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In an immense emergency crisis, it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what to do. When my parents were in an accident, I did not feel the insurance supplier was doing enough to help! My parents were seriously disfigured, in addition to the medical bills were just piling up. To make matters worse, my father couldn’t toil for almost 6 weeks. The woman who hit my father in addition to mother was insured by the same supplier as our parents, in addition to I felt as though they were doing shoddy work. A co-worker gave me the name of a lawyer. She used the lawyer when she filed a malpractice claim on a doctor. The lawyer got my friend a hefty settlement, which covered all of her medical expenses in addition to pain in addition to suffering. I contacted the lawyer a few days later, in addition to gave them the details for my parents. The lawyer wanted to meet with my parents. They set up a meeting in addition to made a household call to their home. My parents were easily upset about a getting a lawyer. I wanted to be sure that our parents were being cared for properly. The lawyer went over a detailed account of the accident, in addition to asked for all of the paperwork that the insurance supplier had offered! By the time the lawyer left, our parents had hired the attorney to represent them. I recognize our parents hired the right legal team, in addition to I honestly believe they will help our parents get justice. I just want to make sure that all of the medical bills are taken care of. They may require additional surgeries in the future, in addition to that means even more money out of pocket.

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