The thought of death

This year, our tropical storm season has been truly loud as well as crazy. The lot of us have already experienced two named tropical storms, as well as one major hurricane. The last hurricane caused a great deal of destruction to our household. The lot of us lost half of our brand new fence, as well as a massive Live Oak fell on our garage. The roof as well as wall were entirely destroyed, as well as our Heating as well as Air Conditioning device was shattered into pieces. Our insurance policy would cover most of the damages, however all of us still needed to come up with a $5,000 deductible. My wife as well as I had no clue where all of us would come up with such a sizable amount of cash. The two of us had been out of work for a week, because the hurricane left us without any power for several days. That’s when my wife remembered that we were able to take a loan out of our life insurance. The two of us bought a life insurance policy that actually has a cash value. In the event of an emergency, my wife as well as I would be able to take a loan on the cash value of our insurance policy. The two of us had not done this in the past before, as well as didn’t even know how things would go. My wife contacted our life insurance carrier as well as explained our particular situation. The life insurance agency was extremely helpful as well as sincere on the phone. They helped us with all of our questions, as well as explained the process as well as detail. My wife as well as I took a $5,000 loan from our life insurance policy, so all of us could cover the insurance deductible. Our payments will be easily reasonable, as well as the two of us have only borrowed the cash from ourselves.

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