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Thanking all of the residents

My best friend and I have been close since the sixth grade. I remember I found her so annoying because she was constantly talking in class, yet always getting the highest grades! One day we were paired together for a group project and found we had many similarities like the same taste in music. Since that day we were completely inseparable. We wanted to do every accomplishment together like get married on the same day, have the same amount of kids, and go to the same college. When we both got accepted into the same college were were overjoyed. I took the role of finding us an apartment to stay in that was close to campus. The apartment was far from perfect but we didn’t need much since we shared most of everything together anyway. The temperature was much warmer than we were used to. The average high was 101 degrees and the end of the summer. My parents warned me about the importance of maintaining our monthly budget as well as conserving energy. It soon became unbearably hot and we had to use our air conditioning unit hourly. We would sit under our air conditioner vents and talk about our day in class. One day we discovered there was an odd odor and the indoor air quality was off. We contacted an air conditioner technician and was shocked at what he shared with us. We had no idea the we had to change out out filters regularly. There was so much built up residue and the A/C unit was dripping so hot air was getting in while cold air was escaping. We had to use the last bit of our savings to fix this issue, but it was worth it because I can’t imagine living without A/C in 100 degree weather!

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We’re really working hard now

First day of work can be nerve wracking. I was worried no one would like the new girl and was expecting to be bullied or ignored. I wore a suit of a thin polyester material that was comfortable for the 74 degree temperature outside. I walked into work sweating and sat down at my desk and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Within the first 10 minutes I was shivering. I looked around the office and everyone was layered in multiple coats and jackets. One woman even had on mittens. I built up the nerve to ask the person next to me why was it so cold in our building? They told me that the air conditioning was always on and would the thermostat would stay at 64 degrees because that’s the way management liked it. I was shocked and asked if anyone ever expressed their concerns about this? Apparently everyone was too intimidated to say something. I forgot all about my nerves and walked right into managements office, in the middle of their meeting. I told them by having the air conditioning running constantly throughout the day is actually draining their pockets more than saving it. It is also bad for the environment. I shared some energy saving tips such as having a steady climate control on the thermostat, closing off certain vents in the building that will force the air to the top, cooling as it comes down. I also recommended rearranging the furniture; furniture can obstruct air conditioning vents. Joyfully, they took my advice, and the next day no one was wearing a jacket.


That wind is blowing hard

I am not exactly on it when it comes to certain things. If a deadline is given, I always miss it. If there is something I need to do on a certain day, I will forget it. I never remember to file my taxes. I never remember to get an inspection on my car before it is up. I also can never seem to turn in my work on time. I just am not good about getting things done. I really like to just go with the flow and get to things when I get to them. With my HVAC equipment, this is a really bad mindset. Most years, neither the heater nor AC system gets serviced. I totally neglect them both. When it is hot out, I simply turn on my AC system. I forget to have an air conditioning business come in to service it. If I remember, by the time I try to get an appointment, they are already booked up. I usually end up on a waiting list and then never called. In the winter, I do the same thing with my heater. I wait too long and when I do call, there is no heating appointment for me. My HVAC equipment must be used to me or totally resilient. I have never had the HVAC unit break down on me. It always turns on and only sometimes makes an odd noise. Every now and then it is rewarded with a HVAC tune up. Most of the time though, the HVAC unit just has to deal with it.

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The heating unit is upstairss

My boiler system is the least efficient way of heating possible. My house is two stories and there is a basement. The boiler system is setup in the basement. In my 1st floor living room, there is a metal grate. The idea is that they boiler system will turn on and provide heating in the Winter. Heat rises, so the heated air will then rise through the grate in the living room. This method of heating just does not work. First, the boiler wastes times heating the basement while my family is freezing. Once the heated air finally makes its way to the downstairs, it hardly works. The downstairs living room and kitchen are hardly warm enough to be comfortable. However, the metal grate is literally like lava. It is right in the middle of the living room and scalding hot. I have to warn people not to touch the grate or they will burn ourselves. Our house is not even that hot. Also, the boiler-heated air never makes it upstairs. My family had to purchase a separate heating system for the upstairs. The electric heater up there is amazing. Some of the heated air flows down the stairs and helps in the living room. Still, the downstairs was so cold that I got a space heater in the kitchen. With all of these things, the house is pretty warm. My goal though, is to eventually rip out the boiler and get rid of the huge metal grate. A furnace would look and work better in my home.

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Waste and cost

The ducts for the heating and cooling system are one of the most important systems in the home.  If the ducts are not properly sealed or insulted, they contribute to higher energy bills, wasting hundreds of dollars per year.  Although hidden inside walls, floors and ceilings, the duct system is a very important branching network of pipes. It transports the air from the home’s air conditioner or furnace to the various rooms in the house.  Taking the time to seal, insulate and clean the duct system definitely pays for itself in lower energy bills, superior comfort, and less wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment. Clean, well-designed duct systems distribute air evenly throughout the home to maintain a comfortable temperature.  When the duct system is working at its best, the furnace and air conditioner doesn’t need to run as long or struggle as hard. There is maximum airflow, eliminating hot and cold spots, temperature stratification and an influx of contaminants. Any holes or leaks not only allow the conditioned air to escape but draw in outside, polluted air.  Signs of flaws in the duct system include unpleasant smells, excessive amounts of dust, unstable humidity levels, lengthy running times, and diminished comfort. Sealing the ducts to prevent leaks is especially important when the system is located in unconditioned areas such as the attic or a vented crawl space. While minor repairs are fairly simple, it’s best to hire a qualified professional to handle the job.  A licensed HVAC technician will be sure to use the appropriate materials to seal and insulate ducts, and perform any necessary cleaning without causing damage. It’s also wise to make sure that there’s no furniture or other objects obstructing airflow through the registers. Vacuuming the registers to remove any dust buildup should be a regularly completed task.

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Changing the sealing

My roommate, Bruce, is a total slob, and he drives me crazy.  Bruce works from home, so he is always hanging around the apartment.  I’ve never actually seen him do any work. He seems to simply hang out on the couch, watching television, drinking beer and eating snacks.  He leaves dirty dishes and laundry all over the place. He uses my bath towels, forgets to put the milk back in the refrigerator, and uses up all of the hot water.  I have considered kicking Bruce out, but he always pays his rent on time. He’s also the only one who can keep our heating system operational. The apartment is extremely old, and it’s equipped with an ancient boiler system.  While the boiler does a great job of keeping the apartment nice and warm, it often refuses to start up. Since the weather in this area is typically cold and snowy, with temperatures well below zero, an effective heating system is a necessity.  The boiler provides a very gentle, clean and even heating. Although we’ve got a bunch of ugly and bulky radiators taking up space in the apartment, they are capable of handling the worst weather. However, when the boiler won’t start up, I am totally helpless.  I’ve complained to the landlord and even called in an HVAC contractor to fix the boiler. Nothing is as effective as Bruce, and whatever magic he performs with a flashlight and a screwdriver. It takes him less than three minutes to get the boiler operational. I’ve even watched him, trying to figure out what he’s doing to the boiler, but I still can’t manage it.

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I’m saving big money now

Once summer ends I breathe a sigh of relief.  The end of summer means less spending on cooling my house.  I don’t have to live in air conditioning all the time. That means money in my pocket.  The Fall is great in because the temperatures are so moderate. The windows fly open and let in that Fall air.  However, the HVAC should not be ignored just because of Autumn. Seasonal maintenance is vital to keeping the Heating & Cooling unit in top condition.  I begin by checking the outside HVAC component. Remove the outer case to access the unit. Clear away debris then wash out anything stuck in the cooling fins.  The unit will be clean and good to go when Spring arrives. I also change the filter inside the house. However, it is crucial to have the furnace checked during the Fall.  I placed a call to the local HVAC business. The technician reminds me that we are already enrolled in the maintenance program. The HVAC guy showed up a week later to fully go over my heating & cooling system.  The technician made adjustments that produce more efficient heating. The furnace is not something to mess with. If you aren’t an HVAC professional then call one when it comes to maintenance. Don’t let the Autumn slip by ignoring the needs of the HVAC system.  Keeping the heating & cooling system properly serviced will put money in your pocket. The Fall is the best time to be sure that your furnace won’t let you down when it gets really cold. Spend a little to save a lot.

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Time well spent

Spring cleaning happens at this house every year.  The house is opened to fresh air as the rest gets a thorough cleaning.  This year I was doing this ritual again when I wondered about my air quality.  I have a modern HVAC system that provide heating & cooling to the entire house.  It dawned on me that perhaps the HVAC unit should be kept clean also. I was afraid of getting in over my head.  I don’t know a great deal about how HVAC systems operate. I know to change the filter. But I often forget. I went to the basement to inspect the HVAC component there.  I did not feel competent to start dismantling the heating & cooling system. So, I went outside to check on the fan unit. I felt comfortable scrubbing away debris from the case.  I also gently scrubbed the fins taking care not to bend them. I was glad to give the HVAC system the attention that I coud. However, I felt it was best to call the professionals at my local HVAC company.  The young man came out to the house right at the time scheduled. The technician said I did a nice job on the outside unit. He went to the basement to begin cleaning of the blower component. The tech showed me how gummed up with junk the inside of the unit had become.  The HVAC pro finished up in about an hour. He said I was lucky I decided to get the HVAC system cleaned. If I had waited until summer, the system might have overloaded due to dirt. Spring cleaning should always include the HVAC central air system.


Wow it got warm

I messed up really bad. I recently bought a space to convert into a ballet studio. I needed to totally gut it and set it back up. I set up all new ceilings, walls and flooring. While in the process, a buddy told me that installing heated flooring would be easy. My floors were already ripped up. All I needed was the electric heated mats and I was good to go. I read online about how great heated floors were. There is no dust sucked into the heating system, so your air quality is clean. The radiant floors are silent and non disruptive. Also the heated air does not leave the floor level. You actually save energy and can set your thermostat lower due to how the heater heats your space. I hardly thought about the purchase, I just swiped my card and got my electric heating system. Now that I have radiant flooring, I have to say that I hate it. I constantly forget if the heater is on or not. It makes no clicking, humming or any type of sound. I frequently leave my ballet studio and leave the heater on. My electric bill is shockingly high due to this. Also, my ballet students hate the heating system in the floor. Ballet dancers are very floor oriented. The heated floors warm their feet to the point that they get really sweaty. The girls say it affects their dancing negatively. I don’t even like the feeling on my feet either. I bought it though, so I am stuck with it for now.

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We’ve decided we want an air conditioner

I recently house sat for my brother Gavin. He left his house for two weeks and I got to move. I jumped at that opportunity to. Instead of being in my apartment, I got to be in his sweet house. He has a huge inground pool, home gym and is right by a soccer field. My brother also has all new kitchen appliances, new carpets and a huge TV. It was like living in a celebrities house for two weeks. The only downside was that I could not run his HVAC system. Gavin left his home at low cooling while he was gone. He told me that when I arrived I could turn up or down the AC if I wanted. He told me that his house was a smart house. I just needed to use the smart pad on his wall. I was too stupid to use the smart pad. The pad controlled the lights, security cameras, heating, cooling and air quality in his house. I clicked button after button. Eventually I realized I was messing up programs that he had already set in place. The last thing I wanted was for Gavin to have a bunch of work when he came home. I wanted to be invited back. So I left the smart pad and temperature control alone. I just lived in his house with hardly any AC. Anytime I got hot though, I just swam in the pool. I brought my apartment fan over to his home and was able to sleep at night too. I just hid that little detail from my brother.