Getting more a/c for the Summer

During the summertime, my friends and I spend most of our off time hanging out at the beach. When the tide is ideal, we like to have our fishing handy, with a hook in the water. If the sun is shining bright and it’s a super hot day, we often go surfing or snorkeling off the beach. We  joke that there is always something to do at the beach. Our favorite location is a local beach with a freshly built pier. The sand there is pure white and as soft as powder. Recently, the town built a brand new boardwalk that runs for miles. They also set up several cooling stations where people can get out of the sun, rest, get water and cool off for a few hours at a time. It’s essentially a tent with a cooling system.  Tubes that are fed cold water by a commercial HVAC system. They provide a light mist from the vents that are fed by the ducting. The vents blow a steady cool mist which feels similar to air conditioning. There is always someone there to monitor the cooling system and make sure there is water available to drink. People have the chance to cool off for a bit, and it’s totally free. It’s a great addition to the new pier. The town built all of this after the last hurricane came through! Before that hurricane destroyed the ole pier, there weren’t any spots to cool off or even get out of the sun. Now there are several of these cool mist tents, which are conveniently located along the boardwalk with access to the beach.

forced air conditioning

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