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What the director wants

Being a director is a lot harder of a job than I had expected. Before this last weekend recording sessions, I assumed that the director was mostly like a supervisor. It is a far cry from simply keeping people in line, you literally have to know exactly how everything should come out, down to the smallest detail, and then makes sure everyone executes your vision. Without that guiding vision, the entire shoot turns into a mess. Seriously you guys, this job is crazy hard, and this was just an audio recording! We had four actors and four mics, a tech guy (who ended up mostly working the HVAC system) and myself to keep them all working harmoniously. It started off okay, but once I got the whole squad in line, the darned air conditioner switched on in the middle of the take. Although it didn’t seem that loud to us, the tech guy told me the AC was generating a subsonic hum on the recording track. We started from the beginning, this time with the thermostat turned off completely, and that went a little better. The new problem was that without the air conditioning running we all started to get very warm. There were 6 of us in a small room, along with all the recording equipment which generated a ton of heating. We ended up finding a balance, running the AC for a few minutes while we ran lines, then turning it off to record. This way the cooling was adequate, enough to keep us from sweating into the mics.

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I love edible cannabis

My little brother came home from his school the other day with a sheet for a fundraiser.  Now, it seems, that every 3 weeks there is another event to try plus raise much needed dough for the class.  I don’t mind helping out but I always thought that our university taxed paid for much of what was needed. Well, this time it was for future field trips so  I didn’t mind doing what I needed to. The kids were going to do a treat sale at the next 4 home games for our soccer team. This seemed like an easy thing plus good way to make currency plus I prefer to make food.  As I was learning the instruction something caught our eye that made me burst out laughing. In blackened letters, at the bottom of the page, were the words, no pot related products. Now, I never would have imagined that they would have to put this on the bottom of a school flyer.  The whole concept of legal marijuana is still coming into our brains plus I couldn’t imagine who would know it would be fine to take pot laced treats to a university treat sale. That would be like taking booze soaked food or jello shots to sell. I imagine that they had a parent ask, or worse yet bring them to a soccer treat sale, plus that was why they needed to state it so darkly on the flyer.  I showed my husband the pot related products flyer when he got home from his job plus the two of us both got another laugh out of it.

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Integrated card access system is the best

When I came out of the army, the only skill I sharpened was the ability to shoot straight from a hundred yards. Aside from marksmanship, I didn’t have any real skills. To say I had a hard time finding a job in the civilian world would be an understatement for sure! Luckily, my sister was working for a security system replacement company when I came back home. As soon as I left the Army, she got me a job with the security system replacement company, and there I started working to develop some interesting new skills. My sibling and I are working together now, and while she teaches me the tricks of the trade, I’m continuing to improve my professional skill-set. Last weekend, we spent all day installing a security system for the bank! They had just opened another branch within the stripmall near our house. Since they wanted to take extra security precautions due to the multiple entrances for the stripmall, the bank wanted extra security measures taken. My sibling and I installed keyless ID readers at the front entrance to the bank, and a closed circuit television camera at each entrance to the vault. We also spent multiple hours installing motion detectors around the perimeter as well, which brought back some memories. By the time we were done, the bank security system was equipped better than Fort Knox. Next weekend, we’re supposed to be finishing a security system installation for the mayor’s new house! Having tasked the security company with securing the premises with video and audio surveillance systems, I feel we’ll be up to snuff.

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A bake sale to remember

My child came home from school the other day with an ad for a sale.  Now, it appears, that every other day there is a different event to try and get much needed cash for the university.  I don’t mind helping out even though I at all times thought that our university taxed paid for much of what was required.  Well, this fundraiser was for future field trips so I didn’t consider doing my part. They were going to have a bake sale at the next more than 2 home games for our baseball team.  This seemed nice and simple way to make cash and I like to make cookies. As I was studying the directions something caught my eye that made me chuckle. In bold letters, at the bottom of the page, were the words, no medical marijuana treats.  Now, I never would have imagined that they would need to put this detail on the bottom of a school flyer. The whole idea of legal pot is still sinking into my head and I couldn’t imagine who would think it would be okay to take pot laced treats to a university bake sale.  That would be like rum soaked fruit cake or jello shots to the kids. I imagine that they had someone ask, or worse yet bring them to a sale, and that was why they needed to state it so boldly on the ad. I showed my husband the flyer when he got home from the office and the people I was with and I both got another chuckle out of it, he jokingly said that I should put some spices in hte treats to look like pot.

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Video camera analytics

My sister recently hired a security team to monitor her home. The other week, she received a PC message that said there was a possible break-in through her bedroom window. The alert showed exactly which window was being tampered with.  She was in the house, but hadn’t heard anything, and so she went to look at the window. There was a tiny crack on the inside of the window. She called the security team to tell them what she had found. They had video surveillance, but there really wasn’t anything on any of the camera feeds to show. Then later on in the day, she got another alert from the security service that said there was a possible break-in through the basement door. Previously, she had a renter who was using the downstairs apartment and since she couldn’t remember if she had gotten the key back, she had all the door locks switched out. Upon looking at the surveillance video, there wasn’t anything showing up there, and she was getting a bit perturbed about all of these alerts with nothing at all to substantiate them. The last alert came when they showed a possible break-in on the porch. She called the security team and told him there was nothing there and he pulled their camera feed and started laughing. He told her which camera to check. And then when she looked at the spot from a different angle, she saw a family of raccoons that was trying to get at the pet food inside the porch. It was close to the window and to the basement door that was setting off the alarm.

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We’re responsible for that

For nearly my entire lifetime, I’ve been told that marijuana is a gateway drug.  I’ve been continually warned away from it, plus told that marijuana would destroy any possibility of a future. The “Just Say No” campaign during Reagan’s presidential term targeted law enforcement at marijuana, while opiates were basically ignored. Finally, cannabis legalization is spreading across the nation, plus studies are just start to understand the possibilities of cannabinoid therapy.  Surprisingly, cannabis has proved helpful in beating addiction to other drugs. Addiction affects over 21 million Americans. Two million Americans are addicted to prescription medications, plus over 500,000 battle addiction to heroin. Over the last fifteen years, accidental deaths due to overdose have tripled. Cannabis therapy is a potential treatment for addiction. The correct fight against further studies is that switching the dependence on 1 substance to another is not an effective solution.  However, addiction to marijuana is severely rare. In fact, marijuana is less addictive than numerous legal substances, such as cigarettes. A ninth of the 52,000 deaths by overdose in 2015 were the result of prescription drugs. Heroin is responsible for 13,000 deaths, however no 1 has ever overdosed from marijuana. The DEA has stated that no 1 has ever died from marijuana overdose. Already, the states that have legalized cannabis have reported nearly 25% fewer deaths related to opioid overdose. They’ve also shown a decline in prescriptions used to treat depression, psychosis, seizures, anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea plus spasticity.  Legalizing medical marijuana also saves money. In 2013, medical marijuana saved the Medicare program around $165 million dollars. Legalization nationwide adds up to a potential savings of around $473 million, plus offers a natural plus successful program of treatment for addiction.

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HVAC careers are a promising industry for your future:

I didn’t have a lot of solid plans after graduating high school, so I decided to apply to the technical school. I took a few regular classes, before I had to make any important decisions. I took a class on English literature, a class about the history of our country, as well as even a class on drawing. However, when it came time to choose a technical program, I decided on heating and air conditioning repair. The HVAC maintenance business seemed like fun work, as well as all of the statistics said I could make a ton of money in that industry. During the first few months of heater and air conditioner repair classes, I barely paid attention. I couldn’t focus on anything other than the sweet breezes and ocean waves outside. When it finally came time to take the very first HVAC exam, I completely bombed the test. I don’t think I even scored in the F range… My professor asked to meet with me, and asked if I was enjoying these HVAC service classes. I told him it was difficult to concentrate. He advised that heating and air conditioning repair might not be my niche. He gave me a pamphlet with a list of other technical programs that could pique my interests. I went home to look at the list of classes, but didn’t really see anything that seemed more interesting to me than heater and air conditioner repair. I then decided to buckle down and pay closer attention. I had to repeat all of the first classes, but I finally passed first exam with an A+!  Now that I’m convinced that HVAC repair is the future for me, I can concentrate on learning absolutely everything there is to know about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service industry.

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HVAC store burglary:

My heating and air conditioning repair shop was burglarized a mere few afternoons ago. As of now, I still have no clue as to whoever broke in, although I suppose it was a few kids… The burglar used a brick to break the office window, however any burglar with common tools would have been able to legitimately pick the lock. Neither of us even had an alarm, so the burglars did get away with a few items. They stole an iPad and computer from the office, and they also got away with a few hundred dollars in money. Luckily though, most of the heating and air conditioning unitd are simply too heavy for a couple of kids to lift. In order for them to steal pricey heating and air conditioning equipment, they would have needed a van and a dolly. That’s why my wife and I believe it was a few kids that broke into our heating and air conditioning repair shop instead. Since then, my wife insisted that the both of us install some security features. After the burglary, I thought it was a great thought too. So then, we hired a security team to install video surveillance unit at the back and front doors of our heating and air conditioning repair shop. The video surveillance unit will run all day everyday, and it will record all movement and audio. If the culprits ever do come back again, my wife and I will be able to catch them in the act. I doubt the police will ever retrieve our iPad and computer, but if the burglars come back, every one of their faces will be on video. That will make it much easier to bring the hooligans to justice.

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They have very easy access

If you chat with anyone these days, they will more than likely tell you that they go online.  In truth, this has become the most pressing way to buy several things including our groceries and health care items.  You no longer have to leave the comfort of your beach beach house to get most of the items you need. You may have to hang around a day or two for them. So, it is worth it when it shows up at your door. One of the things that is pressing it the ease of acquiring medications on the web.  Due to the idea that several medical marijuana dealers are not regulated they can ship their pot just about anywhere and to anyone. If you have kids in your house you particularly know that some of the medications that can be ordered online can be harmful and you need to monitor these shopping sites on a regular timeframe.  This is especially concerning when it comes to things appreciate CBD oil and edibles, but when taken as directed for issues, inflammation, and even resting disorders they are basically harmless. They compare to the few herbs and supplements that are already on the market. The claims for health benefits have not been checked by the FDA and there is no proof that these items do what they claim.  Now, men and women only think that it is a form of marijuana and don’t understand that it is used for health reasons only. If a woman were to take too much of the CBD oil it could cause absolutely low blood sugar and several of the products give some drowsiness that should be considered when driving a car.

Upstairs plumbing is totally damaged now

I get stuck doing the worst jobs in the world! Because my landlord is my grandfather, I often have to go above and beyond the renter duties just to keep him appeased and off my back. I don’t want to be a concern for my Grandpa, and I don’t want him to come over to the place and having to do the work himself. While most renters having issues with electric, Heating and Air Conditioning or plumbing, I get a call to take care of it myself. I won’t make some poor unfortunate soul of a 75 year old get on their knees to retile a bathroom or repair a toilet! I was the lucky guy who got to do it gratis. I messed up that tiling job too, sadly. I was absolutely ticked off since I hate dealing with tile in general! I used a very sharp saw to split away all the existing tile, just so I could expose the floor. I got a little carried away though, and in turn I accidentally split through a pipe! Since I was in the bathroom, the piping lead to the shower, toilet and sink – the trifecta of getting soaked. The moment I hit the pipe, water shot right out of it and nearly blinded me on impact. The apartment was on the upper floor too, and not only was the floor soaking with water, but the renters underneath started freaking out about water falling down! I had to make a temporary path to the pipe, and then I had to go to the store to get a sealant for the piping to quickly close off the leak. By the time I got the pipe sealed, there was water all over the place and all over the poor neighbors under me!