Forced air furnace blows

My home is currently equipped with a forced air furnace, with a duct idea installed into the walls and crawl space.  I am not completely content with the system. The air in the home passes through the ducts more than 2 times per day.   If there is dust, pollen or any type of contaminant within that network of pipes, it gets introduced into the breathing air.  I’ve observed that I need to dust and vacuum a lot more while I was in the Winter time months, and I blame the furnace. I suppose it degrades indoor air pollen levels and presents a health risk for my family.  Sneezing, coughing, headaches, sore throats and static shock are all caused by the polluted and overly dry heated air. I’ve already had troubles with wood furnishing cracking and tearing. The problem is made worse because the furnace runs just about non stop.  In this section of the country, I always start up the heating idea sometime in September and keep it operating until the end of April. The outside weather is usually below cold and often below zero, with a brutal wind chill. Plus, the heated air pours from the registers and rises straight up to the ceiling.  It only falls back down once it has cooled. This creates unpleasant temperature stratification and leads to higher control component settings. Every time I bump up the control unit, the furnace uses more energy and my biweekly energy bills go up. To make sure the furnace runs as efficiently as possible, I need to remember to replace the air filter every month, continually disinfect the registers, and hire professional service every fall.  The furnace is noisy, dirty, ineffective and a great deal of work.

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