AC repair while we dined out

My friends plus several of my neighbors get together each week to discuss new restaurants in town. The people I spend time with plus my friends consider this our foodie night. On foodie nights, the people plus myself certainly try to visit a different local area restaurant. Sometimes we will just get together at home plus discuss a place we have all been in previous weeks. Last Thursday, all of my friends plus a few others decided to certainly visit one of the new steak establishments that had opened by the mall. The people I was with plus myself patiently waited all day for a nice delicious medium rare steak. We were certainly getting excited, when we were getting off work around 5. Some friends left a message on our answering machine, plus we listened to it after arriving home. Unfortunately, our restaurant pick for the evening was suffering from ventilation, cooling, plus furnace equipment issues. They had contacted everyone with reservations, to let them know that the place would not have good indoor air quality. At the time of the message, the restaurant was having the ventilation, cooling Equipment, Plus furnace equipment evaluated. They were hopeful that the issue would be fixed on that day, but they certainly let everyone know with reservations that there would be no climate control equipment on that evening. I was certainly glad they decided to call and give us a heads up, so the people I spend time with plus my friends could make reservations at a different local restaurant. Thankfully, they had a very nice indoor air quality and climate control system.

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