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I will say with little modesty, that we really do make the best deep dish pizza, meat lasagna plus veggie stromboli around.   Those dishes are just a few of our most popular delicacies on the menu. So it pains myself and others to have barely any ventilation in the dining room for our cooks.  They task strenuous to make all of our dishes just the way I want them made plus they deserve a better indoor air quality. So that is why I have decided to close the diner down for a couple weeks next week for a much-needed renovation.  The Heating plus A/C contractors will need most of that time to add new dining room ventilation inside the building. I shall also have a new heating plus cooling plan put in. The ancient Heating plus A/C device has done well for me, however it is past time for new equipment altogether… The package deal I scored from our heating plus cooling professionals was a tight enough deal to warrant a visit to the bank.  I took out a line of credit for my diner, however since I own the building, it is too wonderful a deal to pass by. The ventilation has never been as wonderful in the dining room as it always should be, so better dining room ventilation is a substantial improvement from before. I obtained the building various years ago, plus I repaired a wonderful number of various things, including the Heating plus A/C. However, now it is time for a total and substantial Heating plus A/C overhaul throughout the diner.  Along with 5 new ventilation units, I will be having installed new dining room vent hoods, counters, plus numerous other improvements. I am also updating all of the emergency sprinkler systems, just in case it is ever needed.

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