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Want the furnace in good shape

Before you go plus flip that switch on your heating appliance, check your furnace.  I think I will be getting ready for Winter especially soon. In our area, we’ve absolutely had some relief from the heat… Our outside temperature has dropped almost 30 degrees in the last month, plus I can totally feel the fall season nearing.  Many of my neighbors are considering using the heat in the next few weeks, so preventive Heating plus A/C appliance repair will be needed on my furnace soon. It will be the first time in months that we have had to even think about the heating appliance section of the Heating plus A/C system, however we have finally arrived there.  After all, the kids are back in school plus pigskin season is here. Two sure signs that Winter is approaching plus the need for heating is nearby. Naturally, I’m not going to utilize my furnace for the first time in several months separate from having a furnace tune-up. I would not want my Heating plus A/C appliance to be switched from air conditioning to heating separate from that furnace tune-up.  I am a true believer in preventive Heating plus A/C appliance repair, plus I guess that’s why my Heating plus A/C appliance has survived as long as it has. All of us have easily taxing winters, requiring a fine heater, plus mild summers. In the summer, I can get by with using my air conditioning appliance for a couple of months, whereas my furnace is a must when it comes to our winter seasons. All of us also have fireplaces in our dwellings.  Practically every house has a fireplace in my area of the Northeast, plus we make sure to use them!


Not that great-fireplaces

Having a lake house with a fireplace is not what you think it is; Everyone who visits my lake house sees my fireplace, and automatically asks if we can start a fire later in the night, but why? I guess it’s actually my fault for buying a lake house equipped with a fireplace when I live in the south, then it’s practically a decoration piece more than anything else, though the functionality is still there, and still, my guests constantly rant and rave, saying they wish they had a fireplace instead of their gas furnace, but one of them even said that they’d delightedly get rid of their radiant floor heating if it meant having a big fireplace instead! Let me clear the air here in regards to owning a fireplace: Yes, it is a nice centerpiece for my dining room, but what isn’t so appealing is the mess that comes with having a fire to warm up the house! The fireplace provides a ton of warmth for the dining room exclusively, while the rest of the lake house remains cold. Along with that heat has that spark out from the fire plus onto the floor nearby, & a ton of soot plus ash that has to be scrubbed off the mantle as well as cleaned from the firepit with every use. Sounding good yet? Well, let me supply you the best part of owning a fireplace! Even if it goes unused for an entire year, you still have to get a professional to sweep the chimney and flue of any creosote that has built up, & other soot with debris that has been caked into the inside of the chimney. Otherwise, lighting a fire in the chimney could burn your brand new lake house down from the inside out! I tell you, I can’t wait until next season when I get a big tax return. I’m instantly investing in radiant floors, then blocking off my fireplace for good!

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Brother worked with the HVAC corp

I was 16 when I landed my first work for an HVAC company. I’m blissful they were willing to give me chance, because that was the best first job I could’ve hoped for! While my brother was the top HVAC worker with the corporation, he took me along to every call he could – no matter how sizable or small, one of the first calls we went on was to a residential city, where our customer’s outdoor air compressor device had caught fire overnight! When we did arrive and introduced ourselves to the customer, my brother showed me how to inspect the inner components to see what could be fixed or reused. The fire caused most of the HVAC device to be destined for the scrapyard, however my brother didn’t skip a single piece of that unit’s pieces, then he pointed out the compressor itself, which allows the refrigerant to swiftly change temperature, and the refrigerant coils, where the compressed gas becomes much cooler and creates the cold air you feel inside the home. In that one visit, I learned much of what needs to be known about the pieces that make up a respected HVAC unit, after that call, we went to another house where the furnace in the basement was due for a cleaning. Equipped with many brushes and chemical cleaners, my brother and I went into the customer’s cellar to locate the furnace, split off the flow of power and gas to the unit, and open the machinery to begin cleaning the burners in the firebox; My brother always tied up the importance of the work, and I can see why! Excellent and reliable heating and cooling is a privilege most of us always take for granted.

Setting up ductless mini splits

Last week when my wifey and I were back at home going to see our parents, we had no idea at all that the two of us on this nice family style trip would end up finding our future home on that trip; My wifey and I were out on a walk when the two of us stumbled upon a sleek and modern brand new and extremely up to date beach house a few blocks from our parents. It was having an open house, so all of us walked on in. Not only did it come with radiant heated flooring, however it also had a tremendous view of the river surrounding the city! Did I also bother to mention the large balcony in the front? I was immediately picturing us having barbeques and morning coffees out on that thing; Both the master family room and the guestroom came equipped with their very own air heating and cooling units that worked without each other! So whenever we would decide to have guests over to stay the night, they could have it warm and toasty in their room while all of us have our room cool and crisp… They also come with iphone remotes that you can use from anywhere in the house! My wifey and I have not thought about moving in a entirely  long time, however the two of us knew at that moment this place was our next endpoint. Close to our parents, close to the water, and drop dead gorgeous; How much more could all of us want or ask for from a new house?

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Hope they fix the air quality

I do not thrive so well when I am in bad air quality places, then unfortunately I did not find this out until I was already in one… I have lived in the south part of the country my entire life. I have not been to several places in the world, so I made the decision to fly halfway across the world for my birthday for a trip on a spur of the moment decision. When I arrived to this beautiful and gorgeous island in the north section of the country it was beautiful. Unfortunately I was only able to be outside for an hour before I was sneezing and getting a migraine. In the home where I live, I have a high quality HVAC cooling system component that comes equipped with an air purifier cleaner. I also work from home, so I am basically always breathing in that crisp and cool air from our air conditioning unit. When I left my perfect little bubble, I was in serious trouble; Not only did our little beach home right next to the ocean water not have any high quality cooling HVAC system with a air purification component built in, but it didn’t even have a cooling system unit at all! I was drenched in my own sweat, felt as sick as a cat, and perhaps this spur of the moment trip wasn’t such a fantastic idea. Perhaps next time i’ll just book a hotel room downtown in town, that way I will be able to enjoy the trip and be able to breathe the air without sneezing every few minutes!

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Seasonal HVAC maintenance

We’ve recently completed a long term remodeling job on a few parts of our older home,Since we’re done now, we thought that it would be best to have a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation come out and conduct a HVAC duct cleaning for us. And we always call the same Heating, Ventilation, and A/C corporation that performs our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tune-ups for us semi-annually, because we know them pretty well. THe HVAC specialist is our neighbor and we always like to have him come over to do our A/C maintenance and to visit. So at the same time as our visits, we like to have most of our preventive Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair performed. And this time, with our walls being knocked down and rebuilt and then the recent paint work that we did, we just knew that it would be a good time to have our favorite Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist come out and clean up all of our HVAC ductwork. I personally think the HVAC duct cleaning will give us much cleaner air quality inside our home. And not only will the HVAC duct cleaning improve our indoor air quality, but it will help with our HVAC system performance, too. With cleaner HVAC ducts, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C will not have to work hard to send air throughout the ductwork system. And you know that not overworking the heating and cooling system is a good thing! Plus it might even help us to save money on our energy costs. And the more often the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C preventive repair is performed, the better the savings end up being. The savings realized from an HVAC duct cleaning or from air filter replacements is not only gained from the utility bills. It also comes from extending the life of your heating and cooling method itself. More Heating, Ventilation, and A/C preventive repairs will equal a longer lifespan of your Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit.


Our UV light keeping everything clean

My dad always thought her breathing problems were just due to his asthma.but after my Mom sold the apartment up north and moved in with him again, he realized it wasn’t just her. My mom has always had bad asthma and dust sensitivities, ever since she was a little girl. When he had many flare ups after moving into the new house, he figured it was due to the pollen and humidity that comes with living somewhere that never experiences winter. Then my Mom moved in and started coughing, dealing with watery eyes, and sneezing, he suggested they get the ductwork cleaned and checked, just like they used to do when we first lived in the south. Mom admitted that she hadn’t done that yet, since she was told by the real estate agent that the HVAC system was in great shape. Sure enough, the HVAC company found algae, mildew, and mold all growing inside the inner workings of the central air conditioner. Since the A/C is both wet and warm inside, it can a breeding ground for mold if you’re not careful. My parents were happy to spend their savings on the HVAC service and told the worker whatever it took to get the system cleaned and keep it that way. So, they also agreed to install a UV light. I  had no idea that a UV light could be used to kill germs. Now it does exactly that inside their A/C system. They’ll still need official HVAC service. Now they don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria getting them sick again.

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how much the heater bill is

I love my brother dearly, but he has a little problem called sharing. While I moved out at a young age to put myself through university, he stayed living at home until just last year.  This has caused him to be a little bit picky and entitled when it comes to living with others. First off, he didn’t know he even wanted a roommate, until he saw the prices on housing where he moved to. The first couple of weeks were fine. He’s a nice guy and he’s easy to get along with. But after the first month, I started getting text after text complaining about his roommate. First it was that they were taking up too much room in the fridge, then it was that he didn’t like the way they parked in the driveway. Finally, it was that he didn’t like the way they had set the thermostat. My brother kept wanting to turn it up, but his roommate wouldn’t want to deal with a higher heating bill. Since they have an oil boiler, I saw the other  guy’s reasoning. At that, I gave my brother a call. Once he was done venting, I asked if he had ever just considered buying a space heater for his office. He spends all of his time in their playing video games anyway. There was a pause, and then he bashfully admitted he hadn’t thought of it. Since I live with my fiance and don’t have to deal with roommates, I ended up giving him my old one. Things with his roommate aren’t perfect, but at least they’re not arguing over the thermostat anymore.

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Need our HVAC in good care

Everybody prefers saving cash, even the seriously rich. And for whatever reason, it feels like an accomplishment. I may have a well-paying career, but I still am happy when I find a fantastic deal. I am not talking about on sizable things such a new automobile either. I mean I get gleeful when I save a dollar at the dime store. I suppose humans are just wired that way because it is some kind of evolutionary advantage to ensure we are well off in the future with whatever is going on. That at least makes sense to me. That’s also why I ensure my heating and cooling costs are as low as possible. I figure, if I can save cash on air conditioner in the summer, I am best off. On average 44% of our utility bills are allocated to heating and cooling… So then, if you live in the south, the best place to start saving cash in that regard is ensuring the home’s cooling program is efficient. Likewise for the heating program if you live in the north. As it turns out, this practice is better for everyone else as well. It turns out that  heating and cooling units contribute to escalated harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Indeed heating and cooling systems contribute to over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide in the United States alone. However regular upkeep of our Heating and A/C unit can not only save us 25-50% on our energy bill, however it can also reduce environmental emissions by 25-50% as well.

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the allergies and my air quality issues

Hi there, our name is Mark, and I have been living in the same home for about 27 years. This was the first lake house my partner and I bought after our marriage. We have also raised one beautiful child in these walls who we love so much. There are legitimately a ton of special memories I have in this home which make it priceless to me. As a result, I put a lot of time into maintaining our home. As time has moved on so have I, because I know, If I don’t keep up with our home, it will fall apart. One of the  greatest things I have had to keep up with is the air quality. Over the years I have developed dust sensitivities, so it’s truly crucial for me to use an air purification plan to keep the allergic reactions to a minimum. Doing so also helps me keep things such as mold as well as dangerous combustion pollutants out of the air as well… Naturally the air in the home is much fresher than it would normally be now. However, an air purification plan is not the only thing measure I take to ensure good air quality. I also make sure to replace the a/c filter in our Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit often. Not replacing this properly can absolutely cause multiple dangerous air pollutants including CO2 and also cause troubles to the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit down the road. In the in the end, due to our efforts to keep the indoor air pollen levels as pristine as possible, our family as well as I get to love our 1 and only home together in a healthy breathing environment.

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