Fans vs ac

As a woman who lives in the deep south, I have a lot of respect for ceiling fans as well as cooling systems, but all those shows on TV have designers removing ceiling fans from homes, but that just isn’t going to happen to any home near me; We would not fix up a cooling system, as well as we really wouldn’t take down our ceiling fans, no matter what, however ceiling fans are vital to our comfort. Some people even have ceiling fans on their front porches or screened in decks. The interesting thing about ceiling fans that not most people don’t know  is that it does easily no good to leave your ceiling fan running if you are not in the room, then it is widely known that a ceiling fan will allow your cooling system to shut off more, but the only reason for that is that the ceiling fan makes you no cooler than you entirely are. The fan doesn’t cool the space at all. It doesn’t even move cooled air around, causing a lower temperature, but using a ceiling fan allows you to be more comfortable with a much higher thermostat setting, being able to set your thermostat higher is what saves your cooling system some work as well as it saves you some much-needed money on your utility bill; People can think ceiling fans are ugly all they want, I am not taking mine down at all. In fact, the ceiling fan in my main room broke 1 day, and I just decided to live without it rather than pay for a new one… Well, several weeks later I was at Home Depot getting another one..

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