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Just waiting on new HVAC

It is pure torture for me to be sitting anywhere, for any length of time. I am just not the type lady to sit still! From the moment I get out of bed, until the time I sit down, I am busy.  I love it that way! So when I agreed to take a friend in for surgery, I should have expected the type of day I had. Sitting, in a warm stuffy waiting room, for long hours on end was the worst thing ever.  She was scheduled for a simple procedure that would take a few hours, however there was nothing that I could do. I needed to be there so I could notify her family once she was in recovery as well as I had no way of knowing when that would be.  The vents from the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system were on overload. So much so, that I kept stepping outside to catch my breath. The warm air was making me tired as well as my skin felt as though it was on fire. I absolutely wish I could have turned down the heat.  I had come prepared for it to be cold with a sweatshirt as well as long sleeved shirt. Now, while I waited I was stuck feeling uncomfortable for hours. I don’t know that the hospital staff even notices–they were wearing long sleeves as well as running around love crazy. Maybe they are used to it but I can’t see anything productive getting done in that sluggish heat. I was absolutely relieved when they finally called me back because she was in recovery.  I knew that my time there would be done soon as well as I couldn’t wait.

Listening to the HVAC experts

When undertaking any project, it is best to understand at least the basics of what you will be doing.  If you don’t have the comprehension then you might want to consult with someone who does. This is the advice I tried to provide my daughter when she moved into her studio.  It is in an older lake apartment plus the owners have no concern with their their leaseholders doing minor repairs, painting the walls, or even doing small upgrades. They will take the expenses off of the bi-weekly rent plus my daughter was happy to make the locale her own.  She called myself and my wife other day to say that she was going to paint her bedroom plus wanted to guess how to remove the grates from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I commanded her to simply tape over them because of the risk of debris falling down them, although she didn’t listen.  I have worked as an Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman for the past twenty some odd years so what do I know, right? She removed the grates plus left the HVAC duct exposed while she was in the entire project. She scraped old paint off of the ceiling plus let the paint popcorn fall right down inside. She then called myself and my wife in a panic because she thought that she had ruined her heating system.  I explained that it wasn’t as awful as that, but, she would need to use a shopvac to get as much out as possible before replacing the covers. I also told her that she needed to make the owner aware of the issue, plus see if she needed to pay for a cleaning service to get the rest out. She then asked myself and others if I could do it for her. Then I said I could although she would need to pay for it. She would not be in this position now if she had listened to my advice from the start.

HVAC tune up

Garage air conditioner is leaky

Our air handler and gas furnace were typically situated in a special closet someplace near the center of our house when I lived up north.  When I moved down south, I noticed that every single cabin in the development I live in has their air handlers in their garages, at least the 1s I’ve seen personally.  It’s imperative up north to have gas furnace access someplace where it is ideally not outdoor temperatures–although that’s anyone’s suppose if your system is situated in your basement…  In any event, I was leary of this trend down here for 1 particular reason. I had studied a story about an older couple that died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning because 1 of them accidentally left the car running in the garage with the door shut.  Few people are unaware of the toxicity of car fumes, especially in closed spaces. However you might ask how all of that exhaust managed to get into the cabin enough to kill the couple, and the answer is their air handler. It was leaky, just as any air handler, regardless of age or manufacturer. Then it slowly drew in more and more carbon monoxide as the system cycled throughout the evening. However even if you’re careful about leaving your garage door open for a little while after shutting down your engine each time, you might have unknown sources of air contamination.  In their garage on open shelves, people often store solvents, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, and all sorts of deadly substances that create harmful fumes right. When your door is shut and your Heating, Ventilation & A/C is on, these fumes are slowly making their way into your cabin, little by little over a long period of time. Cancer can take decades to develop, so often you won’t recognize that anything is wrong with your health until it is too late. Your best bet is to keep your air handler in your cabin away from contaminants and poison.

all you want

Need a good HVAC filter

You cannot find a two family room home under $1,200 a month unless you find the absolute worst building in the least safe parts of town—inevitably full of mice plus roaches. The housing market in my area is horrendous! When I stumbled upon a newly built two family room duplex in a fairly nice village for only $790 a month, I immediately jumped on it thinking I had found the deal of a lifetime… I couldn’t imagine that anything at all could be amiss with the locale if it had entirely just been built like featured.  I took a quick walk through without inspecting much, blinded by the sheer delight of thinking about moving in plus how I would decorate my modern home. Unfortunately for me, when I went to go do a load of laundry for the entirely first time, this optimism would rear its ugly head on me. The property owner had put in a washer plus dryer from an older complex that they were managing at the same time. I was cheerful about not having to bear that cost plus didn’t do any of my due diligence in at least making sure the unit was safe to use.  Much to my dismay, the washing unit leaked all over my stone floor the first time I used it plus has soaked into the wood trim circling the floor in my laundry room. Since it was on the scrub cycle with fairly dirty laundry, the smell of the scrub water started to reek tremendously when the walls got a little moldy. While I wait for my service appointment next week when I get all of the soaked wood removed plus updated, I have installed an smell protection charcoal lined filter in my HVAC proposal to cut back on the smell for the time being.  It doesn’t completely remove the smell from my air inside, but it makes a significant difference, especially while burning candles plus incense simultaneously.

heater and a/c

Cranking up the heat even more

When I had a bunch of friends over to my condo, they brought a bunch of friends of their own. Then i didn’t know everybody at my own condo, however it was a party so I did not mind so much. However well when people were complaining about the temperature control settings, I said they were fine. I had a smart climate control component and it was entirely locked–nobody could modify the settings except for me. When I heard more complaints that it was too sizzling in the house, that’s when these people decided to kick me out of my own condo! With all the drinking, everybody was pretty wasted. But I was still mad when these guys pushed me out of my own condo and locked me out, however that’s when I decided to crank up the heat even more with the smart climate control unit to get them back. It didn’t take long after I cranked the heat up to 90 degrees for the door to fly open and people were dashing out of the condo. I went back inside and told everybody that the party was over. I told my close friends not to invite these people to my condo again. If people can’t like the rules of my condo and the way I keep the temperature control settings, they were no friends of mine. They agreed that it was messed up that I got locked out of my own condo and they basically got what they deserved. When the temperature control settings were back to normal, the my actual friends and I just took it easy and played some cards for the remainder of the evening.

HVAC control

Hoping to crank up the ac

I remember this single time I took a bus on a long trip! I thought it would be good, plus the cost of travel was good compared to what it would have cost myself and others to take a flight. However well, the bus was way too warm. I remember asking the driver if she could crank up the air conditioning system some. Plus she said the cooling system was not laboring absolutely well; then she thought that maybe the coolant needed to be refilled or something care about that. It was just my luck to wind up on a bus that didn’t have good air conditioning system while driving through the desert! Well, at least I was able to see some nice sights. Plus when I was heading back home, I decided to take a train instead… The train was a much better experience as the air conditioning system system was cooling me off perfectly. I was able to relax plus even fell asleep for most of the trip. When you’re able to relax so easily, the trip seems to just breeze by. Plus before you suppose it, you’ve reached your destination. I do enjoy to travel yet I don’t think I’ll be going on a bus anytime soon. Then even though flights are more fancy, I might just have to go that route next time I consider traveling anywhere. Or maybe I can get with some of my friends plus go for a road trip. That sounds pretty nice actually. I would enjoy to go down plus take a cruise with a bunch of friends of mine!


The HVAC making weird noises

My fiance recently started this modern job cleaning people’s homes, but I thought it was neat because she was cleaning mansion sized homes! The homes were incredibly extravagant in addition to all of them had some of the nicest Heating in addition to Air Conditioning systems I have ever heard of. My fiance was telling me there was nothing nicer than radiant heated floors in addition to most of the locations she worked at had those installed. Then she was telling me about this crazy experience she had the other afternoon… She was in this location cleaning up room to room, and it was incredibly frigid in every single room she went into. She asked the homeowner why all the rooms were so chilly in addition to the owner was shocked in addition to said it felt just fine. Then the homeowner realized that her son must have been messing with the smart thermostat. She explained that there was Heating in addition to Air Conditioning zone control in the condo in addition to every room was a separate zone. The heating in addition to cooling in each room could be controlled by their smartphones, tablets, in addition to even PCs. She went to confront her son in addition to found out that the kid was cranking the cooling system each time my fiance would go into the next room to clean! The kid was freezing her out to play a prank on her. My fiance thought it was kind of funny in addition to wasn’t mad. The kid apologized to her in addition to said she should come back often to help clean the condo in addition to play games. The homeowner apologized for her son’s behaviour in addition to my fiance said it was alright, adolescents will be adolescents.

He’s learning about HVAC equipment

The other weekend when I was having dinner at our sister’s house, I noticed that the HVAC method was running almost non-stop! I recognized that was a problem, and I also came to notice that the air quality wasn’t so fantastic either. I was telling our sister about these problems and she said it was no big deal! Since it was so dusty in her venue, I asked her when she changed her air filter last. She seemed to be unsure so the people I was with and I both went down to have a look at her HVAC unit. I showed her where the air filter was and when the people I was with and I shut off the HVAC and pulled the air filter, it was honestly filthy! I told our sister this was real excruciating news for the HVAC unit if she didn’t change that air filter every single week. She laughed and said she thought it was supposed to be changed once per year. I looked at her in shock and told her this was not a laughing matter. I was telling her that a plugged up air filter care such as that could cause a fantastic deal of disfigure to the HVAC equipment. If all that dust and dirt works its way into the inner workings of the equipment, it causes everything to stress and overheat. I felt she was lucky that her HVAC method was still working with changing the air filter only once per year. So the people I was with and I made the decision to go to the store and ordered some quality HEPA air filters. Then they were a bit fancy, but I told our sister this would improve the air quality and protect the HVAC system, and when the people I was with and I put in that new air filter, her method worked so much better and I could even tell the air quality improved a little bit.

HVAC technology

The HVAC can’t handle our water

This rental condo looked like a great plan to begin with, but it’s been nothing but a single problem after another ever since! Ever since all of us moved in, its just be an endless array of problems. And i should have known it was too wonderful to be true from the start, but I wanted to give it a chance. Our latest annoyance has been the household water! Since all of us rent an old condo in the middle of nowhere, our place has well water plus not neighborhood water. This means our water is not treated by any plants; it just comes up from the earth plus into our house. For some people, this must sound great! Then but the problem is that your water needs to be treated, plus our water filter system has never worked since all of us moved in. The property owner assures us it’s fine, but it says on panel that its offline. However all of us know its not working, because all of us have harsh strenuous water problems. The two of us need to put an additive in the dishwasher just to get clean dishes, plus descale the kettle every two weeks. Now the strenuous water is even affecting the Heating plus A/C system. The two of us had to call the property owner to get a heating plus cooling contractor out here to look at the gas boiler because it was making a spine-chilling racket. I actually thought all of us were going to get the news of a whole new boiler replacement. But no, the problem was again caused by this strenuous water problem; Just like the kettle, all of us had limescale build up in the gas boiler. If our property owner would just replace or repair the water purifier, she would have never had to pay for the Heating plus A/C service to begin with.

HVAC service

Game changer and space heating

I never thought I would ever get a space heater, but to me, they seemed pretty useless… For the longest time, I lived in a loft with electric heating. If the furnace is also putting out electric heat, what has the point in even having one? It’s all going to come out as wattage and cost exactly the same on my heating bill, if not worse depending on the efficiency rating of the space heater. But even gas heating is often cheaper than electric, so really, why bother? Well, I changed my tune last year when I finally settled down, got engaged, and moved into a house. I love our little home on the lake, but I do not love the oil furnace… Sure, it heats the home up just fine, but the cost is outrageous and we’re still trying to save up for our wedding. Then plus, the home is so aged that both of us have no additional Heating, Ventilation plus A/C zone controls. That means there is only one temperature control controlling the entire heating and cooling system for the whole lodge. I don’t want to heat up the whole lake home if we’re just going to be in the den seeing a movie. Well, my fiance surprised myself by coming back to the lake home from work one afternoon with an infrared space heater! Unlike other space heaters, this infrared technology works to heat up just us, not the whole lake house. Plus its so energy efficient that it barely pulls any wattage at all. This cool to the touch space furnace is exactly what both of us needed.

portable heater