no ac for my class

Being a teacher is a tough job… Most teachers do not get enough respect or pay for their profession, kids don’t like reading, either, so they make your life miserable if you get on their bad side, then all that stuff is terrible, but at least we work inside in air conditioning, right? Well, that’s what I constantly thought, too, until the year when one whole building of our high school was forced to do with no A/C, however it was so terrible, and every single one of us live in the south, plus it is tepid hot as ever all year long, even in Wintertime, but living without A/C is just one more reason for kids to misbehave. And let me tell you, you just haven’t lived until you have enjoyed the smell of fifth grade men who have no A/C system to quell their raging body smell. To make it even worse, I was recovering from a surgery that I underwent that Summer. I underwent stomach surgery, and the absolutely last thing I needed was to have to work without a cooling system. Every single day, I got so hot, and that included the surgical place that was trying so hard to heal, however without a cooling system to cool me off and to combat the humidity in the room, it took forever for my incision to get better. I never want to teach again without air conditioning ever again, and just to make sure I would not have to work teaching kids all day long with no air conditioner in the background, I quit being a teacher.

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