Superior HVAC at home

The place where me and my room work is massive and has multiple departments plus the one I am in is quite interesting! My roommate and I make medical components for diabetic supplies– some of these are certainly sensitive to temperature plus moisture levels.  I work in what is called a dry room; this means that all moisture has been removed by powerful dehumidifiers. However, it also means that the room consistently feels cold. There are multiple troubles when you task in a environment like this. The first issue is that I go through gallons of lotion a year because my skin is so dry it cracks. Because numerous of the diabetic supply parts have medical grade silicone, I have to make sure that there is no moisture in the room that would cause them to stick together. It is certainly important that these items remain in the same dry state throughout the entire process, even when they are sealed to be shipped out.  I never knew moisture plus temperature could have such an impact on medical devices. But thanks to my job, I always consider how it can affect things that are important in medical emergencies for people. If the components are not made plus stored in the respected settings, they may not be safe to use in lifesaving procedures. Many of the parts the two of us make are for insulin testing and regulation. Then I would never want to be responsible for having any part of such a critical item be faulty. I will put up with the cold dry air for the greater good. I keep meaning to ask my boss if I can be trained to work in other departments. That way I could be better at my job and maybe get away from the dry room.

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