We are wondering about HVAC services

My father typically thinks he is always right, even if he has no background comprehension on a topic, he knows the right move. But, for example, my father knows nothing about Heating and AC; My father has had the same boiler unit in his condo for 20 years. He has never called a Heating and AC supplier either or done any research but, apparently he might as well be a Heating and AC corporation himself. My plan is to update our Heating and AC equipment, I want to get radiant floors for our condo and central cooling. My father is convinced that what I need is a heat pump system. He absolutely only knows that a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling. If all that was true, a heat pump does seem like a smart move, and one Heating and AC plan to maintain, repair and clean. However, a heat pump uses existing heat energy outside or inside. A heat pump cannot create any heating, and so for winter, a heat pump cannot handle actually frigid conditions. A heat pump is only effective in hot and cold temperatures at or above 40 degrees. It gets to be -20 in our area quite often through winter. I need much more heating power than a heat pump can give. My father is convinced that heat pump will work great and it will save me tons of money to have one system. I will freeze to death if I do this but it is almost worth the possibility of freezing to death to prove my father wrong. If I do it though, he will say that I should have got radiant heated flooring. My father will of course never admit to being wrong either.

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