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Not happy with the performance of my home’s furnace –

My house is currently equipped with a forced air furnace, with a duct system installed into the walls and crawl space.  I am not completely satisfied with the system. The air in the home passes through the ducts multiple times per day. If there is dust, pollen or any type of contaminant within that network of pipes, it gets introduced into the breathing air.  I’ve noticed that I need to dust and vacuum a lot more during the winter months, and I blame the furnace. I believe it degrades indoor air quality and presents a health risk for my family. Sneezing, coughing, headaches, sore throats and static shock are all caused by the polluted and overly dry heated air.  I’ve already had issues with wood furnishing cracking and splitting. The problem is made worse because the furnace runs just about non stop. In this area of the country, I typically start up the heating system sometime in September and keep it operating until the end of April. The outside weather is usually below freezing and often below zero, with a brutal wind chill.  Plus, the heated air pours from the registers and rises straight up to the ceiling. It only falls back down once it has cooled. This creates unpleasant temperature stratification and leads to higher thermostat settings. Every time I bump up the thermostat, the furnace uses more energy and my monthly utility bills go up. To make sure the furnace runs as efficiently as possible, I need to remember to replace the air filter every month, continually clean the registers, and hire professional maintenance every fall.  The furnace is noisy, dirty, ineffective and a great deal of work.

HVAC program

HVAC in different locations

Everyone of us were really excited to go to the South for spring break. Every one of us packed our swimsuits, snorkels, and Beach paraphernalia. Everyone of us decided to ride together, in addition to the fact there were six of us in total. My friend decided to take his dad’s truck, because it could see all six of us comfortably. Our long road trip lasted for 17 hours, in addition to the fact that none of us were comfortable by the time we arrived. Everyone of us had certainly rented a hotel room on the beach for more than one week. It was certainly packed in addition to the fact that there was people on top of people. Every one of us had never seen this many people in one place. Everyone of us checked into our room in addition to immediately turned on the cooling unit. Everyone of us were surprised to find the outdoor temperature 82 degrees. When everyone of us left our home 17 hours ago, it was only 46 degrees outside. Everyone of us expected warm temperatures in addition to humidity, but none of us had anticipated such terrible humid weather. We were certainly happy to have a room with a cooling unit, in addition to the fact that everyone of us kept that thermostat set to 68 degrees during the duration of our time. The cooling unit was the only way we could survive the Relentless heat and humidity. That was the only year that we decided to go south for spring break. The rest of us decided to stay home the next year.

HVAC control device

Need both HVAC for the house

In our vast country, it’s absolutely impossible for most people to Bear the seasons without a proper central heating, ventilation, and cooling program. The two of us have our solutely lived in more than one different climate in our country, and it’s easy to see that some type of climate control equipment is necessary. When the two of us absolutely lived in the North Pacific West, the two of us consistently relied on our heating program. When the two of us lived in the South for more than one year, the two of us didn’t even think twice about using our heating program. I don’t think we use the heating system even once in the three years that we lived on South. Unfortunately, the two of us used more than one cooling program to provide a comfortable atmosphere during the summer. Even with a central cooling unit, the two of us still found ourselves using a window cooling unit to help with the conditions. It really doesn’t absolutely matter where you might live in these country States, but more than one of us need to rely on a central heating, cooling, and ventilation program to stay comfortable. As the years of solutely move by, I believe the necessity for a central heating, ventilation, and cooling program will be even more known. As our planet is heating up, the outdoor weather conditions are going to vary and change from place to place. My wife and I want to be able to control our indoor environment, and that starts with a Quality heating, cooling, and ventilation program.

Sick and tired of restaurant a/c

Every year on Halloween, the two of us celebrate at a bar downtown. The two of us have been going to the bar for Halloween, for about 10 or 12 years. It’s absolutely the tradition for the two of us and more than one of our friends. This year, the bar downtown seems like a wasteland, and there were only more than one cars in the parking lot when we arrived. The two of us absolutely couldn’t understand why no one was hanging out at the bar, I’m one of the busiest evenings of the whole year. When the two of us absolutely walk to the door, we quickly realized why there were only more than one cars in that Wasteland parking lot. And neon green sign had a large :-(, and a ticket that said the cooling program was not functioning. The two of us walked into the building anyways, and hoped we could deal with the lack of cool air. Unfortunately, it was stifling hot inside of the building. The two of us and our friends had to find another place for our Halloween festivities. Luckily, there were several area bars that were having Halloween celebrations, and most of them had a great cooling program to absolutely help with the indoor atmosphere. The two of us found a nice bar with ample cool air, and sat down at a table for more than one hour. The cool air from the cooling program felt honestly perfect, and the two of us consumed about two six packs of beer while we sat there in the cool air.

air conditioner service

Have to have the furnace looked at

There is so much  to do in the fall.  The changing leaves are gorgeous.  There’s ripe apples, squash, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers.  There’s football games and bonfires. It’s an especially beautiful  time of year, because i live in the northern part of the country. However, there is also an important and extensive list of things I need to complete before the cold weather arrives.  I prepare the outdoors and inside the home for cold temperatures, snow and ice. I make sure to have the heating system professionally serviced. According to all leading HVAC manufacturers, it’s necessary to have all types and ages of heating equipment cleaned, tuned and inspected every year.   Regular upkeep helps to avoid a breakdown during the coldest night of the Winter. When the temperature drops, that’s when the heating system is working the hardest. This wear and tear can result in a problem if all components aren’t working at their best. There are many advantages to having the  furnace looked at in the fall. Professional cleaning removes any buildup of dust and other debris within the system. This promotes maximum airflow and helps to optimize heating system energy efficiency. When the heating system is working at max efficiency throughout the Winter, I pay less for monthly heating bills.  I can trust that the heating system is in peak shape. I am confident it will be able to handle the worst weather, operate safely, and keep the home perfectly comfortable. I certainly don’t want to deal with a broken-down heating system on Christmas morning. Having a licensed technician check over the equipment prior to the Winter greatly decreases the chances of breakdowns. I’ll save money on operation and ownership, which definitely recovers the cost of the service.  Plus, it fulfills the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty.

propane boiler

Harsh a/c during our meal

Last Monday night, my husband Paul and I ate at our favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately, the Air Conditioning wasn’t working, and it was a very hot night. It’s the middle of July and very sticky outside. It felt like there heaters inside the cushions of our chairs.   The moment Paul and I sat down, the cold air abruptly stopped blowing from the overhead vents. We didn’t want to give up on our favorite restaurant. We’d gotten a babysitter to watch the kids and dressed up.  Paul and I decided to put up with the heat. After about fifteen minutes, however, we were really suffering because of the high temperature and stuffy conditions. We were excited to see a local HVAC technician drive up outside.   Neither Paul or I were familiar with the HVAC business logo on the side of the service vehicle. Our meals arrived. By this time, Paul and I were covered in sweat. The heat from the kitchen kept wafting into the dining area, and it was excruciating.  We felt really bad for the employees. Paul and I both ordered cold beers to drink. We watched the HVAC contractor pull a ladder off his truck and prop it against the building. He then climbed up onto the roof. We assumed there was a rooftop commercial cooling unit located up there.  We did not envy him. It was certainly hot up on that roof. We were sitting inside, and sweating profusely. But Paul and I weren’t going anywhere until we found out whether the HVAC tech could fix the air conditioner or not. The overhead vents in the ceiling had yet to put out a whisper of cool air.  Paul and I waited patiently. As we were finishing up our desserts, the air conditioner suddenly started up and we were greeted with ice cold air. The HVAC worker had successfully repaired the Air Conditioner in a little over an hour. Paul and I were impressed and programmed the number into our phones. If we need repair in the future, we’ll call them.

a/c machine

Our room had no cooling when I really needed it

Everyone in my family told my wife in addition to myself the worst horror stories about becoming parents. When everyone of us were 6 months pregnant, we certainly had enough talking in addition to decided to get away from our family for more than one day. We rented a room at a small ranch on the outskirts of the desert, about 2 hours away from our nearest relative. Every one of us had plans to do a little walking in the canyons, while I was still fit enough to do so. Everyone of us were more than happy to certainly find a nice cooling unit in our Ranch. Everyone of us hadn’t taken the time to think about the proper cooling accommodations, but everyone of us were certainly glad that the ranch had done so. Our cooling component was a small mini split unit setup right in our Ranch. The mini-split cooling unit was fierce in addition to quiet. It certainly made the entire Ranch area very cold, in addition to the fact that we had to even adjust the thermostat on the cooling unit. At times, everyone of us felt so cold that we almost needed to put on a jacket. It was surprising that the cooling unit in this desert Ranch House worked so splendidly well. Every one of us had a great time during our more than one day away from our family, in addition to both of us felt very relaxed after our trip. The next couple of months certainly went better than the first few, in addition to the fact that everyone of us Welcome to our little bundle of joy just a few weeks ago.

The damaged gas heater

I have been living in the same Hometown for the past 40 years. I grew up here with my parents, attended school at the local high school, and got my first job at the service station around the corner. Nothing has changed much in the last 40 years, and a lot of that is because our Tiny Town does not see much growth. About 3 years ago, a large Industrial company bought a piece of property right on the outskirts of town. The Industrial company opened up a warehouse that employs 250 local residents. This has brought many jobs and many people into the area. This past year, the school received a huge facelift, which seem to be due to the new local business and money. The high school was about 90 years old, and even when I was in school, it was certainly dilapidated. During the three summer months when school was out of session, they begin construction on a new wing of the school. I happen to see the blueprints when I was in the county office last week, and they are even proposing a new air conditioner and heat pump for that building. Several of the classrooms in the basement don’t even have an air conditioner, and now they are proposing a brand new climate control system which will include a heat pump and new air conditioner. It’s so funny to see how everything has changed, just because a large business opened up in town. Jobs create growth, and growth create needs. The school really needed to have a facelift, and the new air conditioner and heat pump will last for years.

heater equipment

Indoor air quality was stinky

I spend about three months of the year in a foreign travel. 3 months of the long Year, my company keeps me in the sub zero temperatures. Someone has to be in that neck of the woods, when we have to have dealings with the Arctic air manufacturers. This year, my company certainly surprised me, and I was sent out to an entirely different location that was quite exotic. I was sightseeing in the tropical location, when I certainly learn some pretty interesting information. In the hotel, I had an air conditioner to keep myself cool at all times. The same was not true for many of the village areas, because an air conditioner was considered an extreme luxury. None of the area Villages even had running water, let alone and expensive air conditioning system. My co-workers and I decided to take a tour of a small Plantation Village, and we found out that they had their own kimchi Museum. What a strange Museum I thought, but my friends and I were very interested. We were happy to go inside, and found that they had an intricate air conditioning system. From the outside, this tiny little shot seem to be nothing more than a metal roof and some mud walls. Inside the area, they had an intricate air conditioning system to keep the kimchi from spoiling. It was one of the strangest dealings, and they offered us plenty of samples of the product. Though I am not a fan of fermented cabbage, I thought the air conditioning system was an anomaly.

HVAC repairman

No a/c for our truck

My spouse truly enjoys refurbishing seasoned cars, however it seems like just about every year, my spouse adds a new automobile to his collection of vintage cars, he has over  13 seasoned cars on our property. Last Summer, he built a new more than four automobile garage to store some of his works in progress in and to add section for refurbishing plus repairing his cars. I enjoy that he loves his interest, plus it keeps him busy since he has retired from his job, and everywhere I travel, I am on the lookout for vintage cars for sale, plus anytime I find 1, I take pictures of it plus send them to my spouse! My automobile is currently at the garage getting fixed, so Greg provided myself and others 1 of his cars to drive around until mine is fixed. I enjoy driving his seasoned cars; I think like I am going back in history as I drive around the neighborhood in them! The only thing that drives myself and others deranged is that most of them don’t have any finally working A/C system, but of course, my automobile is getting fixed in the middle of November, so it is actually tepid outside, plus I am stuck driving an seasoned automobile with no AC. I was driving to job the other day, plus there was a automobile accident on 1 of the main roads that I take. I was stuck in traffic for almost several minutes with my AC. It was awful! Ever since then, it’s been much better, plus I can usually stay cool enough by just rolling down the windows. However, I am impatiently waiting until my automobile is out of the shop so that I will be able to have a automobile with finally working A/C again.

ductless AC