I would love to get a new heater

I have been flirting with a woman at work for the past 8 months.  All of us hang out in the breakroom while in our lunch fourths and occasionally run into each other in the elevator.  She finally asked myself and others out to lunch last Tuesday night. Since I was easily hoping to make a superb impression, I got my hair and nails done, and bought a modern outfit.  I was regular with the steakhouse she requested , and knew that the a/c is always blasting. Because of this, I chose a long-sleeved dress for the date. As soon as we were seated at our table, I knew I’d made a mistake.  The steakhouse was horribly warm. With an outside temperature of 86 degrees and high humidity, I was surprised by the lack of air conditioner. I instantly started to sweat. When the perspiration began running down my face, I had no option however to mop it up with my napkin.  To compensate, I drank far too much ice water and ended up excusing myself to go to the bathroom many times. My date easily thought there was something wrong with me. I finally asked our waitress about the lack of cooling, and was told that the a/c had malfunctioned the night before.  They had busy an air conditioner repair repair for the following day, which didn’t help myself and others at all. I felt a little bit better when my date mentioned that she was also feeling a slightly warm. I then noticed that she was keeping her arms pinned to her sides because of definite pit stains.   

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