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About ten years ago, I won $1000000 in our state lottery. I honestly did not do anything with the money for a long while. I was only 20 at the time, plus I did not want to spend all of the money on senseless expenses. I made the decision to use some of the money to buy a business. The owner of the storage facility in the neighborhood was retiring, plus wished to sell the entire facility. At $300,000, I felt the place was a superb deal. I spoke with my dad, who works in real estate! He honestly felt that the supplier was an enjoyable investment also. About five months ago, I purchased the storage facility. At first, I had a great deal of trouble with theft. The owner had no security measures in the place, other than a key entry for every unit. Anyone could easily walk up to the unit plus break off the lock. When I decided to add a video surveillance system, the thefts went down dramatically. I hired a video surveillance supplier to install closed-circuit cameras plus an Integrated Security System. The video surveillance equipment is located at each entry to the storage garage. I can see everything that is going on, plus I even have a program on my phone that links me directly to the video surveillance equipment. I can monitor the cctvs from just about anywhere. In the first few weeks, I caught several people trying to break into our storage garage. I am thrilled with the video surveillance installation, plus I suppose this program will help keep robbers out of our buildings. I am also thinking about adding an hid reader to the main gate.

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