called the Heating as well as A/C machine corporation as well as had everything I wanted done. When my spouse finally came back to our residence after his trip, he wanted to know precisely what I had taken care of. He mentioned how the floor felt a lot warmer than usual… Then I told him that was radiant heated floors that he was actually feeling. He was absolutely stunned as well as instantaneously was wondering how much that cost us. I informed him that it was a little extravagant, but the energy savings would totally recover the cost of replacement soon enough. I asked him if he wanted to make changes to the temperature control unit as well as he said “sure.” I gave him my cell phone as well as told him he could adjust it on there. I told him he could also install the app for the temperature control unit on his phone as well as well as he could control the Heating as well as A/C machine from pretty much anywhere! Even though he seemed a little angry at first that I had a whole new heating machine installed in our house, he entirely seemed impressed by the smart control unit as well as the radiant heated floors. Honestly, I have never seen him so happy in the morning hours when he hopped out of the shower. I figure it was because he wasn’t being tortured by the freezing tiles early in the day.


The hearty boiler system

I remember when I was rather young, there was this ancient lady that lived over in this run-down residence! All the kids used to actually believe she was a witch in addition to that’s what they called her. One day a bunch of kids wished to ring her doorbell in addition to run. I felt it was a dumb thing to do even though I went along with my friends. Well they rang the doorbell in addition to I stepped on something in addition to hurt my foot quite badly. All my friends ran in addition to I couldn’t run whatsoever. When the lady was at the door, she asked who was there in addition to then I slowly walked over to talk to her. I told her I hurt my foot in addition to she welcomed me to come inside. She didn’t seem mean or anything but she had a rather distant look. I came to learn that she was legitimately blind. I was astonished that her lake residence was legitimately comfortable though. She told me she had an ancient boiler system for her heating, in addition to that it kept the air quality precisely how she liked it. She explained that a boiler system creates humidity naturally so it doesn’t feel insanely dry. She helped me with my foot in addition to had me soak my foot in some water with some epsom salt in it. It legitimately worked well to soothe my foot. I couldn’t honestly believe that this was the lady that all the kids referred to as a witch when she was such a kind person. I told her about it in addition to she laughed in addition to said she’s heard things like that said about her rather often. She told me that she had lost her vision in addition to she has to live this sort of life nowadays. She said her child oftentimes comes through with groceries in addition to helps her keep the place in perfect order, and he even works on her boiler system every so often, but it requires little service to do its job great. I was impressed with that boiler system in addition to thought it would be nice to have a furnace like that.

Need professional HVAC sealing

The other day when I was cleaning around the residence, I seen this rather huge spider and it ran into the ductwork! I was mad because there was no way I could get to him and for all I knew, there could be a whole family of spiders inside the system of ductwork! I decided to call a Heating and Air Conditioning machine supplier to ask about ductwork cleaning. They said that would not be a problem in the least! So before I knew it, I had a couple of Heating and Air Conditioning servicemen over with these crazy looking vacuum tools. I suppose they were designed for the purpose of cleaning out the system of ductwork. They even took pictures of the before and after conditions of the ductwork and I was impressed. My ductwork was so incredibly filthy, it was no wonder there were spiders and other types of bugs actually living in there! After they were done with the cleaning, it looked especially clean! Also I noticed that when I ran my Heating and Air Conditioning machine afterwards, the air quality was much better. It made sense too because all of that dust was not being pushed into the air any longer. I truly must say, after seeing those filthy pictures, there’s no way I’m letting my ductwork become that filthy ever again anytime in the future! I also think that it would be a wonderful idea to invest in a wonderful air purification system. That would certainly help keep all the dust and allergens out of the air so I can breathe easier in my residence. I prefer to keep things entirely clean in my house, but it seems that I need the professionals to take care of that ductwork every so often!

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Want a nicer working HVAC system

When my family and I were looking for the right residence for us, there was this one in particular  that really stood out to us! All of us truthfully didn’t even care what complications it had, the lot of us knew that all of us would do whatever we had to as far as fixing everything up. All of us were able to purchase the locale for a really superb price, however there actually were a number of things wrong with it. All of us were required to paint, furnish, and restore the bathrooms. It was a lot of work, however with the low cost of the residence all of us were honestly able to cover everything without too much hassle. When the lot of us had everything looking fantastic, all of us knew the next crucial thing was to replace the Heating and A/C machine. Well, there wasn’t much Heating and A/C in the first place. There was genuinely a wood burning stove, a fireplace, and a couple of window A/C machines. All of us weren’t going to use the wood burning stove, so that could go before everything else. The fireplace was genuinely nice so the lot of us figured the lot of us could use that from time to time. The window A/C units were outdated and clogged up, so those were honestly going! When the lot of us called a Heating and A/C machine professional to our residence, he proposed that all of us get a ductless mini-split system. This type of Heating and A/C would genuinely be ideal for us because the residence didn’t have an HVAC duct, and these systems don’t need an HVAC duct! They are genuinely more efficient than Heating and A/C machines with an HVAC duct because the heating and cooling goes straight to your targeted areas without having to go a long ways and waste a large amount of energy. When the lot of us finally had everything installed, all of us were truly content with our appealing residence out in the country!

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