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Home comfort

A couple years back when my nephew was born my sister moved down the street from me.  When you live down South, this is the last thing you want in the Summer is your A/C breaking down, which happened right at this time.  Periodically we could be looking at heat indexes in the triple digits! So, I called my sister and stayed with her for the night. I called my local Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C supplier to get an air conditioning maintenance serviceman out to my house right away.  The HVAC serviceman came out immediately to take a look at my air conditioning unit in the home. Luckily it was just a short in the wiring, a quick as well as straight-forward repair to my cooling system. Fast forward a few weeks, out goes my sisters’ air conditioning unit!  Here the two of us are again, calling the same Heating and cooling supplier to send out an air conditioner maintenance serviceman to my sisters’ house. They again had no appointment available until the next day. It was 94°F, with a heat index of 104°F! There was no way I was letting my sister stay in a house that had no air conditioning. So they stayed at my place for the night staying cool as well as comfortable. The HVAC serviceman showed up at my sisters home the next morning. After looking at the air conditioning unit, she told her the cooling program needed to be replaced. I remembered how I just went through this same thing a couple weeks before with my very own air conditioning unit.  I felt so thankful my cooling unit was running smoothly as well as cooling my home, keeping my sister comfortable and relaxed.


A space heater would work

One summer me and my family were going to go down to the shore, and was it a charming sizzling hot day to do so.  We had gotten to the hotel and my family and I were very ecstatic and happy with the way it looked. However, once we all had finally got inside the room, it was hot, humid, and had that dank, moldy and nasty smell.  It had seemed that the air conditioner equipment in the room was not turning on, and it was leaking water. We called the front desk immediately, asking for a different hotel room however unfortunately, the hotel was full.  So they called up an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C Technician to come out to the hotel and take a look at it. As the worker looked at the air conditioner, they had noticed that due to the water leak there was a small short.  He was the “master’ at air conditioner repair and he would have us up and running in no time thankfully. As the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker did his work on our cooling system we all in my family decided to head down to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  When we all got back from eating and got back to the room, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker had our air conditioner blasting out cold air, while working with the wet-vac to get the water out of the carpet. If it wasn’t for this air conditioner repair, our trip could’ve been much worse than it started and killed. The room felt great, the beach was charming, and it turned into my favorite family trip in a long while.

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A new appointment

Towards the end of the year, I was a little low with my finances and had to get my oil furnace tune-up before the winter, but I didn’t think I could afford it. My wife suggested I call the local HVAC company to see if they can give a deal. So I called up the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. I came to learn after I explained our situation that they had honestly flexible payment plans available, but when I came to find out about some of the payment plans, I knew that we would be just fine. So we had the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist come out for the oil furnace tune-up as well as we’re legitimately over the sky we had that done. This is because the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist discovered that some parts had to be changed out in the HVAC system, as well as if they weren’t at that time we actually could have experienced a oil furnace breakdown sometime in the upcoming Winter time months. That would have been devastating because we likely would have needed emergency Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs which we actually wouldn’t be able to afford now or ever. I’m sure over the moon that we decided to just call up the HVAC dealer or we would have been in a legitimately bad situation. I’ve never had to pay for emergency Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs in my whole entire life, but that did happen to a pal of mine before; They said that they had to pay triple the cost of  Heating and Air Conditioning system repairs as well as that was a legitimately bad time for them as well as their family, and every single one of us here actually were able to thankfully avoid a disaster.

They forgot about the fireplace!

You know, occasionally I wonder how my kids got this spoiled. Occasionally they are the meanest, most selfish little humans I’ve ever heard of! I’ll always love them, because they’re mine, but my teenagers are the most mouthy, most annoying, most wasteful human beings I know. All day long, they’ve been striking my nerves! I swear, I’m about ready to send them to bed and refuse them dinner or something, like one of those fairy tale evil stepmothers. They’ve talked back to me, been smart mouths, plus basically disobeyed myself and my hubby all the livelong day. Finding out they took over our digital programmable thermostat and completely messed up my thermostat program is the last nail in the coffin. After the days and days it took my hubby and I to get the thermostat programmed just the way he and I wanted, it’s not going to run right at all. When I confronted them, they complained that they were too cold, so they wanted to turn up the heat! Well, since the fireplace had a fire burning it in, they should’ve gone to rest by the fire. But heaven forbid they really rest by the fire or put on their socks for once! Instead, they have to go plus goof up my heating, ventilation, plus A/C program. It’s so annoying. What kills us is that they don’t see why the thermostat is even that big of a thing. It’s just a little box on the wall. That’s because they don’t pay for the heating, ventilation, plus A/C!

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I did get my way

Recently I started going to the park to play games of chess for money so my buddy recommended that I get involved in the games, then i thought it was neat how they set everything up. They had tents that had cooling systems hooked up; When I asked what sort of cooling systems they used in the tents, they informed me that they were ductless mini split systems. I was surprised at how cool the inside of the tents would be on a really sizzling hot afternoon. I figured those ductless mini-split systems must be used in a lot of places because they were so powerful & apparently energy efficient as well. Well because it was nice & cool, I was extra confident in the games, then my buddy even put cash down on our games & we ended up winning quite a bit of cash. I figured if I kept playing these games of chess, I could likely afford to get an entire ductless mini-split system in my home, then or even better, I could buy a nice house perhaps with radiant heated floors or something overpriced like that. Well, I can dream right? I never really thought my skills in the game of chess would win myself a lot of currency, despite the fact that I am really regularly on a roll; As long as they have these nice tents with the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C working inside, I suppose I’m going to keep doing this. I might keep going until I beginning losing that is, but at this point in time, that seems unlikely. I really am a true winner!


Air cleaner due to kids

When my little girls and I moved into this rental duplex I figured it would be temporary until all of us were able to afford a nice lake home of our own. Sadly my kids were little bit reckless in their youth! Every one of us had this open furnace in the dining room. I told the girls they needed to stay away from it, because it wasn’t a toy… Well whenever I wasn’t looking, they were putting all kinds of toys, food, plus even trash into the furnace. I shut the furnace off as soon as I smelled this bad plastic burning. I had to get into the furnace plus scrape out all the junk plus plastic. I yelled at the girls plus told them no toys for a whole week for what they did. They didn’t seem to fully understand the severity of them stuffing things into the furnace! Later on I discovered that they did this again when I found myself having to disinfect the furnace out once again. There was a little bit of a plastic burning smell that I couldn’t get rid of plus that bothered me a lot. It seemed that I had a bad headache all of the time, the girls had compromised the air quality! The girls had their TV taken away for this because they didn’t listen. I hate to have to do that because it makes them so sad, but they had to understand what they did. They didn’t mess with the furnace anymore thankfully. I asked the proprietor about the issue with the air quality plus he had an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman come over. The guy used special cleaning supplies to disinfect out the outdated furnace. He was able to get it so perfectly disinfected that the air quality totally improved!

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Not sure what to do about the HVAC

A good friend of mine has been going to university to become an Heating & A/C specialist! It seems he wants to have a look at our Heating & A/C everytime he stops by. I constantly tell him no, don’t touch our Heating & A/C system! He seems disappointed every time, however I am firm about that. My wife and I can’t fully trust skills with heating & cooling repairs  and we don’t want him breaking our machine. Well this 1 afternoon when he came over, I went to the kitchen & he snuck down to our Heating & A/C unit & started honestly working on it. When I caught him, he said not to worry, he shut the power down to the unit & knew exactly what was wrong with it. I asked him what he meant by there being something wrong with it. He explained that there was dirt on the inner workings, the ductwork needed to be cleaned out, & a few parts were worn out. I was surprised that he seemed confident in exactly what he was talking about. Then again this is what he was going to university for. I decided to let him do his thing & disinfect the inner workings of our equipment. He said that if I obtained the needed parts, he would replace them for no charge. Since he was happy to be practicing cleaning out ductwork, he could take care of that as well. I thought about it for a minute & finally agreed to it. When those parts came in, he was there to take care of it as promised & he brought this special vacuum to disinfect the ductwork! After he was done, the HVAC system worked more efficiently than ever.

HVAC equipment

We really want clean air

I’ve always known to change the oil furnace filter out correctly during the frigid cold season, but I don’t always remember, i came to find that by not changing out my oil furnace filter correctly, my air quality became really poor. I also found out that by not switching my oil furnace filter correctly, it made my heating bills rise up, however when I finally got around to switching the oil furnace filter, the filter was totally clogged up with gunk. I changed it out with a fresh new one, but I was using the cheap oil furnace filters. I remember a friend of mine mentioned the air quality wasn’t all that great, and that made me feel a little self conscious, then they asked about the oil furnace filters I was using, I just said I didn’t know but they came in 5 packs for like $15, but my friend was entirely shocked that I would put such cheap oil furnace filters in the oil furnace. My friend said that with such cheap oil furnace filters, it was no wonder the air quality wasn’t that great. She hoped that I was at least switching them out every week, unfortunately, I wasn’t as often as I should and she was rather exasperated about this. My friend was more exasperated than I was about the air quality, and it was my house. They told me that I needed to update to HEPA oil furnace filters as they would help significantly with the air quality. My friend told me where to purchase them online so I didn’t have to pay a sizable amount for quality filters. I was glad she showed me because now my air quality has improved as well as the heating bills aren’t nearly as high-priced.

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I hate those little a/c units

After my wife and finalized the divorce, I was thinking that everything was superb. Then I realized I had to abruptly get a home of my own as she wasn’t going to provide up the beach house. I had to get a entirely cheap apartment plus the one I found didn’t even have a respected cooling system. I was in a rush to get something immediately plus couldn’t entirely be all that picky. Most importantly, the new place had to be within a reasonable distance from my job plus that there had to be some places to eat at nearby. Well, I had those things alright, however what made me entirely miserable was that there was no cooling system. There was an oil furnace sure, however the thing looked totally aged to me. The duplex was entirely cheap though so I figured I couldn’t entirely complain. There entirely wasn’t much that I could do, since the divorce drained me of most of my cash so . I decided to try and find a nice model of one of those window A/C units. The window A/C unit worked surprisingly fine in that small duplex. I guess it was because there was only a small space to cool down. It was so much better than letting a breeze flow through the arena. The only lousy thing was it made it so I could no longer look out the window. Yet  there wasn’t much to look at outside the window, so that might have been an improvement. The neighborhood was so rundown, I easily would witness a murder if I was looking long enough. I’m going to have to find a better home as soon as I get back on me feet.

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Comfort is so important

The whole family has been getting sick quite often; I genuinely didn’t know what it could be making us sick all the time, Then when my partner was saying how awful the air quality was in the house. I realized that it was awfully dusty in the house. I knew that I was increasing the air filter properly in the HVAC unit, so I wasn’t sure why the air quality was so bad. I decided to call up the HVAC supplier to see if they could do anything for us. I told them how we all were always getting sick and the air quality was pretty awful in the house; The HVAC serviceman specialist came over to our place to evaluate everything, but they said that the both of us could genuinely use an air purification system in the house. They said that would improve the air quality tremendously if the both of us went and got a uv air purification system, that would kill all sorts of germs as well, including all types of viruses as well as bacteria. They also said the both of us should think about upgrading our air filters to HEPA air filters, so we had a nice air purification system installed. I also picked up the expensive HEPA air filters and also changed out the old filter right away with a single of these quality air filters, with the current uv air purification system running plus the current HEPA air filter, the both of us noticed the improvement in the air quality quite a bit. It seemed as if our throat felt a lot better over time, our family stopped feeling sick all the time. I think my family and I were finally able to solve our problem!

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