Dirty air ducts in the home

When my husband and I bought this old house, we knew we were going to need to make a lot of updates on it.  It was exactly what we wanted. We had another choice when we made our final decision. The only difference, that really tipped the scale, was that this house also had a brand new HVAC system installed.  I should have looked more closely at the house and the HVAC unit. The house itself had the odd odor of an old library. There were weird indents on the run that said whoever lived here had lived out of boxes, or had a lot of them stored throughout the house.  It gave the appearance of being owned by a pack rat. I wanted to rip out the carpeting, so it wasn’t a big deal. We were finally moved into the house, and I noticed that it just wasn’t as warm as I thought it should be. I called the HVAC company, thinking that maybe we had to do something to get it to work.  When the service technician came out, she looked at the furnace and at the air conditioning. She told us that the heating and air conditioning were way too small for our home. She also said she had no idea what it was and she had never seen a furnace like that before. She tried to get information, and then told us that it was the cheapest and smallest HVAC system available.  Our only way to get enough heat or air conditioning, was to buy a complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

HVAC ducts

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