Need ductless HVAC for the awful smells

My roommate Sharon makes candles. Her main corporation is fundraisers for schools. So she makes hundreds of candles at a time plus a whole range of scents. The smell in our cabin is horrible when she is in the school season. The conflicting scents give myself and others a headache. I tried trapping Sharon in one room with her scents. Unfortunately I have a central heating plus air system. The scents waft right into the HVAC duct plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan ensures that all rooms in the cabin get the smell. I want to block off the air duct in Sharon’s room although she begged myself and others not to. The candle making process is a sizzling one plus she wants air conditioner. In the Winter not having any heating would kind of stink too. What she recommended is a ductless mini cut for her room. The air duct could be clogged off plus she would still have Heating plus Air Conditioning. The ductless mini cut would provide heating plus air plus only affect her room. That would be a legitimately high-priced thing to do though. I am thinking more along the lines of an air cleaner. I could install an air purification plan that cleans the smells from the air quality as she makes the candles. It is a quarter of the cost plus I believe I will make our roommate pay the cost too. She is the whole reason I would need an whole-cabin air purifier anyway. She is not going to adore that though. She legitimately would adore myself and others to buy her a ductless mini cut complete with a smart temperature control.

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