Where should I put the ductwork

The localement of our ductworks is just horrible. I want to find the Heating and A/C corporation that set up the ductwork and shake him. The ductwork travels through the ceiling of the home and releases from an air vent. The localement of the air vents are no good. One of the air vents is right above our stove. So anytime I fry something on a burner, the steam and odor gets sucked up into the ductwork. The whole home then reeks of what I am cooking. Next, the steam and grease frequently ruin the air vent. I swear I have to take off the vent and clean that portion of ductwork every week. Another air vent is right above the shower. The steam from the shower then creates condensation in the vent when the cooling plan is on. I am regularly battling mold in that area of the Heating and A/C ducts. The last horrible localement is right above our bed. You would suppose having air blowing directly on you at night would be great. I hate it. I frequently wake up because I am too warm or too cold. It is almost love the Heating and A/C is laboring too well since I am located so perfectly. Additionally, the air quality is naturally dry. So having dry air blow on me for hours is no good. I frequently am battling chapped lips, bloody noses and dry skin. I hate our central Heating and A/C so much that I really want it all gone. I might be happier with a ductless Heating and A/C option. It seems to be the only solution.

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