Our flight’s HVAC component

On the day of my mom’s train I was super excited.  I hadn’t seen her in over a year and the two of us were finally going to have a full two weeks to just hang out and catch up.  I booked her train ticket so that she would have minimal down time and only have to change trains once, but she didn’t have to be at the station at some deranged time in the day and she would be arriving at a nice time too.  I waited at the station when it was time for her to arrive but instead of being excited to see me, she seemed genuinely irritated… I was bummed because my excitement suddenly turned to concern. When I asked her what was wrong she snapped at myself and my brother that the on the train were genuinely rude to her.  Now, mom is in her seventies and sometimes feels that people should act more like they did when she was young, so I tried to give the train staff the benefit of the doubt. When I pressed mom further to see exactly why she felt they were rude, I learned that they had turned off her heating and air conditioning vent and asked her to leave it off.  She gets nauseated on the train, so she normally needs to leave the air vent on high to stay comfortable. I couldn’t figure out why she was told to leave it off. I went to the maintenance desk to ask about this situation, and they said that they would follow up on the complaint… However, the next day they called to explain that, yes, mom did have her vent on high and normally, that would not be a problem.  As it turned out, she turned it on and faced it at the person in the next seat because she felt that they smelled funny. I suppose mom was the rude party at fault.

HVAC care plan

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