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HVAC unit broke a day into the vacation

The last time I saw my relatives from out of town was this past Christmas. We had probably the worst holiday my family has ever had. Mostly that was due to the fact that the HVAC unit broke a day into the vacation. We were all staying at my house, my son was in town from college, my sisters from their states where it seems to always be hot outside. I had a lovely fire going and a roast in the oven when they all arrived. We ended up uncorking a few bottles of wine. Everything was dandy until about one o’clock in the morning. We had all just gone to bed about an hour before, and during that time the temperature in the house had plummeted nearly twenty degrees. We were woken up by the intense cold, and I immediately went to investigate the thermostat. After that didn’t help matters, I went into the basement to look at the furnace. Well, as handy as I am there didn’t look to be anything obviously wrong, so I was forced to tell everyone we would have to sleep in the living room with the fire going that night. We managed. Things were looking up the next day when I called the HVAC technician that services my unit. He told me he could get out to us later that day. When he was actually able to examine the heating system, however, he found that the part he needed wasn’t in his truck. He told me he’d have to order it and it would likely take the week because of the holiday hours. So we spent Christmas huddled by the fireplace, freezing cold, and I thought I wouldn’t see my family for at least another few years after that. I guess it wasn’t as horrible an experience as they had tried to make me believe seeing as they’re back so soon.

Heating system was not doing well

There isn’t much I can say in my own defense. I knew the heating system wasn’t doing well, and I didn’t do anything about it. When it finally broke down, it honestly didn’t surprise me at all. But that’s the way I wanted it. My wife is a penny-saver if I ever met one. She wasn’t on board with buying a new HVAC unit for the house while we had a perfectly good, albeit extremely old, heating system already. Even when I showed her all the amazing things the new HVAC units could do, and all the money we could save with an energy efficient heating system, she still wasn’t giving in. This was my only unexplored course of action… I just let it run itself into the ground. When the HVAC technician came to the house to look at the system, I made sure I was home instead of my wife. He told me it could be fixed, but I told him not to bother because we were planning on getting a new system anyway. The next day, the HVAC guy emailed us an estimate on how much a new system would cost to install. Everything was going perfect until the HVAC guy called the house and my wife answered. He wanted to know if we would be interested in discounting our installation in exchange for handing over the old HVAC unit. He had one of his clients looking for a cheaper HVAC unit to replace theirs. Needless to say, I was in trouble then. She’d found out the thing was premeditated, but there wasn’t much to be done since the new HVAC system was already ordered and shipped. I didn’t even try to defend myself. At the same time, I knew it was the best thing.

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Window a/c in my art studio

My number one place to be is in my outdoor studio, and that’s where I keep all of my painting and sculpting projects. It’s a great space. I had it built last year so that I could get all of my supplies moved out of my spare room. It was a large project because I wanted to make sure the studio was nice enough so that I would want to go out there and work. One thing I put a lot of thought into was choosing a cooling system. It gets warm in my area of the country, so I knew that a nice A/C unit would be essential. After doing some research, I chose to use a ductless mini-break A/C for the space so that I wouldn’t have to have a full HVAC unit installed out there. This was a great choice! The mini-break was super easy to install because the only thing I had to do was mount the equipment onto a blank wall and make sure the compressor was hooked up outside. It works l well, and it’s nearly silent. This was a much better choice than using a window A/C unit because the window equipment wouldn’t have been so attractive from the outside of the building, and it, more than likely, would have been pretty noisy. Now, I have the perfect A/C and the perfect setup for all of my creative endeavors. I wouldn’t trade that space for anything, and I guess that I made all of the right choices when it came to the process.

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AC at our lake house

To me, the best thing to do on a hot day is sit by the lake. I live about thirty minutes away from a lovely one so I always do my best to get up there when I have a free day! Occasionally, I’ll even rent a apartment for a night or two. I like staying overnight, but one disadvantage to the cabins is the fact that they aren’t climate controlled, and  have no A/C, one definitely feels closer to nature. At the same time, I often have a tough time sleeping through the night because I’m so used to having the A/C blow on me at home. Getting used to sleeping with the A/C running at full blast had made it tough to be in less than ideal conditions, however my nights at the lake are still worth it. I’d be willing to go a week without an A/C if it meant that I got to be by the water every day. I think being outdoors and on the water is the most peaceful thing in the world. In fact, I couldn’t imagine not being within range of a place like that because I need those escapes so that I can recharge my battery from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, by the time I make it back to my house from a trip, the  first thing I always want to do is get the cooling system pumping, and that’s just part of the outdoor experience. There’s something certainly wonderful about being away from house and going without the amenities, however there’s also something nice about coming house to a nice air conditioner.

Photos and no HVAC

My task as a wildlife photographer takes me all around the world, most of the time where I’m staying is near my subjects. When I come back home, I truly enjoy my heating and cooling system! Being able to heat & cool my environment at will is amazing to me. Not to mention the temperature controlled bathroom & hot & cold water on demand. I don’t believe people realize how lucky they are to have those things. Out in the wilderness, there’s none! Now I am used to roughing it, yet somehow, when my heating and cooling system stopped working for me one time, I felt like it was an important upheaval. I spend weeks without heat or hot water, so why did it all of a sudden become a big deal? It was actually strange. I was right on it to get the heating and cooling system fixed. It didn’t take long, however those few days without a heating system seemed to drag on in a most unpleasant way, but something I’ve hardly ever experienced while living in the wild. Is it that, when I’m home, I am used to having a heating or cooling plan there? Almost enjoy it’s a cut from the familiar lifestyle & to get to my home & not have those luxuries makes it not even home. I guess I don’t appreciate creature comforts as much as I had thought. But the bottom line, i’m glad to be home when I can be, that’s for sure!

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Asking questions about HVAC

I get that stores are for people to buy things in. But that doesn’t mean the counter person can shoot dirty looks at me! I came into the store to look at a few HVAC units that I saw online and compare prices. If the prices at the store had turned out to be the cheaper way, then that’s what I would go for, however that isn’t the case, but she knew it too, I think. She knew the prices were higher, and as a consumer, I’m allowed to find a lower price for something I want to buy. It’s not my fault that the store prices are higher, and I’m not hurting anyone by walking around and looking at the heating and cooling systems. There isn’t even anyone in here right now besides me. If she keeps looking at me like that, I am going to leave her a bad review. She was all smiles when I came in and started asking questions, and as soon as she saw that I was going to look at other options for the cheapest price it was like an abrupt freeze, however now her cold look is digging into my back as I walk around and I didn’t even do anything wrong, but man, the lengths I go to, to get a great deal. I mean this is a pressing purchase too! An HVAC unit is a lot of money! What’s her issue with people being informed customers?

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Need to work in HVAC

It all started last summer, and my hubby, was at work, and I was at home playing outside with our 2 children, then he came home for lunch, but we had just gotten out of the swimming pool, so we didn’t notice any difference in the temperature of the house. Later we got home, it was almost time for dinner, so I went in to prepare, however it was at that time that I noticed the temperature in the home was much warmer than usual. I went off to feel if there was any cool air coming from the vent in the study room, and to my surprise, there was none. I told my hubby when I got home, but he wasn’t able to figure out the problem. The two of us had an HVAC corporation at our home the next afternoon, and we told him that the air conditioning simply just quit! He told us that there was a leak somewhere, and he could run a test to find out, but it would cost around more than two hundred dollars. That afternoon, I honestly wished I had went to university to be an HVAC specialist because of how high-priced it is to repair anything that has to do with heating and cooling. It was particularly sort of humorous to me because our child decided to go into the HVAC industry after that incident. This summer, we ended up replacing our whole HVAC system. I particularly hope our child does finish his degree and go into the HVAC industry; it will save us money and time in the future!  

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AC when I work out

Me and my wife have gained a lot of weight in the past few years, and because of that, we decided to get into doing exercising on a regular basis. So far, we have done very well. I am so proud of my wife and I for keeping at it for over three weeks now, then we used to workout in our office, however on the days we did plyometrics, our neighbors that live under us would complain that my wife and I were too noisy. Because of this, we decided to do our workouts in the garage. We set up the workout room in the garage and started our first workout there. We quickly realized that it was much hotter in the garage than it was in our air conditioned apartment. We tried opening the garage door and using a few fans to keep us cooler, however the fans didn’t work out for us very well. We decided to buy an air conditioning system to put in a single one of the windows of the garage hoping it would cool the garage down. It did cool it off significantly, however my wife wasn’t satisfied. She ended up purchasing one more window unit to put in the another window on the other side of the garage. With both a/c’s running, the garage was nice and cool, and now all of us have a nice private workout room to do our workouts in! It’s wonderful!

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Staying inside with temperature control

My boyfriend and I are basically hermits, preferring to be by ourselves rather than with strangers. Even in the summertime when most people want to be outside, on patios, and things of that nature, we love to be inside watching a great movie or reading a great book while in the air conditioned comfort of our home. I don’t mean that we aren’t very ‘go out in public’ kind of people. But when it’s hot outside, it seems even less desirable to be out in public. We could always hang out with friends at a local bar, but they often stink from old smoke and booze. And to hang out on a patio that is crowded with strangers isn’t very appealing either. Especially because the alternative to that is to relax in our lovely house with a glass of wine, a great book, and sitting next to my favorite person in the nice air conditioned house. There’s no contest in my mind. That’s not to say we never go out. We actually love to go out for dinner now and again, but mostly in the winter. If we do go anywhere for dinner during the summer months, we generally find that the restaurants to be much too frigid, as well as usually being very loud. The restaurants in our area seem to keep their air conditioner blasting at full strength. Maybe that’s how the majority of their patrons like it. But it certainly doesn’t feel comfortable to us at all. Also, it seems that there’s something about the summer weather when people are indoors in the freezing buildings that restaurants and bars have more live performances than in the cooler months.. Most of these performers are amateurs and aren’t all that great. I’d much rather have a quiet conversation over dinner with the man I love than listen to a twenty year old’s whiny voice.

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Bad things come in threes

I never saw it coming – the exceptionally long string of bad events. I mean, I got into a automobile accident because some woman hit the back of  my car when she wasn’t paying attention. After that, my washing machine broke, so now I have to do all my laundry at the laundr-o-mat, which is I hate. And I the rule of threes is proving to be right because my air conditioning stopped working the other afternoon. All these things happened within a month of each other. I’m not sure if I should believe in bad luck, or beating the odds, but things have been really tough. I called my HVAC guy, he’s a neighbor of mine from school and I’ve used him for heating and cooling repairs for years. I asked him if he was able to come and take a look at my air conditioner. Since we’ve already had several days of extreme heat and humidity this summer here, my house temperature will rise in no time. I was not about to go weeks without air conditioning. I’d absolutely die of heat stroke if I tried! Anyway, he told me that luckily he had a cancelled appointment for that afternoon and would be sure to stop over late in the afternoon to check it out! When he arrived and looked things over, he gave me the bad news – it needed to be replaced. I responded with some pretty foul language. So now I’m in the market for another air conditioner, not to mention having to completely change my budget in order to afford it. Once I started shopping for one, I came to realize that there were lots of choices to make. Now I wish I would have asked my friend while he was here what he recommended.