AC installation in a new home

I am a roofer, plus I actually am working for a contracting dealer in my city… I have worked for this dealer for over many years now, plus my ancient bones are starting to hurt a lot more than they used to. I suppose my body is telling me I am getting too old for this line of work, plus at this point in life I am definitely smart enough to listen to it! The concern is that when you have only “roofer” on your resume it is especially difficult to get a task that doesn’t involve roofing or sitting shingles. I reached out to an old time job friend who now works for an HVAC contractor plus asked him for any kind of advice. He did me one better than providing advice, plus truly got me a job interview with his supervisor at the HVAC dealer where he worked. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I had no kind of experience with this sort of thing, aside from switching out the air filters or messing with the thermostat at my property… Fortunately, being perfectly honest didn’t go against me that morning, plus the HVAC contractor said he was in need of strong, fine workers who would be smart enough to learn A/C plus heating repair as they went along… At first, moving plus installing a/c equipment plus gas furnaces was not much easier than roofing, however I went with it… Over time I started to learn a great deal about HVAC equipment, plus before too long I suppose I may be ready to take the official HVAC certification exam. After that, I’ve got it made in the shade!

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