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The heater is not that efficient

You never forget some firsts, and one of those firsts that is totally seared into my brain is my actual first apartment.  I moved away at a truly young age, and so I couldn’t spend a whole lot. The venue I ended up renting was entirely enormous for its price, but it wasn’t separate from any faults. It was the third floor in a seasoned triple decker built in the 1920s that was never, ever been replaced.  Everything was totally original, save for the hideous carpets that were stapled to the entryway floors. This venue had it all, every scary house story you can imagine. Sketchy basement that might be hiding a dead body? Check. Not so safe area of the town? Check, ugly, rowdy, jerk neighbors who party till 4am? Check. Sinkhole in the middle of the floor? You bet! That one was at least truly solved by putting the end table over it so no one would step in it. The one detail that it had going for it was our heating option–a blissful gas furnace. Though the gas furnace was efficient, the building was by no means airtight. Every Wintertime all of us had to get out our hair dryers and put plastic over each of the windows, otherwise all the warm air from our forced steam gas furnace would go right out the window.  And it’s blessing was also truly it’s curse: eighteen windows, all of different sizes because seasoned homes are such a delight that way. Covering the windows took 4 hours, but the utility bill savings were so worth it. In doing so every one of us saved hundreds of dollars on the central gas furnace bills.

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The air conditioner is ripped

The small basketball gym that my friends as well as I are fans of got some major renovations. The gym itself has been on that property for over 120 years. The original gym that the crew of us got in was built in the 1910s. In order to expand to deal with a growing fan base, the whole thing was basically torn as well as put back up. It was surreal to see the gym floors torn up as well as walls pulled down.  One of the main beams definitely has to hang out on a thin thread. It took multiple months to complete the changes to the gym, but once it was finished it looked super professional like. As a huge lover of our basketball team, my friends and I like to watch them practice there on Wednesday evenings. Only a couple of weeks ago my friends and I showed up to find that our brand new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device was not draining that well as well as was leaking water from the ceiling into the gym floor. This has happened a couple times earlier on, but this time my friends and I had to have a professional Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman come out to fix it. With the warmer hot as well as cold temperatures of heated season heating the building within the day, the cooling device runs at all times. Something was really hindering the drain in the condensation pan as well as it was not draining right. With the cooling device definitely working a ton, there has been a lot more water than what it can handle.

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Great a/c in our hotel

If you are coming up with plans to travel somewhere there is a great chance you will be staying at a hotel no matter where your endpoint might be… Unless you think you might go camping or staying with friends or a buddy, you will need a space to rest your head. With so several options out there, hotels try to set themselves as a different thing from the competition. There are a few that are just a basic cheap locale to rest in, but there are some that really go all over as well as beyond to win people’s minds. There is a popular section that features a hotel with a bar totally made of ice. This bar has a specially designed Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system that keeps the drinking area section freezing enough that the tables on their own are made of ice. Upon getting in, you are given an arctic coat to wear. The refrigeration devices in this section of the hotel are similar to those used in big building freezer units. The walls are insulated to keep in the chilly air that the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C units produce. There is an section where a people can gather around a certainly designed oil furnace device to keep warm. The big cooling device works to push the freezing air into the lounge all year long. This hotel is a popular spot in the warm season months when the heated as well as cold temperatures are not great as well as people are looking for a certain  idea to beat the heat.

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AC in the shed

As a teen, I had always loved tending my vegetable garden as well as working in the soil. As the years have gone by, it has gotten more of a challenge as well as harder for me to do that sort of thing. Now I am an old dude, long since done with working, as well as far past the point of being able to be in the soil as well as task the flowers that I love. I am all there mentally however my physical body, especially my lungs, are quite frail. It was sad, being able to look out into my backyard as well as not being able to go out there as well as be in the soil. Then my kids built me a little garage equipped with a climate control system, as well as it was the greatest thing that I’ve ever been given. I had never heard of this at all, however the garage has a small however powerful Heating as well as A/C method in it. This regulates not only the temperature of the small garage, however also the humidity as well as the air conditions. This kind of climate control was designed with exotic flowers in mind, however it also does great things for me! I have air conditioner out there, so I don’t risk heat issues, as well as the air filters keep the pollen as well as other debris out of my lungs. Working with little potted flowers isn’t as rewarding as digging in the earth, however the cooling method surely is nice to have.

Better job in HVAC

I wish I knew the stuff I know now a few years ago. I think I have thought that at least 100 times in my lifetime. I really could have done a lot better in life with some different decisions. I have however, switched a bad decision early enough though.  I caught my error a few years into selecting a job as well as course fixed my mistake. Back in the day, I chose to go into the workforce because I was told it was good money as well as had wonderful health, dental and vision benefits. Those things both turned out to be certain, however I just wasn’t built for office workforce. That’s why a couple of years back I did not do this anymore as well as took a task with an Heating as well as A/C corporation, at first I was an HVAC assistant, which basically meant I got to help carry the huge oil furnace as well as air conditioner equipment off the truck as well as into the installation places. While I was going to my college class as well as studying for my Heating as well as A/C certification exam, all I did was the heavy lifting labor; Once I got that piece of paper as well as was licensed at heating as well as cooling repair, my whole world changed for the way better. I got more pay, way nicer hours, a better style of work, being an Heating as well as A/C contractor had all the benefits of the office work, however it also made me happy at the end of the day too.


How painting affects air quality

I am grateful that I am able to make a living working numerous tasks from home.  One of which is to make custom engraved jewelry which I sell online. But much of what I do is cold work–simple hammer and metal with the anvil to make an imprint onto a metal piece I’m working on.  However, I have constantly wished to do other things, such as hot work with a blowtorch and working with a new metal patina and overlay. However, I’m greatly limited by my current living space. However, just like creating art with oil paints, a good deal of jewelry work involves the use of chemicals that you need to be careful not to breathe in too deep.  This means you must work in a section with good air quality and a concrete or tile floor, a surface which won’t be harmed by hot metal in case you drop what you’re working on. I’ve been renting apartments for the longest time. While I have found plenty of sites with good and affordable furnace and heating, I’ve yet to find someplace with a full Heating and A/C system. This means I’m restricted in what I can do until I either get an condo or perhaps a house that has a full plan of HVAC ducts to help circulate the air. Though, I have debated trying to use a lighter patina such as a metal sealant or a copper protectant with my current media air cleaner. Air purifiers task is to clean the air with numerous filters to allow you to breathe more easily. They do this in much the same way as a Heating and A/C filter does. However, I worry it won’t be enough to actually circulate the air all throughout my working space. I won’t be sure till I try!

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Getting some helpful hints on HVAC

I have worked at our local community school for the last several years.  I teach in the finance department, however I love to take classes in other work fields to earn as many certificates as I can since classes are free to employees.  So far, I have been certified as a lifeguard, a social media expert plus an organic cook. Because I just purchased a modern home, I decided to take classes that would help reduce overall expenses by teaching me how to do proper service plus minor repairs in my home.   From the list of classes given, I decided to begin by getting certified in HVAC service. The professor was most knowledgeable with over twenty years of heating and air conditioner experience. He has been a business owner of a successful heating & air conditioner supplier for the last fifteen years.  I was absolutely impressed by his knowledge plus the patience for those of us that had very little understanding of basic heating & air conditioner knowledge. Before his class, the extent of my knowledge was limited to changing the air filter in the HVAC. Now, I able to do my own heating plus air conditioning tune ups.  So, not only can I change my own filter, I can wash off the outside air condenser unit. He demonstrated how to change a blade on the air condenser if one was to get bent. I also l saw how to wash the heating coil in the air conditioner component to keep our air cool. The heating and air conditioner certificate is the class I am most proud of.

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Want the heater and a/c rating to be good

My husband and I grew up in honestly strange cultures in different countries.  The country where he is from is a developing country that is just receiving several of the conveniences that we consider basic here.  Many of the homes are built by the homeowners themselves or workers that have gained aspects of structure building from hands on training.  Most of the workers will not have to undergone any special training or certifications in order to construct a home. When we were deciding to build our beach condo in this country, I had to inform my husband of regulations plus inspections that were required by law, especially with the upgrading of any electrical system as well as the heating and a/c.  He worked alongside all the workers as our beach condo was constructed, but when it came to choosing the correct heating & cooling system for our beach condo, I knew that I needed to be involved in the decision making. Most heating & a/c units have energy efficiency ratings. Central a/cs and heat pumps that are certified for performance carry the AHRI performance certified SEER rating.  Heating devices will carry a GAMA efficiency rating or I=B=R marks. Of course, every one of us was interested in the most efficient system that might help keep our energy bills as low as possible. One huge factor in this was the correct sizing of our heating & cooling system to fit our home. A system which is too small will run constantly plus waste energy which create higher energy bills.  My husband managed to save us a lot of time and currency with his first hand comprehension of construction. However, I was also able to contribute by saving us currency every month on the energy bill by choosing an efficient heating plus a/c.

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New HVAC for Mom and Dad for Christmas

I have three brothers and two sisters and we all live pretty close to where we grew up and near where our parents live.  Both my parents were retired now and trying to enjoy their golden years. They loved doing whatever they wanted and spoiling grandchildren whenever possible. I had noticed that my parent’s furnace and air conditioning units looked pretty old and were probably not very energy efficient.  I emailed all my siblings with my idea of buying mom and dad a new HVAC system for Christmas. Everyone thought it was a great idea so I started to research our options. I wanted a system that would give them the heating and cooling that they needed throughout the year and would be able to save them money on their utility bills each month.  I called a friend at a local HVAC company and made arrangements to have the new units installed a couple days before Christmas. When the HVAC truck pulled into my parent’s driveway my dad had a very questioning look on his face. But that look turned to a big smile as he learned that this new HVAC system was a gift from their loving children.  By the end of that day the whole system was installed and running beautifully. My father stood in front of the shinny furnace in their basement and put his hand on the side of the unit and seemed to almost pet it as if it was a beloved pet. It was a very happy Christmas that year in our family.

Tiny Home Tiny HVAC

My girlfriend and I recently decided to jump onto the tiny home bandwagon.  We had been watching a number of cable shows about the new trend toward living tiny.  It just felt right to us so we sought out a local builder who was specializing in tiny homes.  The builder showed us a number of plans for models that he had already built and we created our home special home by piecing together the things we liked.  The one thing of interest was how did a tiny home get heated or cooled. We decided to go with the ductless mini split system as it was compact and simple and did not require room for ductwork.  The system consisted on a small outside compressor and a indoor control unit that could be mounted near the ceiling and would be able to heat and cool the whole tiny house. My girlfriend and I visited the builder several times during the build of our tiny home.  We even made a few changed as things started to come together. We were there the day that the heating and cooling system was installed. It was amazing how small the unit actually was and we could feel the power of the warm and cool air that was put out by the unit.  The installers only had to drill a small 3 inch hole in the wall to connect the inside and outside units. We were very pleased with the experience of having our own tiny home specially built just for us. My girlfriend and I had already purchased a small plot of land with a great view of the mountains and could not wait to move our tiny home there.