Used to bad working ac

Now that I haved moved away from home, my favorite uncle lives nearly two hours away.  I should visit more often than I do, but I just never seem to be able to find the day. When he asked me to come to his retirement party, I was thrilled and I couldn’t wait to go.  When I first got there, I was amazed at how cool his house felt. His air conditioner must work exceptionally well, because my home never felt this comfortable. I found every excuse I could find to be able to go back into the house, even though the party was being held outside.  I originally had no intention of staying over that evening, but when he insisted because he thought I had too much to drink, I couldn’t refuse. I was looking forward to being able to sleep in a house that was air conditioned as well as his. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since I bought my own home.  I don’t understand why I can’t get my house cool enough. At best, it gets about ten degrees cooler than outside, and that isn’t always comfortable. The next morning, we shared breakfast and when I left, I was determined to call the HVAC company and ask them to check my air conditioner and find out what was wrong with it.  I wanted better AC. When the HVAC tech got there, he did a few simple adjustment, and I instantly saw a difference in how well the AC was working. It wasn’t an expensive fix, and now I’m wondering why I hadn’t called them earlier.

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