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The a/c unit set up right

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday. I can say I am thankful for the Black Friday holiday respectfully starting after Thanksgiving dinner, so now those families with uncomfortable arguments over the turkey and potatoes can venture out to department stores together, make up, and buy discounted items. In my case, I care about and love the holiday as it’s consistently a great opportunity to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in ages… However, I often run into a few of my in-laws here and there that I could definitely do without seeing as much I do not have to, as they consistently appreciate to tell me how much of a disappointment I am to them; Some people can’t be pleased at any cost! Of course, I consistently leave Thanksgiving dinner first, and I then head out to make some purchases for the coming holidays, and last year, I went out to a local department store and found out that the window-mounted air conditioning units were marked down by forty six percent! Better yet, the store had a deal on the window air conditioning units, and told us that I could buy more than 5 and get a 6th unit at no cost! What a sale! Needless to say, I bought more than six air conditioning units to mount in a few family members’ windows, and I knew they would be blissful and over the moon to acquire the gift of air conditioning in their home! My own family didn’t seem to be absolutely appreciative when it came to my gift of cool air at a low cost, so I decided that I’ll make the same purchases this year and provide them the window-mounted air conditioning systems to my friends instead. I believe that my friends will appreciate improved indoor air pollen levels far more than my family did! What a trip!

ductless multi split

Our a/c equipment

I like where I live; Though I live on the fringe of a large city down here in the South, this little city outside of the city has a small city vibe that I just love! It has a wealth of other activities, however while I do prefer this town, there’s one thing I’m not so happy about. See, the size of this city entirely only calls for one or 2 places to maintenance the area. While a sizable city might have general business or specialized business that focus on Heating, Ventilation and A/C, electrical or plumbing, every single one of us only have one general business in city – and only 1 of them has maintenance business with the appropriate training and experience to handle Heating, Ventilation and A/C related repairs and services. While it’s advantageous for that business as they possess a monopoly on the Heating, Ventilation and A/C maintenance industry in town, it truly stinks for the rest of us! Over a month ago, I called the supplier in regards to our home’s air conditioning. For a few afternoons, the outdoor air conditioning condenser was making such an awfully loud grinding sound that I had to cut power to the unit! I called the supplier to schedule a maintenance appointment, and they were completely booked out until the following week! I had to wait over a month for these guys to come visit, as the business in the city don’t want to drive this far out of city away from charging an arm and a leg for services. Thankfully it was only the Spring, so I was able to get through most of the month by just opening a few windows and running a few box fans in the house. These guys are supposed to be coming this week; I swear, this wait had better be very worth it!

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The home electric heater

Sometimes the best answer often tends to be the most obvious, however when you’re having issues with your computer tower at home, what’s your first instinct? Aside from hitting the side of the monitor, you entirely would have the impulse to shutdown the system before starting it back up, and coincidentally, I’ve been able to repair many of those issues by simply powering the tower and turning it back on, but the same applies to a wealth of other technological gadgets and also appliances, including the ever-pressing, heat-providing electric furnace! I came to this conclusion last Wintertime, when my furnace was producing less and less heat by the day before finally ceasing all functions, fearing that my electric furnace finally bit the dust, I badly searched online for ways to abruptly check and see if the electric furnace is honestly broke beyond repair. The first suggestion was the most self-explanatory: shut off the power to the furnace for three to five minutes, then turn the power back on! I thought it surely couldn’t be that simplistic, so I kept reading. The next step for checking out the furnace is to inspect the air filter every way, which was almost guaranteed to be in need of a replacement. With these few tips in mind, I went downstairs and cut power to the furnace. While the furnace was off, I pulled the air filter out of it and was disgusted by the amount of debris clogged into the thing! Thankfully I had a box of air filters sitting beside the furnace itself, as they were on sale at the local hardware store, however after I replaced the air filter, about five minutes had passed, so I turned the furnace back on. I wish I could’ve seen the look of my face, as that furnace came back from the dead and filled the full home with hot air!

electric style heater

Buying a really great heating and air system

Ductless heating and air conditioning is great for me! I live in a small house. However still, I will say I enjoy my quaint 2-bedroom house, as it’s just enough for me to enjoy it all. Since I live in a coastal city about halfway up the country, I get most of the seasons in all of their glory! That also means I get very intense heat in the Summer, drastic allergies in the Springtime and my fill of snow in the Winter, but when I first moved here, I was told that I should try to find a house that uses ductless heating and a/c, which I thought was strange if not dumb! Why get a home that has a/c and furnaces, however no HVAC duct? Then the altered air just circulates in a limited space, right? Well, that’s not really the case, and like I said, my home is pretty small, with the home office, living room and all being part of the same space! Ductless heating as well as a/c is truly perfect for my little home, as I use a ductless mini-split plan to keep the home bearably cool as well as warm in the Summer plus Winter, respectively, then it’s a rare thing for me to be caught up in a blizzard or heat wave, in which case I have a portable window-mounted a/c system for that and a fireplace to give support to the mini-split system. I’m cheerful and glad I decided to trust the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service corporation when he came to my home and gave a consultation! If not for him, I would’ve likely decided to get central heating and a/c. I would’ve spent a fortune in HVAC duct replacement, and way too much on my electric bill each and every month!

heating and air cooling

The evaporator and a/c control

My wife and I love to play golf. I  never thought I would meet another person who loved a round on the course and knew how to have fun with the game, however I did – and I married them! My wife is  the more skilled player though. I’ve been playing the game since I was six, but not regularly, and not always well! Still, I have fun, as long as we aren’t playing a round while some terrible heatwave is running through town, and that’s the surest way to make sure that I will be miserable, hot and uncomfortable! Well, my wife the all-star surprised me for my birthday this year, and presented me with a portable cool misting fan! This was like having an evaporative cooling system and a humidifier rolled into one, and in a portable design that could definitely come with me on the go! This device was perfect, as I could attach it to the side of the golf cart and aim it directly at me to stay cool and comfortable through the entire round, on a hot warm day, a four-hour game on the course can be awful in this heat. Now, I had the perfect tool to keep cool through the entire game! I know my wife has grown to regret getting me this portable misting fan as a gift, because my golf game has entirely  improved since I got it. Now that I’m not suffering from heat exhaustion mid-way through the game, I can continue with an excellent performance and even provide her a run for her money! The only thing that could top this fan is a real air conditioner. That’s pretty hard to find in a portable design that fits in a golf-cart. That is, unless my wife finds a golf-cart equipped with air conditioning. Wouldn’t that be something?


Our air conditioner smells gross

Lately I’ve been noticing that my condo has this weird, ammonia-like smell that can entirely sour my  mood. I had friends over to watch the game last weekend, and within ten minutes of arriving at my place, all of them asked me the same question: “Dude, why does your condo smell like a litter box?” Apparently I was pretty nose-blind to how intense the smell was! Embarrassment aside, I realized I needed to do something about the A/C and soon! I reached out to HVAC repair business and asked for their advice. It was a lucky guess for me to reach them first, since I suspected my condo’s A/C might have something to do with the stink. They told me that I should have a business come by and check out the system, as there might be something in the ducts that shouldn’t be there. That was their polite way of telling me that there could be something dead in there! When the business came, I was  upset to find out what pet could have found their way into my ductwork. The HVAC business found an access point where he could check into the ductwork, in and he found… nothing. I was confused, and didn’t understand what the problem could be! Then, my serviceman showed me the air filter that I had neglected to replace in the past weeks, and as soon as he pulled the air filter out of place, I could smell that strong ammonia smell again! The serviceman explained that we naturally shed skin, and the A/C can pick up all that skin as it gets stuck in the air filter. As it builds up, the smell of decomposed tissue gets stronger – and that’s where the smell came from! That’s the last time I’ll ever have my air filter go more than a month without rotation!

A good a/c clean up

Last weekend, my guy was out of town, leaving the A/C care in my hand! I figured it wouldn’t be too hard, however I had never done it before, and so the first thing I did was look up central A/C cleaning in addition to the care online. I found a lot of useful information, but some of it made me very nervous. The whole process sounded easy, but if I messed up I could damage many components. If I bent the blades, I would very carefully have to bend them back with pliers. Plus, if I broke anything, I would have to pay a Heating and Air Conditioning dealer to service it. The reason why my man and I clean the condenser ourselves and scrub the vents and air duct is because the two of us don’t have the money right now for professional Heating and Air Conditioning care. So, I did what I have constantly done in a time of household criss, I called my dad, and he guided me through the whole condenser cleaning with the patience of a saint. With my dad on the line, I had no problem removing the condenser cabinet or hosing out the debris. Then I pulled up weeds then cleared out a section of a few feet around the condenser, so nothing could block the airflow. Once the whole system dried out a few hours later, I closed it all back up again; My guy was shocked when he came back from his company trip and didn’t have to do any heating or cooling system care, so I was very proud of myself.

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The air purifier works great

Last year, I found out that our rental property has a few issues that I hadn’t planned on.  Mold was one of the biggest issue, but the only way to fix it was to improve the air quality. How was I to do that without central air conditioner or the ability to repair the property? After a month of research, plus reading product reviews, I found the answer in a media air cleaner. The first step to picking the right one is figuring out your square footage! You don’t need to measure your whole apartment, just measure the largest room because air purifiers are actually entirely lightweight, despite their size, so you can transport it from one room to the next without issue. I measured our main living space, then sized our air cleaner accordingly. The model I chose is a fairly tall tower air cleaner with a three section filtering system. This state of the art media air cleaner uses a charcoal pre filter to trap larger particulates, a HEPA filter–which is the only kind that can collect the mold spores–and finally a UV light. The UVC light can kill bacteria on a microscopic level. The charcoal filter may sound useless, but it actually helps the HEPA air filter to last even longer. I love to leave it in our living room, all evening, turned on so it can take all the time it needs to sanitize our house. Thanks to our air cleaner, our home is mold free plus I’m breathing better than ever before.

fiberglass filter

The basement heating equipment

My roommates are baffled at how much time I spend in the basement of our rental house. On cold mornings like we’ve been having recently, it is the perfect little sanctuary! Our home has a finished basement, with its own living room & powder room. If you can get past the huge spiders, it also maintains the perfect temperature all year round. While the basement has its own temperature control for the oil boiler, I rarely need to turn it on, this is because the basement has its own fascinating manner of staying moderate no matter how cold it gets outside. I suppose it’s because it has almost no windows, whatever the cause, the basement hangs onto the moderate air from the oil boiler & never lets it go. When its actually bad, I turn the central gas furnace on for a half hour at most, & then I instantly turn it off. In that short span of time, it can make the temperature control climb all the way to 75, which is more than moderate enough for me. I don’t need to bury myself under a bunch of blankets, or throw on my home slippers to fight the chill. When I get sick & tired of being chilly upstairs, I can go down to the basement & study a book or get some writing done. I never thought I would find myself being comfortable in a basement–I’m so used to them being musty & gross–but this finished bonus room has me changing my tune! Plus, it saves me from needing to turn up the oil boiler on the temperature control.

The awful heater device

I was up in my room two days ago, simply working on a client’s edits, when I heard a entirely bizarre sound. At first I thought it was just unusual feedback from my headphones, or a cat running laps again. However, an hour later, I heard it again, then that time. Since my roommates had gone to her work for the day, I took off my headphones and listened to my rock music on my speakers; I had a lot of work to do, although I wanted to try and figure out the  noise. Hours later, when the furnace kicked on due to the setting sun, I had my answer. The noise started again instantly after. Sure enough, as soon as I went downstairs, the boiler made itself heard. The sound itself was pretty deafening; it had a pitch to it that made my ears ring. I know nothing about boilers, but there was a card on the side that the building owner or the Heating and Air Conditioning guy must have been using to keep track of service. The last date of maintenance was 4 years ago, and not only that, but the boiler is 35 years old! I texted my roommates and called my building owner ASAP. He tried to tell me that it was on us to maintenance the Heating and Air Conditioning, even though it’s nowhere on the lease. After two hours of arguing, the building owner is finally getting the boiler diagnosed. I’m going to be happy if he has to spend money to upgrade it too.

boiler repair