Getting a qualified HVAC worker

Just after I received my top of the class certification as a heating, ventilation as well as cooling system professional, I knew I needed to get myself set up in the industry by racking up some experience on the work force; I scanned for weeks on end to find a contracting firm with an open position, however all positions I noticed was for part-time help. I needed a full-time occupation if I was going to build some actual experience! That’s when I stumbled upon an home complex that needed an on-site servicemen. I was fairly know-howable about plumbing, electrical work as well as the like, so I thought I should apply – as well as to our surprise, I got the work! It seemed love a blessing, until our first week on the job. I almost never had to legitimately work on any heating as well as cooling units, nor did I have to perform check-ups on each apartment’s system. Instead, I was pretty much air filter replacer. For months in that work, I had an incredible amount of downtime (the joys of being on-call), as well as all I ever seemed to do was replace air filters, but sometimes, I’d have to shut off an a/c as well as power it back on, however that was rare! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m thankful the building had excellent heating as well as cooling system component that rarely needed repairs, even though I couldn’t stop wondering why they paid to have me on team to repair machines that aren’t broken. Finally, there was a afternoon where I had our work break out for me: multiple different apartments had severe mechanical breakdowns in their Heating and Air Conditioning systems, and one of them suddenly caught fire, as well as the fire department had to be called to contain the blaze! That was such an exciting afternoon for me! Unfortunately, it was 1 of few over the year I spent working at that complex. I will not  say I miss working there, now that I’m working for an Heating as well as Air Conditioning contracting company as well as have our work break out for myself and other employees on a weekly basis.

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