Waiting on the heater

A couple of weeks ago, I had to call an exterminator.  We had been hearing a lot of digging beneath the house.  Then we began to hear some scampering noises. We were thinking we had an infestation.  When the exterminator showed up, we found out that we had an armadillo taking up residence under the house.  The exterminator brought a trap and he was able to get the armadillo and take it a long way away from us. While he was under the house, he said he saw something under the house that was a bit disturbing.  It looked like the ductwork was falling apart. He suggested we call the HVAC company and have them look at the ductwork. Now I not only had to put money into the exterminator, but I had to pay a HVAC company.  The HVAC company came out the next day to examine the ductwork. He found that the ductwork was separated and it looked like some of it needed to be replaced. I thought it may be the armadillo that had done the damaged, but he assured us that the damage had been there for quite some time.  I don’t remember seeing any change in our cooling in the house, but we had a lot of odd temperatures throughout the house. He fixed a lot of the cracks in the ductwork, but it was necessary to replace some of the panels. I’m surprised that there is so much difference in the way our home feels now.  I guess it’s because the cool air isn’t going back outside.

heater set up

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