I’m happy about this HVAC system

The other day, I ran into someone who was unexpectedly quite helpful! I was driving back to my house from the office one day and was going to get some fast food to have for dinner on the way home. That’s when I drove by this homeless man with a sign that said she would perform a task for food/currency. She also had a sign saying she could even repair heating and cooling equipment if the correct tools were present. Even though I wasn’t ready to believe that, I decided to talk to the woman anyway. I asked her if she truthfully could service heating and cooling systems. She told me all about how she used to be a heating and cooling specialist. She explained that she developed a pretty bad drug and alcohol problem, so she eventually just couldn’t get work. She said in spite of that, she still knew her way around a heating and cooling unit without any problem. Well, I bought her some food and took her along because our heating and A/C system was, in fact, experiencing some issues. I knew that I was taking quite a huge risk here, but if this woman was able to come through, I would save a lot on repairs. I had a bunch of tools in the house and let her know that she was allowed to use whatever she needed. She then got to work. It took a solid few hours, but she managed to get everything cleaned out as well as making sure the HVAC unit was working great! She said there were a few parts that should be replaced quite soon down the road, but for now they were alright. She asked if she could have a small bit of compensation. I went ahead and paid her double what she asked because she did such a good job. She also asked if she could use our shower so I let her do that as well.

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