Smart thermostat was great

I am so tired of the arguments and the cold stand-offs that are happening between my wife and I.  I’m not sure I can take much more. Something needs to change or I may be walking out of here. Since winter has arrived, I am trying to be conservative and some money on fuel.  I set the thermostat to fifty when my wife and I leave for work. The furnace may take a bit of time to warm back up, but I know that it will be comfortable in about twenty minutes.  My wife gets home before I do, and she will crank the thermostat up to eighty five. I walk into the house and it is really hot. She just tells me to turn the thermostat down, or she will walk over and turn the thermostat down to fifty.  I am to the point where I am fuming whenever I think about. I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the HVAC business. He told me that the Smart Thermostat may be a solution to my marital issues. I bought a Smart Thermostat and he was going to install it on the following day.  The Smart Thermostat is a fully programmable thermostat. You can set what time you want the thermostat to lower the temperature and when you want the house warm again. I bought one with a motion detector and as soon as my wife walks in, the furnace, or air conditioner, will instantly begin to bring the house temperature to where we choose.  I hope it solves our constant argument.

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