Central air on the plane

Some people just love to fly. It’s not for everyone though – and it’s definitely not something that I enjoy whatsoever. I was regularly told that the more you fly, the easier it gets. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true for me. If anything, the more I fly, the more I hate it and the scarier it gets! Once the plane is in the air, it’s not so bad. Take off and landing however, those are pretty nerve wracking experiences for me. Turbulence is the worst part! To make my hated for flying even worse, the last time I flew was a pretty rough experience. The take off was smooth, and there was no turbulence at first. However, about an hour into the flight, things changed and turned for the worse. Something wasn’t working right with the air conditioner onboard. I tried changing the settings at our seat, but nothing was working at all! It seemed to just get warmer and warmer in the plane, which was really taking a toll on me physically. I finally asked a flight attendant what the problem was, but she just didn’t have any clue and said it was normal for the plane to get warm during the flight. I don’t see how when we’re high up in the sky – it should feel like the A/C is running at max capacity! Not having air conditioner on such a small plane that was filled with people was absolutely awful. I was so nauseated from the odor and stuffiness of the sizzling plane, and I wasn’t the only one suffering from the lack of air conditioning. Not only was the air conditioner not working, but we kept hitting more turbulence on that plane ride. The guy next to me seemed to be going through his own worst nightmare, and he was just covered in sweat! I thought not having air conditioner for myself and others was bad, but for that bad guy it was a whole lot worse. I was so thankful when we landed – but I still made a beeline for an air conditioned region of the airport!

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